On the Lewdness of Donald Trump

There is no defense. The danger of any comment on the video of Donald Trump’s lewd comments is that it will appear to defend him. What he said was gross. Full stop.

This post, however, is not directly about Trump the man or about what political action is called for from the GOP at the moment. It’s more me unburdening myself of a resentment. Forgive me if what follows sounds a bit self-righteous. It’s not my intent to scold, but to build to a different point.

I hate Donald Trump’s and Billy Bush’s conversation; it sickens me. But I’m equally sickened by everyone’s on-demand horror. When I was in high school, a large percentage of my friends, particularly my guy friends, listened to Howard Stern’s radio show every morning. I never listened, but I caught the gist in their joking comments, and later in life I caught a few moments of his cable TV show. I gather that abusive talk about women was the whole point of the show. Stern talked that way about women to their faces—evaluating their body parts and telling them what he’d like to do to them, and they submitted (the right word!) for publicity’s sake. When male guests visited, they joined Stern for, yes, “locker room” bragging about their sexual exploits. That was the show, and it was celebrated—enough for Stern to go from radio to cable TV to a movie about his life.

Rap lyrics celebrate the assault of women all day long, and our pop stars twerk for the precise purpose of attracting lewd attention, and some of these artists are fêted at the White House and elsewhere as role models for young people. My friends—even some of my pious Christian friends—watch and celebrate Game of Thrones, which if I understand correctly, features graphic depictions of the demeaning of women and everyone else.

Bill Maher, hero to the Left (and likewise to some on the Right for his straight talk about Islam), has a foul mouth and celebrates his hanging out at the Playboy Mansion, where people are known to behave in the way Trump describes, and that is perfectly cool. Even Ann Coulter wants to be friends with him.

President Kennedy joked about his presidency being like a golf course; I will spare you the foul punch line if you don’t already know it. Senator Ted Kennedy was caught in flagrante delicto drunk and palming waitresses. Bill Clinton is a known sexual predator. Joe Biden has often been shown on camera being far too handsy with pretty women.

The progressive culture advocates teaching kids to talk in vulgar ways about their sexuality from the time of kindergarten so they’ll be sex-positive. This administration has launched an all-out legal assault on chastity such that any instance of pure living must be wiped out—yea, verily, even unto the Little Sisters of the Poor: You, who are consecrated to being a sign in the world of the glory for which men and women were created and are destined? You will bend to the sexual revolution and finance it.

The Washington Post, on the very morning when it was tut-tutting over Trump’s words, also ran a piece lamenting the demise of a brothel, where women are treated as objects and assaulted and demeaned.

I hate this gross culture that demeans women and sex. It makes me feel sick to my stomach when I think about young men steeped in this sick culture going anywhere near my daughter, who is the most beautiful soul on earth—or anyone else’s daughter. For that matter, I hate the idea of my sons being surrounded by people who can’t behold them as persons, but only dissect them for parts.

But I hate even more the even grosser culture of The Lie where someone like Hillary Clinton or people like the editorialists at the Washington Post and the Formerly Grey Lady get to point their fingers and pretend they didn’t create and celebrate the culture in which Trump merely partakes.

These people who celebrate porn and abortion and make heroic figures out of small-souled, sex-deluded creatures such as Bill Maher and Lena Dunham and Sandra Fluke and lionize sick predator men like the Kennedys and Bill Clinton are not merely being hypocrites or playing politics when they denounce Trump. They are deliberately engaging in The Lie: the corruption of meaning itself. They aren’t outraged because they’re decent. They’re using our decency as a pawn in their quest for political power.

I don’t even have an expletive strong enough to express my contempt for what we’re witnessing this news cycle. All I know is I deeply resent being put in a position where denouncing the grossness of Trump’s remarks becomes playing into a larger Lie and everyone’s rightful disgust becomes a mere political tool.

This is the problem of the corruption of culture, as Harriet Beecher Stowe illustrated brilliantly in Uncle Tom’s Cabin. There, the good guys who defend human dignity are forced by the culture itself to become outlaws—to lie to hide runaway slaves, or break the law to participate in the Underground Railroad. They are forced to defend what they ordinarily would find indefensible in order to defend the greater goods of human liberty, human dignity, and equality before the law. In a corrupt culture, no matter what you do, no one escapes with his purity intact.

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385 responses to “On the Lewdness of Donald Trump”

  1. This was brilliant and much needed. You could also add this charge of hypocrisy to the Media’s bill, that they were happy giving a megaphone to Trump during the primaries to goose their ratings but now they sit on their smug perches and place the entire blame for him on Republicans.

    I hope he decides to hand the ball to Pence and let him run it the rest of the way, but even if he doesn’t I will still pull that lever for him in November and then grab some hand-sanitizer.

    • Republicans did nominate the man. Seems like they deserve some blame.

      • Voters are, for the most part, dumb. If you lead a thirsty retard to a poison well and he drinks it, you bear the responsibility.

      • Let me understand, then. Nothing has changed in your mind as a result of this story; Trump was horrible because he says whatever rude thing that comes to his mind, and he’s even horribler now because he was caught on tape 11 years ago saying rude things that came to his mind — while conversely, it’s not ludicrous that half the country might vote for a traitor and a rape enabler, who smeared the accusers, simply because she’s got a D by her name, oh — and she’s been in politics her whole life, and that somehow makes her perversions normal. Have I got that somewhere in the ballpark?

      • As I’m voting for Trump, no, you’re not in the same city, much less ballpark.

      • Well, that’s a relief. Pardon my mistaken interpretation.

      • Because the accusations against Hillary are mostly RW manure for gullible idiots. The GOP is morally corrupt ant the posters here are exhibit A .You all make me ashamed to be american

      • Really, it’s absurd enough that people actually take that woman seriously. She’s done literally nothing in her life of of any serious purpose — apart from oversee the sacking of an American embassy and the unnecessary slaughter of Americans — yet I’m supposed to believe she’s more qualified than a man who’s run billion dollar businesses.

        I’m supposed to believe that she’s some lightning rod for a new level of respect for women, when in fact, she’s only where she is because of who she married.

        Ashamed to be American, indeed. It’s not enough that we’ve elected one traitor, you want two in a row? The GOP may be morally corrupt but the Democrat party is full of anti-American Marxists who rely on the stupidity and dependency of their voters.

      • If you believe all that garbage posted on Drudge and Breitbart you are gullible… if you perpetuate it you are either ignorant or dishonest. or both

      • Scientists rely on evidence and facts and not of fanciful conjecture based on nothing but what is plucked from ones backside… the right wing cant even see that Global Climate change is caused by the actions of people .Anti-education and anti-science…Feed on a diet of BS and you become full of it …. Garbage in Garbage out

      • Garbage in, garbage out, indeed. That’s exactly what all those computer models that predict doom are. GARBAGE. They are bought, sold, and paid for by a Marxist government. There is no evidence for anthropogenic climate change. It is a HOAX.

      • WTF are you talking about? Hillary ran the “bimbo eruptions unit,” charged with destroying women who accused her husband of sexual abuse or battery; she ran the State Department when, in 2012, the first American embassy since 1979 was sacked; had she divorced Bill, or never married him, she’d have sunk into richly deserved oblivion. She is where she is because she married Bill, and then trashed his accusers, and then defended him and became the most cheated on woman in America. Meanwhile, actual accomplishments, besides bullshitting people?


        These are facts, and not in dispute. You can stick your fingers in your ears all you want, you just sound silly and juvenile.

        (January 20, 1993 to January 20, 2001—two terms)
        When Bill Clinton was president, he allowed Hillary to assume authority over an attempt to reform health care.
        Her proposed plan was so bad that many Democrats came up with competing plans of their own in protest, and in spite of threats and intimidation, on September 26, 1994, the “Hillarycare” bill was declared dead.
        This fiasco cost the American taxpayers about $13 million for studies, promotion, and other efforts.
        Then, President Clinton gave Hillary authority over selecting a female attorney general. Her first two selections were Zoe Baird and Kimba Wood—both were forced to withdraw their names from consideration.
        Next, she chose Janet Reno, which husband Bill described as “my worst mistake.”
        (Some may not remember that Reno made the decision to gas David Koresh and the Branch Davidian religious sect in Waco, Texas resulting in dozens of deaths of women and children.)
        Husband Bill also allowed Hillary to make recommendations for the head of the Civil Rights Commission—Lani Guanier was her selection.
        After considerable backlash from prominent Democratic senators concerning Ms. Guanier’s radical views, Bill Clinton withdrew her name from nomination, stating that she did not represents the civil rights views that he had championed during his campaign.
        However, apparently a slow learner, husband Bill continued to allow Hillary to make more recommendations.
        She chose former law partners, Web Hubbel for the Justice Department, Vince Foster for the White House staff, and William Kennedy for the Treasury Department.
        Her selections went well: Hubbel went to prison, Foster (presumably) committed suicide, and Kennedy was forced to resign.
        (Is anyone wondering yet what her Supreme Court Justice appointments would be like?)
        Many younger voters will have no knowledge of “Travelgate,” the first major ethics controversy during Bill’s presidency.
        Hillary wanted to award unfettered travel contracts to Clinton friend, Harry Thompson—but the White House Travel Office refused to comply.
        She trumped up allegations of financial mismanagement and reported seven long-time White House employees to the FBI. This ruined their reputations, got them fired, and caused a thirty-six month investigation.
        Eventually, most of the employees were reinstated and Clinton associates were forced out of the travel office. Only one White House employee, Billy Dale, was charged with a crime—the enormous crime of mixing personal and White House funds; a jury acquitted him in less than two hours.
        Still not convinced of her ineptness, Hillary was allowed to recommend a close Clinton friend, Craig Livingstone, for the position of Director of White House Security.
        When Livingstone was investigated for the improper access of about 900 FBI files of Clinton enemies (Filegate) and the widespread use of drugs by White House staff, suddenly Hillary and the President denied even knowing Livingstone, and of course, denied knowledge of drug use in the White House.
        Following this debacle, the FBI closed its White House Liaison Office after more than thirty years of service to seven presidents.
        Next, when women started coming forward with allegations of sexual harassment and rape by Bill Clinton, Hillary was put in charge of the “bimbo eruption” and scandal defense.
        Let’s look at some of her more notable decisions in this regard . . .
        She urged her husband not to settle the Paula Jones lawsuit. After the Starr investigation, they settled with Ms. Jones.
        She refused to release the Whitewater documents, which led to the appointment of Ken Starr as Special Prosecutor.
        After $80 million dollars of taxpayer money was spent, Starr’s investigation led to Monica Lewinsky, which led to Bill lying about and later admitting his affairs.
        Hillary’s devious game plan resulted in Bill losing his license to practice law for ‘lying under oath’ to a grand jury, followed by his subsequent impeachment by the House of Representatives.
        Hillary avoided indictment for perjury and obstruction of justice during the Starr investigation by repeating, “I do not recall,” “I have no recollection,” and “I don’t know” a total of 56 times while under oath. (Sound familiar?)
        After leaving the White House, Hillary was forced to return an estimated $200,000 in White House furniture, china, and artwork that she had “mistakenly thought was hers.”
        So you see, the email scandal and all of her malfeasance regarding the handling of Top Secret information, not to mention the “pay to play” schemes of the Clinton Foundation, are nothing new.
        Hillary’s entire political career has been nothing but a web of lies, corruption and destruction in her quest for power.
        Is anyone else ready to say, “Enough is enough!”?
        But unfortunately, I’m sure her loyal fans will say, “What difference does it make?” It’s just verifiable history.

      • The media, the entertainment industry, the public schools, and universities.

      • Read the FBI report. The director said she had done things worse that Gen. Petraeus was convicted of, then recommended no prosecution. It is corruption of the highest order. Clinton deserves as suspended sentence in the very least. This is besides her casual acceptance of pay for access as Sec. of State. This is not to say I think Trump would be better. He has been the payer for access.

      • This contribution by Ray Thompson brings to mind what President Eisenhower wrote in his diary about California’s U.S. Senator William Knowland: “In his case, there seems to be no final answer to the question ‘How stupid can you get?'”

      • what of fallen hero of the Left … Paula Poundstone?
        oooh lordy… lesbian comedian… trying to have sex with her foster children….

        the left STILL tries to rehabilitate that reputation…… THESE ARE EVIL PEOPLE

      • who is defending this comedian? you all are defending Trump as he describes how he sexually assaulted an unwilling married woman and that he has the license to put his anus lips on anyone he wants and grab their ^^*%^% …. look in the mirror Do you see anyone defending Cosby or Weiner? Are you going to defend those child molesting Duggars the way you defend that POS Trump?

      • Hillary is a brain damaged, corrupt liar who sleeps with a spy for the Muslim Brotherhood.
        Hillary has a foul mouth and treats ordinary people like dirt.
        Hillary did the reset with Russia and Russia annexed Crimea, invaded Ukraine, and has ignored ISIS in Syria.
        Hillary was responsible for the mess in Libya including lying about Benghazi to support Obama reelection claim that he had AlQueda on the run. Hillary encouraged the prosecution of the man who made the film that she claimed caused the Benghazi attack on 9/11.
        Hillary supported Bill’s political career by smearing and threatening the victims of Bill’s sexual assaults.
        Hillary destroyed the life of a 12 year old girl who had been viciously raped by alleging that she fantasized about older men in order to advance her career. And she laughed about it.
        Hillary sold State Dept advisory positions. 40% of advisory State Dept appointments were donors to the Clinton Foundation. Clinton appointed a day trader who donated a million dollars to the Clinton Foundation, to a committee that advised her on the use of nuclear weapons.
        Hillary sold State Dept decisions. After a $100 million donation to the Clinton Foundation, Hillary approved the sale of 20% of the US Uranium reserves to the Russians.
        The Clinton Mafia and the Clinton Foundation stole money that was intended to benefits the victims of Haiti natural disasters.

      • The RINO establishment squishes did, indeed, de facto nominate Trump by blowing their chance during the primaries to select a candidate who could better articulate conservative principles to smithereens. They have no one to blame but themselves — their sanctimonious and pharisaical handwringing is rich. Think of it: we are on the verge of one of the most critical elections in decades arguing about whose/what sexual proclivities are more offensive, rather than addressing the stinking, rotten foundation of our country. Reality TV writ large.

      • I am a libertarian fan, Johnson not so much, but he is far better than Hillary or Trump.

      • Trump has never drank alcohol and has never used tobacco or drugs.

        How is Mary Jane Johnson better than Trump?

      • All Democrats should be encouraged to vote for Johnson. Republicans not so much.

        Trump/Pence 2016

      • That’s the city both Clinton and Trump want to keep bombing, right?

      • No, it’s the city that is BEING bombed by Putin at this very moment.
        You might look up the number of children killed there in the past two weeks.

      • So we need to work with Russia to end the conflict, which is what Johnson has been saying for months. We should not continue to fuel the conflict by arming the rebels. Or you prefer WWIII with Russia?

      • Yes, but Johnson isn’t among the only two left who can win the WH and have the opportunity to talk to Putin. And all I hear from HRC is war hawk talk; we need someone who says it might be good to talk to Putin and get along with Russia, not someone who Putin had years of evaluating as a push-over and idiot at State. So, it comes down to priorities with Johnson: A protest vote (good under normal conditions) or HRC (speaking of WWIII). Think in terms of WWII – isolationism is no longer an answer. Sad, but true.

      • Priorities: Trump’s bluster and “humor” would be also be very dangerous internationally as POTUS. Fortunately, his campaign is collapsing.

        Johnson is the only candidate that can take enough support from Clinton, and most Clinton and Trump voters do not want either candidate. If Johnson can win some of New Mexico, Colorado, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine, Minnesota, he can stop Clinton from reaching 270 and be elected in the House.

        The alternative to isolationism is not unending involvement in foreign civil wars. It is diplomatic pressure, negotiation and compromise. Syria is a prime example. We arm the rebels, arms end up with ISIS, now Russia and Turkey are involved. How about we stop escalating and bring an end to this. Syria under Assad is better than Syria in foreign-sponsored civil war that could escalate even further.

      • But it’s moot, isn’t it? Johnson is not a viable choice, so you are left with a protest. I’ve voted third-party in the past; the stakes are just too high at this junction.

      • If you base your vote on apparent viability, you are left with Hillary Clinton.

      • If apparent viability is your requirement, you would be left with only Hillary Clinton at this point.

      • Are you living in an alternate universe???? The establishment RINOs fought tooth and nail against Trump. They tried to take the nomination away from Trump by the “rules committee”.

      • So how, exactly, did Trump make it to the top of the heap? Magic? What did the RINOS do BEFORE Trump was a twinkle in anyone’s eye? Not exactly promoting alternatives, as I recall…

      • Most of Trump’s votes were independents and first time voters in the party. Some of the more liberal wing voted for him, but it was mostly Reagan Democrats searching for a home.

      • Sure, but the party embraced and enabled them at the time.

      • They embraced the voters, not who they voted for. It has turned out to be a mistake. With friends like that, who needs enemies?

      • blame for what?…. this grandma loves him… even with his potty mouth

      • potty mouth? he is describing sexually assaulting an unwilling married woman and how he can kiss and gram any girls he wants in the ^%^%^. That is not anyone I would want anywhere near my daughters or as my president. You might as well be making excuses for Bill Cosby. You wonder why we find this DEPLORABLE ?

      • You miss the point, and are sucked in by more bullshit conventional wisdom. The point he made was that women are universally gold-diggers when it comes to men with huge amounts of money or power. Why else do they put up with being cold-cocked by athlete boyfriends, or humiliated by perjured presidents?

        Meanwhile, I’m sure it’s better in your mind to elect a woman who defended — for decades — a man who actually DID such things, not just talk of them. Idiot.

    • Early voting has already started. The ballots have already been printed in most place.

      Granted the names on the ballots are just place holders for the electoral candidates, but there are too many people who are ignorant of the electoral process that they will be confused.

  2. The pornographic novel “Fifty Shades Of Grey” has currently sold 45 million copies in America, almost all to women. In other words about half of adult American women have read that book.

    If you’ve ever looked at the genre of womens “romance” novels you’ll know that they are extremely sexually explicit.

    I worked at a job once where I was one of two men in an office area full of women. The women routinely discussed all sorts of sexual topics in a very blunt fashion. I recall one day they were discussing the different ways they cut their pubic hair.

    The notion that women are delicate flowers who need to be protected from hearing naughty words is just laughable. They are, on balance, decidedly the lewder and cruder of the sexes.

    • You should see what’s going on in the high schools–and even middle schools–these days. The ubiquitous availability of pornographic material, blended with all manner of freakish “hey look at me” youtube-style material, is wearing the sensibilities of our young people down to a nub. Or just watch an episode of “The Family Guy”; even the once-family-friendly “Simpsons” has gone into the gutter and signaled this by producing an episode where the two programs were blended together.

      • Aww does Family Guy offend you? Watch the shows for toddlers then.

  3. You could always support a good and decent human being. Gary Johnson is on the ballot in all 50 states. Trump is the GOP’s mess, and they are reaping what they sowed.

  4. Great perspective! It also seems the character of our news media has changed, from a time when sexual exploits by leaders were largely masked to protect reputation, to our present time of explicit revelation —when politically expedient — no matter what the social effect. We have great respect for many of our leaders of the past. Perhaps if they were exposed to today’s media we’d have a different opinion.

    • Of Ike? Absolutely. Of JFK, nope, they’d still see the D after the name and ignore everything else, because they have sadly chosen party of principal or country.

    • We live in the age of KIm Kardashian and Paris Hilton, where recording yourself having sex and releasing it for public distribution is an acceptable way to become (in)famous.

  5. Yes, it is the supporters the media really hates, but they also hate Trump; if they thought he might not do what he is promising to do, they would still oppose him, but like they opposed Romney and McCain. They must think he’s going to do what he says.

  6. These people who celebrate porn and abortion and make heroic figures
    out of small-souled, sex-deluded creatures such as Bill Maher and Lena
    Dunham and Sandra Fluke and lionize sick predator men like the Kennedys
    and Bill Clinton are not merely being hypocrites or playing politics
    when they denounce Trump. They are deliberately engaging in The Lie: the
    corruption of meaning itself. They aren’t outraged because they’re
    decent. They’re using our decency as a pawn in their quest for political
    I don’t even have an expletive strong enough to express my contempt
    for what we’re witnessing this news cycle. All I know is I deeply resent
    being put in a position where denouncing the grossness of Trump’s
    remarks becomes playing into a larger Lie and everyone’s rightful
    disgust becomes a mere political tool. ” Nutshell..

  7. Larry Kudlow had a guest on his most recent broadcast–I think it was Ed Klein–who described being a young reporter during the JFK administration, when the whole office would gather around to hear Ben Bradlee regale them with tales of JFKs sexploits over a speakerphone. Of course not a word ever made it into “the press”. I wonder if it had been different if Nixon had won the 1960 election? (which he probably did, even CNN admitted in it’s “60s” redux that precincts in Chicago reported more votes for JFK than there were voters; in Texas “Landslide Lyndon” delivered areas of Texas that included the places he used to steal the 1948 primary from Coke Stevenson.)

    I think the key lesson of this sad episode is how utterly corrupt the “news” media/business is. NBC could have taken Trump out in the primary season (Glenn Beck even predicted exactly this outcome at the time) but no, they are so fit to rule that they gamed this with other mediots in order to get Trump the nomination to achieve this result. They probably overplayed their hand as far as the expectation of generating a Goldwater-grade debacle (another disgraceful episode of media manipulation for partisan purposes); we shall see, I’m pretty sure most of the already-red states will hold as they are now well aware that the Frankenstate monster is insatiable and demands absolute rule.

    • Glenn Beck’s man crush called a headshot of his wife “an attack”. Not a nude photo of his wife. Not a photo of her in a compromising position. Not a photo with her face superimposed on a babboon’s butt. A headshot

      He would never have lasted two weeks against Clinton, Inc. By Labor Day, he would have admitted himself into a mental hospital.

  8. You are equating a presidential candidate with rap musicians and lewd locker room talk to normalize this ? Is this how we want the US to be represented globally ? He brags about sexually assaulting women and yet you still excuse him saying that is normal . Maybe in your warped world but not in mine

    • actually, they were also comparing him to HIllary’s husband…you know, former President Clinton and JKF, another democrat president. But, your response shows the typical response by the left to ignore those obvious comparisons that are real. A half truth is still 100% lie.

    • He brags about sexually assaulting women

      Typical left-wing dishonesty.

      • He brags that his fame allows him to sexually assault women with impunity. Isn’t that an honest statement?

    • Those that don’t care about Hillary’s laughing about defiling a 12 year girl after being raped in order to gain freedom for the rapist will vote for her anyway and will not change their minds. Those that do care about Hillary’s laughing about defiling a 12 year girl after being raped in order to gain freedom for the rapist will vote for anyone but Hillary, will not change their minds.

    • You are completely misreading the intent and overall point of this article – if this is directed at the author. Her message does not normalize this, it calls attention to the hypocrites who act outraged about this assault on what is normal when they themselves have defended such assaults in many other places.

  9. With total aplomb, the same people who want our teenagers to shower and pee together are offended by the word pussy. And these are the same people who caused me to have conversations with my own kids that BJ’s really are a sexual act. What hypocrites.

    • It’s not the p-word that has people upset. It’s the defense of groping.

      • Yea, cause no prominent Democrat has ever groped a woman…..or not.
        The double standards on display are breathtaking.
        Grow up

      • and these are the same perverts who will be lobbying to lower the age of consent so Anderson Cooper can hit on high school boys…

      • you are defending the pervert… not me….. want a laundry list of Republican senators caught with interns? the Duggars? It happens on both sides and should be equally condemmed. You excuse the ones who share your political views and I am calling you out on it. For that you name call me like you are an elementary school bully. You should be ashamed … a pity you are not…. THAT is what is meant by DEPLORABLE

      • So you want to put the deplorable Bill Clinton back in the White House where he will have more unfettered access to interns?

      • better Bill than Donald… and Bill is not the candidate – Trump is

      • But Bill goes right back in with the Hildabeast. Don’t think she will be there all alone.

      • This guy is a hypocrite. He doesn’t care what Bill or Hillary do…they’re liberals, so they get a 100% pass while he vomits up pretend outrage about Trump.

      • Okay you Murderer! Abortion is just as detestable as sexual assault! It don’t matter if law allows it or not abortion is murder and if you vote for someone who supports abortion like most all Demonrats then you are no different than a murderer. This also makes you a racist bigot because abortion was created for the use of controling black population.

      • But if you vote for someone who wants to bomb other countries, refuse to help refugees and defund programs to help the very poor you’re somehow morally still ok? You’re a hypocrite and a fake. If Jesus came back (assuming he ever existed) he would want nothing to do with you.

      • Yes absolutely I am, first off if you’re a refugee fleeing your country because you don’t want to fight and then demand other countries to put up with you raping their children and women. Smooth on the Jesus comment like you’re buddy buddy with him but then you say if he ever existed. You FOOL date lines prove his existence and eye witness testimonies prove it. All the refugees are military aged males where are the females and children. Oh that’s they stayed back until those men could blur the cultures to make it safe for their women and children to be brought over. That Jesus you mentioned is going to judge you as well and don’t you forget it!

      • NO! No one ever said “it” doesn’t happens on both sides! BUT, the outrage machine only kicks into gear when it’s a Republican!

      • the outrage machine works both ways on the dem side… why dem senators resign and most GOP senators do not – if you are republican there is usually crickets from Fox and company

      • Except its the exact opposite. Dems stay in office, GOP voters turn out ours in the primary.

      • Incorrect. The Repubs that get busted get MUCH more criticism and ridicule, and if you don’t know this, you’re intentionally obtuse, or just plain blind.

      • So you are defending your candidate, Donald Trump? To the best of my recollection, Mr. Trump has a proven record of revealing his true nature toward an abundance of issues, many of which are disturbing, at least to me and like-minded people. Many of his comments can’t even be defended and somehow because he has brought attention to those who agree with his convoluted view of the world, and those whom disagree speak out, nothing but “Republican bashing” ensues? Sheesh!
        Mr. Trump is the worst example of America. For him to represent us to the world will be embarrassing at best and detrimental to our reputation and standing at worst.

      • And it never occurs to you that we feel just as disgusted at your candidate! Democrats are the very definition of self-righteousness!

      • You’re recollection is faulty. A man says something offensive, in private, to another man, while they’re on a soap opera set, 11 years ago, apologizes for it. (he’s been in the public eye for decades and no one heard a peep about Trump actually acting on those words, until a few weeks before an election?) Dosen’t that seem odd to you Nannette Gonzalez? But Bill Clinton was actually sued by Paula Jones for sexual assault, at trial he lied and had his law license suspended and finally paid her $850,000. He was credibly accused of actual sexual improprieties by other women who were long time Democrats and supporters of his. And Hillary, covered up for him, and went after the women. Now, which is worse?

      • See the Youtube video of Hillary telling a young interviewer she would like to see Lenny Kravitz “junk.” It is the liberal camp that has promoted the lurid sex-ed programs, inciting children to be promiscuous at ever younger ages. I saw a Planned parenthood video wherein they were talking to 4TH GRADERS about sexual bondage!! Sex-sick to the core! And hillary is in lock step with PP, who by the way, dismember defenseless babies to sell their organs! Dems have a pro abortion plank in their platform…abortion, for any reason at any stage. Heck, hillary isn’t even against partial birth abortion! Her indignation about Trumps remarks is totally fake….She is totally fake in her supposed concern for women, or she would not promote the killing of their babies, rather than help them with their needs, so they don’t feel forced. But no, it’s a huge multi billion dollar industry and she wants her piece of the pie!

      • I think the whole point, and what everyone is calling for, is that the LEFT stop the hypocrisy, selective sanctimony, and faux outrage. As you said, it happens on both sides and should be equally condemned. The LEFT is not EQUALLY CONDEMNING. That’s the whole point of this article.

      • Amen. I seem to remember a certain Presidential candidate back in 1992 getting busted for all sorts of sexual dalliances…and still winning. Thanks to folks like our friend here.

      • The hypocrisy is so thick you need a shovel. Dems REELECTED Bill Clinton. He cheated on his wife, took advantage of a young woman (his subordinate) while he was the freakin’ POTUS in the freakin’ OVAL OFFICE! He was later impeached and DISBARRED BY THE SUPREME COURT OF THE US for lying about said sex. And Hillary trashed the victim. Give me a break you hypocritical, sanctimonious, just-got-religion liberals!

      • And Trump cheated on his wives. Your point? And what about the child molesting former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert?

      • So what would your reaction have been if Obama had said these things, if he’d cheated on his wife, and had 5 kids by 3 different women? Are you actually going to argue to me that you wouldn’t have said a thing and shrugged it off? You truly aren’t very bright, are you?

      • No, you just support brazen racists, eugenicists, baby killers, traitors, rioters, etc. Save your bs for someone who is as stupid as you are.

      • You keep mentioning the Duggars as if they all had one big brothel going you foolish little man. Either use the single person involved or shut up. I bet you have someone in your family that is a rapist, molester or related sexual assault at the very least. How would you like everyone to call out you just by the name Thompsons? To refer to the whole Thompson family as a bunch of sex offenders?

        You wouldn’t like it and I’m inclined to believe you would kill yourself if people knew the truth about you and your family secrets.

      • incest may be the norm in your neck of the world but I can assure you it is not in ours. Crawl back into your cave of depravity

      • Except you and your cousin…but she’s awful purty. Just shut up, you’re an embarrassment.

      • So I assume you’re NOT voting for Hillary based on your oh so hefty moral fiber. So you’re saying that any man that has ever objectified a woman is a pervert..Doesn’t leave very many normal men on earth. I assume you also don’t watch television or go to movies, what with your keen sense of perversity and all.

      • Wow, Charlotte! Your road is so low, we had to peer over the edge of the gutter to see the depth of your depravity.

      • Hey, MojitoMom, here is your soulmate. Charlotte is a real piece of work. I am so grateful that neither the both of you belong to the same political party as I.

      • someone else did it does not excuse your defense of these comments. You are enabling rapists with your attitudes and defense of these comments

      • Enabling rapists?
        You are the definition of a “beta male”
        Gimme a break

      • What are you, a cave man ? Ride a horse shirtless like Putin? You think are an alpha male only if you dominate and abuse women? That is a PIG. Abuse women I know and you will be a dead pig. …. I have 3 daughters in their early 20’s and thank God they all have husbands/partners that respect them. One of my daughters is about to have a son and he will be taught to respect others. They were all voting for Sanders as well so I raised them right. They are reluctantly voting for Hillary because a leaky boat is preferable to a flaming cheeto. Trump is an entitled narcissistic pig who only looks out for himself. His series of wives are all trophies to be discarded when tarnished. It is an international embarrassment that he has come this far.

      • All of the people in the middle east who have lost their homes, been enslaved (including young girls being held as sex slaves), lost their religious liberty, been killed because of the fact that they are Christian, etc. due to the fecklessness and incompetence of Obama and Hillary probably would not be too concerned with you high horsed outrage over our supposed “international embarrassment”. We are being internationally “embarrassed” on a daily basis now as Wiki Leaks shows what a banana republic the Dems have created in our once great democracy (you know, the democracy that all the Dems are suddenly shrieking is under attack cause Trump said he would appoint a special prosecutor. Something Obama should have done years ago).

      • don’t blame Obama for the middle east – bush got us into Iraq under false pretenses and Obama has had Osama Bin Laden and most of the ISIS leadership killed …and largely defunded ISIS…. more than any hot aired GOP senator has done…. they wont5 even vote to approve the was on ISIS but Obama and the military are doing it without the senate –

      • Gah! Liberals love to squawk about Bush getting in into Iraq on false pretenses! WTH does that even mean? And don’t think that Obama single-handedly took out Bin Laden, either. Our MILITARY did that, the same MILITARY Obama and Hildabeast both despise and disrespect, and threaten to defund every chance they get!

        Do you even have a CLUE how horrible HilLIARy is to her Secret Service agents? She hates them and treats them like crap. And do you know how much they DESPISE having to protect Bill during his frequent pit stops for sex with someone other than that hosebeast?

      • Of course you don’t blame Obama, you have your head up your behind. Obama could strangle a puppy on live tv and you’d say he was making the world safe for cats. If you weren’t so delusional you’d see almost the entire Middle East had gone hard Islamist under Obama, and Russia and China are talking about WWIII.

      • These people haven’t a clue. We can’t educate them, because they’re not logical. They think in stump speech sound bites and Huff Post factoids. It’s a hopeless task. And they are becoming the majority.

      • You should hear how women talk these days. They make male locker room banter look like a Rated G movie. Bet you think Beyonce is fine and let all you precious little flowers listen to her filth though, dont you? I already know the answer. Hope you also know that you precious 20 year old daughters are statistically sure to have sent nude pics of themselves to guys they barely know and participated in sport sex while intoxicated. And at least 1 of them has a 100% chance of having done this. Do you know which one? You must have a guess…..

      • you disgust me, John. Anyone else reading this…. this is your “Great America” … I find you people repulsive and so does a majority of US citizens. You will learn that in a big way in November.

      • John seems to have a very skewed view of women to say the least! He thinks most 20 yr old women send nude pics of themselves to random men and participate in “sport sex”? I think he’s been spending to much time on porn websites and has lost touch with reality.

        BTW, I disagree with your political views but I just wanted to express my disgust with John.

      • Why? Because she says she’ll take her husband to Red Lobster if the sex is good? I don’t find that terribly scandalous. Certainly less so than saying you’re going to grab women by the pussy without consent.

      • Well what he EXACTLY said, verbatim, was that “if you are a celebrity they LET YOU DO IT”. “Let you do it’ means that they consented. Sorry of that is too hard for you to follow. Talk a vocabulary class. Now I am not saying that is a good way to act but your statement is just inaccurate and false.

      • So if as strange man grabbed your daughter by the genitals and she didn’t protest out of fear or confusion, that’s the same thing as consent? You supported a sex offender for president and this country is surely screwed because of you. Maybe you can go sexually abuse some people to celebrate. You’re probably no better than a sex offender yourself.

      • I have taught my daughters what to do if a “stranger grabs their genitals” and there will be no “confusion” on their part as to what the appropriate actions will be. Trust me on that. As for your name calling and insults it just demeans you. No one else.

      • But if they didn’t react they would be to blame then? Maybe you’d like it if he’d grope them. He might marry them if their boobs are big enough and they look pretty enough.

      • You are foul and disgusting and I am starting to think that you’re getting turned on by this conversation. As a result, our conversation is now over. Bye.

      • Getting off on it? I’m a straight female purely pointing out the kind of things your president elect gets off on all the time.

      • The saddest part is you probably call yourself a Christian. I’m pretty sure if Jesus came back (he won’t at least) he would want nothing to do with you. The truth is you don’t care about sexual assault if it’s done by someone you like. He can grope, rape, or do anything else as long as he has the right politics in your mind. You’re a disgusting individual with no love, compassion, or goodness.

      • Kind of like how all us Dems treated Bill Clinton. He was “our guy” so we just said that it was “personal” and his lies were “only about sex” blah blah blah. How would you feel if you sent your young daughter to DC to be an intern for the most powerful man in the world and he thought the proper use of that power was to make your daughter get under his desk while he was on the phone with foreign leaders? How would you feel if your mother or sister or daughter was raped by a sitting Governor and his powerful wife and friends attacked her so as to cover up for him? Hypocrisy is an ugly trait. You should think long and hard about it.

      • I’ve never read anything saying Monica Lewinsky didn’t consent to that affair. It was gross on many levels but not the same as Trump’s bragging about grabbing women’s genitals. Bill Clinton doesn’t really sit right with me because I think he could easily be a creeper….just like Trump and the women who accused him of groping them. I assume to figure they’re all lying? The truth is you’re deflecting because you don’t want to admit to the fact that you voted for a sex offender to be president and have to look your daughters in the eye and act like it’s all normal when all he would ever judge them on is whether they’re a hot piece of ass. I’m sure Trump would think you’re ugly and worthless but an easy vote and probably an easy mark if for some reason he did want to get in your pants for an easy lay.

      • “Let you do it’ means that they consented.

        Really? You mean in your mind there was a conversation between Trump and the woman. Which involved them giving express and specific permission for him to grab their genitals?

      • And at least 1 of them has a 100% chance of having done this

        …that’s not true regardless of what demographics say. On the other hand there’s a 100% chance that someone I’m responding to is at least somewhat ignorant of how statistics work.

        Hint: It’s you.

      • You clearly live in your own head. Apparently the only thing we have in common is I have 3 daughter too. We have raised them to be strong and take care of themselves. That men TALK about things is one thing. Actually abusing women is different. Your hallowed candidate has been abusing the women in her life for 30 years. Oh, and for the record, you should keep the death threats to a minimum if you wish to remain a free “man”.
        Carry on

      • I have found that men who talk like that usually act like that …. I am not condoning that talk or behavior as an example for our youth – enable the rape culture if your world view demands you to but you can count me out

      • Really? I think I see a deeper truth being revealed here…admit it, you were raped by an uncle…

      • You’re a self-righteous prig. If you’re voting for Hillary please save your condescension. She literally defended a rapist and she enabled her predator husband for decades. Trump said something 11 years ago and apologized. Hillary is still doing stuff right now.

      • that is debunked BS .. I DIO NOT defend any of the above . Crawl back up Trumps anus, loser

      • I love watching you people go from snark to condescension, to lies, then outright rage. It’s a very familiar pattern. Liberal Fascism on display.

      • your facts are suspect… get of the alt right blogs and learn something new…. as a public defender she was assigned a case … she would have been disbarred for refusing it …. Trump is the defendant in literally hundreds of cases…sexual assaults, fraud, etc… his campaign is a shitstorm yet you are clueless up in his a$$ like that

      • It’s an international embarrassment that people like you are becoming the majority in this country.

      • Like Bill Clinton the ra*ist? Of that is right, he is not running but no doubt you thought he should resign when it occurred along with Monica, etc. cause you have such high morals.

      • They have not bragged about it on a tape that we heard with our own ears. YUGE difference. Cannot deny your own words. Grow up indeed.

      • What double standard? You can choose to defend the groper if you’d like, but don’t blame others for YOUR choice to do so.

      • I sit here and wonder how long it took you to come up with the word “breathtaking.” Good use of the internet thesaurus. You must have it on a bookmark so you don’t have to spell it all the time.
        By the way, telling someone to grow up shows a lack of maturity on your part.

      • It’s a word I use regularly to describe the willingness of leftists to deny, deflect and demean anyone who does not support their agenda. I am no fan of Trump but he has not proven to be a danger to my country with his deeds. Hillary has. The ridiculous moral preening of the leftists is so charged with revisionist history on how they treat their own members indiscretions that one can only weep for your children for they know not what charlatans they have been born to.

      • Dearest JB, “he has not proven to be a danger to my country with his deeds,” is a most ludicrous statement. But to point out the obvious would be “easy pickin’s” so I won’t.
        Your description of “leftists” is lovely. You might want to remember it when you speak of your candidate, DJT.

      • Former Republican House Speaker Dennis Hastert anyone? Or all those Republicans that hated on gays and turned out to be gay themselves?

      • is this the “he admitted to sexual assault” line? Even though he doesn’t say he ever did these things, only that, because he is famous, he could?

      • Yet, on the tape, we hear him getting out his tic tacs, in case he can’t stop himself from forcing a kiss on a leggy soap star. If she hadn’t turned her head for an air kiss, we would have seen him kiss her on the mouth on the tape.

      • Tempest in a tea cup unfortunately for you. We are $20 trillion in debt, losing influence internationally, jobs are leaving the country or foreigners are coming here to take them..

        But Donald said a naughty word. Oh my…

      • Johnnie who cares? Donald Trump was a businessman and a celebrity. Slick Willie, Lyndon Johnson, JFK, FDR, Ted Kennedy and even Joe Biden is overly
        touchy and feely were in public office and paid by the taxpayers. Another big difference is Donald Trump made his millions before he ran for office; the politicians
        made their money after they were public service!

        Trump for President 2016!

      • my neigbors are voting for TRUMP!
        We are middleclass people tired of Big Government!

      • Good comment but I disagree on one point – WJC and HRC did not wait until after public service to make money – in fact their “public service” was the basis for financial gain.

      • Trump was given his money. If he had invested it in the stock market in a TSP and let it sit, he would be richer and all of those people would not have been screwed over when he declared bankruptcy and /or refused to pay them. His business dealings are a train wreck.

      • Thank you for vomiting up what you learned reading HuffPo today. Moron.

      • Trump inherited his money. If he’d merely put what dad left him in a stock market index fund, he’d have much more than the amount he claims to have now.
        And there is serious doubt that he has the amount he claims, hence one reason he doesn’t want to release his income tax returns.

      • groping without consent is not making the move…. you are the problem here with your rape culture mentality

      • You should know what your talking about before posting. Now go back and read exactly what Trump said. Nowhere did Trump advocate “groping without consent’ He said “they will let you” i.e. give consent

        There are women like that. Your fake outrage won’t let you acknowledge that. It’s nonetheless very true

      • um, how many million copies of “50 Shades of Gray” have sold?

        It’s ain’t men writhing to these Sado Masochistic fantasies.

        And Beyonce, having faux sex on a Super Bowl Stage…. oh, my

        Save the petite flower act… it’s past its use date

      • It doesn’t matter (to this conversation) how many copies of “50” have been sold. Sure, that’s trash, but it’s fiction marketed as entertainment. Trump claimed he did those things in real life and he celebrated and bragged about it. Lots of people have watched “The Godfather”. That doesn’t make murder OK, nor any less shockingly wrong.

      • You miss the point…. Women ARE NOT offended by off color language or discussion…. THEY LOVED hearing about Sado Masochism….

        and millions loved watching it….. so BULL CRAP

        and Trump was not a predator… he was a testosterone laden man.

        They ALL talk like that in PRIVATE conversations at some point in life… to say women are oh so shocked by that is pure fiction.

        AND BEYONCE …that slut, pig, animal… at the Super Bowl is far more offensive

      • By definition he was a predator, or claimed to be. He boasted about groping women without their consent. And as a man I can assure you not all men talk like that.

      • I’ve seen the video of the starlet he air kissed later talking about what a charming man he was. So get off your high horse. Not intended for Charlotte… meant for twency.

      • THE starlet? there are numerous court cases …. most settled for large sums…. the hundreds of women you mean. Get out of the sewer… I suppose the sidewalk looks like a high horse from your perspective

      • twency hit the point exactly … you are too caught up in your bubble to see reality… and you are distasteful as well…. You certainly have the moral low ground sewn up here .

      • one female buying a racy book gives men the right to sexually abuse all women/ Do you hear yourself???

      • I got tot tell you, as a conservative I’m ashamed of the comments from many people here at a supposedly conservative site. It’s my first time commenting here so I don’t know if this is typical, but I completely reject their attitude towards Trump’s behavior and language.

        It is not a “petite flower act” to expect some decency from men. And certainly we should all reject any man that allegedly assaults women, or uses language condoning it.

        Who cares if some women buy raunchy novels? That doesn’t justify the conduct of Trump or men like him in any way! Some people have lost their ability to reason because they’ve made Trump a demigod.

      • I am with you, Sammy. I am shocked by most of the comments from most of the people on this site – political party/views aside! The name calling and threats are so unproductive. As a society, we are losing our ability to have thoughtful, respectful conversations about issues. And people on BOTH SIDES are to blame. It’s sad.

      • And God forbid he actually plant a kiss on a soap star. I’m sure that’s never happened before in the history of mankind. Let the Muslim women who are kept as sex slaves teach you a thing or two about sexual assault.

      • He said “I don’t even wait.” He didn’t say “I wouldn’t even have to wait if I didn’t want to.” He flat-out said he did those things.

      • O said that Beyonce was a great role model for his daughters and MO says Common is her favorite poet. They love to pal around with Jay-Z and Beyonce. That says it all.

      • No it’s not. If that were true, wouldn’t people be screaming at Obama inviting those nasty rap artists to the White House? Think about it. None of the MSM, nor Dems are upset about either. They lie.

        That horse done left the barn a long time before Trump. Repugs in Congress, Ds and MSM are pretending. I understand Ds and MSM. I do not understand such as Rotten Ryan’s selective outrage. I think his pure selfishness is lower than any of these trash words. Ryan is one self centered lowlife.

      • Regarding Ryan, you’re actually too kind. He’s beneath contempt on many grounds.

      • meanwhile Ted Nugent goes unnoticed in your bubble world.

      • If Ted Nugent is a typical Conservative, Stalin was a typical liberal. Fair enough?

      • Trumps enemies aren’t upset about this or they would have denounced Bill Clinton back in the day. They didn’t. They defended him. And Clinton was action not mere words. They are in fact probably excited that they have this opportunity to bash the Donald and are enjoying the hell out it.

      • Some goofy things said, but absolutely no defense of Bill C’s sexual exploits there

      • Clearly Donald is guilty of what you say but I am talking about Trump’s enemies.

      • Link please so we can hear/read everything in context. As if something he said almost 20 years ago is of utmost importance? People mature, change and grow you know.

      • I was asking for a link to the “source: Fox News August 19, 1998” at the .31 sec. mark that quotes Trump talking about Clinton’s victims.

      • Exactly. He is talking about how women turn into “groupies” around “stars”. He isn’t talking about himself, as much as women deprave themselves.

      • No, he’s not, you ignorant git. He’s talking about what HE is able to get away with BECAUSE he’s a star.

      • Funny, I didn’t hear anyone defending it. Well that is not completely true….when Bill Clinton did it and much worse I heard all the libs defending it.

      • I am liberal and I am not defending him. He did a good job as president but I finds his personal life distasteful. However, he is not running for president.

      • So someone who has a distasteful personal life (or says something distasteful) can still do a good job as President. Glad to hear you think so. I happen to agree.

        I do not, however, believe that a career politician with no notable accomplishments ever and who has a history of one scandal after another combined with behavior that would be criminal for the ordinary citizen is an acceptable person for President.

      • you must be talking about Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld… Those comments certainly do not apply the Clinton other than Paula and Monica and the career politician part rules out Trump and his endless string of lawsuits and accusations against him… not to mention his ties to Russia

      • Ties to Russia?!? That is funny cause when I think of Russia I think of that comic book “reset button” that Hillary Clinton wheeled out with the incorrect translation and the happy look on Putin’s face when he realized that “yes, this idiot is actually the U.S. Secretary of State”.

        Figured out which of your 3 little flowers is actually the DLW yet?

      • It is in his taxes… his children said they had a lot of business with Russia and he owes Russian buisnesses large sums of money since most American companies wont loan to him anymore due to all the bankrupcies? Why does he not release his tax returns? Probably because what is in them is worse than what people say is in them.

      • Actually it is not. And Eric Trump just said on CNN on October 4th that they “have no assets in Russia”. So now that you have exposed yourself as just another lying Lib we don’t have anything else to discuss. But did you figure out which of your daughters likes texting birthday shots of herself to strangers? Oh, that is right, you dont have 3 precious little flowers…..that was just a nice story for the other guy you were lying to. You’re pathetic.

      • Eric said they did until it was a political liability… now he has a new story….they ask you to believe them without evidence when they contradict their own statements repeatedly. My oldest daughter lives on a military base in Okinawa and if she texted nude pictures it would be to a girl…. My middle daughter is pregnant and married to an air force officer who is always a gentleman to her- and my youngers is a 3.8 GPA pre med junior in college – put your grimy hands on any one of them and I with cut them off

      • So does Okinawa girl text lots of nude pics to lots of girls? Funny you said they all had husbands. Kind of like how all your arguments and stories change. Is he a gentleman when he is rear dooring her? I like your youngest. The one with the big cans. Now that one has some serious oralatory skills. Trust me when I tell you. Maybe you already know? Threaten me again and you will find yourself served with a nice complaint and a visit from your neighborhood constable. Think you can hide behind your keyboard? How do you think WikiLeaks got everything? Wow, a habitual liar and a simpleton.

      • Really I assume you don’t live in Arkansas or know anything about it. I for one lived there when he was Governor when he became president his scandals were alive and well during that time buddy so maybe you should shut up about things that you haven’t learned yet.

      • Everyone keeps saying Bill isn’t running for president. Umm… duh. The point is, where was the liberal outrage when he took advantage of a young subordinate, not his wife, while he was the freakin’ POTUS in the freakin’ OVAL OFFICE? And you freaks REELECTED him. Don’t talk to me about consent and don’t give me your sanctimony. She was a young subordinate (substitute one of your 3 daughters here). He took advantage of her. End of story.

      • An even bigger point is: Hillary covered for him and harassed his victims. “Consent” is a crypto-Marxist, moral-relativistic term libs use to justify their vices. Speaking of consent:


        *rewind* *play* “And when you’re a star THEY LET YOU DO IT.” *stop*

        Hmm… that sounds like, oh I don’t know… consent (in its normal dictionary definition)? I wonder why they leave this part unmentioned in the sanctimonious hate-fest of the concerted condemnation of Trump.

      • you found his personal like distasteful but he was a good president? Wow what a clash. Then why can you not find what Trump said distasteful and find him to be a better president than Hillary you hypocrite?

      • Distasteful….strong words. Very much like the ones you used to describe Trump. Not.

      • And will you defend the video of Bill Clinton actually groping a woman, yourself? I mean Trump TALKED about it, but Bill is on video actually DOING it.

      • Except he never groped anyone. Unless you believe the crazy octopus lady or the pretend journalist. Your fake outrage is the point of this story.

      • The fact that you have to further explain it to them is proof the Republican Party is not the party of Ronald Reagan. While we suffered plenty under his presidency, at least you could see a modicum of intelligence. Not so much anymore.
        It’s a sad state of affairs.

      • ..therefore the defense of groping is worse than the act of raping ?! The feminist wants the women to think that if a guy called Bill Clinton rapes you, it is OK, because he is an “advocate” for women. For that, we can allow him to rape a few of us. But if you are groped by a guy called Donal Trump, we must destroy him for doing such a despicable and disgusting thing to women.

    • Good to know the enlightened liberal elites are OK with sexual assault and rape.

      • show me lack of consent ….. there is a difference between accusations and confirmed assault

      • no we don’t…. and we don’t defend the Duggars either

      • Didn’t the Duggars take care of their own problems? If so its not for you or anyone else to defend.

      • No- they covered it up with the help of their minister, and hung their daughters out to dry in the process. Shame on them for adding to their daughter’s pain.

      • How were they to blame that their son was a predator? You indict the whole family? How tolerant of you. At least you’re consistent in your small mindedness.
        and by the way, there’s no “confirmed assault”. UNless you’re talking about Bill, in which case the evidence really is overwhelming.

      • And you’re ok with Trump wanting to grab you by the pussy. But only if you have nice tits and a hot face. I’m guessing you wouldn’t be up to par in his eyes.

    • these are the same liberal creeps that have coarsened this culture from their Hollywood parties… for decades…

      Where is Meryl Steep ?…. probably giving a blow job to a chimpanzee

      • All hail Charlotte W. for crafting her Meryl Streep image, which is one for the ages!

      • won’t your grandkids be proud of you. You should be ashamed and if you had even a shred of decency you would not be posting this

      • Love it.. what hypocrisy…

        go earn your money elsewhere pig

      • I have moral standards. You seem to lack common decency

      • If you had moral standards, you wouldn’t be a liberal. Unless those standards are those of your peers.

    • it is not the word pusst… it is his graphic description of how he sexually assaulted someone and has the license to grope women without their consent because he is famous Using all nice words would make it equally deplorable and if you cannot see that you have a Huuuge moral problem

      • Where is anyone who said he actually did it? Why wasn’t it just bravado locker talk since no one has claimed he did it to them?

      • didn’t Trump say on the illegally recorded tape (huh, I guess the liberals take back their prosecuting of James O’Keefe then, right?!) that the women *let* him. Doesn’t the word let mean, they give permission?

    • Wait, you are teaching your kids that BJs are NOT a sexual act? How confusing for them, since it clearly is.

    • You should have been having that conversation with your kids anyway.

    • It wasn’t the pussy that was offensive, it was the grab.

    • A firm grasp on reality have you. I’m so grateful you belong to a different political party than I. Your kind makes America ugly.

    • So you’d be fine with Trump joking that he’d grab your daughter by the pussy then?

  10. I appreciate this article. I just have one question: does extortion (taxation in all forms) offend you and make you sick to your stomach, or is it just issues related to sex?

    What I don’t understand about Christians who call themselves “decent” as you do, is how they totally accept extortion and yet still consider themselves decent, just because they have all sorts of morality regarding sexuality. Anybody who supports taxation, including cops, schoolteachers, military, etc. and the rest of people who uphold and profit from extortion… how can such people consider themselves “decent?” Anybody who supports “the law” supports extortion and actively wants myself and anybody else who makes money to go to jail and for their children to be parent-less, unless such people pay extortion money to escape the horrible fate you otherwise wish on us.

    • Render unto Cesar that which is Cesar’s. render unto God that which is God’s.

  11. My friends—even some of my pious Christian friends—watch and celebrate Game of Thrones, which if I understand correctly, features graphic depictions of the demeaning of women and everyone else.

    Reading this whole piece was like awakening back into the conservatism of my youth in the 80s, and also one of those “I’m not alone moments.” As I follow “conservative media” I am constantly befuddled at how most of the writers immerse themselves in the very culture they pretend to decry. I love Fantasy, but I couldn’t get through the first episode of “Game of Thrones.” Yet, it is talked about constantly by conservative writers like Jonas Goldberg.

    The Federalist seems obsessed with criticizing Amy Schumer, and then writes praise pieces about “Bo Jack Horseman.”

    Conservatism, Inc. has lost all connection to Place and Limits and only celebrates Liberty. Because they disapprove what some use their Liberty for they think they can still label themselves conservative.

  12. Brilliant and courageous! God bless you for writing this, Rebecca!

  13. “There is no defense. The danger of any comment on the video of Donald Trump’s lewd comments is that it will appear to defend him. What he said was gross. Full stop.”

    So I guess you won’t be voting for Trump?

  14. I would ask the author please reply to this post, or the email listed with this disqus account, as I’m trying to understand something here about conservatism and no matter how many conservative articles I read online it’s just not coming together for me. Since this article is well written and delightfully free of the sort of overheated hatred I see elsewhere maybe I can get a reasoned reply…

    Maybe I’m just to young to get where this is coming from, but it seems that the author is dead set against the idea that how people choose to act in their public and private lives is their own business. Instead this reads like a lament for the time when shame was used as a weapon to crush any kind of deviance and enforce a vicious double standard. Once upon a time if a man slept around he was awesome, a woman who did the same was a slut and all of society would come down on her like a ton of bricks.

    This isn’t to say that there aren’t things people should be ashamed of, but to my mind they involve acts that cause injury to somebody else. Wearing too short of a skirt or consensual sex before marriage fall into the category of personal choice; they may have consequences but they are not being inflicted on others. So while I would not twerk (I’m an uncoordinated and rather hairy male anyway), appear on the Howard Stern show, or sleep around what right do I have to tell others not to do these things?

    Now, the issue with what Trump said is quite different. As the above comments prove I’m apparently a symptom of the moral decline of America since I reserve my scarlet letters soley for those who hurt others.

    • No generation of kids was ever ignorant about sex. Normalizing it among “consenting young teens” as normal increases its frequency. You project on others , particularly a level of judgement (with respect to use of birth control devices to stop the contraction of STDs) that they do not have. The younger the child the more impulsive the child. Nobody advocates going back to the negatives that you cite, nor do they fail to recognize that they did/do exist. But what has been done to our society and our children in an effort to right them may have been worse than the disease. We want a new cure for our ills, and it is not more of what has produced an epidemic of fatherless children.

      • I would agree that consenting young teens should absolutely not be having sex. It has consequences, emotion and physical, that they are not even remotely prepared to deal with. Waiting until emotional maturity is by far the smartest thing they could do. I remember this being a big part of sex-ed in Junior High.

        Unfortunately people will continue to make bad choices even with the best information (especially teenagers). Depriving them of effective ways to mitigate the negative consequences just causes… more negative consequences. It would be like taking the seatbelts out of cars to discourage speeding; people would still speed but a lot more would die when they wrecked. I don’t see an upside there.

        So back to my basic question: what do conservatives want the world to look like? By it’s nature conservatism ranges from change-resistant to deliberately backwards looking. There’s nothing wring with that at all, any change to society will have negatives associated and requires a careful look to determine if it’s really worth it… but simply declaring the past a golden age by overlooking all the problems it had and trying to go back to it isn’t a valid political goal. Its an exercise in utopian fantasy.

        What is this cure that we need to adopt, if not a retreat to the past or unthinking obedience to the millennia old laws of a tribe of monotheistic shepherds wandering the middle east? I can find endless conservative lamentation about the state of our culture but no conservative vision that truly offers a vision of a better one.

      • It sounds like we agree on children having sex. All I have to say is if you present sex as normal and fun, kids will try it. I would like to see a purely clinical presentation. These are the reproductive parts. This is how they function. If you do this it is likely to make a baby. Tell them that pulling out is very ineffective, even assuming you are in control enough to try, and you won’t be. I feared getting a girl pregnant. I saw it as the end of my future. No college, just a job for the rest of life. That is true. Unwed parents and their children under-preform in every way measurable. Make this point strongly. Don’t give them a list of successful single parents, highlighting the rare exception over the clear rule. Last, unless you have the nerve to ask the pharmacist for the condom you want, you shouldn’t be having sex.

  15. What joke did JFK make about the golf course? Google turned up nothing

  16. The progressive culture advocates teaching kids to talk in “vulgar ways about their sexuality.”

    The progressive culture is PC and shames vulgar talk. What USA have you been living in?

    • teaching elementary school children about a pro-homosexual lifestyle isn’t teaching kids to be vulgar in a way? Wanting to teach these same children, at the same age, about masturbation and how they should feel free to be attracted to (and to act on those impulses) to anyone, regardless if you can articulate a reason, isn’t vulgar?

      • No. I think kids should be informed in 5th grade right before middle school that homosexuals and bisexuals exist and it’s (likely) because of their DNA and genetics.

        In 5th grade (2002 ish?) they had us watch a video about the penis. I think it said masturbation is normal in many animals or something like that. It didn’t inform me about women at all and I kinda wish it did because “the talk” from my parents didn’t help either. Had to learn through trial and error and I’m lucky that girl didn’t get pregnant.

        Kids are learning from porn these days. THAT is where the real vulgarity is.

    • Shames vulgar talk? That’s overbroad.

      Certain self-styled “progressives” have for years excused the lyrics of rappers and other popular musicians because they’re fine with their so-called “progressive” stances (except attitudes towards females to songs: see the constant use of “b” word “wh” word ad nauseum)…

      • The progressives I’ve had conversations with detest rap lyrics BUT they understand that the authors of the lyrics come from poor ghetto backgrounds that caused them to write such awful prose.

  17. Well I guess I may as well put my 2 cents worth in here. Let me just say I have a couple years on Mr. Trump and I quite well understand his predicament, I have been in many conversations like Trump was in but luckily I nor anyone else was wearing a microphone so don’t have to worry about it coming to light. now to all these holier than though men out there that say they would never be caught saying something like that, key word being caught, and now to a good part of the women out there who are so outraged about it are going to tell me you would never say anything like that about anyone except reversed toward men?? never had a microphone on for sure, I have talked with women more than once and plenty of them that have said you think you guys are bad you have never been around when women get to acting up on the subject. Now I am not saying I condone what he I or anyone else says in situations like that, I am just saying we are all sinners and fall short of the glory of God, If God is willing to forgive the most grievous of sins don’t you think it is incumbent upon us to forgive Trump? If you know God at all you know he is willing to. And now to the whole meat and potatoes of this situation, on the one hand You have Hillary that is willing to destroy the country for a few dollars in a bank account thinking it will save her family. Obviously she does not understand Islamic Gehardist Terrorism. And on the other you have a business man Donald Trump a multi billionaire that does not need the job. His concern is his wonderful family coming up that wants a good country for them to grow up in and he knows to make that happen much needs to be changed in this country and the business man in him knows how to make that happen. I ran my own business for years and I can see what he is talking about. And I say all this cause I would be real happy to be able to finish out my life in a great and prosperous country that I know Trump can bring this country back to. If Hillary gets elected it will be a sad life for the younger ones coming up.

      • You checked out the obscene rapper lyrics lately, the kind Obama likes, with their admiration of rape and killing? (And yes, he did invite rappers to the WH, and yes, their words are vile and violent). There are plenty of choices to read, if you can stand it.

  18. How about “on the lewdness of supporting an enabler of a sexual predator since 1975?” His was a boorish comment indeed. Nevertheless, the vast majority of Americans still believe we are on the wrong path, and that HilLIARy Clinton is dishonest and untrustworthy. “A little revolution every now and then is a good thing.” – Jefferson

  19. Let us all pray for Rebecca to GET RAPED BY BILL CLINTON, while listening to HIP HOP, so she can discover what LEWD truly means.

    • wow, talk about an overreaction. It’s fine to disagree with someone, but when, because of that disagreement, you want them raped or otherwise harmed, you are taking it a little too personally. I’m sorry, but no matter how much you disagree with something that someone says, wishing them bodily harm or death is never the right answer.

      • Tell that to Clinton and her supporters in BLM and the Muslim Brotherhood. They want to rape the country.

  20. C.S. Lewis said it best:

    “…we remove the organ and demand the function. We make men without chests and expect of them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honour and are shocked to find traitors in our midst. We castrate and bid the geldings be fruitful.”

    Truest words of our time spoken by the master prophet more than a half century ago.

  21. I’m always amazed at how liberals can turn on or off their moral outrage like the rest of us turn on a light.

  22. Well Rebecca, talking like that in High School is right there with body functions in elementary school a part of the growing up process. Most men grow out of it by the time they are 16 or so, and don’t behave that way by the time they are in their 20’s much less in their 60’s. I am not outraged so much as disgusted by this baboon that has taken over the GOP and given voice to every corner of the sewers of america. And oh by the way Rebecca I taught my son that that sort of behavior towards a woman was unacceptable and I had to help my daughter deal with one of these little brats when she was in middle school who wouldnt keep his hands off of her. Dont blame progressives, blame parents who fail to teach their kids to be respectful of others and condone their poor behavior. That group crosses the political spectrum

      • oh yes retaining the constitution, by throwing your opponents in jail, you would be electing a roman emperor who would have his opponents in the Colosseum being killed for the entertainment of the masses like you

  23. Excellent article, and I totally agree.

    “They aren’t outraged because they’re decent. They’re using our decency as a pawn in their quest for political power.”
    This^, you nailed it. That is a very difficult observation and instinctive understanding to distil into words, but you did it succinctly and beautifully, and that is going to help many people who are not able to. Thank you.

  24. The issue is that he boasted about forcing himself on women: kissing them, and touching their privates without their consent. He continued that he gets away with it because he is a celebrity. So, basically he uses his position of power to sexually assault women. This is quite different from a consensual sexual interaction, or merely crudely expressing desires for an attractive women, the latter of which would qualify as “locker room talk”. I have never heard anyone in a locker room talk about groping women against their will.

    • he said he could, he didn’t say he did. Further, if there was a line of women who wanted to let the world know how horrible Donald Trump is, they wouldn’t have to work very hard to get the media to come to them. The media, by and large, would love to destroy him as a person; it’s what they’re good at. Were he guilty of a crime, the media would be telling us about it day in and day out. The fact that we’re talking about what he said shows that they don’t have further evidence that he actually did anything that he talked about.

      • “You know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful — I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait.”

        “And when you’re a star, they let you do it,”

        He is speaking about what he does, and has done, from experience.

      • you’re still projecting what you think he said, what you wanted him to say, onto his actual words. You don’t know that he ever actually did these things (if you knew, if you had the evidence of it, i’m sure you’d be making money off of it), you just assume that he’s talking from experience because that’s what your opinion of him calls for; that OF COURSE it is true. But the words themselves do not say that.

        this isn’t to say it’s not possible that he has done those things and worse, but using a general statement like this and claiming it as evidence of acts committed has absolutely no legal or logical basis.

      • “I just start kissing them.” He is saying its what he does. And there are many reports of him having done just that. They have been in the paper over the years. You’ll see, give the media a few days. They’ll be on TV soon enough.

      • No, it sounds like the actions of a cad. Of course, Bill Clinton has been accused of rape, multiple times. Hillary attacked them for accusing him. Groping or Rape? I support neither, but if I had “Sofie’s Choice” decision to chose one to happen to my daughter, groping would be obvious.

      • “they let you do it. You can do anything.” Thats the quote. So, his celebrity entitled him to do anything to a woman?

      • What a person “lets you do” is by definition with their consent. Is it not?

      • Just because he gets away with doing something does not make it consensual. As the articles I linked show, he would basically push himself on women before they had time to react. Or, in many of the stories, after his initial grope or kiss, the women immediately left his presence.

        Unfortunately for them, he is often in a position of authority, where the victim jeopardizes a business opportunity if they offend him, and I am sure he knows that and plays it to his advantage. He is the self proclaimed king of leverage.

      • I do not condone what he said, but you are talking about ten years ago, and if that matters, then so do Bill’s rapes, and electing her is elevating him as well.

      • OK. We already know all about Bills history, but Bill didnt rape anyone. Lets get it all out on the table, so the voters can make an informed decision.

      • I mean, Trump and Bill really aren’t that different. They are both womanizers, but the Clinton rape thing is just fabrication. The GOP has been bashing Clinton for 25 years with these stories.

        We should at least get 1 month to explore Trumps sordid past. So, we know what kind of person we are dealing with.

      • So Bill and Hillary paid Paula Jones $750,000 for nothing. OK. believe what you want to believe. As for me, I am going to move on to the much less pressing issues of ISIS, the economy and trade, and immigration, but you stick with the crude thing, OK.

      • Ah yes. Trump is certainly the candidate of the moral high ground.

      • Absolutely not. Crude. Sometimes lacks civility, but not pubically corrupt with a trail of failure (Iraq, Syria and Libya) posing as a record of accomplishment.

      • What part of “they let you do it” don’t you understand?

    • The issue is that he boasted about forcing himself on women: kissing them, and touching their privates without their consent.

      More lefty lies.

  25. What a dumb article! Nobody is outraged about sexual or bawdy talk from Trump or anybody else – we are aware that many if not most men indulge in such talk.

    It is the part where Trump talks about assaulting women without their consent that we have a problem with and are outraged about.

  26. Youcould have spared us the faux outrage. Women don’t mind being objectified. We do it outselves all the time. No one buys high heels because they are comfortable, we wear dresses that reveal a taste of what is beneath and spend billions on makeup. Men like to look and women like to be watched.

    Can we quit pretending otherwise?

    • Qualification: SOME women don’t mind being objectified. SOME do.

      But is is important to distinguish between bragging about a supposed sexual aggression–have to agree that lots of men do this in private–and actually committing same

      • I’ve met very few women outside of Islam that really try to prevent being objectified rather their actions speak otherwise

        We should also can the nonsense about “sexual assault” Trump clearly says “They will let you”- when a woman lets you touch her, its not assault sexual or otherwise

  27. How many copies of “50 Shades of Gray” did women buy?…. how many millions?

    And how about the Vile Beyonce strip show at the Super Bowl? … so STOP already

    Sado Masochism, Si, se puede …. Faux Fornication?…. You Betcha!

    SO stuff it ladies… the Petite Flower routine is past its use date

  28. 1) Why are only other Dems mentioned in this article? What about Trump’s surrogates,Rudy G and Newt G? Add them to your list. 2)”Celebrate porn and abortion” .. really??? Never has a woman’s right to choose been considered a “celebration”. Those too are reckless comments. 3) I will never understand the bashing of another candidate when the opposing candidate does/says something so offensive.

    • You don’t find Bill Clinton and Hillary offensive!? I actually find what they did and doing very offensive. Of course you don’t understand. You are a liberal! I remember they stood by Bill when he was in trouble (including rape) with “many” women and when Trump talk nasty, the sky is falling. Sure Bill is not running, but since you mentioned Rudy, I guess I bring up Bill.

  29. Trump and his Deplorable Idiots are finished. Hillary Clinton will be the 45th president of the United States and you all will have to suck it for the next four years!

    • Gosh, let’s see how she governs if elected. The deplorable idiots will never go away. They will be on her face daily.

      • We liberals are going to deport you idiots and trade you for Syrian refugees.

  30. What offends me is that Trump has been getting away with much worse. He has demeaned Muslims, Mexicans and women many times, and watched his poll numbers go up. the only reason this particular tape became a big deal is not because of liberals. We reacted the same way hen he demeaned the Gold Star family and the Mexican judge. But this time, Republicans reacted with horror and started calling for his removal from the ticket. There are two reasons for this…one is that this time, his target was pretty white women. You’ll note that pretty much every reviled republican talks about how he has a wife and/or daughters.

    But the real reason in purely political. Trump was already down by six points, just from the impact of the first debate and his loser tweet storm on Miss Universe. This tape came out on Friday and they knew there was no way he could recover, so they dumped him. It has nothing to do with anything addressed in this article. Trump showed himself to be a sinking ship, and the rats are using this as an excuse to jump off.

    • Trump has never demeaned Muslims. He demeaned “radical” Muslims. He never demeaned immigrants, he demeaned “bad” immigrants. But of course the liberals do not know the difference.

    • The sire of this “Gold Star family” of which you speak is a slimeball and a paid shill for the DNC, who was paid $25,000 to deliver the speech they wrote for him and to wave in our faces the copy of the Constitution they went out and bought him two hours earlier as a prop. The same Constitution this Sharia-trained lawyer considers subordinate to Sharia Law. He has abused the US immigration system allowing people with unqualified visas to buy their US citizenship.And although it is trivial, this was the first time his wife was photographed in public wearing Islamic headgear; she has always sported a Western hairstyle when appearing at Hillary fundraisers. Political theatre, boys and girls. Manufactured outrage.

  31. “In a corrupt culture, no matter what you do, no one escapes with his purity intact.”

    Bingo, +2 Internet’s for you!?

  32. The best commentary yet and,oh, how you revealed all the glass houses with shattered self righteousness.

  33. It is our generation, the boomers, like Donald, Bill and Hillary, I was born at the same time in collage at the same time, have lived with the same crowd. We are a conflicted generation, especially about sex. We were raised by the Greatest Generation, the WWII moms and dads. We were raised with all the high morals, strict rule and society norms of the 50’s and 60’s. Then almost at the same time everything changed. Free love, drugs sex and rock and roll. We are all twisted and it is time to kick us all off the stage. I am sick of all of them myself !!!!

    • Yep, I’m 68, so in the early part of the wave. And Steve Sailer is, I think, just a few years younger. Aptly, he once referred to us boomers as “my immensely tiresome generation.”

  34. Yeah, Bill is allowed to rape while Trump is not allowed to boast.

  35. Hillary Clinton now created the culture of male sexist attitudes in America that now all American men partake in, please just make it up as it goes along to suit whatever it is you stand for. And it must be so, because of course the popularity of Howard Stern proves he’s watched by all. Rush Limbaugh is popular too, but 95% of American’s have never listened to a show of his. The same goes for Stern.

  36. I don’t understand the association of virtue with the contemporary conservative movement. I fully understand why people “think” that virtue is absent among liberals.

    But when you actually look at the facts, you see overwhelming evidence that in (a majority of) states where there are more conservatives you have more out of wedlock pregnancy, more abortions (!!!), more (much more) domestic abuse (almost a linear correlation – the more conservative the state, the more violence; the year I moved to South Carolina it was #1 in the country for domestic violence), more divorces, more viewing of pornography (evangelicals are among the highest using group).

    on the other hand, among spiritual anarchistsI know who have a genuine contemplative orientation (who mostly see beyond the outdated labels of “Left” and “right” which were already irrelevant 50 years ago), they choose to be largely chaste, consider compassion, kindness, forgiveness, gratitude, caring, selfless service and lives of sacrifice with an underlying reverence for the Divine – whatever religion may serve as the outer vehicle for this reverence – to be the foundation of a good life.

    In their view, a healthy, integral conservatism (one that is truly ethical and which “conserves” all that is best in our societal institutions) is as necessary as many other views of society.

    • But when you actually look at the facts, you see overwhelming evidence
      that in (a majority of) states where there are more conservatives you
      have more out of wedlock pregnancy, more abortions (!!!), more (much
      more) domestic abuse (almost a linear correlation –

      I guess reasoning and statistics are subjects you never learned in school. The most conservative states in the US tend to be in the South. Those states tend to have a large black population. Blacks tend to be many times more likely than the norm to have out-of-wed-lock pregnancies, domestic violence etc.

      • I see this site is not going to be the site of “new” conservatism.

        I conducted over 2000 disability evaluations in North and South Carolina between 2003 and 2015. I often wrote evaluations refuting the “conservative” judges who, despite all evidence to the contrary, think like you do.

        in order to write these evaluations, 80% of which led to reversals of the decisions, I had to study the statistics very carefully. Statistically, you’re incorrect. The overwhelming majority of out of wedlock births, abortions, etc are among whites in those states. (considering that blacks make up less than 20% of the population in any of the southern states, you could probably estimate that without research, but now that you have the benefit of my 12 years of research, you now know better).

        By the way, you just gave an excellent example of implicit bias.

  37. I am so unbelievably tired of fake or political media and public “outrage”. And to me, the most annoying aspect is the inevitable request for apology (“well, he ought to apologize”, or “she owes (fill in the blank) an apology”). It goes right along with safe spaces and trigger warnings. Frankly, Trump probably owes Nancy O’Dell a private apology, and perhaps Billy Bush who just got canned, but beyond that, I reject this collective neurosis of outrage that is toxic to individuals and cultures. If Trump had been smart, he would have used this recent episode to make that point. But he’s never been as good with words as he needs to be. In fact it’s pretty stunning how inarticulate he is. Loved your column Rebecca. You’re absolutely right on. Somehow we need to keep your movement going, even if/when Trump loses.

  38. another example of why these sites will be shut down. Deliberate mis information is treason.
    i AM a plain warner. Win or lose…..citizens will begin to rise up tear apart the lying
    media and the lying socialists….Vichy France is the template for what is
    going to happen in America. The leftist traitors will be run down in the
    street. Their arrogance, their lies, their deals, thier utter disregard for
    american values, the constitution, the sacred borders of a country without
    which there is no country, and the derision in which they hold the people while
    smiling and telling us they love the people . IT’S OVER FOR THEM. AND NOW THE
    REAL CLOCK BIGINS TO COUNT DOWN. they have created an economic disaster with
    debt. they have made us vulnerable to war, disease and murder on our own

  39. Trump is talking about sexual assault. And any right-wing attempt to minimize this is LAUGHABLE.

      • Sure he is. That’s why he’s dropping in the polls, correct? Lol

    • Here is a sample of the kind of talk preferred by the Left Wing:

      Obama invited these rappers to the White House, and their texts brag about drugging and enjoying a woman, or killing a cop.

      I walk like a warrior, /

      from them I won’t run /

      I got the black strap to make the cops run /

      They watching me, I’m watching them /

      Them dick boys got a lock of c*** in them /

      My people on the block got a lot of pac in them /

      and when we roll together /

      we be rocking them to sleep /

      by Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Jr.

      “Put molly all in her champagne/

      She ain’t even know it /

      I took her home and I enjoyed that/

      She ain’t even know it.” —

      Rapper Rick Ross (whose ankle monitor went off as he was visiting the White House in April 2016.

      Nothing to worry about, though, since it was all in good Left-wing fun.

  40. OH, and what of fallen hero of the Left … Paula Poundstone?///

    oooh lordy… lesbian comedian… trying to have sex with her foster children….

    the left STILL tries to rehabilitate that reputation…… THESE ARE EVIL PEOPLE

  41. I’m not at all religious and God knows that I’m an imperfect soul, but this is really, really well said. I have no idea where to go from here as a nation, but I do know that I’m still voting for Trump. I’ll take sleaze over outright criminality.

  42. I largely agree with this article. However, my problem with
    Trump has little to do with the 2005 video and a lot to do with his
    continuation of his demeaning conduct. Notice I didn’t limit it to women. He
    demeans virtually everything in his path, to wit, Mexicans, Muslims, women, war
    heroes, and people with disabilities. He appears to be a miserable human being.
    I recently read a book called Witness to Nuremberg: The Many Lives of the Man
    who Translated at the Nazi War Trials, by Richard Sonnenfeld, a translator at
    the Nuremberg trials. He pointed out that Hitler had no program or plans for
    power other than to bully and intimidate.

    While I don’t like Hitler or for that matter Nixon analogies, the man
    seems to fit the bill marvelously.

    • The election is not about dirty words. It’s about dirty deeds. And nobody is better at that than Hillary Clinton.

      I heard with my own ears what Trump said about Mexicans. He didn’t demean them. He said Mexico, the country, was “sending” people unlike his audience (at whom he pointed), but rather were sending rapists and criminals. The press immediately misrepresented his remarks as insulting all Mexicans, etc. It isn’t clear (to me) that Mexico does in fact encourage the human trafficking and coyote brigandage on its borders, but it looks as though that government has no interest in stopping the criminal activity. About 80% of women crossing illegally have been raped — that’s what Trump was talking about.

      Numerous other incidents during this campaign have made me decide that the press is the enemy of American democracy as well as the Truth.

      As for Hillary, she is a pawn of the big money types who make deals with Congress for special favors. Under Obama, for example, large govt. grants and other deals gave money to billionaires like Warren Buffet, Ted Turner, Elon Musk, George Soros. It is outrageous that the middle classes are being milked to enrich the already obscenely rich.

      Suggest you read “Throw Them All Out: How Politicians and Their Friends Get Rich Off Insider Stock Tips, Land Deals, and Cronyism That Would Send the Rest of Us to Prison” by P. Schweizer.

      • Saying the same thing over and over does not make it any more truthful, but there is a faithful steadfast – 35% – and diminishing by the minute – who will repeat Brietbart till the cows come home. Just go ahead and early vote – get it over with. Just note how big your camp really is – that is called the battle of ideas, the arc of history.

  43. Imagine an audiotape suddenly surfaced of Bill Clinton exposing himself and attempting to force sex with Paula Jones. Would the Clinton fawning media suddenly go silent? While such a tape does not likely exist, there is no doubt as to validity of Jones description of that encounter. Her ability to accurately describe Willie’s Willy led to an $850,000 lawsuit settlement. Juanita Brodderick while not victorious in court was nonetheless judged very believable by the only member of the mainstream media (Lisa Myers) who did a legitimate investigation of her rape accusation. The selective outrage of the media is disgusting.

  44. What an excellent article.
    How do we convince young women, many of whom use very foul language themselves, that the important issues of the election are borders, jobs, taxes, and maintaining constitutional freedoms? They seem to think that it’s okay for Hillary, who has a long history of using vulgarities, to play fast and loose with national security, lie to the public, attack her husband’s paramours, use the State Dept. to give favors to her donors, and hand Libya to ISIS, but it’s just terrible for Trump to be blatantly vulgar.
    The universities, Congress, the media, and the public are pawns in a giant chess game intended to destroy American democracy in order for the globalists to rule. Hillary’s plan for open borders and open trade will seal the deal, and from there, it’s either civil war or a one-party rule in America.

  45. Justified or not, this issue has led to a huge lead in polls for Clinton. Also, early voters would have donbe some damage to Trump’s prospects.

  46. The lie(s) are all the Left has anymore. That is why they hate Fox News so much. Pre-Fox they could say anything they want and not get challenged. Now their lies gets pointed out immediately. At some point the whole you can fool some of the people all of the time……blah blah blah will come full circle on the Dems. Let’s just hope we have a country left by then.

  47. I don’t know who is worse…..the dishonest hypocrites on the Left who keep everyone talking about this as if it actually means anything or the idiots on the Right who indulge them.

  48. Total nonsense. A private personal exchange was made public. Those that made it public are the ones truly disgusting. They turned it into something it is not.

  49. To bad you all picked such a POS for a candidate. Next time, pick someone reasonable instead nut job and you might win. This time you just have to accept you are going to lose no matter how many times you spout “emails….but but the emails”.

  50. Couple of comments, first I tend to agree with you that when it comes to sex the culture is still 14 years old – in the boys locker room. I have not heard that talk in the men’s locker room, not even at the strip club will I be allowed to say I’m gonna grab them by the pEEEy, at least not at the upper middle class strip club, I don’t know, some people say if you are a wanna be multi-billionaire you have different privileges. But has not privilege – rooted in money – not been the historical currency? Has not money or the excess of it led to excess privilege in almost all cultures? Lets just call a spade a spade. The more money one is worth the less humanities dignity weights in the balance with ones own dignity. This is, I submit, the root cause here. How one can see as perfectly ‘cool’ ones ability to completly disregard another humanity (grab them by the pEEEy). Money is surely the root of all evil. Yes I just said strip club and scripture in the same post. Why? Others can toy with our sacraments why not me? Pence today said an unrepentant Trump – the priest at confessional would clearly hear the anger/hatred in his heart and nostrils, as we could see and hear it yet Pence said he believes in ‘Grace’ and that could count that performance as ‘repentance’. I almost fell out. I ask who is really toying with our sacraments!!!! Enough though,

    Rap is multi-dimensional – it does not all glorify misogyny, and you are going to have to show me where a rapper that holds women in this light was invited to the WH.

    The separation of church and state is at the root of the little sisters of the poors problems – to the extent that they employ American citizens in their public establishments – to the extent that discrimination on the basis of religion is protected by our laws – they need get out of the public’s enforcement of the Constitution and provide whatever services those American citizens need. Are we for religious liberty or are we for the tyranny of a majority religion on all? I look to God and each one of our interviews with God for Gods judgement. In the mean time we live in America. I think that is a public and private position.

  51. These are the same people who defend Islam and it’s treatment of women. The same people who let Muslim men rape women because that is what their ‘religion/culture’ allows men to do as a right. Their feminism stops at the East and West coastline. They say stuff like what Trump said in a private conversation all the time and in public….and then crickets.

  52. So Rebecca … are you bragging about Trump or complaining about him … your article focuses more about other peoples than than on his ….

  53. These are the same Clintons who have unleashed the raging flood of filth, profanity, lying, deceit, treachery and even murder for the past three decades, now screeching the loudest and scrabbling for the shadows lest Trump’s words corrupt their dainty ears. These are the people who have spent these same decades steadily cannonading the idea that character matters. We are asked to reject Trump because of sixty seconds of locker-room talk – mild compared to what was used in the White House while they were there – and vote for this couple who founded the movement to make filth mainstream. Do not do it, America.

  54. Excellent. I am in total agreement. We women were starting to get someplace great and now look at us–no more than “whores” on Twitter or else we’re prudes.

  55. I can’t stop laughing! Trump’s comments in the tape are not “lewd,” they’re merely everyday conversation – and women do the same thing! This whole thing is nothing but pundits trying to turn a (barley) PG video into XXX pornography. This is 2016 for crying out loud, not 1890, 1910, 1950 or even 1960. I well remember a left-wing editor in Dover, Delaware arguing – and using fuck – in his city newspaper in 1974-75.

  56. This is not about the word pussy. If someone were to say ” she said no so no pussy for me” that would be totally acceptable. What Trump did was descried his sexual assault on an unwilling married woman and then go on to say he is entitled to kiss and grope whoever he deems worthy since he is famous. That is as bad as the way the Muslim religion devalues women. Can’t you see you are 2 sides of the same coin? Where have your values gone? Do not tell me who and such did this like you are in kindergarden. This is about YOU defending DONALD TRUMP’S actions. I challenge you to read at least 30 of the posts here. Is this who you are? If you have even a shred of humanity left, it is not too late for redemption. Birds of a feather…. If you lay down with dogs, expect to wake up with fleas

    • “…his sexual assault on an unwilling married woman…” did not exist. He said very clearly that she turned him down and that was that. No assault. Why do you people have to distort?

  57. Watching a rape or murder on Game of Thrones or any other show does not condone rape and murder. Did Shakespere condone lewdness by his description of it? Did The Bible ? What Trump said described a sexual assault on a married woman and his entitlement to grope and kiss anyone he pleases. I have no big problem with profanity… it is all about context and what Trump said is deplorable without the cuss words. This is not locker room talk. I coach high school soccer and any boy who talks like that in my locker room is off the team and reported to the administration for disciplinary action.

    • So they wait until they are on the school bus. “Locker room talk” is a figure of speech, not literal, Amelia Bedelia.

  58. The highlight quote: “They aren’t outraged because they’re decent. They’re using our decency as a pawn in their quest for political power.” Absolutely. Those who called for Trump to leave the race become unwitting (?) pawns in the left’s ongoing use of the smear tactic. Doesn’t matter if what they say is true. This has become how to win high political office, and until we refuse to react to this crap, it’s going to continue.

  59. If Trump were about “human liberty, human dignity, and equality before the law”, you might be saying something worthwhile. He isn’t and never has been.

  60. “It’s discouraging to think how many people are shocked by honesty and how few by deceit.”

    Noël Coward,

    Blithe Spirit

  61. If there was a hurt animal being seen on the TV censors and media warnings would be forehand. What Trump said, now every man woman and child can hear being played over and over again. I think the Left ought to be more concerned about RAP lyrics and stupid DeNiro movies like ‘dirty grampa’ – talking about hypocrisy. Trump has raised a beautiful family – enough said. VOTE TRUMP!

  62. The problem from a woman’s point of view I would think is that women are compliant in this degradation.

  63. Big difference between sex talk and sexual assault talk!! Big difference!

  64. The republicans went nuts when target had gender neutral bathrooms…..republicans did not want their daughters, sisters and wives getting groped by males or transgender….but these same sick republicans have nooooo problem voting an admitted sexual predator to the most powerful job in the world!! Hypocrites!

  65. Well written, but, still an attempted conflation of lewd behavior with criminal behavior. They are not the same. Bragging about sex with women is lewd. Bragging about grabbing a P is bragging about sexual assault. Different world.

    I agree with you about rap. One of many problems I have with this art form is the disgusting, often brutal and criminal lyrics do talk about things that are criminal. Sick. But, these guys aren’t running for President (yet). If they do, lets hope they have to account for their words and deeds, just as Trump is being required to on November 8.

  66. You want hypocrisy? Hypocrisy is impeaching a president for his personal conduct while in office, yet trying to elect another man into the White House who brags about the same conduct. If Bill Clinton was impeachable for his sexual misconduct, than Trump will be impeachable the minute he swears in.

    • The impeachment was for lying under oath aka perjury and obstruction of justice. Facts, sweetie, try the facts.

  67. Nobody keeps his purity intact? Forego voting. Problem solved. We don’t need archons.

  68. John… husband/partner is what I said… My oldest has a girlfriend…. my youngest has a stady boyfriend … You can find me on Camp Foster, Okinawa – anyone with your attitude here gets deported. The US is trying to create positive relationships with our Okinawan hosts…. you are a sick puppy… show up here with threats and you will be on the business end of a 9 mm …. done talking with you …. sayonara

  69. Read John Smith’s comments to me to see why the left is calling some Trump supporters despicable. You indict yourselves with your own words, not unlike Trump himself.

  70. Stalin was an authoritarian dictator… there is nothing liberal about him – he is as much a socialist as Kim Jong Un is a democratic as leader of the ” Democratic Republic of Korea”

  71. Then there is the question of why the media makes it the main story. The commentators in the press, all of them having worked on political campaigns, or in political administrations, do not find offensive the cynical insider strategizing and manipulation of the Clinton campaign as revealed by Wikileaks. As members of the press, they don’t report on their own collusion with the Clinton campaign. And, since members of the press clearly colluded with the campaign, in order to save the facade of its own integrity, the press downplays the Clinton corruption. Then, it dutifully reports all the Donald Trump groping stories – which everyone knows are being disseminated by the Clinton machine, including members of the press, who had the stories during the Republican primary but held on to them until the general election.

  72. I am not horrified that Trump said the word “pussy.” I am not shocked or surprised or even particularly offended by so-called “lewdness” or “locker room talk.” I don’t think sex is “sacred” — I just think it’s an activity that should only be engaged in by consenting adults. What horrifies me, and most of the people you are condemning as being hypocritcal is that what Mr. Trump said was *not* mere lewdness, not mere coarse, locker-room-banter, not just some sort of macho assertion that women want him. What he said was that he couldn’t stop himself, that he would kiss and fondle women WITHOUT WAITING FOR THEIR CONSENT, and that he could get away with it because he was a star. **That’s** what horrifies us. A person in a position of power who takes advantage of that power to do whatever the hell HE wants to do, regardless of what anyone else wants.

    Different people have different preferences and attitudes when it comes to sex. Some people think that their personal idea of a deity thinks it’s better to restrict sexual activity to procreation, and that activity may only be done for that limited purpose between male and female married couples and that people who abstain from all forms of sex other than that which results in procreation are somehow “pure” and/or better. I personally think that’s unnatural, but fortunately for the people who want to do the “purity” thing and me, we all live in the United States where everyone’s right to think and behave how they prefer — so long as they are not breaking the law — is protected.

    If Trump had said, “Ooh, she’s so hot – I’d love to grab her pussy,” yes, it would be creepy and sleazy, but not criminal and not worth the time it would take to comment about it. But that’s not what he said. He said, “”I better use some Tic Tacs, just in case I start kissing her. You know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful—I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a
    star, they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab ’em by the pussy, you can do anything,”

    Again, what horrifies us is not the lewdness, not the described sex act. What horrifies us is a person in a position of power saying that he cannot stop himself from taking advantage of that power to do
    whatever the hell HE wants to do, regardless of what anyone else wants. He doesn’t mean YOU can do anything if YOU are a star; he means HE can do anything he wants, because he’s entitled to do it because he’s a star.

    And he’s wrong. He is NOT entitled to commit sexual assault, no matter WHO he is.

    • He said “they let you do it”. Let’s not be pollyanna’s here and pretend that women, especially women in the entertainment field, do not indicate their willingness and in many cases are the provocateurs. So he said something, but in decades of him being in the public eye, it wasn’t until just before an election that we are hearing unprovable accusations. While we have an actual lawsuit field against Bill Clinton, and many Democrats and former supporters of his accusing him of sexual misconduct and even rape. And Hillary defends him and slams the women. That’s the hypocrisy.

  73. ” They are forced to defend what they ordinarily would find indefensible….. In a corrupt culture, no matter what you do, no one escapes with his purity intact.”
    Very well put

  74. While Rebecca posted a link to the article she called “the lamenting of the demise of a brothel” by The Washington Post, it is hardly written with the voice of compassion nor Lamentations but is, in fact, a good piece of journalism where both sides are presented.

  75. A man says something offensive, in private, to another man, while they’re on a soap opera set, 11 years ago, apologizes for it. (he’s been in the public eye for decades and no one heard a peep about Trump actually acting on those words, until a few weeks before an election). Dosen’t that seem odd to you? But Bill Clinton was actually sued by Paula Jones for sexual assault, at trial he lied and had his law license suspended and finally paid her $850,000. He was credibly accused of actual sexual improprieties by other women who were long time Democrats and supporters of his. And Hillary, covered up for him, and went after the women. Now, which is worse?

  76. Refreshing! The good guys on the right are largely on the losing side because they just can’t, or won’t play dirty back! The biggest mystery to me is why so many intelligent women (educated group) are buying the left’s hypocrisy? By voting Hillary, they become the “enablers”. How do they live with it? I read it somewhere, many women are “pro-life”, until they get into trouble when they turn “pro-choice”. This seems confirmed by the fact that the singles are especially vocal about pro-choice, and thus pro-Hillary and pro-left. Don’t they have other issues to worry about, such as the fate of the country? Or if that is too remote to think about, how about the sky-rocking medical bills which Hillary is about to make worse? Mystery!

  77. Funny how this ignores the fact that Trump went on the Howard Stern show many times to engage in this banter. The truth is there are sexual things being said on both sides you don’t like but you’re conveniently ignoring ones done on the Right. You know, like how Dennis Hastert (former Republican Speaker of the House) was found guilty of child molestation. I guess you have to find a way in your mind to excuse that or how Trump was just being silly when he said he wanted to grab women by the pussy. Or when he wondered aloud on TV what his infant daughter’s breasts would be like one day. Or when he saw a ten year old girl and again while on TV said he could be dating her in ten years. The truth is you’re a hypocrite and too cowardly to admit it while you try to act morally righteous. You’re a joke of a person.