Waging Spiritual Warfare Against the Woke Military

The ritual humiliation will continue until morale implodes. On Tuesday, transgender woman Rachel Levine, the current Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services, was sworn in as the nation’s first female four-star admiral. 

This momentous and historic occasion comes with a number of caveats. For one, Levine’s status as an admiral is doubtful to say the least. Levine’s swearing-in was not in the Navy or Coast Guard, as might be expected, but in the U.S. Public Health Commissioned Corps, one of the lesser known of America’s eight uniformed services. 

One must also note that America’s first “female” four-star admiral has a penis. Assuming, of course, that it was not sliced off. Trust the Science, bigot. 

via CNN Politics

This nauseating display is part of the Biden regime’s ongoing spiritual warfare against the people of the United States. The lackeys of the state mock and degrade every normal, decent, and life-affirming instinct in the name of “equity” and “tolerance.” They rub degeneracy in our faces, drowning us in a cascade of lies. 

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, the great observer and psychologist of modern ideological tyranny, noted in the The Gulag Archipelago that sexual humiliation and vulgar displays were a key weapon of the NKVD, the Soviet Union’s secret police. It is no different under our own regime.

The inhumanity of our rulers—with their lockdowns, nursing home COVID deaths, and no-jab/no-job mandates—is clear. After Stalin’s death, Christians in the Soviet Union could worship God together in person. In 2020, gathering together in the name of Christ in the state of Michigan, to cite but one example, was forbidden by unilateral executive edict. 

The American military is a willing combatant in the Left’s war on the older American nation. The extremism stand down in the Spring, the vaccine mandate, and the decades of failure and grift in the Middle East, are all signs of the spiritual rot that afflicts our armed forces. 

Patriotic Americans need to wage their own spiritual (and political) counter-assault against the woke military and its minions. Joe Biden has focused repeatedly on the threat of “white supremacist” domestic terrorism. By this, he means Trump supporters and white Christians who refuse to bend the knee. It is imperative that patriotic Americans do everything in their power to strip our armed forces of legitimacy before America’s military might is turned against its own people. At the very least, we must ensure that Biden and his handlers are not able to launch pointless foreign wars that drain the public treasury but enrich defense contractors and D.C. think tanks. 

We need clear goals and a strategy to put the woke military establishment on its heels. Public approval of the military has dropped from 70 percent in 2018 to just over 54 percent as measured this last summer. The American Right should aim to reduce that number below 40 percent. 

Right now, skepticism of the military is growing among the conservative mainstream. Small accounts on social media can accelerate this process. America’s woke generals can’t resist the allure of social media clout. There are thousands of generals, sergeants major, and colonels, to say nothing of field and company grade officers, gadding about on social media, in uniform no less—especially on Twitter. 

A week ago, Major General Jo Clyborne of the National Guard decided to complain on Twitter about the Army’s regulations against having a French manicure. When she went viral, Clyborne doubled down. This is to be expected from the woke military ideologues. Opposition won’t shut them down, it will only entrench their ideological commitment. The aim of waging spiritual warfare against the woke military is not to reform it, this is virtually impossible, but to uncover and embarrass it. 

Until everyday Americans lose the unearned respect they give those who spearhead our military-industrial complex, there is little hope of change. Forcing a recruiting crisis on the military by embarrassing it in public is the most effective path forward. 

Attacking the turgid, sclerotic, and increasingly unhinged Pentagon should become a drumbeat for those on the Right. Do not let up the pressure. This is a spiritual war of attrition. A decisive blow to drive change is unlikely. America’s defeat in Afghanistan provoked more intense skepticism from the Right but not the kind of vociferous demand for change that leads to resignations and a fundamental changing of attitudes. 

Reining in the woke military will take time and effort. It requires everyday Americans to look on the multi-trillion dollar abomination we have created with disgust. Americans must start asking how the woke military serves their interests. They must stop giving honor and respect to unearned status, the mere attainment of rank or wearing of the uniform, and start demanding actions and results. 

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Josiah Lippincott is a Ph.D. student and a former U.S. Marine Corps officer. You can find him on Telegram at https://t.me/josiah_lippincott or subscribe to his Substack here.

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