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Louis Marano, a Vietnam veteran, is an anthropologist and a former journalist. He served two deployments to Iraq as a civilian contractor for the U.S. Army. He lives in The Plains, Virginia.

What Not to Say to a Veteran

In the run-up to this Veterans Day, David Barno and Nora Bensahel have prepared the memo “How to Talk to a Veteran” at War on the Rocks. Under the heading Questions to Avoid, No. 4 is “I almost joined the military, but . . .” This statement, with its infinite variations, annoys me

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It’s the Job of Men to Fight Wars. Period.

Any culture that pushes its women toward the battlefield is a culture plunging toward destruction. Only a degenerate culture substitutes women for men in war. It doesn’t deserve to survive and, in the very long run, probably won’t. In a parting act of vandalism, President Obama has expressed his support for requiring 18-year-old women to

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