The Political Tsunami of 2020

Our nation survived 2016’s “Flight 93 Election.” We charged the cockpit, elected President Trump, and achieved four years of making America great again. But now it’s time to buckle up for 2020, as all indicators warn that our nation’s flight path is heading straight into a massive political tsunami.

You may recall the tale of the tsunami and Tilly Smith. Tilly was the young lady vacationing on a Thai beach in 2004 with her family when she recognized the signs of an approaching tsunami, the result of an earthquake somewhere out in the ocean that produced an enormous water displacement. Hundreds of thousands of lives were lost in the destruction that day—but the hundred or so on the beach, warned by the heroic Tilly, were saved.

America, this is your Tilly warning of 2020. There are ominous, unmistakable signs of a coming political tsunami, set off by events that have shaken our foundational bedrock, rising to soaring heights from the depths of division, and set on a course to crush our nation, both figuratively and literally. The ideology that ultimately replaces what this tsunami displaces, the creators and controllers of its substance, meaning, and application, and whether that which the tsunami destroys is restored or is transformed—will be up to us.

There Is No High Ground Escape

Most of the tsunami-instigating earthquakes have been centered around Washington, D.C. and other Democratic-controlled cities. But there are also rumblings fueled and even instigated by the corporate media complex that colludes with Democrats and each other for maximum impact. The policies crafted to mitigate COVID-19 created additional destructive economic and psychological tremors that weakened our nation’s foundation. Black Lives Matter “protests” have inflamed racial tensions, further driving a societal and political division as deep as the Mariana Trench. 

The zones around deep oceanic trenches are where most enormous, earthquake-caused tsunamis originate. Likewise, the extreme depth of our nation’s division leading up to this election serves as a warning of the towering heights this wave could reach, and the vast breadth of the horizontal destruction it could inflict.

No matter how far away you may live from violence-torn cities or how insulated you may feel from the effects of politics, biased media influence, COVID-19 rules, or racial tensions—there will be no escape from this tsunami. There is no higher ground, no other state or city to which you can flee or escape. You will, as an American citizen, eventually face its impact. 

Before 2016, political but generally tame earthquakes were often engineered to create winning wave elections. They used to be as normal and expected as October surprises. But that was before the bipartisan ruling class lost a presidential election. In 2016, we witnessed not an orderly and peaceful transition of power, but rather the onset of unprecedented, outrageous mischief from the outgoing administration and its allies in both political parties, the media, and deep state networks. 

Those anti-Trump forces have been unifying and boldly, constantly attacking—not just Trump and his administration, but also his supporters—over the past four years. They are using every means available, because to them, this is all necessary, even if it means condoning riotous mobs taking over our nation’s streets or implementing pandemic strategies that ruin our economy.

It is no ordinary wave that looms as we approach the 2020 elections. Its force reaches into the past in order to erase and rewrite our nation’s history. Its power arises from divisions so deep they seem to reach the gates of the underworld, its primal screams rising up to join the echoes reaching Earth from the battle in the heavenly realms. It can be no coincidence that two symbols emerging in the conflict are the posture of kneeling and the wearing of masks—covering faces out of which “the soul, the image and likeness of God, shines through.”

Shine, Perishing Republic

You feel it in your soul: something is out there, brewing, and it’s not good. Riots, ineffective government response, a failed impeachment coup, draconian lockdown measures in response to a pandemic, media collusion to spin and censor the narrative—and all the while powerful interests around the world unify and plan for a global “Great Reset,” never letting the “golden opportunity” of the crises go to waste.

You see and hear signs of the coming tsunami: throughout cyberspace, on TV, at your work, in your communities and even in the tension around your family’s dinner table. 

You were told the COVID-19 lockdowns were about pursuing the good of saving lives, yet it seemed they put our most vulnerable at risk while unnecessarily making life miserable for everyone else. You were told that the CARES Act was about rectifying some of the pandemic’s economic damage, yet Democrats snuck Green New Deal and other progressive measures into it. You were told that the Black Lives Matter protests are all about “caring” but watched as they produced destruction that looks like anything but loving one’s neighbor. 

You found your own small business shut down and failing while Amazon delivered and thrived. You weren’t allowed to gather and sing in church but you see protesters allowed to congregate in massive numbers, yelling “fuck the police.” 

You woke up one morning to find a person you followed on Twitter permanently banned merely for saying something patently true, or another company executive fired for having voiced the wrong opinion. Or you’re shocked to see Twitter actually labeling a tweet of the sitting U.S. president “abusive behavior” for mentioning the use of “force” in order to uphold the law.

You read about hundreds of shootings and deaths of blacks in Chicago, including several children, but hear nothing about their lives from the Black Lives Matter movement and justice for them doesn’t count in the movement’s cries of  “No justice, no peace.” 

Then you realize that if this movement continues as it is, there will be no justice and no peace anywhere, and instead the Orwellian version of peace and justice we will get—for anyone, of any color—feels more like war. You realize that the rioters are tearing down our nation’s statues because they can and that they—along with the media, big corporations, and politicians who support them—are actually showing us what our future will look like if ignorance is allowed to be strength. 

You realize that the shine of the city on the hill will be dimmed with graffiti and boarded-up windows, behind which its subjects, no longer “citizens,” will cower in fear.

An Appeal to Heaven

Tsunamis are displacements. Their force pulls something out, and then something else, often violently, moves in to take its place. What was once “normal” is exchanged for a “new normal.” And it’s in that brave new-normal world that the ruling class—influential corporations, foreign interests, affluent virtue-signaling moral narcissists, and politicians on both sides of the aisle—imagines it will gain power to further define and control. 

The GOP seems purposely to ignore the warning signs, as though cynically allowing the American people to suffer in the hope they can blame the Democrats and then benefit politically. Democrats spin the suffering as caused by Trump in hopes that in turn, it causes him to lose reelection. 

But these politicians and many other members of the ruling class are merely naïve, useful idiots to the far Left in their ultimate, more transcendent goal of “revolution.” Revolution, for them, is always the issue, and all these other issues that hold the attention of the moment are never really the issue, but rather the Left’s shields and weapons. The label of “racism” has evolved to the point that it is both shield and weapon. 

As you view disturbing scenes of monuments and statues smashed and toppled—supposedly in the name of eradicating racism—you recall the history of other Leftist-led revolutions around the world and their eerily similar images. You notice that today’s destructive forces appear aimed at particular groups—the middle class, small businesses, families, churchgoers—and remember that those other revolutions shared the same targets, the same ideology, and eventually, the same terror.

So we must prepare. Pay attention. Arm ourselves with facts, history. Inform others. Warn them. Stand up for the rule of law. Appreciate first responders. Protect our communities: repair, nurture, invest in them. Educate our children. Take care of our families. Love our neighbors. Support politicians who put the security of our nation first. And most of all, pray. 

Ultimately this is not only up to us. What in so many ways seems to be a supernatural alliance against us will require the aid of the supernatural if we are to overcome it. Just as historian David McCullough observed—that “divine intervention” was the “decisive element” that enabled the creation of this great nation—we must again appeal to that which he recognized as “Providence.”

It was “with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence” that the signers of the Declaration of Independence closed their earth-shaking document, as hunted men who pledged their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor to each other. As Hillsdale College President Larry Arnn observed, “That is how people talk on a battlefield when they are ready to die for each other.” 

Into the Tsunami?

This coming tsunami is not a wave to surf toward some kind of preferred election result or imagined environmental or social justice outcome. It must be faced head-on. In its aftermath we can only endure if we—committed to each other, our principles and our God as those signers of the Declaration were—hold resolutely to “the thing” for which we must be willing to sacrifice all and, if necessary, commit to restore and rebuild.

Our nation has been fortunate to have Trump in the cockpit since 2017. As he articulated magnificently at Mount Rushmore, Trump has a clear understanding of what we’re up against and a clear vision of what we stand for. Although there are no guarantees that he can pilot us safely through this and onward to enact a further restoration of American greatness, this is a binary election. If we don’t vote to keep him in the cockpit and vote for supportive Republicans in the copilot’s seat, the Democrats win.

And their flight plan is straight into the Leftist tsunami. 

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