USPS Whistleblower in Erie, PA Claims Trump-Hating Boss Is Postmarking Late Ballots for Nov. 3

A U.S. Postal Service worker in Erie Pennsylvania told Project Veritas on Thursday that his supervisor has demanded that all late ballots be postmarked for Nov. 3, Election Day.

“All these ballots that were coming in–today, tomorrow, yesterday—are all supposed to be postmarked the third,” said the whistleblower, who works out of the USPS General Mail Facility.

He told Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe that Postmaster Rob Weisenbach has been collecting the ballots and making sure they are postmarked Nov. 3rd because “he’s actually a Trump hater.”

The  postman told O’Keefe he overheard his supervisors talking about the scheme to back-postmark late ballots accidently.

“A lot of the stuff that’s going on behind the scenes, like what I’m talking about them doing at the PO [post office],” he said. “I don’t think–I wasn’t supposed to hear that–I was one of the last carriers in the building. I don’t even think he realized I was still there; you know what I’m saying? Backdating.”

He said he heard about the backdating while he was preparing his mail for delivery, and he saw Weisenbach with Darrell Locke, one of the supervisors discussing the backdating scheme.

“This morning, I was casing my route and I saw the postmaster pull one of our supervisors to the side,” he said. “He was pulling the supervisor, it was—and it was really close to where my case was—so, I was able to hear, listen in and I heard him say to the supervisor that they messed up yesterday.”

The whistleblower said he was curious about what was messed up.

“He told the supervisor they had postmarked one of the ballots for the fourth, instead of the third, because they were supposed to put them for third,” he said.

“All these ballots that are coming in today, tomorrow, yesterday, are all supposed to be postmarked the 3rd,” the whistleblower said.

“They still want us to pick up ballots tomorrow,” he continued. “They told us that they had a specific meeting, a safety meeting, where one of the higher ups – Rob [Weisenbach] and Stephanie basically told us to make sure we pick up the ballots and give them directly to the supervisor.”

Stephanie is Weisenbach’s assistant.

The mail carrier said other workers were upset about the postmarking scheme.

“I’ve actually talked to some of the others, because we’re not–there’s a mixture of Republicans– I’m a libertarian personally–but I’ve voted for Trump, and there’s some conservatives in our office,” he said. “We have some liberals in the office, but a lot of us are sitting there thinking: ‘Why are we still picking up ballots?’”

The whistleblower claimed his supervisors are coordinating with other postal facilities during their daily conference calls with the district leadership.

He told Veritas that two days after the election, the order to continue to pick up ballots still stands.

“They still want us to pick up ballots tomorrow,” he said. “They told us that they had a specific meeting, a safety meeting, where one of the higher ups – Rob and Stephanie basically told us to make sure we pick up the ballots and give them directly to the supervisor.” Stephanie is Weisenbach’s assistant. “Today, Thursday, Nov. 5, we did pick up some ballots.”

The postal worker said he saw ballots stacked on a supervisor’s desk.

“There were like four or five sitting on the supervisor’s desk, ready to be – go through whatever they were going to do,” he said.

“They do this after all the carriers leave, because they take care of all that stuff afterwards.”

Candidate Donald J. Trump beat former first lady Hillary R. Clinton in Erie County, Pennsylvania by less than 2,000 votes in the 2016 presidential election.

Trump was the first Republican to win the county, since 1984, when President Ronald W. Reagan won his second term.

In the 2020 presidential election, Erie County is again hotly contested by Trump and Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr.

James O’Keefe noted that the whistleblower’s story lines up with a similar story told by a postal service employee in Traverse City, Michigan.

“We were told that a postal supervisor in Michigan ordered all his mail carriers in their morning huddle to set aside all late ballots for a special bin,” O’Keefe said.

“Those ballots would then be taken to another facility, where they would be hand-postmarked for Nov. 3 and then, expressed to the ballot collection site,” he said.

Weisenbach denied the allegations when O’Keefe called him for comment.

“That’s not true and I don’t talk to reporters like you,” the postmaster said before hanging up on him.

“This revelation is a shock to every American, who put their trust in the post office this election,” O’Keefe said.

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9 responses to “USPS Whistleblower in Erie, PA Claims Trump-Hating Boss Is Postmarking Late Ballots for Nov. 3”

  1. What the hell is the PENNSYLVANIA Legislators going to do about The GOVERNOR Wolf and a few judges CANT GHANCE THE RULES ITS ILLEGAL. THE PA STATE REPUBLICANS who run the state house. Must stand up and take CHARGE and stop this fake ass shit. Enough is enough already..

    • News Flash: We don’t postmark ballots in PA. I’ve been a carrier for 22 years in Montco, PA and I have never seen a ballot postmarked. Ever. Not once.

  2. I’m 50 years old and I’ve never seen it thought that I would see the things we’ve seen in the last 5 years!! For nobody to be charged in the whole fake russia thing, the Ukraine thing, the Cia , FBI, state department, doj etc… Biden ,Hillary, Holder , rice, etc… And then this IM SICKENED BEYOND comprehension..

  3. I have a friend that lives in Harrisburg Pennsylvania and works near the capital. On her way to work she seen a pick-up driving with what appeared to be a voter mailbox in the bed of the pickup. It had Donald Trump’s face all over it. Perhaps this was a mock mailbox, but given that they are still counting votes, and there is much concern over voter fraud, we both thought it was a bit odd to drive around with a big mailbox in the back of a pick-up uncovered. It does leave room for much speculation.

    • This was arranged by leftists months ago- enraged that Trump was/is so popular. So popular that there was no way to beat him and his accomplishments without cheating.
      First the overblown covid scam to legitimize mail in ballots, then wholesale voter fraud using Trump hating postal employees and shady vote counters in Philadelphia.

      The only way to remedy rampant fraud is a vote redo. Democrats will say “covid might kill people “! Those same people have been to countless stores, gas stations and in public since covid started and yet the death rate is only <2%.

      Redo the vote! I will not have my vote cancelled and delegitimized because cnn told some brainwashed liberals that Trump talks mean and he hurts your feelings. Democrats talk of every vote counting and that you should not be disenfranchised… well, I am disenfranchised! I feel my vote has been made meaningless and I can’t count on a fair election.
      The only way to fix this is to re vote.

  4. This is why we need to do away with public sector unions. Unions own the democrats.

  5. Erie County Election Board Chair Addresses Ballot Backdating Allegations
    Friday, November 6th 2020, 1:37 PM EST

    The chairman of Erie County’s Election Board is responding to unattributed allegations about the U.S. Postal Service backdating mail-in ballots in a statement issued Friday.

    Chairman Carl Anderson III said he stands by the processes of the Erie County Elections Department.

    “This story has nothing to do with the work and effort of the Erie County Board of Elections,” said Anderson. “The Erie Post Office under Postmaster Robert Weisenbach has been responsive and helpful to us. I believe the processes they use will stand as legitimate under scrutiny. We will continue to do our work and not get distracted by outside noise. The concern is about 130 ballots out of 135,000 cast ballots. They are not changing any outcomes. We will update our count to include them. The numbers are in a separate electronic silo, pending current litigation and a directive by the Pennsylvania Department of State. No further comment will be made, or needs to be made on this issue.”

    The unofficial vote count is expected to come to a close Friday.

  6. These Fake weekass so-called Republicans have no backbone and will slither back into the swamp ..other then a handful of true patriots.and you can pretty much guess who they are the rest are just yes men. typical politicians even Lindsey Graham is ready to jump ship (while Captain America)President Trump go’s down with the ship (AKA America )and back biden should he steal the election.

  7. According to Flight Tracker/Radar, Hillary Clinton’s G-5 reportedly heading to Erie, PA. Attention, Mr. Hopkins, Quickly pack your bug-out bag, run, hide. Stay hidden. A Clinton Suicide Go Team is headed your way.