It’s in the Democrats’ Long-Term Interest to Lose on Tuesday

Don’t get high on your own supply. This sensible advice applies to drug dealers and Democrats alike. But as badly as the American Left needs this lesson, it may already be too late. 

Liberals, like Al Pacino in “Scarface, have already shoved their noses into a mound of the (anti-)white stuff. Not smart. And nowhere is their self-delusion more on display than in the U.S. Senate race in Pennsylvania. 

John Fetterman, the Democratic candidate, is mentally unfit to hold office. Period. His debate performance against his Republican opponent, Dr. Mehmet Oz, was an unmitigated disaster. Fetterman had to have a screen behind the moderators display a live close captioned transcript of the moderators and Oz’s responses because, after his stroke earlier this year, he simply cannot process auditory information correctly. 

During the debate, Fetterman frequently stumbled over words. Many of his sentences came out as a jumble of barely coherent gibberish. Tucker Carlson’s summary of the debate provides a damning overview of Fetterman’s dismal performance.

Fetterman’s health struggles should disqualify him from holding higher office. With Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) all but reduced to eating tapioca mush and blankly staring at reruns of “Matlock,” the Senate’s quota for mentally unfit politicos has already been filled. 

Fetterman’s stroke on May 13 came just before the Democratic primary. He should have dropped out then and focused on making a full and enduring recovery. His decision (or, more likely, the decision of his handlers) to gut it out and run in the general election was wrong. Oz is as moderate a Republican as the Democrats are likely to face. Democratic leadership should have put Fetterman’s best interests before their shallow political aims and found a way to work with Oz.

But no. With shades of Joe Biden in 2020, the corporate media/DNC alliance has gone to bat for Fetterman even in the face of his clear and profound deficiencies. ABC News is calling criticism of Fetterman’s obvious mental deficiencies “ableist.” The same Democratic operatives who attacked Trump for allegedly having dementia now praise Fetterman as a “fighter.”

This is a gross political error. Instead of propping up Fetterman, Democrats should be worried about what happens if he wins. They should be especially worried if Fetterman “comes from behind” after days of counting ballots. 

The Left dominates every supposedly “neutral” institution in our society from medicine and the military to the media. By taking the mask off and showing too much of their hand by ramming through an obviously defective candidate, they poison their most powerful asset—their ability to pretend that their power is not partisan.

Making a mockery of democracy by associating it in the public mind with the elevation of dumb, dementia-ridden, or mentally deficient candidates is deeply and profoundly unwise for Democrats. But they can’t seem to help themselves. On the one hand, they are paranoid with fear that a bunch of middle-American Boomers are going to take up arms, cross the Potomac, and do another January 6 insurrection for real this time. 

On the other hand, they are drunk with power, unable to moderate their position even when it is in their cynical self-interest to do so. This is not a sign of a political movement with a bright future.

The Democratic Party is a victim of its own success. It dominates every aspect of corporate, media, and political power and it doesn’t know when to let up on the gas. 

For instance, it is impossible to imagine a single Fortune 500 company in America willing to proclaim opposition to transgender surgery for minors, taxpayer-funded abortion on demand, funding for the war in Ukraine, or homosexual marriage. The Left has already won those fights. It is on top. Virtually everything they’ve wanted, they’ve gotten.

Social media companies willingly do the bidding of the national security state, which is itself an arm of the Left. Media coverage, with only a handful of exceptions, is aligned with the spirit of the American Left. 

Even hardcore communists who complain on Twitter about the Democratic Party’s “neoliberalism” are a sign of the Left’s dominance. On American college campuses, you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a communist but you will never meet an avowed (as opposed to a de facto leftist) fascist. The radical Left is tolerated and encouraged. The radical Right is expunged. The lax enforcement of the law against Antifa rioters in 2020 is a sign that the radical Left doesn’t just belong to the fringe either. It has a role as an attack dog for the establishment.

The liberals and the Left are on top. Secular, atheistic liberalism is the rule in every significant institution in America. If they were smart, the Democrats would have simply frozen the 1990s regime into place. The blue-collar white middle class was already devastated by then, no longer a meaningful political threat. The South had been broken politically, and the Soviet Union had collapsed. No serious competitors to liberalism remained. 

That was the time for Democrats to rest on their laurels and set up the grift to run for as long as possible. In the end, free trade and open borders would have gutted the American nation. Almost certainly after a century or two, the American empire might have imploded, to be replaced by a different world order.

Instead, Democrats and the Left couldn’t help themselves and let the mask slip. For the last two decades, Democrats have gone whole hog on the most insane parts of their idealistic vision. Discontent to rest on their near total dominion, liberals have embraced a malevolent campaign of racial resentment and vicious narcissism. They’ve insisted on pushing for transgender surgery for minors, endless overseas war, and unrelenting anti-white hatred at home.  

Democrats and the Left has declared war on Trump’s base—white middle class Americans—and now bends all its vast institutional power against the nation’s most productive and loyal citizens. In doing so, it has lost all sense of self-control.

Were the Democrats really Machiavellian cynics, they would have publicly thanked Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for defeating Andrew Gillum in 2018. DeSantis saved them from themselves. Gillum was caught, after the election, drunk and naked in a hotel room while a male “associate” was overdosing. 

Every tyranny and oligarchy is prone to sexual perversion. But a smart ruling class keeps the predilections of its members under control. It is one thing to have open secret gay orgies in D.C. for the political class. It is another thing to have perverts and pedophiles like Ed Buck and Jeffrey Epstein running around as prominent donors. 

The liberal regime is good at using its human resources might to crush ordinary people. But when the pedal hits the gunmetal, the liberal regime can’t enforce its will. The lesson of Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan is that all the money and technological prowess in the world is not enough to keep this regime in place. 

Every tyranny must decide whether to rule by brutal force or by persuasion. The wisest tyrants choose the latter. Why mess with the people at all? Better to leave them alone and remain in power as long as possible. 

Brute force isn’t an option for the modern Left. They lack the Soviet talent for mass scale political violence. Vladimir Lenin had legions of men like Yakov Yurovsky, the killer who butchered the Russian czar and his entire family, at this disposal. Does Joe Biden?

The wise move for Democrats now, is to try and make peace with their political enemies (and subjects). Tone down the rhetoric about fascism and Trump being Hitler. Stop censoring large swaths of political dissent online. Ease back on aggressively anti-white policies by sidelining the diversity, inclusion, and equity priestly class. Cut down on drag queen story hour and other public instances of perversion. 

Indeed, the ruling class should go so far as to let Trump win office in 2024. Again, the oligarchs control all of the institutions. A Trump victory wouldn’t change that, but throwing Trump’s base a bone would increase stability and provide the liberal regime much needed legitimacy. The oligarchs should even let Trump build the wall. 

I doubt any of this will come to pass. Our despots lack the temperament and the brainpower to understand their own self-interest even in the most cynical way. At present, they seem dedicated to spit in the faces of their enemies, drunk on their own power. World-hating resentment, not calculating shrewdness, guides our rulers. 

If John Fetterman wins on Tuesday, it will be a self-inflicted blow for Democrats and the Left. They will have sacrificed their political clout in the name of meaningless short-term gain. Pride cometh before the fall.

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