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About Shock Therapy

Shock Therapy is a podcast hosted by Kai Chang and Sherman Forrest covering political analysis, power dynamics from a nationalist-Right perspective.

Shock Therapy: Episode 11—DACA, the Art of the No-Deal

Shock Therapy kicks off the first anniversary of Trump's full-year term. Kai Chang and Forrest Sherman discuss President Trump's seeming capitulation on DACA, the pushback from naïve Republicans (who have a heightened sensitivity to betrayal), and how these gambits pushed the Democrats' leadership into a no-win situation for the midterm 2018 elections.

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Shock Therapy: Episode 10—New Rules for Reactionaries, Part 4

In this fourth and final discussion of how the nationalist Right can steal the most useful elements of Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals and repurposing them to advance our agenda, Kai Chang and Sherman Forrest dive into successful tactics that help friendly partisans achieve local power at the ground level and confronting the

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Shock Therapy: Episode 8—New Rules for Reactionaries, Part 2

Kai Chang and Sherman Forrest return with the second part of a special episode delving into Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals in the Age of Trump. Alinsky died decades ago, but his legacy controversial endures in a book that has attracted millions of readers on the Left and Right. Listen to the audio

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Shock Therapy: Episode 6—Happy Anniversary!

One year after the surprising outcome of the 2016 presidential election, Kai Chang and Sherman Forrest reminisce about the harrowing evening, discuss the recent Democratic victories in Virginia and elsewhere, and look to the future as Robert Mueller continues his investigation into alleged Russian collusion. Kai Chang: Welcome back to the one-year anniversary

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