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Ed Morrow is an author and illustrator who lives in Vermont with his wife Laurie and their son Ned. Morrow’s books include “The Halloween Handbook,” “599 Things You Should Never Do,” and “The Grim Reaper’s Book of Days.” His work has appeared at National Review Online, The American Spectator, the Daily Caller, and Front Page Magazine, among others.

Did the Dog Get Wagged?

In 1998, three days after President Bill Clinton apologized to America for lying about his frolicking with Monica Lewinsky, he ordered military strikes on terrorist sites in Afghanistan and Sudan. Called Operation Infinite Reach, they were described as retaliation for the bombings of the Kenya-Tanzania American embassies. They were widely regarded as ineffectual, and mocked

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Greta Thunberg Is Just a Kid

There’s a reason we don’t let 16-year-olds drive the big rigs. Although many of them might be able to pass the tests required to get the appropriate licenses and most have legs long enough to reach the pedals, we nevertheless don’t permit them to hop behind the wheel of a massive Peterbilt and, to paraphrase

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Up Against the Wall with Washington

Why didn’t Sir Isaac Newton, the famed English mathematician, physicist, and astronomer, invent the automobile? Newton was a clever guy. He came up with calculus, and all it took was an apple dropping onto his noggin to give him his epiphany about gravity. He plotted the movement of planets and comets on paper using a

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