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The Smart Boy Sophistry of Neil Gorsuch

or almost 50 years, the country has been debating the enactment of state and local gay rights laws. Protections for gays and lesbians have been passed in 21 states and in over 400 localities. Recently, the debate has been extended to include transgender rights as well, with all the complications regarding bathrooms, locker rooms, and […]

The Real Hype Was About the Flu

OVID-19 is not the 1918 Spanish Flu, which killed 50 million people—the lurid fear-mongering of some media outlets notwithstanding. But it’s not the regular flu either, and a lot of people across the political spectrum erred in making that comparison at the outset. Scientific American last week published an important article by Jeremy Samuel Faust, a Harvard […]

Prepare, Don’t Panic

month before our first child was born my wife and I took one of those baby safety courses. It was taught by an emergency medical technician who had seen many horrific deaths of babies and children, and had become an expert at preventing such tragedies. The course was like a sick parody of the old […]

Leftists Miss the Hazards of Shoving It Down Our Throats

Put aside all the emotionally overwrought rhetoric you’ve been hearing in the mainstream media about the gay and transgender rights cases argued in the Supreme Court this week. The cases are not about whether there should be laws protecting gay and transgender employees against employment discrimination. That’s up to Congress and the state and local […]

Good Riddance to Amazon

In looking through my Facebook feed one morning last weekend I found: A post from a young conservative about how @Jack permanently banned his organization’s Twitter account with 7,000 followers for tweeting “Learn to code” regarding laid-off journalists. A post from a conservative writer about how her posting of a pro-wall fundraising text saying “If […]

Reject the ‘Wrong on Both Sides’ Dodge

Now that the media, the Left, and their usual conservative allies have failed to destroy young Nick Sandmann and the other Covington Catholic High School boys who attended the March for Life last weekend, they seem to be falling back on the old “wrong on both sides” standby. Activist Nathan Phillips, the 64-year-old Native-American “elder,” […]

Amazon’s HQ2 Boondoggle Shows Trump’s Impact on the Right

There are strange political alignments on the $3 billion dollar deal that New York State and City just inked to win half the Amazon “HQ2” jackpot for Long Island City, Queens, just across the East River from Manhattan. (The other half is going to the Washington, D.C. suburb of Arlington, Virginia, where officials are only […]

Politicized Science Undermines Science, Politics

I posted this retweet of Jordan Peterson’s from the journal Nature with the note “Science has become totally politicized, and then we’re told to unquestioningly accept its politicized non-scientific conclusions on political issues.” This led, unfortunately, to a rehashing of the usual arguments about global warming, even though that wasn’t what Peterson or I were […]

Pennsylvania and Populism: Lessons Missed

In all the theorizing about Democrat Conor Lamb’s narrow victory in last week’s special congressional election in Western Pennsylvania, here is one important overlooked factor: the Republicans abandoned the winning populist formula that for the last 16 years had proven successful in this heavily blue-collar district, which President Trump won by 20 points. Instead, the […]

Be Grateful Trump Broke the Overton Window

On the eve of the first anniversary President Trump’s Inauguration, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) said something remarkable. It points to why many of us are Trump enthusiasts even if the president does sometimes make us cringe. Defending religious freedom and diversity, McCarthy nonetheless took on the cultural Left’s ubiquitous cliché that “diversity is […]

About Trump’s Death Penalty Tweets

Outraged that New York bike path terrorist, Sayfullo Saipov, (no, I’m not going to call him a “suspect”) had insolently asked to hang an ISIS flag in his hospital room, President Donald Trump tweeted last week that he should get the death penalty, and fast. This threw the Twitterverse into predictable high dudgeon, causing both […]

Out with the ‘Ins’! In with the ‘Outs’!

It was a kick-in-the-gut moment for a lot of conservatives, and for a lot of normal people who just wanted some non-political space left in their lives. Already they’d watched over the weekend, in the wake of President Trump’s attack on football players kneeling during the National Anthem, as one NFL honcho after another—even presidential […]

A Partial Defense of Milo Yiannopoulos

Some thoughts on the Milo Yiannopoulos brouhaha. Of course the former editor’s videotaped comments, in which he seemed to condone sex with young teenage boys, are appalling. And, like many others, I found his denials and apologies to be insufficient. But I’d like to put some other things on the table to explain why I’m […]

The President Versus the Judges

“Judges as persons, or courts, as institutions, are entitled to no greater immunity from criticism than other persons or institutions. There have sometimes been martinets upon the bench … who have used the paraphernalia of power in support of what they called their dignity. Therefore, judges must be kept mindful of their limitations, and of […]