Legacy Media’s Fraud on the Public

If anything is bogus or baseless, it is the endlessly repeated statement by “mainstream” media organs that no evidence exists of malfeasance in the casting or counting of votes.

Donald Trump, Genie

Trump saw that most of the Middle East was ready to love its children more than they hated Israel. He got it. And he acted upon it, to remarkable effect.

The Loathsomeness of Reza Aslan

No one who was familiar with Aslan’s writings should have been terribly surprised by his Friday night tweet, which some would justifiably describe as an explicit threat of physical violence.

9/11: 19 Years Later

Can we ever recover that patriotic unity we had in the aftermath of that horrible day? Or has 2020 set us on a path to utter disintegration?

Poetry Magazine Caves to the Mob

Postmodern drivel is unsavory enough when it’s coming from business leaders and the like. But when it’s coming from people who hold responsible positions in the literary world it’s especially appalling.

A Tale of Two Progressives

There’s a certain poetic justice in Princeton’s canceling of Woodrow Wilson, who was—irony of ironies—the granddaddy of today’s left-wing cancel culture.

The Jacobins of Our Time

In essence, this is what we’re seeing in the streets today: people who see things in black and white—not just in a racial sense—and who are certain of their own purity, certain that whatever gods may be are smiling on their works.

An Open Letter to the D.C. Right

You’ve shrugged off Obama’s culpability. And in doing so, you’ve set yourself against liberty and justice. The scales have fallen from my eyes, and the sight before me is a sorry thing indeed.

Protecting the ‘Precious’ NHS

It can be hard to persuade free people to allow their government to intrude into their lives; in the UK, the chief means by which the government convinces the people of their need for that intrusion is the nonstop propaganda telling them that their very lives depend upon the government.