Transgender Athletes Could Wake Up the Woke

I can’t wait to see the video clips of Michaela, formerly known as Michael, windmill dunking on some unsuspecting girls’ varsity basketball player. 

Ideally, those video clips will include a pan into the crowd after the monstrous dunk, so I can also see the shocked faces of the overeducated, white liberal yuppies who voted for this nonsense. 

Joe Biden’s transgender athlete policy is significant, but not because it eliminates biological sex. Leftists have been angling to do that for years. It’s also not significant because it allows conservatives to point out the hypocrisy of those who worship The Science™ appearing to ignore basic biology in favor of “wokeness.” The Left doesn’t care about its own hypocrisy. 

It is significant because it is the first awful policy that will directly harm the “woke” warriors who voted for it. It will, in all likelihood, help accelerate the death of radical progressivism in America, and that’s a good thing. 

I grew up in a blue collar, fairly conservative town called West Greenwich, Rhode Island. It was as conservative as any place in the working-class northeast. 

One town over, across the proverbial tracks, was a totally different story. The town of East Greenwich, Rhode Island, is a haven for upper middle-class and wealthy liberals. It’s the epitome of coastal elitism. It is nestled next to Greenwich Bay where the bourgeois gather at upscale restaurants on the water when the weather permits, after cruising the ocean on their yachts and sailboats. The town itself is as racially non-diverse as it gets—about 95 percent white. It consistently votes blue, and the people there are the types who smugly lecture the rest of us on things like immigration policy, knowing that they’ll never face the ramifications of importing millions of third-world peasants. 

For years, I have advocated dumping 1,000 or so Congolese refugees onto Main Street in East Greenwich, a rustic block of locally-owned coffee shops, eateries, and boutique stores. But refugees never end up in places like East Greenwich. They end up in Section 8 housing in places like Providence, far away from the suburbs, thanks to the elite left-wing politicians who know that they must support open borders to keep their jobs, but don’t want to live near the riff-raff. 

So, since that acceleration idea is out of the question, transgender sports will have to serve as the wake-up call so desperately needed by the “woke.” 

I can envision the furor in the face of the soccer mom with the COEXIST bumper sticker—and there’s no shortage of those in places like East Greenwich—when her daughter is passed over for that college lacrosse scholarship in favor of Jane, formerly known as James. Imagine the horror when Bella, formerly known as Billy, scores 65 goals in the 20-game girls’ soccer season. 

Perhaps we should not object? Let them play, and watch the fallout in real time. 

If you think Karen asking to speak to the manager is a funny meme, wait until Karen storms into the principal’s office at the local high school, demanding to know why her kid is riding the pine while biological males take over girls’ sports. 

“Sorry, ma’am, but you’ll have to take it up with the Biden Administration,” the principal will say. 

And in that moment, Karen might just have an epiphany: I voted for this. 

Yes you did, Karen, and there’s no turning back now. 

You sat comfortably in your $1 million home, sipping pinot grigio, watching the likes of Don Lemon and Rachel Maddow and every other idiot on cable news tell you how terrible the Mean Orange Man was. (Weren’t his tweets just awful?) 

You cheered his reelection loss, because the TV talking heads told you his racist, redneck supporters aren’t smart and sophisticated like you, and they don’t deserve to have a say in how this country operates. 

You flaunted your “woke” credentials at fancy cocktail parties with your like-minded friends, cheering on the elite oligarchy that keeps corporate America’s boot on the necks of the lower castes while they disguise their pernicious agendas with rainbow flags and Black Lives Matter slogans. 

You were on the “right side of history.” You never supported that fascist-in-chief whom you were duped into believing was the second coming of Adolf Hitler. 

Good for you. But that won’t help you when Misty, formerly Matthew, obliterates your kid on the court, the field, or the track. 

The first step to dismantling the “woke” mafia is forcing them to realize that their policies have ramifications in the real world that they are going to have to live with, too. With a bit of luck, boys taking over girls’ sports might just serve that end. 

Goofy slogans like “trans rights are human rights” and “equality for all” are effective propaganda tools. They sound great in the abstract. After all, what kind of person doesn’t support human rights or equality? But participating in high school athletics is not a human right, and allowing boys to play against girls doesn’t level any playing field. In fact, it is the antithesis of “equality.” 

I’m sincerely rooting for the transgender athletes. I hope they dominate.

I want to bathe in the tears of upper-class liberals when their poor daughters miss out on a state championship because some “girl” with a five o’clock shadow put the opposing team’s jersey on “her” back, carrying it to victory. They voted for this madness, and they get what they deserve. 

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About Peter D'Abrosca

Peter D'Abrosca is a conservative campaign strategist, author, and columnist. A proud law school dropout, he is not a decorated member of the fancy credentialed class, and that's just the way he prefers it. He considers himself a political outsider who seeks to give a voice to the long-forgotten American working class.

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