Report: Police Seize Electronics and Hard Drives of CNN Producer Accused of Sexual Improprieties Involving Minors

Fairfax County police have reportedly seized electronics and hard drives of CNN producer Rick Saleeby after texts and FaceTime calls revealed gross sexual impropriety involving minors, Human Events reporter Jack Posobiec reported on Twitter, Thursday.

Last Wednesday Project Veritas released a shocking video featuring whistleblower Janine Banani, who presented graphic texts and videos showing an unnamed CNN producer fantasizing about molesting his fiancé’s 14-year-old daughter, and Banani’s own underage daughter.

Project Veritas has since outed Saleeby, who was reportedly living with his fiancé and her three daughters while he was entertaining perverted fantasies about the oldest daughter.

“He talks about how he wants to see her through the crack of the door while she’s getting dressed, help her explore her body for the first time, [and] be the first person to be inside of her,” Banani told Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe.

After the story broke, his fiancé wrote a heartfelt letter to James O’Keefe, thanking him for alerting her to the danger.

“I wanted to reach out to sincerely thank you again. I am very grateful toward you guys and everything you’ve done for me and my children. Our world has just been completely flipped upside down, but none of that matters. We are all safe. I’m hoping, praying, and pushing for charges to be brought against him, so he can never do this to another child/family again.

I want the public and any predators to know, without a shadow of a doubt, that I will go to the absolute ends of the earth to protect my babies. And I am tremendously grateful that you guys have saved us all from him.

Despite the hardships ahead, I am going to continue to sit with these feelings of gratitude toward you guys and the woman who provided you with the information. Gratitude will get us through to the other side of all this. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and Merry Christmas. ❤️”

Banani, a former prostitute, said that she was appalled by his texts because she is a victim of sex trafficking. She is now a case manager for victims of human trafficking, victims of domestic violence and victims of sexual assault. She said she first went to the police with the material, but they allegedly didn’t find anything actionable in the disturbing texts and videos.

“They said there’s no case here,” she told O’Keefe.

Since Project Veritas broke the story, it appears law enforcement has taken a renewed interest in the case.

CNN has remained silent on the scandal, which is the second time this month the network has weathered a scandal involving an employee’s potential sex crimes against young girls.



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