GOP Panting Over the Restoration for Which They Dream

This could turn out to be exactly what they wanted. To hold the Senate, close the gap in the House, and get rid of Donald Trump—that’s a big, big win for establishment Republicans in and out of office.  

They’ve lived in Washington, D.C., for a long time. Life’s been very good to them, and so has the swamp. If you don’t live here, if you’ve never worked in an agency or met with congressional staffers or been to the dinners, it’s hard to imagine the sublime air in which these people circulate. It’s like Versailles under Le Roi Soleil, an American version of courtiers and entourages, rivalries and intrigues, who’s up and who’s down and who’s next, what is the king’s and the duke’s and the general’s pleasure. Most importantly, the whole scene is limited to insiders. 

Oh, Republicans and Democrats battle nonstop for federal power, and they dislike and mistrust each other, but they downright loathe outsiders who try to break in and change the modes. “D.C. is a legacy town,” a journalist told me a while back, and a simple Google search of local personages reveals how much networking, nepotism, favoritism, back-scratching, alliances by marriage, patronage, and influence-peddling runs throughout the city. Hunter Biden is just an extreme and reckless version of what happens all the time. As an article in the Daily Beast from 2014 put it, “Get Elected, Get Your Kids Rich: Washington Is Spoiled Rotten”  

Did you see the looks on the faces of the dignitaries sitting behind President Trump as he delivered his inauguration speech? It wasn’t a political reaction, it was a socio-political reaction. They heard him violate the first rule of D.C. governance: Don’t spoil the party. When he said that national politicians sold the American people a hustle, that they embellished themselves at the expense of the citizenry, Republicans and Democrats alike got nervous, embarrassed, uncomfortable. “The guy meant what he said on the campaign trail,” they thought to themselves. “That’s not how the game is played. He’s not one of us and never will be. He’s gotta go.” 

It was the kind of class war even the most liberal figures on the dais abhorred, a definition and denunciation of a political class, a distinct group whose own interests clash with the interests of (most of) the very people they presume to represent. When President Trump floated the idea of moving agencies out of the city, relocating them hundreds or thousands of miles away, he struck at the very heart of class membership. Live and work in the provinces? No way!  

When other politicians derided him in 2015, candidate Trump recalled the times in the past that those very same individuals came to him for money. The game was revealed and their credibility slipped in humiliating ways. This was the greatest of his un-presidential lapses: he exposed what you’re not supposed to expose. 

They had to call Trump a racist because he went straight to African Americans and Hispanics with the message that the Democratic Party had been conning them for years. He sounded like Broderick Crawford in All the King’s Men after realizing the machine has played him for a fool, and he turns to the people and hollers that the politicos are playing everyone else for a fool, too. 

The establishment Republicans really believe that if they rid the town of President Trump, things will go back to normal. We’ve had a rain delay, that’s all. 

The vision is this: Republicans keep the Senate and get close to parity in the House, assuming once more that role of “principled opposition,” blocking a White House plan here and getting a regulation removed there, losing most of the time but standing proudly for “conservative principle,” and persuading the donor class to keep writing checks. 

A Biden Administration will bring in an army of woke officials who will assail conservatives and harass their churches, schools, media, and businesses, force employers to turn Title IX, et al., into filtering and censoring tools, and replace President Trump’s various America First initiatives with America-Is-Guilty initiatives. Establishment Republicans won’t do anything about these moves except to complain and whine. 

In truth, they don’t really care. They aren’t affected. Their children and grandchildren don’t attend public schools, they don’t have enough cultural interests for the conversion of museums and historic sites into race-sex-politics spaces to bother them, they don’t run small businesses strangled by federal employment requirements, and they have limousines and security details to shield them from the dysfunction and coarseness that steadily overwhelm the public square (abetted by liberal-libertarian dogma). 

They believe, too, that a President Biden and (soon enough) a President Harris will be disasters, producing big gains in the midterms and a takeover of the House. This will pave the way for a triumph in 2024—President Romney, maybe, or another figure of apparent probity who won’t draw back any more curtains. 

Without President Trump to unite them, establishment Republicans really seem to believe the Left will crumble into grievance groups, bringing suburban moms and some liberal moderates to the Republican side. It means giving up the culture war that President Trump has waged, but the political war will be theirs—tax cuts, fewer regulations, free trade, perhaps a small war here and there . . . standard establishment policies. 

What a bunch of drips. What unimaginative minds and spineless characters. They have no idea how much a good portion of the conservative electorate despises them. They don’t realize how much the Republican shtick of 1995 and 2006, replayed today, disgusts the Trump electorate. They have no idea how beaten and bullied the conservative man on the street feels after 50 years of liberal cosmopolitanism and leftist guilt trips, all the while betrayed by politicians who promised to fight for them and afterward withdrew into the Beltway bubble where business is done differently. 

People are seething over the shenanigans in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, but they’re no longer furious with the Democrats. As a friend put it to me the other day, “Hey, the Left has been working on this for a long time—they deserve it.” Yup, and a rival party that hasn’t the competence or the backbone to fight and win doesn’t deserve it. 

Any Republican politician who is not at the front, pushing the legal challenges, decrying the media for their shameless partisanship, and rousing the conservative electorate with stump speeches should be understood quite well as one who never wanted President Trump to win in the first place. He must be told, his office flooded with phone calls and emails. No, he must be berated and rejected. Politicians respond to one thing: loss of office. Without that threat, why should they change their ways? If the Republican Party in Michigan always plays catch-up, outmaneuvered by local Democrats every time, then fire the leadership.  

We’re tired of it. We’re tired of Republican calls for civility in the face of a Resistance that denies us democratic due process. We don’t want to hear any acknowledgements of “systemic racism,” not when woke zealots aim to remove conservatives from the schools and cultural institutions wherever they can. We’re not interested in diversions, not when the Left has said “everything is political” and proceeded to make everything political, even down to school locker rooms and football games. I recently attended a live web discussion with Senator Ben Sasse (R-Neb.), who at one point talked about how he just loved watching ESPN, to which I typed in the question: “Does the senator not know how much contempt ESPN has for social conservatives?”  

We’ve had enough of these fakers. The establishment Republicans are delusional—not, however, in their expectation that the Democrats will fail and open the door for Republican takeover. They may be right about that. No, their error is to believe that we want them to be the ones taking over when that happens. They actually think they can still be the champions of conservative Americans. Only many years inside the Beltway would produce enough ego for them to be so happily assured of their own high designation. 

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19 responses to “GOP Panting Over the Restoration for Which They Dream”

  1. I just sent my senators a message. It won’t matter, of course, whether I demand they (both RepubliCONS) vocally defend and fight for this President or for a Constitution neither understands nor has defended. I won’t vote for either of them in the next election. They’ve proven who they are: untrustworthy, self-serving, myopic, and incapable of representing any American. If Antifa/BLM burn down Washington, D.C., I promise this: those on the Left won’t be the only happy few to see that crumbling cathouse of corruption leveled. If Washington were alive, he’d probably set fire to the city himself rather than permit its pollution by such unworthies one second longer.

    I read that millions of self-described evangelicals and conservatives did not vote in 2016, probably owing to Donald Trump’s bombastic manner. That’s all well and good, but there will come a time when the Party of Death comes for them, and no one will be there to defend them. We need leadership, unity, and aggressive, focused action upholding the letter and spirit of the Constitution. We’re not getting it.

  2. We have a choice to make. Will we go for reform and cleanup of the Republican Party, or is it better to do away with it to start a new one?

    • I know it’s tough choice and people are sad, but we need to first keep the Senate and vote republican. Then try and change the leadership during the primaries that follow. If we dont vote out of spite or because we feel GOP is less conservative we lose everything. This is not the time for emotional outburst and stop voting.

    • If President Trump forms a new political party, I will be the first to join.

    • Trump starts his own party, and 50 plus million Deplorables are in. Mark nails it. I despise Republicans, with very few exceptions.

  3. These establishment Republicans, jackasses all, fail to realize the 70+ millions of people voted “R” because Donald J. Trump chose to associate himself with that party to get done what needs doing. They didn’t vote for these clubby, intellectually inbred ciphers. If by some catastrophe, Mr. Trump does not triumph in 2020, those 70+ millions will go where Trump leads. They won’t be home wishing they had the funds to go on a cruise to hear faux conservatives tell them what they won’t be accomplishing in DC. But they will be home trying to make ends meet during the Harris-Biden-Deep State engineered depression. That will be a sufficient reminder of the uselessness and mendacity of establishment Republicans.

  4. O rose thou art sick, the invisible worm
    That flies in the night in the howling storm
    Hath found out your bed of crimson joy
    And his dark secret love doth thy life destroy

    Take up your muskets. Or your country is lost

  5. This year, 2020, bears a strong resemblance to Venice in 1325, and could well mark the end of American Greatness. It is deja-vu all over again! In that ancient and noble “most serene city” the early 1300’s marked the period when elites finally took control of the Republic. Their fate was eerily similar to our current plight:

    After 900 years of freedom, and prosperity, with their Doge under the firm control of the people, the ever-watchful elites had finally changed enough laws to establish a Class of inherited nobility that excluded the ordinary people from both the economy and the government offices. Just now, our elites, the members of both parties in Washington have accomplished a similar take-over: Along with the media, academics, and dot-com billionaires, they had allowed the voting process to be so corrupted that a fair election became impossible.

    By allowing uncontrolled immigration, an absence of voter identification, a massive distribution of blank ballots, and a corrupt counting and tabulating of votes, a close election was turned into a fiasco. After four years of attacks on our President, and by flagrant abuses of power in our Capitols, the people had been denied their right to elect an outsider to drain the swamp that despoils our nation. It is not likely that their grip over our lives, now a solidified, will ever be loosened. They control the schools, the colleges, the government, the bureaucracy, and the minds of many unhappy citizens.

    Venice, The Queen of the Mediterranean, never recovered after their elites found a way to become the controlling Class; instead they steadily declined, having lost the unity and pride of their people, and now sell trinkets to tourists. That eventuality fits Alexander Tytler’s “Dismal Circle” that outlines the fate of all democracies–Google it— Their people start of as independent, optimistic, and self-reliant but gradually lose control to elites,and gradually subside to an apathetic and dependent class of victims, hoping for charity from their leaders. Such is the fate of an inattentive populace.

  6. I think that we need to come to terms with the fact that one of the reasons Trump did not carry the “blue wall” states he carried in 16 is not because of fraud but because he did not govern as an economic populist who puts America First but adopted establishment republican standard fare policies from the Paul Ryan playbook. He also continuously invited back in establishment and neocons back into the White House and executive branch and wondered why there were so many leaks and so much lack of loyalty. Sure there are plenty of reasons to dislike establishment republicans, but Trump is responsible for squandering his 4 years in the presidency and he is responsible for losing this election, stop letting him off the hook for that!

  7. I am not saying legal battles should not be fought on presidential steal. But we need to do all we can, have things in place prior to the Jan 5 run off for now. Cultural war cannot be caught without having any political clout

  8. Those establishment Republicans are truly clueless. We’re not voting for them, we are voting for Trump. After Trump is gone I don’t really see anyone worth voting for unless it is another Trump (Ivanka or Jr)…and I don’t like political families, but there’s really no other choice because no one stands up to the Democrats. We don’t want the usual RINOs like Romney, Rubio, Rand, et al running again. There’s no way I will vote for them just like I didn’t vote for McCain. We want Republicans that fight as hard as Democrats do. We want Republicans with some balls and a backbone. Trump should form The American Party. The majority of us would switch and the Republican party become like today’s Libertarian party, inconsequential. MAGA or leave. We’re not voting for weaklings ever again.

  9. If President Trump forms a new political party, I will be the first to join.

  10. One point about Conservatism Inc. They are one segment of the grifters in The Swamp, differing in style and target demographic from the Race Hustlers (“reverend” Jackson, Sharpton, et al), and the Loonie Left (Congressional Black Caucus, etc). They coexist in The Swamp, proclaiming to their target audience in the street and the people they dupe into funding them that they’re “fighting” to solve problems they talk about and have enormous incentive to never solve. Just like pimps and hookers, they have tacit agreements about territory – who has what neighborhoods, which street corners, so that a degree of peace among these groups of grifters is maintained, irrespective of what these groups say about one another for public consumption. World Wrestling Federation bouts are more real than this slice of the Oligarchic Kakistocracy running the show.

    This perspective reveals another part of why Trump so enrages The Swamp – his disturbing a part of the status quo that lets its members get well by exploiting the public in perpetuity.

  11. Either Republicans are clueless, arrogant, or plain ignorant (or all of the above perhaps): We support Trump. Not the pushover, career swamp creatures who are no better than their Democrat counterparts. He was the only candidate whoever kept his promises for the American worker and those love this country.
    Trump got roughly 3.3 million votes in Pennsylvania this year. That amount would’ve carried Pennsylvania in any election this millennium., even the Obama years. Pennsylvania loves Trump. Is someone telling me that Biden is more popular than Obama? The guy who couldn’t draw flies to any campaign “event”? To quote him, “Come on, man!”

    The thing about Trump is he grew his coalition this cycle. He got roughly 400,000+ more votes in PA this cycle. It included working people of all races, not just the white “uneducated”. I know three people personally who’d never voted prior to 2016 and this year. I’m sure there are tons more, too. Does any of these jack@$$ Republicans think people like this will come out in 2024 for any establishment candidate? Get real. If this sham theft succeeds, I’ll write Trump in 2024 like Larry Hogan wrote in Reagan this year.

  12. I will work ceaselessly to get all of these RINOs defeated. It is clear the GOP does not represent, does not care, and actually despises the 70 million Americans who voted for Trump. We need to destroy both the Democratic and Republican Parties and create parties that actually represent the will of the voters, which is what is supposed to happen in a representative republic.

  13. If they allow the Democrats to steal this election, I will never vote Republican again if I vote at all. It will prove out votes do not matter