Shock Therapy, Episode 3: How Do You Fix a Problem Like Antifa?

Kai Chang and Sherman Forrest return to continue their discussion of the Antifa menace in the aftermath of the “anti-hate” violence in Berkeley.

Kai Chang: People were noticing that the Democrats were much more strong in condemning ANTIFA than Paul Ryan or supposedly the opponents of the Antifa, whatever. They’re so anxious to counter-signal and virtue-signal that we’re not racist that they’re not even willing to say no. Putting on a black mask and hurting people is not something we can … They can’t even condemn…

Sherman Forrest: That’s un-American. It is literally un-American and Paul Ryan is too stupid to see that and speak out against it.

Chang: Do you think he’s stupid or just simply too captured by forces? I can’t quite decide.

Forrest: OK. Stupid is probably the wrong word. Venal and corrupt would be much more accurate. [crosstalk 00:00:56]

Chang: Alright, because that’s kind of my impression.

Forrest: It is interesting that the free speech marchers showed up, not a lot of them, but they showed up in Berkeley and that took some guts to do that.

Chang: In enemy territory.

Forrest: Because Antifa showed up in force. All the various flavors, anti-fascist action, anti-racist action, BLM, the black bloc, all of these nut balls. [crosstalk 00:01:21] They all showed up and they were looking for a fight.

Chang: Yeah, they were hurting for a fight.

Forrest: Yeah. They’re spoiling for bloodshed, and this is kind of their home turf as was evidenced by many of the arrests that were made. There was one I just saw. People from the Berkeley, UC Berkeley community, right? This is kind of their home turf. It takes some bravery to go after all of this stand up to them in that situation. I commend these right-wing free speech marchers for going and doing that, and they did it exactly the right way.

If you watch the video, you can see no more of this clown show of walking around, giving Roman salutes and all of this bull shit. It’s American values. It is American flags and red, white and blue and all of the things this country is about. Decent, common people standing up for their rights against overwhelming, organized intimidation. The visuals of that cannot be underestimated. You watch the videos, it’s extremely compelling. It’s so compelling that it has turned the media narrative because the media are creatures of the visual. They have to follow that visual narrative when it is so compelling.

Chang: Even the Washington Post is now saying … Yeah, the Washington Post was forced to say that Antifa was attacking peaceful right-wing protesters.

Forrest: Because they were.

Chang: They were.

Forrest: And there’s no way to deny it.


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