Dear Girls: Give Up

Here’s a true story for you: back in college, when I still had hair and a six-pack, I won a male beauty pageant. It was a philanthropic event hosted by a sorority to raise money for some cause or another. They were trying to save the spotted owls or something. 

I remember only two portions of the event: a special talent portion and a swimsuit modeling portion. I forget what my special talent was, but I do remember appearing on stage in a Speedo. 

I also remember putting exactly zero effort into preparing for this male beauty pageant. Not to brag, but I simply showed up and won. 

So, I assume the contestants in the Miss Nevada USA pageant prepared for their June 27 competition far more than I did in my rather hazy fraternity days. I’m certain they didn’t warm up with a couple of bourbon shots, as I did. 

My short bit of research on the subject tells me that contestants in real beauty pageants are judged on qualities like posture and walk, personality and confidence, stage presence and grace, and of course, physical appearance. I imagine learning those things for a real competition involves years of preparation and practice. It likely also involves strict dieting, and rigorous exercise. 

That said, it probably sucks for the 21 female contestants of the Miss Nevada USA pageant that some panel of woke idiots decided it was time to make progressive history, and selected a dude as the winner of this year’s competition. 

Kataluna Enriquez, a Filipino man, became Miss Nevada USA this year. A double whammy of wokeness to stick it to us bigoted simpletons in flyover country. 

To be clear, he did not win. This is a controversial statement in the current year, but his biology precludes him from winning a “Miss” anything competition. Instead, the pageantry people changed the rules and declared him the winner, likely as a progressive signal of virtue, simultaneously turning the Miss USA pageants into a Ringling Bros-esque freak show for the rest of eternity. 

Now, I know what you’re wondering. 

“What if men really are just better at everything than women?” 

That was my first question too, and I can feel the feminist crowd’s blood boiling from here. 

But that question is actually necessitated by the fact that men keep winning women’s competitions. It’s not your fault or mine for asking it. 

New Zealand just decided that its best female weightlifter is a man. He will compete as a woman for the Kiwis in the Tokyo Olympics. 

If the judges of the Miss Nevada USA pageant, and the New Zealand Olympic selection committee truly chose these winners based on merit, the most obvious conclusion that one would draw is that men are better than women, at least at beauty pageants and weightlifting. 

Of course, the judges in these competitions are not choosing winners based on merit. The very idea of merit is predicated on the fact that the playing field is level to begin with. Instead, they’re choosing these winners as an exercise in progressive politics. 

They are looking young girls and women in the face, and telling them that it does not matter how hard they work, or how well they perform, and that instead, at the drop of the hat, appointed functionaries can make politically charged decisions that will negate their work, and their performances. And girls and young women must accept this new reality for fear of being labeled a bigot and relegated to the sidelines of polite society. 

I’ve already been labeled a bigot and relegated to the sidelines of polite society, so I’m happy to speak up on their behalf. 

The message from the progressive mafia to those girls and young women is effectively this: you might as well give up now, because no matter how much you practice and hone your craft, your hard work can safely be ignored by moronic adults who want to make a political statement, whenever those adults decide they want to make that statement. If that’s the case, why bother participating in the first place? 

That message is insane. It is harmful to the fairer sex. The obvious ramification of forcing females to compete against males, and consequently lose at every turn, will be the destruction of self-confidence of females. That should infuriate any thinking person. But in our insane society, the Miss(ter) Nevada USA pageant was just another Sunday. 

I can assure you that if there had been even a remote possibility that those sorority girls were going to pull a fast one and declare a female the winner of that male beauty pageant back in the day, I would not have bothered. And I didn’t put years, or days, or even hours into preparing for that.  

By the way, notice that these competition crossovers only go one way. There are no females “transitioning” to males so they can compete in men’s sports. That would be ridiculous. They would get crushed. That’s the major tell that even the “T” in the LGBT lobby knows that this exercise isn’t about “human rights,” or “equality” like they claim. It’s about using their immense power to stick it to conservatives.  

As I’ve written previously, I do believe this conundrum will work itself out. 

Eventually, suburban liberal moms will likely tire of watching boys make all the highlight reels over their daughters in girls’ high school sporting events. At that point, they will have to own up to the fact that they voted for this nonsense, and change their behavior. That process should be amusing. 

But we’re not even close to that happening. The male takeover of female competition is only in its infancy. 

Let’s hope it doesn’t destroy a generation of America’s girls and young women. The progressive Left has decided that we are going to see this social experiment through, so I guess that is a risk we are all going to have to take.


About Peter D'Abrosca

Peter D'Abrosca is a conservative campaign strategist, author, and columnist. A proud law school dropout, he is not a decorated member of the fancy credentialed class, and that's just the way he prefers it. He considers himself a political outsider who seeks to give a voice to the long-forgotten American working class.

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