A 2nd U.S. Postal Service Worker in PA Comes Forward to Accuse Supervisors of Backdating Late Ballots to Nov.3

A second U.S. Postal Service worker in Pennsylvania has come forward to blow the whistle on the backdating shenanigans of his Trump-hating supervisors.

On Thursday, a whistleblower from a U.S. post office in Erie, PA told James O’Keefe, the founder of Project Veritas, that his supervisor has demanded that all late ballots be postmarked for Nov. 3, Election Day.

Now, a whistleblower from Coraopolis, PA, has told O’Keefe that his leadership ordered all late ballots to be separated and potentially postmarked for Nov. 3.

He said that when he clocked in on Wednesday, the 4th, “the postmaster told us that if we were to find any ballots on our routes that day, we were to collect them, keep them separate in a hod, which is what we call our plastic bins, bring them back, and then we would put them in another hod, and then they would send them to be counted.”

O’Keefe pointed out that the PA Supreme Court rules that mail-in ballots had to be postmarked by 8:00 p.m. on November 3rd to be counted.

“So you’re saying that your postmaster or their supervisor William Wood and James Malia in a standup meeting, they said to separate those ballots and collect them?”

The whistleblower said that his postmaster gave the order, and although he didn’t say explicitly that the ballots would be backdated, he was “firmly of the belief they were going to be backdated.”

O’Keefe called Malia for comment, and asked about the separated, potentially backdated ballots. “Who gave you that order?” the muckraker asked.

“I can refer you to our public relations people,” Malia replied, before hanging up.


O’Keefe announced that the USPS postal worker from Erie, Pennsylvania agreed to go on the record and is willing to testify under oath about the backdating of ballots.


Erie Post Office Whistleblower Richard Hopkins told O’Keefe that he spoke with USPS investigators about what he witnessed, telling them that he believed his supervisors were following instructions from above.

After he went public with his allegations, Hopkins said his supervisors quickly retaliated.


About Debra Heine

Debra Heine is a conservative Catholic mom of six and longtime political pundit. She has written for several conservative news websites over the years, including Breitbart and PJ Media.

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24 responses to “A 2nd U.S. Postal Service Worker in PA Comes Forward to Accuse Supervisors of Backdating Late Ballots to Nov.3”

  1. Why is this a surprise to anyone? Democrats have been committing election fraud for more than half a century. Mayor Daly was known for that.

  2. I would fire him for making this claim with no evidence. I would also fire anyone who belongs to QANONSENSE. Imagine expecting my employee not showing up for work because they were WIGGAWAGGAWIGGAWAGGA WIGGAWAGGAWIGGAWAGGA WIGGAWAGGAWIGGAWAGGA on a QANONSENSE mission like the idiots fron Virginia who showed up in Philly with a hummer full of fake ballots.

    • You can’t fire a whistle-blower for telling the truth about criminality. He’s going to testify to that truth under oath. CNN doesn’t decide elections, neither does Fox News, neither do you. Sweeping orchestrated voter fraud occurred in the 2020 election by Democrats to assist Biden and it’s criminal and it’s being uncovered by the box load of vans with out-of-state license plates disgorging no-signature verification needed ballots in the dead of night, the manipulated voting software, the pen drives of no-signature verification electronic ballots being selectively delivered to critical precincts as needed to help Biden, etc… etc… etc… This ends with SCOTUS siding with Trump over the fraud. Say hello to your new president in January, same as the present one.

      • It irritates me that you think, I think you actually believe the crap you are spreading…

    • So you would suppress the truth just because you don’t like it you know what’s that is called

    • Take your meds.
      A “witness” is evidence.😂🤣😲

  3. It is a shame that the Democrats have stooped to such blatantly, deceitful, manipulative and illegal activities and that such activities are deemed acceptable by so many who evidently have no sense of decency or honor. This whole campaign by the Dems is simply a power grab by those who deem themselves above the law. It is an affront to the American way of life and for everything this country stands for (or once stood for). This is an embarrassment! I guess the Dems figure having an aging, decrepit, mentally defective puppet have to serve as a shill so the unelectable can assume power is the only way they can push forth their agenda to the “sheeple” who vote for them. It used to be illegal activities were punished (Nixon) instead of celebrated and bragged about (Biden). Now the new “leaders of the U.S.A.” can be seen as just as corrupt as any other nation. Intimidate and harass the people you do not like and buy your way into the Presidency by enlisting the morally corrupt, ignorant, and lazy populace that comprise their constituency. It is evidently more important to have the image of a leader than a real leader. Another milestone of imagery is now firmly established in the history books. The first “image administration” of having a black president was such a disaster than it seems only appropriate to now continue that shameful legacy by having a black female as vice-president on a team that is also as woefully unqualified for office as the first. It is amazing to think that Biden was part of them both and enough of the American people (with some help from the corrupt media and power hungry who will stop at nothing to achieve their end goals) were stupid enough to think this a good idea. We can only hope the damage they wish to do to the Republic and the divisions between the people they seek to enhance are recognized for the evil it is and stopped before they tear the nation apart. It is going to be a long and difficult four years. Hopefully the term of “patriot” will still be in use at the end of this session and the term “comrade” will not .

  4. Not that we NEEDED more proof that Liberals are, bottom line, “No Good” but we’ll take it and add it to the LOOOOONG list of OTHER perfidies perpetrated by Liberals…..

  5. Looks like this case will also be tossed out due to a lack of evidence and being 100% based on hearsay.

  6. We lost confidence in the election process, they stole our vote. We demand a recount

  7. “Neither honesty, nor integrity, nor rule of law, stays these couriers from the swift completion of ballot fraud, to benefit corrupt, dim-witted, dotard-marionette and China-puppet, ‘Big Guy’ Biden.”

    • Dems are pathetic, they would rather cheat for gain then do it under honesty! You people make me sick. You have poisoned minds and are truly evil!

  8. It never ceases to amaze me how low Trump and his supporters will go! Take the loss and move on!

  9. Is anyone surprised that our USPS is/was heavily involved in this Election Fraud?

    • Nope! Remember who pushed so hard for the mail in ballot? This was the plan from day one!

  10. This is not over yet. Keep the faith.
    They r attempting to steal the election but their evil plan will not prevail. Too many people praying and believing that the truth and justice will win. It will be decided in the courts and Trump will win.🇺🇸🙏

    • Amen!
      May truth and justice prevail.
      And God bless Donald J Trump!

  11. James O’keefe has been caught manipulating footage and was successfully sued in the past. Why are you looking to him for credible reporting?