The Final Fight Begins Now

Although I have not lived through nearly as much history as many of my colleagues, coworkers, and neighbors I am still able to recognize that our very civilization is now standing on the precipice of a history-defining moment, one from which we may never come back.

The truly unprecedented indictment, and now possible arrest, of a popular former president—not to mention current presidential candidate and possible future president—goes far beyond any semblance of traditional party politics. Other past presidents who had their own shares of legal troubles, from Andrew Johnson and Richard Nixon to Bill Clinton, never faced nearly as much scrutiny, vitriol, and endless resistance as President Donald J. Trump. 

The implications for this uniquely horrifying development are not limited to the upcoming 2024 presidential election, although that is certainly at the top of mind for many in the elite who desperately want to see President Trump shut out of public office for the rest of his life. As the 45th president himself has said on several occasions, in perhaps the single most powerful statement of his entire political career: “They’re not after me. They’re after you. I’m just in the way.” 

From the Grassroots Up

President Trump’s warning that the furiously anti-American elites are in the process of targeting regular Americans proved all too true. The Biden Regime’s efforts to target the peaceful protesters who gathered at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, for the purpose of protesting a long list of legitimate grievances, have been well-documented despite the mainstream media’s efforts to paint a false “insurrection” narrative.

After all, on the same day as President Trump’s outlandish indictment, one of the most recognizable January 6 prisoners, the so-called “QAnon Shaman” Jacob Chansley, was released from prison, 14 months early. This sudden and welcome occurrence of real justice came after Tucker Carlson aired footage from that day, given to him by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), completely exonerating Chansley. The footage proved not only that Chansley was completely non-violent and cooperative with Capitol Police, but that he was escorted throughout the building by police officers the entire time he was there.

The absolute farce that was his conviction and sentencing was done purely because he became a “symbol” of January 6; prosecutors and the judge in the case admitted as much. His vindication by the actual physical evidence suggests that every other political prisoner from that day is similarly being railroaded in order to prove a political point—not because the federal authorities actually give two hoots about enforcing the law or delivering justice.

And the abuses and usurpations go far beyond January 6. Since seizing power through a clearly stolen and illegitimate election, Joseph Biden and his cronies have been systematically targeting their political opponents high and low. The efforts by Biden, and other Democrats in lower jurisdictions, have tried to catch as many on the Right as possible in their pseudo-legal dragnet, from former Trump Administration officials like Steve Bannon and Peter Navarro, to pro-life pastor Mark Houck and parents who protest against far-left indoctrination efforts at school board meetings.

Turning Wrong into Right

All the while, actual criminals and terrorists on the other side have been let off scot-free. Whether it’s the black nationalists and Anarcho-communists who burned down half of the country in the summer of 2020, or the pro-infanticide radicals who have taken to firebombing churches and pro-life pregnancy centers following the long-overdue death of Roe v. Wade, the Left’s absolute hypocrisy is surpassed only by their sheer arrogance as they have managed to convince themselves that they are somehow in the right.

They have done so through the most Orwellian abuse of the language to fit their agenda. For example, the pro-abortion crowd who vandalized churches and threatened Supreme Court justices became the side of “women’s rights.” The racist radicals who wrought total death and destruction all across the country in 2020 were “racial justice” activists, carrying out “fiery but mostly peaceful protests.” Systematic efforts to erase our history by removing historic monuments or renaming military bases have been marketed as “righting the wrongs of the past.” And anyone who dared to speak out against these trends became sexists, racists, and every other “-ist” and “-phobe” imaginable.

The latest example of their absolutely upside-down worldview can be seen in the aftermath of the horrific shooting at The Covenant School in Nashville. Only the American Left could position a deranged, mentally ill woman who thinks she’s a man, and who carried out a mass shooting that claimed six lives—including three 9-year-old children as the victim of the story. The mainstream media, undyingly loyal to the Left’s agenda, insisted that the real victims of this tragedy were not the dead children, but a “trans community” now living in “fear.” Other people suffering from gender dysphoria across the country began spreading the same general talking point: Their existence was somehow being threatened, thus forcing them to respond with calls for “days of vengeance.”

Their delusional sense of entitlement ultimately manifested in the second-most horrifying occurrence of March 30, 2023: A mob of far-left, pro-trans activists stormed the Tennessee capitol building, feeling emboldened by the media narrative that they, the poor trannies, were somehow the real victims of the shooting. And remember: These people were rioting in support of an anti-science ideology that believes they have the “right” to use schools, Hollywood, social media, and other institutions to sexually groom little children, pump them full of drugs, mutilate their genitalia, and take them away from their parents if the parents object to any of this.

In today’s leftist America, the victims are the oppressors and the oppressors are the victims. 

The Bane of the Elite’s Existence

Jailing political opponents is a practice previously limited to Third-World banana republics, but such tactics undoubtedly have been on the rise in recent years. The nation of Brazil, for example, saw a corrupt court overturn a prior criminal conviction for a disgraced far-left former president just so he could steal the 2022 election from populist outsider Jair Bolsonaro. The disease is even spreading to developed nations such as Israel, where the political elite and activist class alike are trying to sabotage the latest term of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, through such familiar methods as bogus criminal charges and astroturfed protest movements.

The efforts of the elite to destroy Trump are not limited to the Left. In recent months, even the establishment Right has tried its hardest to usurp his all-but-guaranteed nomination in 2024, with the big donors, the Murdoch media machine, and other longtime institutions of the mainstream Right actively promoting Ron DeSantis instead. As of late, it has become more apparent that DeSantis never had what it takes to defeat Trump in a primary, let alone stand a chance against the Democrats in a general election. And so, as always, the greatest attacks against President Trump must come from the Left.

Once more, it must be made crystal clear: This indictment and pending arrest are not about the garbage charges against President Trump, which represent one of the weakest legal cases in modern history. It is not even about Trump himself, or his third and final bid for the presidency in 2024. It is about what he represents, the movement he leads, and the people he is fighting to defend and protect from an out-of-control elite that seeks to run roughshod over everything good and decent in our country.

To Make or Break History

One of the things they hate the most about Trump is his endless political wisdom and prescience. His rhetoric has frequently and openly addressed the existential crisis we find ourselves in, as a nation and as a civilization. In his first rally of the year, Trump openly declared that “2024 will be the final battle.” In his most recent interview, when Fox News’ Sean Hannity asked him why he was running for president for a third time, a solemn Trump responded: “Because I think our country is dead.”

He understands that the United States is on the brink of complete collapse; not in a financial or national security sense, but morally and culturally. Look no further than the fact that as few as 38 percent of Americans now believe in the importance of promoting American patriotism. And the United States is still the flagship of Western Civilization; if America were to fall to the scourge of self-hatred and apathy, the damage to the civilized world would be the greatest catastrophe since the fall of the Roman Empire. Invading armies can be repelled; insidious forces attempting to subvert a nation from within cannot be defeated so easily, but can spread from one nation to the next just as rapidly, creating a disastrous domino effect.

Donald Trump has been consistent in his warnings of civilizational decline since the early days of his presidency. Still to this day, the single greatest speech he has ever given was his speech in Warsaw in July 2017. The signature line was when he declared that “the fundamental question of our time is whether the West has the will to survive.” His words reflected the revolutionary spirit that has defined the West, from our own Revolutionary War to the Polish resistance during World War II; and, in the process, he called on all of us to honor that same revolutionary spirit by embodying it ourselves.

We are bearing witness to the deliberate and systematic destruction of everything that has made the West great; the threat comes not from external forces, but from insidious elements within our own nations. Since Trump is one of the very few people left on the international stage who is actively trying to save the West, and thus willing to call out those responsible for our societal erosion, so too must they destroy him as well.

Having gone through two absurd impeachments, and now about to face an even more ridiculous grand jury charge, the elite are well aware of Trump’s desire to take a sledgehammer to the deep state in a second Trump Administration. As he powerfully declared in his CPAC speech, addressing all Americans who have been systematically targeted, silenced, and oppressed by the regime just as he has been: “I am your retribution.” No one is more convinced of his sincerity than his enemies.

That is why they are now prepared to fight to the bitter end. We are in a full-fledged existential crisis for both sides: For the Left, their existence is threatened if the West continues to live and thrive as it has for millennia. For the Right, our existence is threatened if the West collapses. There can be only one winner; peaceful coexistence is no longer an option.

This is not a call to arms in defense of one man, because it has never been about Donald Trump. He is the latest in a long line of truly extraordinary men throughout history who have made their mark on the world in the best ways possible. Like such figures as Moses and Pericles, he is leading a fight to save his people and his nation against seemingly hopeless odds. His greatness must be recognized and remembered for the rest of time; we owe him that much.

But in the end, it has always been about what Donald Trump represents. And what he represents is a defiant comeback of the United States, the greatest nation in the world and the latest standard-bearer of the glorious and rich history of Western Civilization. We must have the will to survive, and we must be fully prepared to do what it takes to defend the civilization our ancestors built, fought for, and died for over the last 2,500 years.

Will we answer the call to save our history, and in the process make history ourselves? Or will we continue to be complacent and watch this nation perish from the earth?

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About Eric Lendrum

Eric Lendrum graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara, where he was the Secretary of the College Republicans and the founding chairman of the school’s Young Americans for Freedom chapter. He has interned for Young America’s Foundation, the Heritage Foundation, and the White House, and has worked for numerous campaigns including the 2018 re-election of Congressman Devin Nunes (CA-22). He is currently a co-host of The Right Take podcast.

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