Warning from France: Cold Civil War Will Intensify as Western Elite Cower

The recently concluded riots in France are a dark omen for Europe and the wider Western world. The Algerian teenager whose killing lit the fuse has been likened to George Floyd, and indeed, there are striking parallels. Both were criminals who died while refusing to cooperate with law enforcement, for starters. But that is not the story Western audiences are getting from their press. Instead, they are told he is a martyr, a victim of wicked Europe. His blood is on the hands of post-colonial France. No one has bothered to ask the native French how they feel about their country coming under attack by hostile foreigners, of course. The French must take the abuse and apologize for “systemic racism,” an American-ism that is now spreading like a cancer.

The scenes of chaos in France, and the perverse, sympathetic tone of the Western media coverage, are all too familiar in the United States. Three years have passed since the “fiery but mostly peaceful” Floyd riots that swept the country in a violent, revolutionary upheaval. A “burning car,” we read, was responsible for the attempted assassination of the family of a mayor in one of Paris’ suburbs.

Events in France concern the United States more intimately than whatever is happening in Ukraine. Treacherous elites are completely obsessed with “democracy” and “human rights” in a country far away, while they rob their own peoples of domestic security. A contrived perplexity on fighting crime, which is really a refusal to grapple with racial disparities, has left many cities uninhabitable for families. The word “racism” is deployed as a brute weapon, turned against the white inhabitants of every Western country, people who have done nothing wrong. The elites agitate for the revision of their history, the toppling of their monuments, and the radicalization of a browning population against them.

In America, people go about their lives knowing that passionate outbursts of arson and looting – and, heaven forbid, a racial “conversation” – may occur at any moment, if some woebegone police officer, or jury, should provoke the criminal underclass. So-called journalists fan the flames of this omnipresent terror. The wrath of the “oppressed” is treated like some natural disaster. The victims are left to reflect on their sins and appease the twin gods “democracy” and “equality,” whose destructive energies, it would seem, are virtually limitless.

At least half of the Western world now accepts the charges of “systemic racism” at face value. The notion of the avaricious Western master is a laughable anachronism and slander: if anything, the West has paid a steep price for its indulgence, in blood and coin, toward its former subjects. One might expect, after years of seeing their countrymen and women raped, beheaded, blown up, and shot at it in broad daylight, that the French had experienced enough “diversity,” but given numerous opportunities to address the problem in recent elections, the French chose Macron, a liberal globalist (that is to say, a traitor) with delusions of grandeur.

The term “Great Replacement” originated with the French “far right.” Every Western country has felt the effects of this massive change, including the United States, but it is forbidden even to speak of it, unless in terms of glowing approval. No one imagined, 60 years ago, that America would undergo such rapid demographic change as it has experienced since 1965. Racial sentiment is now more intense than at any time since the decades after the Civil War. The fear and enmity is replenished anytime a stranger’s unguarded interaction with a member of a protected class turns into a digital lynching. This is not any way for a society to live.

The Western elite, speaking through the press, have manufactured a cold civil war. Its hidden frontiers are visible in occasional spasms of discord, but the tension of being in a state of conflict is never absent. When the conflict turns hot, the so-called oppressors cower and duck for cover until an illusion of peace is restored, that is, until their next appointment with “justice” arrives. France will be on fire again, before long. America is probably due for a “reckoning,” too. The storms will only become more frequent and intense, the more the West tries to deny their cause.

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About Matthew Boose

Matthew Boose is a Mt. Vernon fellow of the Center for American Greatness and a staff writer and weekly columnist at the Conservative Institute. His writing has also appeared in the Daily Caller. Follow him on Twitter @matt_boose. ‏

Photo: TOPSHOT - People look at burning tyres blocking a street in Bordeaux,, south-western France on late June 29, 2023, during riots and incidents nationwide after the killing of a 17-year-old boy by a police officer's gunshot following a refusal to comply in a western suburb of Paris. (Photo by Philippe LOPEZ / AFP) (Photo by PHILIPPE LOPEZ/AFP via Getty Images)