Biden’s Border Chaos Damages America’s Schools

By now almost every American child starts a new school year. Many challenges confront families seeking solid formations for their children — from school violence, to radical secular humanist indoctrination, to the ongoing severe harm inflicted by the 2020-2021 lockdowns.

But Biden’s created border crisis now adds to that list of hurdles, as schools across the country – not just in border areas – grapple to deal with an illegal influx that prioritizes foreign migrants above our own American children.

Of course, most of corporate media prefers to either ignore or explain away the broader border crisis that Biden and the Democrats inflict upon America. But credit to the normally dependably biased Washington Post for conceding the intensifying scale of the current chaos, running a recent article titled: “Families Crossing the Border Illegally Reached All-Time High in August.”

Through some good reporting, WaPo secured the Customs and Border Protection numbers early, which showed a staggering 91,000 illegal migrants crossing in America as part of family groups in August. That total marks the highest monthly crossing ever. What makes this dubious new record even more alarming is that it unfolded during the most scorching temperature days of summer, which normally temper the stream of illegals at the US Southern Border.

This fresh record for lawlessness also upsets the prevailing narrative because Mayorkas and Biden’s Department of Homeland Security were supposedly going to improve the optics of the chaos there by streamlining a lot of the mass influx via an online app.

But the underlying reality remains: America’s front door is wide open. Our government not only allows, but aggressively incentivizes, a human tsunami of unvetted illegal migrants to pour into our homeland.

Here is the 2023 data, presented in my latest “Chalk Talk,” showing the steady progression higher this year: https://twitter.com/CortesSteve/status/1699170054858772521

This accelerating trend is not our friend, clearly. So, what are the tangible consequences of not just allowing, but actually aiding, this torrent of millions of illegals into America?

As usual with the leftists, our children bear a disproportionate burden.

Children in the United States already face huge education challenges because of the lost year (or years) due to draconian lockdowns and unscientific school closures during the created Covid crisis. Reading and math scores for students in America dropped by stunning amounts since 2020, to the lowest levels in decades. Nationally, 13 year old Americans children saw a 4 point decline reading and a 9 point drop in math compared to pre-lockdown scores, per NPR reporting. Among black students, math scores plunged by 13 points.

Given the hard work ahead for students, teachers, and parents to try to close these massive learning deficits, the last thing America needs is a wave of largely uneducated foreign children. Few of these illegal migrant children speak English, of course – and many of them are illiterate even in their native languages.

For this upcoming school year, New York City strains to accommodate a staggering 19,000 new illegal migrant students being housed by taxpayers there. Even biased CBS News concedes that the system is “overwhelmed” with the “influx” as the school system struggles to hire a whopping 3,400 English as a second language teachers.

Adding to the insult to American families, this wave of illegal migrant children is exempt from the onerous vaccine requirements compelled upon citizen children. The “science” of vaccine mandates bends for politics, apparently.

Of course, young migrant children did not decide to violate US law and disregard our sovereignty as a nation. In addition, many of these parents make a rational risk/reward calculus to break-and-enter into the United States, because they are quite literally being waved right in by our federal government and affiliated NGOs.

The blame lies squarely with Joe Biden, the Democrat Party, and allies like the corporate media and Big Business which seeks a constant flow of cheap labor. Many of these migrant children are abused, in fact, in the process of crossing a border that is now controlled by the vicious Mexican cartels.

On our side of the border, the open borders globalists debase the welfare of millions of American children, and this madness must stop.

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About Steve Cortes

Steve Cortes is the founder of the League of American Workers. He formerly served as a senior advisor to President Trump, and a broadcaster with Fox News, CNBC, and CNN.