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Ed Morrow is an author and illustrator who lives in Vermont with his wife Laurie and their son Ned. Morrow’s books include “The Halloween Handbook,” “599 Things You Should Never Do,” and “The Grim Reaper’s Book of Days.” His work has appeared at National Review Online, The American Spectator, the Daily Caller, and Front Page Magazine, among others.

Deploy Good Humor to Defeat the Left

In 2016, the pollster prophets, after examining the innards of a statistically significant sample of free-range chickens sacrificed under a full moon, asserted that Hillary Clinton had, by one prediction, a 91 percent chance of winning the U.S. presidency. Then she lost. Like a toddler denied a promised ice cream cone, her supporters

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Stone Age Thinking

Reason is a fragile thing. Like a tiny, dainty woodland sprite, it can be stomped into a crushed, broken ruin by the mighty foot of ignorance employed by those cynically seeking to advance their agendas. We see this every day, and the biggest feet dancing with hobnailed boots upon poor Reason wherever it

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Woke Politics Makes for Bitter Brew

Where's a cop when you need one? That's a common observation made when one has been victimized. Maybe they’re busy elsewhere. Police can't be everywhere. And, of course, careful victimizers consider where cops are and aren't before victimizing. One place where we know the police aren't is Hasta Muerte Coffee in Oakland, California.

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#MeToo Is Not for You, Monica

Like a recurring toenail infection, here she is again. Monica Lewinsky, in the pages of Vanity Fair, now claims sisterhood with the #MeToo movement. For the young unfamiliar with the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal or for older folks who, through intensive therapy, have purged those memories from their brains, let's return to those days gone

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The Children’s Crusade

According to legend, in 1212, a shepherd boy experienced religious visions that inspired him to lead fellow children on a Children's Crusade to the Holy Land to reclaim it for Christianity. They would do this not by sword but by peacefully persuading the Muslims in possession of the area to convert. One version

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Portraits on Parade

Huzzah! We know you've been waiting for it. We know the suspense has had you twitching in anticipation. Now, here they are! The National Portrait Gallery's portraits of President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle have been unveiled. Double huzzah! Americans are accustomed to official portraits. They garnish our city halls, for example,

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