How Big Tech Masks COVID-19 Realities

Since the early stages of the coronavirus crisis, any viewpoint or research running afoul of the accepted doctrine conceived by the credentialed class has been censored.

Social media platforms, internet search engines, and other monopolistic guardians of information decided at the very beginning that they would determine which content would be available for public consumption; “false claims or conspiracy theories that have been flagged by leading global health organizations and local health authorities that could cause harm to people who believe them” would be subjected to Facebook’s reject button, according to a January 2020 statement released by the company.

Twitter announced it would prompt users to follow “credible, authoritative information” on the virus. None other than the World Health Organization, the agency that has flubbed the pandemic every step of the way, partnered with Twitter to judge what is credible and what is not.

A YouTube video produced in March by Dr. John Ioannidis, an early critic of the government’s handling of the virus, was removed for violating the company’s terms of service. Another widely-viewed video featuring two California emergency room doctors describing their experiences with people suffering the consequences of lockdowns and the emerging data about the virus’ lethality met the same fate in April. Ditto for a July video that showed several doctors condemning the detrimental effects of the lockdowns and promoting the reopening of schools and businesses nationwide.

Posts about hydroxychloroquine, including a tweet by the president’s son, are also banned. The president’s tweet earlier this month claiming the flu is as deadly as COVID-19 was flagged by Twitter for “spreading misleading and potentially harmful information” about the virus.

But the only thing that’s “harmful” to the public as this crisis continues is the suppression of information that—based on data, research, and experience—contradicts what the public has been brainwashed to believe. 

The left-leaning scientific and public health community decided back in January what the accepted “facts” would be; nine months later, even as we know much more about how the virus spreads, who it impacts, and how to manage it, dissent is not permitted.

“It’s a combination of Orwell and Kafka,” Dr. Scott Atlas, the president’s new coronavirus advisor, told me during a lengthy call Sunday afternoon. The Stanford fellow and public policy expert is under fire from coronanoia propagandists for bringing some common sense and common decency to the debate. It is Atlas who now has the president’s ear while Drs. Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx are justifiably on the outs.

Atlas discovered early Sunday morning that Twitter removed two of his tweets critical of mask mandates. The first tweet included, as Atlas explained, studies from Oxford’s Center for Evidence Based Medicine, the WHO, and the Centers for Disease Control as well as observational examples from Miami-Dade, Los Angeles County, Hawaii, and several countries where cases are rising despite near-universal mask use. To clarify that his point concerned government-imposed mask mandates, Atlas subtweeted his initial tweet to clarify that his position aligned with the president’s.

“Use masks for their intended purpose—when close to others, especially hi risk. Otherwise social distance. No widespread mask mandates,” Atlas tweeted. But Twitter nonetheless purged the original tweet for violating its rules.

The blue bird’s expurgator failed to identify which precise “rule” Atlas broke. Nor did the platform dispute Atlas’ accurate conclusions that plenty of cities and counties are seeing lots of positive tests even though residents have been wearing masks for the better part of half the year. Twitter also did not challenge the WHO or CDC comments that Atlas cited.

“That’s a common sense policy on how to use masks,” Atlas said. “But it’s contrary to widespread obsession with masks and the narrative that we typically hear from the media. Twitter will not allow evidence even with quotes.”

Face coverings aren’t just a public obsession but a hot-button campaign issue. All-powerful Democratic and Republican office holders routinely blurt “wear a mask!” orders at powerless constituents. During last week’s dueling town hall meetings, Trump and Biden faced questions about mask use at the onset; Biden has suggested, then flip-flopped, then suggested again he would impose a national mask mandate if elected. He’s on the quasi-campaign trail wearing two masks at a time.

But the science on masks is far from settled. Experts such as Fauci are now backtracking on their initial opposition to mask use; the media’s coronavirus darling is attempting to rewrite history to downplay his early objections. 

“Contrary to what we thought, masks really do work,” Fauci said during a glowing “60 Minutes” profile segment that aired Sunday night. “It became clear that cloth coverings . . . and not necessarily a surgical mask or an N95, cloth covering work.” With this, Fauci pulled out a homemade-looking mask, put his fingers all over it, put it on for the camera, took it off, and stuffed it back in his suit pants pocket. Science!

There is no controlled study examining whether face masks, especially the bespoke kind that most people wear, are effective in stopping the spread of infected COVID droplets by asymptomatic carriers—a claim that is itself without hard proof. (Fauci opposes a controlled trial, he said, because it would allow people not to wear masks.) A Danish scientist who has conducted the only known study on masks and COVID-19 told Alex Berenson, a former New York Times reporter and lockdown critic, that his study would be available “as soon as a journal is brave enough,” to publish it, implying the results would contradict current mask dogma.

Roughly half the recent studies cited by the CDC as evidence of the efficacy of mask wearing were authored by Chinese authorities.

Despite what Silicon Valley’s Democratic Party oligarchs believe, or want their users to believe, we continue to learn more and more about the complexities of this virus. It is completely inimical to science to think that the groupthink that besieged us back in March and April should still apply today.

Further, the mitigation strategies must be considered in their full context. The side effects of the scientific community’s premature prescription to COVID-19 are as bad, if not worse, than the disease itself. This is what keeps Atlas up at night and keeps him working amid the external and internal forces aligned against him.

He choked up telling me about two emails he received on Friday. A woman encouraged him to keep fighting; her husband had committed suicide that week from the consequences of the lockdown. Another woman emailed Atlas to commend him for his advocacy because her teenage daughter also had attempted suicide for the same reason. 

“They are desperate and begging me not to give up,” Atlas, a Chicago native, told me. “I cannot quit because so many people are desperate for me to speak the truth. They have nobody. These people pushing lockdowns have massive blood on their hands.” He receives hundreds of emails a day from suffering Americans and others all over the world, and has for months.

Atlas didn’t name names—unlike his fellow White House Coronavirus Task Force colleagues who are orchestrating media hit jobs to discredit him and the president by extension—but referred to the “massive egos” of public health officials publicly invested in the inhumane, unscientific strategy to keep schools and business closed down regardless of the lasting damage. 

“Public health leaders in the United States are destroying the country and killing people. But their reputations are on the line, their stature depends on coverage by their friends in the media, they made predictions without a full understanding of what’s going on,” he told me.

The country, Atlas said, is in dangerous territory if people who show data contrary to conventional wisdom are silenced. 

“This will mark the downfall of the United States if censorship of information is allowed,” he lamented. “It honestly is the end of the country.”

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19 responses to “How Big Tech Masks COVID-19 Realities”

  1. Masks have become the Linus blanket for a nation of (increasingly) neurotic hypocondriacs. Years from now, looking back on this crazy year, we’ll have to resort to anthropology rather than immunology to study why so many were so ready to walk around with a maxipad over their faces.

    It has become a form of ersatz ethos, a “pandemical correctness” all of its own. It’s living in a bubble supersized. Treating passers-by like lepers and keeping them at a distance like enemies. No wonder our overlords like it. Stay home (with your mask on, of course), and have Amazon Alexa as your only true friend.


    • Excellent comments. The comment about the soothing voice AI is insightful. We must be wise to the fact that our tech overlords are recording our conversations through these devices and tracking everything that we do with our electronics. One day, we will see people who will NOT know what to do unless they talk to her. And what will she be telling them then. Just sayin’.

  2. It’s amazing that Fauci has any following at all, he has flipflopped more than Biden. But the author is correct, these people – the bureaucrats have self anointed themselves as all knowing, need their status more than anything. In addition, they need the lockdown to help with this election as well as power over us, the truly deplorables.

    The stages of pride:
    1. Vanity – we seek the adulation and admiration from others
    2. Apathy or Ignorance – we forget that we need God. We wander through life thinking God is not necessary.
    3. Neglect – people know about God but they think they don’t need God in their lives
    4. Self righteousness – people begin to look down on others

  3. The downfall of the US —and Western Civilization, more broadly — is already upon us. Some of us just recognize it earlier than others.

  4. Not that long ago, stomach ulcers were thought to be caused by stress. Now we know that it actually is bacteria that cause it. That knowledge would have been forbidden to be discussed at the time. That is the problem with “science”. There is an exceedingly high probability that it is wrong.

  5. “Since the early stages of the coronavirus crisis, any viewpoint or research running afoul of the accepted doctrine conceived by the credentialed class has been censored.”
    No, Julie, as implied by your own article, plenty of members of the credentialed class, many with credentials as impressive as that of Dr. Ioannidis (C.F. Rehnborg Professor in Disease Prevention. Professor of Health Research and Policy in the Stanford University School of Medicine), have dissented from the beginning. It’s the software engineering geeks at Facebook and Twitter and the journalism majors in the legacy media, who have no credentials in any kind of science, but are well versed in fashionable Modern Marxism, who let the public hear only from their experts. The American gatekeepers of information choose the experts you get to hear from exactly the same way as American trial lawyers (who share their attitudes and ignorance) do, for their willingness to ‘make a case’ for them. There are big rewards for being their kind of experts, or ‘trained seals’ as the lawyers contemptuously refer to them.
    Of course, sometimes even the experts anointed by the media elite step out of line and say something they’re not supposed to. For example, the CDC and WHO have finally recommended that the children simply be allowed to go to school, as they have been all over Europe since June. Then the left wing media simply fail to pass that information on to the public.

  6. The scars of intentional infliction of suffering, heartache and pain will last and will not soon be forgotten. The power hungry craven idiots who have forced this on our free society have awakened another aspect of our personalities. And that is anger! These thieves have taken apart the social fabric at every level of our culture, and it’s clear that they have no intention of letting us “get back to normal”. The incessant “new normal” indoctrination messages contained in corporate promotions is disgusting and criminal. These entities are “all in” to eliminate that culture we enjoyed just seven months ago. The cause of the people needs a champion and they are very, very hard to find. I’m thinking that this is going to be changing soon.

  7. Well done. An excellent summary of the insanity and LACK of science. Thank you very much. Now it’s a “casedemic” with no context or data analysis. Everything is a RECORD! Thank God for the other voices.

  8. Covid is a very serious global public health issue. It is shameful those most responsible for public safety do not educate themselves as to Swiss Policy Research on this subject. Here are the top five ways they say our leaders have been misguided:

    #1. Talking about “cases” as if these were sick people is misguided.

    #2. Talking about Infection Fatality Rates (lethality) without distinguishing between the general population and nursing homes, as well as early and late pandemic phase, is misguided.

    #3. Saying covid is “worse than the flu”, without saying for whom, is misguided.

    #4. Saying epidemiological models have been accurate and helpful, is also misguided.

    #5. Therefore saying the recession is “due to covid”, as opposed to political over-reaction from inaccurate models is likewise misguided.

    Given all the misguided policy towards COVID it is highly likely that continuing to keep people from exposing their immune systems to a diverse ecosystem of living organisms will weaken it to more common pathogens.

    In short, we may want to consider how the continued tampering with the natural order of life could come back to bite us hard. If our local leaders don’t want to own these difficult discussions, we need to vote the Jackasses out of office so we can move forward in the most prudent manner possible.

  9. The Rockefeller Foundation National Testing and Contact Tracing Plan for COVID 19 specifically calls for immediate action to “Combat rumors and misinformation by working directly with media and social media to encourage direct and \ speedy correction of mistakes or falsehoods—and to counter the flood of bad information with a steady stream of stories about communities and individuals taking positive action, which promotes wider adoption of those behaviors”.

    In summary they advocate censorship of any opinion that goes against their narrative. They want to flood media outlets with propaganda to counter information they don’t like. They get to decide what is a “mistake and falsehood or bad information”.

  10. Thank God for Dr. Scott Atlas! And Trump finally waking up from his Fony Fauci-Birx stupor.

  11. Last March, after the first few weeks of panic, I saw a video on youtube of empty emergency rooms which contradicted the MSM stories of overflowing hospitals. I didn’t believe the videos so I decided to check the emergency rooms in Edmonton. They were empty! Emergency vehicles were lined up outside not in use.
    I started researching online and came upon The 12 scholars who were not in agreement of the status quo and the rest is history.
    I am a stay at home mom not a scientist or doctor or nurse. But raising children has taught me that you just can’t except what you hear without proof.
    My greatest concern is that the majority of people have not bothered to delve into this when their jobs and futures are at stake. It is blind obedience without question. The information is there for all to see. so why, why do the majority of people not see? It is right in front of them.

    It is not covid -19 that makes me feel isolated it is the absolute compliance of people in my community who I can’t even talk to about this and there doesn’t seem to be anything I can do.
    If it weren’t for the courageous doctors and scientists who have spoken out I might think I was crazy.

    So thank you to all of you.

  12. Atlas is doing vital work, but this doesn’t end without force. Those responsible for thousands of deaths due to lockdowns and silencing contrary information need to be prosecuted and executed

  13. This is nothing more than a test to see how much control we allow these democrat communist to have… These democrat communist of today want to control us from cradle to grave from what we say,to what we think, to what we earn and who or what we worship and on and on it goes with the rules and laws…. Take off those masks, celebrate thxgiving, have parties, be free..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!