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Rebecca Ryskind Teti writes from Hyattsville, Maryland.

The Marvel Harriet Tubman

What would it be like to know oneself free after a life of chattel slavery and a 100-mile solitary escape, mostly on foot? It’s an ennobling thing to contemplate, and to aid our imaginations we have Harriet Tubman’s description of the moment she crossed the Maryland border into a free state. “When I found I

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Let’s See If Netflix and Disney Really Mean It

Pity the poor actors and production companies that have discovered a need in conscience not to film in Georgia because of its new abortion restrictions. Presumably they won’t film in any state that restricts abortion—so not just Georgia, which has a burgeoning film industry because of tax incentives—but also Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky, Ohio,

By | 2019-06-01T16:02:52-07:00 May 31st, 2019|

What Lincoln Might Say About Charlottesville

Something like hate stirs within me at the sight of the swastika unfurled on American soil: a powerful, visceral reaction against white supremacy as the complete antithesis of both the American Founding, which I love, and the person of Christ, whom I love by an order of magnitude more and strive to live

By | 2017-08-21T15:08:01-07:00 August 18th, 2017|

Is ‘America First’ Un-Christian?

Peter Leithart’s recent essay in First Things, ”On Trump and Trumpism,” is a reasonably good summary of what many practicing Christians—or at least practicing Catholics—think about President Trump. It's an open-minded and basically fair read of the president's virtues and vices, explaining why Leithart is wary of the man, but perhaps cautiously optimistic about

By | 2017-08-03T20:29:57-07:00 July 30th, 2017|

On the Lewdness of Donald Trump

There is no defense. The danger of any comment on the video of Donald Trump's lewd comments is that it will appear to defend him. What he said was gross. Full stop. This post, however, is not directly about Trump the man or about what political action is called for from the GOP at the

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