The Democrats’ Grand Delusion

The Steele dossier, an infamous series of memos that alleged Donald Trump’s presidential campaign colluded with the Russians to rig the 2016 election, is the single most influential piece of fabricated political propaganda in American history.

The document is so bad that even the author has attempted to distance himself from its shoddy contents; Christopher Steele, despite being portrayed by the news media as a reliable former British spy, was in fact an untrustworthy partisan operative paid by the Democrats to concoct bogus claims against Donald Trump.

Nothing in the Steele dossier—from outlandish stories about peeing Muscovite prostitutes to secret trips to Prague—is true. Further, numerous investigations have concluded that no, the Trump campaign was not in cahoots with the Kremlin to defeat Hillary Clinton. As it turns out, Steele, not Donald Trump nor anyone in his orbit, was the guy tied to Vladimir Putin’s pals.

But none of these facts stops the overwhelming majority of Democrats from believing the exact opposite. According to an April 2020 poll, 77 percent of Democrats still think the dossier is legitimate and not mere campaign opposition research, which it was. 

By extension, Democrats still believe that Team Trump worked with the Kremlin to help elect the president of the United States in 2016. Keep in mind, the survey was taken one year after Robert Mueller issued his final report and testified to Congress that his two-year, multimillion-dollar probe into Trump-Russia collusion came up empty.

Think about that for a moment. Three out of four Democrats believe a purely fictional document, one that most of them probably haven’t ever bothered to read on their own, simply because it said bad things about Donald Trump. It’s akin to believing in the Tooth Fairy. Yet in the face of irrefutable evidence, most Democrats refuse to concede they were wrong, that they were duped and fooled, that they were intentionally misled by MSNBC and the Washington Post.

How can this be? After all, we deplorables are admonished, the Democratic Party is populated by all the smart people, the overly-educated, the “experts,” our Betters With Letters. Democrats are the party of science! As Joe Biden mindlessly regurgitates on the campaign trail, Democrats believe in “truth over lies, science over fiction.”

What a total joke.

Democrats, in reality, are the party of grand delusion. No tale is too wild, no anonymous accusation is too far-fetched to warrant a modicum of healthy skepticism. QAnon has nothing on these political automatons; programmed daily with party-approved talking points, rank-and-file Democrats dutifully recite the conspiracy du jour with just the right amount of humanlike fear and fury.

Trump is a Russian stooge? Absolutely! Brett Kavanaugh participated in gang rape chains in college? Of course! The vice president authored an anonymous column and best-selling book warning America about the threat posed by his running mate? No doubt!

OK, maybe it wasn’t Pence but it definitely was Kellyanne Conway or John Kelly or Melania Trump for sure.

Pro-life high schoolers from Kentucky disrepected a Native American elder? How dare they! Jussie Smollett was attacked on lower Wacker Drive by MAGAts! Bubba Wallace found a noose! But Hunter Biden’s laptop absolutely is Russian disinformation!

The list goes on and on. Even when confronted with facts or a straight-up admittance of the hoax by the allegedly aggrieved victim, Democratic Party zombies continue to justify their embarrassing groupthink with solemn lamentations that the fabricated incident represents something evil about America, or at the very least, about Donald Trump.

Democrats now believe—or at least want others to believe—that cities are preparing for violence and unrest because President Trump, the story goes, won’t concede the White House even if he loses. CNN’s Wolf Blitzer confessed he was “so sad” to see D.C.-based stores boarding up windows and doors over the weekend. “I never thought I would see so many buildings here in the nation’s capital boarded-up on the eve of a presidential election in anticipation of possible unrest.”

The theme was set. “When conservatives celebrated Trump’s election 4 years ago, did they know that in 2020 we would board up shops, prepare for riots and the arrival of militias, game out ways he might steal the election, protest aggressive vote suppression?” tweeted NeverTrumper Anne Applebaum on November 1. “This is what he has done to America.”

New Yorker columnist Susan Glasser warned that cities preparing for post-election strife is a “purposeful strategy of the president of the United States” because Trump has “attacked the legitimacy of our institutions of American democracy.”

Once more, Democrats and the media ask us to ignore what we see with our own eyes and instead accept their latest Trump-hating fable. Never mind that Democratic mayors and governors have allowed lawless thugs to repeatedly destroy downtown stores over the past several months to honor George Floyd or whatnot. Ignore the violence and mayhem unleashed with impunity by Anitfa and Black Lives Matter.

No, it’s Donald Trump’s fault the mobs will once again smash windows and steal pricey handbags from boutique mannequins.


But of course, like everything from the party of delusion, this latest outrage is a ruse to cover up reality. For months, Democrats and NeverTrump have been war-gaming different election outcomes to ready their troops for war. The plan includes the deployment of millions of “pro-Biden” protesters while “all the votes are counted.”

Participants of the Transition Integrity Project, with financial backing from some of the richest people in the world, will call for widespread protests, work stoppages, and Big Tech censorship until Joe Biden is installed in the White House. Even if the president wins reelection, the insurrectionists won’t yield until political leaders of both parties agree to long-desired changes to the Constitution. After stinging losses in 2000 and 2016, defeated Democrats have no intention of allowing history to repeat itself this year.

Joe Biden is wrong, as usual. Democrats do not choose truth over lies or fact over fiction. To the contrary, Democrats are the masters of delusion. As long as Donald Trump is the villain, any fictional script, including a laughable dossier, is considered legitimate.

They fool only themselves.

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52 responses to “The Democrats’ Grand Delusion”

  1. The White House cleaning staff can run the Trump family out if necessary. He has zero support of the deep state.

    • Ah, but the DS gone 11/04: all federal employees now at will. Drain the swamp.

  2. The best man will be the winner. His name is. Mr DONALD J TRUMP WE NEED AND TRUST HIM TO BE OUR USA. LEADER

  3. Democrats – party of destruction. Don’t get their way? Then they will bully and intimidate you until you capitulate.

    Barack Hussein Obama used the resources of the federal government to get Hillary into office. Hillary’s presidency would seal all the records of the crimes committed by the Obama/Biden administration, but Donald Trump had to come along and save America. Thus, he is the enemy.

    These people have nothing to lose at this point, we on the other hand have a country to save.

    • Still talking about the Steele Dossier? Do you know how ridiculous that is? Even Lindsey Graham gave up on that… game over

  4. The Steele dossier is nothing compared to the baseless nonsense QAnon spews out weekly, and conservatives are all over that.

    Note how they pretty much took the Hunter Biden laptop material as unvarnished truth before any vetting took place, too.

    Pot, meet kettle.

  5. Bravo! Vote RED and Remove Every Democrat in 2020.
    From California

  6. Well the democrats policy positions always start with “Once upon a time”

    • Robert, your comment is preceptive though it might sound like partisan slander. The Democrat Party has taken itself and its devotees back to the Age of Myth. Every plank in the party platform is a myth.

      As a result, I believe what we are witnessing is a death struggle between modernity and the hinterlands of Antiquity, between roving gangs of rampagers and villagers who just want to live in peace.

  7. Nothing about the Democratic Party is a delusion.

    Rather, they intentionally create lies to inspire their cadres whose job it is to instill fear in and intimidate the populace so that the Party and its members can control all property and all organs of government, including all the guns for the sake of . . . controlling all property and all organs of government, including all the guns. This is how and why Mao inspired them by saying, “All political power ultimately comes out of the barrel of a gun.”

    To the extent Mao was right, Democrats are statists who want their clique of rulers to control all political power and the rest of us want to keep the People as the ultimate source of political power.

  8. If the Dims want war, they may get it! But people should be careful what they wish for, or threaten.

  9. “Yet in the face of irrefutable evidence, most Democrats refuse to concede they were wrong, that they were duped and fooled, that they were intentionally misled by MSNBC and the Washington Post.”

    MSNBC and WaPo were, and remain, the water carriers for the DNC, who did the REAL misleading!

    Think about this for a moment- their own political party is intentionally lying to them and misleading them. What does that say about how the DNC views it’s own members? Do you lie to someone you respect? Do you lie to someone you think is intelligent and capable of making their own decisions? No, obviously not.
    One conclusion is that the DNC looks down at their own supporters because they consider them to be the real deplorables, too stupid to trust with the facts.

    The MSM simply carries the party line of the DNC, knowing full well it’s all lies, a complete and total fabrication.

  10. Can’t someone get this lady a barf bag? She is in what appears to be distress

    • Nice retort – NOT how about disputing what he actually said?

    • What is not true about the article? Be specific.

    • You are living breathing walking proof of the author’s main contention…..

      Dems, libs, progressives are so inherently deceitful and deluded that they end up believing their own lies…….

      Like they say, you can’t fix stupid……

    • Noticing that you provide zero evidence to support your claim. Typical, as the article points out – reality is whatever you leftists choose it to be. Facts be damned.

    • By all means, keep on fooling yourself that you won the election even after your humiliating defeat at the polls, Loser. Kidding yourselves: It’s what Demsheviks do.

    • There you go again. Its “nonesense” simpy because you as a liberal wish it was so. No refutation. No counter-argument. No facts. Simple declaration of your feelings magically makes it become reality. Delusion is the right word

    • You and I disagree so completely about things, that it is clear to me that we can no longer belong to the same polity. I have no interest in changing your mind or forcing you to live in ways that you do not want to live. Might I assume that you feel the same about me?

  11. Most Democrats are not just apt, but eagerly desperate to believe the indoctrination their media spoon-feeds them, and deny that info which their media withholds from them. The acronym cable channels (& network news, & PBS) are progressive ‘safe spaces,’ where the likely hood of being confronted with inconvenient truths is nil. And there’s a feedback loop where Dem news customers stay with their preferred sources, even after it’s apparent they’re being treated like mushrooms (fed manure, & kept in the dark).As far as I can tell, it’s a deeply incestuous symbiosis, loosely modeled on the BDSM master-slave relationship.

    • You can “fool some of the people all of the time” when they’re Dem voters who WANT to be fooled. They studiously avoid any fact or evidence that contradicts their fantasyland and most presstitutes cater to them giving them one heroin hit after another – Russian collusion, laughable rape claims, impeachment, Covid blame diverted from China onto the POTUS.

      The people who never accepted the results of the last presidential election were the Democrats. They are the sorest losers on the face of the planet.

  12. The grand delusion – my dear – belongs to the Republicans.
    It will be over soon enough. Ciao!

    • It will indeed be over soon. I expect to see more of your people screaming into the night sky as they watch Bidet slowly lose.

  13. What people always forget when talking about how all the “smart” people vote for democrats is, almost half the votes Biden will get will be cast by low income blacks and Hispanics, who are the LEAST EDUCATED population in the United States. Without the votes of those 2 groups, the democrats would literally be unable to compete in a national election. Republicans since 1964 have always won the great majority of the votes of well educated white Americans. The average IQ scores of whites and Asians compared to those of blacks and Hispanics is well known, and usually provokes outrage against anybody who mentions those statistics, but truth is truth.

    • FL and OH represent the mainstream. This is why they pick the winners. They are also two of the most analyzed states. These two heavily analyzed states show Trump winning.

      I am doing my part while I write this in line at the polls. The weather is great! Come vote and let’s not forget the R’s down ballot. However bad they may be, their opponent will do worse. We can sort things in the primary season next time.

  14. Vote RED and Remove Every Democrat in 2020.

  15. Vote RED and vote Now.
    There isn’t else to do !

  16. The Steele Dossier was promptly dismissed by intelligence community under the Obama administration, the “media”, and most Democrats. It was forgotten within weeks. Only the whack-job wing of the Republican party takes it seriously. But then they also took birthers’ claims seriously, too – right?

    Roger Stone colluded with a Russian intelligence agent. He would be in the slammer, but hinted that he was writing his memoir about the episode.

  17. Trumpism on full display. An extended rant on the Steele dossier and how foolish the Dems are to take it seriously, while simultaneously we see that only 24% of Trump believers consider the pandemic significant. A silly piece of political propaganda vs. a disease that has killed 231,000 Americans and is expected to kill at least 400,000 by Feb. ’21. The article tells you a great deal more about the mindset of its author and Trump believers than anything at all about Democrat.

  18. I have been saving columns by Victor Davis Hanson for ten years. He had another great column in yesterday’s American Greatness.

    I really like to read Julie Kelly’s “thoughts, observations, and analyses.” This column is equal to anything that VDH, or anyone else, has done.

    Thank you Julie, for another “home run.”

  19. This at the core of the USA 2 systems of justice, this delusional stuff, and communicated by their media…it can not continue. If the Dems win, they have to confront reality, not just ‘woke away’ with talk and no action…it is scary to think delusion believers like this may be leading the country as soon as 10pm tonight!

  20. The party of slavery, the party of Nullification, the party of secession and rebellion, the party of “Jim Crow”, the party of lynching and the KKK, the party of the vicious racist, Woodrow Wilson, the party that “stood in the doorway” and “blocked off the hall”, the party who brought you the Vietnam War, Jimmy Carter, the corrupt Clintons and Barrack Hussein Obama will finally after this election be in it’s well deserved and long overdue death throes – and I for one say HUZZAH!!…

  21. This makes valid points about many Democrats believing anything bad they hear about Trump, even with very thin or no evidence. But as usual for this website, there’s not enough self-awareness to realize Republicans do the same thing.
    In 2016 a poll found only 27% of Republicans agreed that Obama was born in the US, while about 41% disagreed. There are many Republicans who still think he is a Communist and/or a secret Muslim. On every article about Michelle Obama I still find people calling her “Michael” and insisting that she’s secretly a man. Just as the Mueller investigation found no evidence of collusion between Trump and the Russian government, another two-year investigation led by Republicans found no evidence of wrongdoing by Hillary Clinton on Benghazi, and yet that hasn’t stopped a large number of Republicans from continuing to blame her for those men’s deaths. Trump himself has retweeted a conspiracy theory that bin Laden isn’t really dead, because of course a Republican can’t possibly acknowledge that Obama did anything good ever. And that’s not to mention the insane claims being made about Joe Biden on the thinnest of evidence.

    So yeah, most people are not high-information voters, and even most people who are passionate about politics are not well-informed. The truth is that too many people exclusively read and believe sources that agree with them because it’s uncomfortable to have your beliefs challenged. And the media (including American Greatness) has only worsened that division.

  22. I am not exactly sure why the Steele dossier is even being discussed right now. It didn’t matter much when it came out almost four years ago and has absolutely no significance today except it seems to fire up Trump’s base. Beyond that, nobody really cares. How about writing a piece on how many Trump supporters still believe Obama is a closet Muslim that was born in Kenya? Or maybe it would be silly to write about that. I guess the writer has to write about something to make a buck. Writers gotta to eat too. Unfortunately, I had to waste minutes out of my life reading it.

  23. And now the Trumpsters have at least 4 serious delusions going on:
    1) that Trump will win, and projecting a landslide
    2) the Hunter Biden nonsense. He has at least 3, no 4 laptops that he mysteriously and carelessly lost track of, with supposedly incriminating information that Guiliani isn’t allowing anyone to forensically check out. Is it any wonder most media outlets are…skeptical?
    3) Q anon theorists and the cabal of satanic democratic pedophiles. Egads!
    4) that it is only the left is doing the cancel culturing. Let’s try “boycott Goodyear” Let’s ban CNN, Wa Post, NY Times, and now even Fox news.
    These are the sounds of a dying campaign.

  24. Yeah this is wrong:

    “Nothing in the Steele dossier—from outlandish stories about peeing Muscovite prostitutes to secret trips to Prague—is true.”

    Some of the Steele dossier has in fact been verified and none of it has been disproved. Much of it is unverified, as the FBI noted in its warrant application footnote.

    It would be strange to keep raging about this right after it happened. I’m not sure what to call doing it four years later on election day

    • You are incapable of recognizing that you are the poster child described in this article!! It’s you that clings to laughable fantasies and deliberate lies spoon-fed to liberal dupes. This article PERFECTLY describes YOU but you can’t see it. Let me prove it. Name just one item in the Steele dossier that has been proven true. I’ll wait.

    • Luke is a raging drug addict. It hasn’t been disproved so it should be taken as true….according to Luke’s fractured “reasoning”.

  25. This is some other world distopian nonsense. The only reason companies are boarding up is because Trump is egging them on and pouring gasoline on any division in American life. We didn’t have this behavior before Trump, so clearly he is either the catalyst or the culprit. Removing him would therefore allow Americans to go back to a normal life. Maybe Republicans need to read and research other news stories than those from fox news, but even fox news didn’t want anything to do with the laptop story as it was such BS. Rudy somehow found a laptop full of incriminating “evidence” that hunter biden left without picking up? I mean I understand that there are so many scandals around Trump that Republicans believe there have to be some on Biden too, but come on. Use your brain. How does anyone support Trump when he:
    1) Allowed Russia to get away with bounties on American soldiers. At a minimum it was never addressed
    2) Cheated on his taxes, basically stole from American taxpayers
    3) Signed and promoted a tax law that enriched his family by $100s of millions. This is a fact, not hyperbole.
    4) Created more division in America than any President in recent history.
    5) Presided over the worst mismanagement of a crisis, covid, in the last 100 years. Causing at least 150k deaths by going against scientific and medical recommendations.

    Somehow Republicans believe giving Americans healthcare is socialism, but having a police force, a federally funded military, social security, and roads built by federal dollars is not socialism. Insurance, by the Republican definition, is socialism. Any mutualization of risk or costs would be socialism, and there are plenty of examples of this in every day life. Sure we need individualism, but we also need to work together and this President is standing in the way of that.

    • Here you go sir:
      1. Update your files, in Sept 2020 top commanders said “there is no corroborating evidence” of the alleged bounty. 0 for 1.
      2. There is no evidence of cheating on his taxes. What was shown by the NYT articles was not his actual taxes and showed tax avoidance not tax evasion. One is criminal, the other is one’s expected duty – pay what you owe, not a penny more. 0 for 2.
      3. Since we don’t have trump’s tax records, I find it hard to believe your ‘fact.’ Furthermore, what is he supposed to do, exempt himself from following the law? The law was passed by elected representatives of the house and senate. He did not write it. It contributed to the best economy on record for minorities and largest gains in wages seen in 50+ years. Those are facts. 0 for 3.
      4. You saying something (and/or the media) doesn’t make it true. The fact is we have been divided for a long, long time. Pres Trump is the first real repudiation of the ruling elites and media and push from the right since at least Reagan. Just because he is exposing the division and giving the whipping boy a voice, doesn’t mean he created or is festering the division. Bullies typically don’t like their victims standing up and fighting back. At best, your argument is incomplete. 0-4.
      5. WHO experts predicted 2.25 million deaths in america. There have been ~220k. That is 2 million lives saved according to experts (unless you don’t believe in science and experts). We live in a republic and not a dictatorship (for now, unless Harris gets in), Trump had no authority to do country-wide lockdowns or anything else. Each state handled its own business. Even countries that did everything ‘right’ (like Italy) are having massive second waves. To pretend the experts know what is going on or how to prevent every death is folly. 0-5.

      Following the consitution is not socialism. Defense and intrastate commerce (roads) are both prescribed duties of the federal gov’t. Few actual conservatives would argue that federal police and social security are not in fact against the aims of the consitution and we would do well to scale back and eliminate them (especially before SS bankrupts the country).

      Have a nice day.

  26. I don’t know why it is so hard for Trump supporters to accept that he is seriously flawed. It’s not a secret because he says the “quiet stuff” right out loud. We know for a fact that he cheated on all three wives, who he then left for the next younger model. He is being sued by 20 plus women for everything from indecent behavior assault. A half dozen of his former associates are in prison!

  27. Trump beat the plague; russia hoax; fake impeachment; a corrupt media; and still delivered us a record economy, including record unemployment for all minorities and women; record tax cuts; no blood in the sand; and has been nominated for 4 noble peace prizes (and counting); and the best part, he works for free; only a fool, when compared to the alternative, a corrupt demented 47 year politician, or someone with true malice, could vote against Trump. It’s that simple, folks

  28. Democrats are only able to lie with impunity because our corrupt media enables, protects and supports them. Without the propaganda media, Democrats would be forced to tell the truth once in a while. I used to wonder how Germany allowed Hitler to rise to power and more importantly how they allowed the Holocaust. But now that I have witnessed the propaganda of our media, I can see how Joseph Goebbels was able to deceive the German people. Goebbels started by calling the Jews privileged, saying that they had all of the money and power. Our corrupt media is copying Goebbels message (with a slightly different target). Their message instead is “white privilege” and “white oppression”. If / when it happens in America, you will know that the Democrats are responsible (just as they are the ones who supported slavery, Jim Crow, the KKK, Planned Parenthood eugenics, etc.). Beware of racist, divisive Democrats. Their goal is to destroy America.

  29. This election has but one parallel; 1932 Germany wherein figurehead Hindenburg first used emergency powers in the face of a divided electorate then turned power over to Hitler the next year. Biden is nothing more than a Trojan Horse installed almost overnight when the powers behind the Democrats realize that Bernie Sanders, avowed socialist, was shredding their cloak of invisibility. If Biden is elected it will not result in the brown shirt BLM and black shirt Antifa standing down…just the opposite.

    The millions of true believers within the false religion Marxianity will be called into the streets to inflict Planned Chaos, Gramsci’s War of Maneuver, violent revolution that will fully explain the “Y’all tired yet?” spray painted on the WW2 Memorial…exhaust Americans until they are crying for peace at which time ‘the voice of reason’ Barack Obama, Marxist messiah, will enter stage very left in his second coming.

    Soon after there will be calls to replace a failed Constitution with a social justice black check like that of South Africa Ruth Bader Ginsberg admired and Obama still does. It is time to stop believing there is no viable plan to united patriots on the right so as to mount massive retaliation against Marxianity;

    The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left. Ecclesiastes 10:2

  30. I am used to my point of view being about 15 degrees counterclockwise and about three feet below the plane of the epilithic. Since “weirdo” is now considered a valid point of view, this weirdo wants to speak.
    Everything I’ve seen from Liberals/Progressives/Socialists/Democrats has been a scaled-up version of the tactics used by my estranged wife when we divorced a decade ago. I am personally tired of the accusations used to cover one’s own sins. I’m tired of the flat-out lies. I am sick of the inversion of “good” and “evil”. I want an end to the excuse of “Trump did…” when the actual crime is nowhere near Mr. Trump. I am sick of being punished for someone else’s wrongdoing, with the punishment never coming to an end since the aggrieved party is never satisfied. “History” shouldn’t be a bludgeon, and I am completely disgusted as it, and almost everything else, has been tainted by being used as a method to corrode the soul of this nation.
    Enough! The United States already has mechanisms for dealing with this sort of junk. I want to see them mobilized to destroy those that would pulverize my beloved country.