They Are Ready This Time—But So Are We

At some point in these pages, I have had occasion to quote both Walter Scott’s famous admonitory couplet (from his narrative poem Marmion): 

Oh, what a tangled web we weave

When first we practise to deceive!

And this excellent completion by J. R. Pope (“A Word of Encouragement”):

But when we’ve practiced for a while,

How vastly we improve our style!

Both main chapters of the anti-Trump fraternity—the to-the-manor-born aristocracy of left-wing political operatives who oppose Republicans reflexively and the life-peers, so to speak, of the NeverTrump gaggle, who just hate Donald Trump—have been practicing assiduously since at least 2016. 

Back then, and for some years following, the forces arrayed against Trump were formidable but complaisant. First, everyone knew that Hillary was going to win, so although Trump was thoroughly disreputable, he was also eminently ignorable since he could never win the election. 

When, by some drastic failure of the electorate, Trump did win, the complacency was only partially modified by the ensuing shock, followed soon after by rage. Robert Mueller would get him, good and hard, and as the dawn raids, indictments, and jail sentences piled up, many confident predictions floated up about the imminent demise of the Trump Administration. 

As victory continued to elude the anti-Trump forces, they gradually lost their complacency. The preposterous impeachment trial ginned up by the Democrats to punish Trump for talking on the telephone to the Ukrainian president was probably never intended to destroy Trump so much as hobble him in advance of the 2020 election. But the impeachment trial did reveal the incontinent fanaticism of the Left, their willingness to say anything, to do anything, to get their way. 

The coronavirus lockdowns and tyranny of the health police: that has been one part concern about public safety and 99 parts political weaponization of a crisis. The Antifa and Black Lives Matter riots and the surrounding orgy of racialist intimidation, on one side, and craven public penance, on the other, have been deployed as yet another prop in the campaign against Trump. Do you want the riots to stop? Remove the Bad Orange Man from the public square. “Nice little country you have there. Pity if something were to happen to it.”

And now that we are on the home stretch to the election—only two and a bit weeks to go—we see the full panoply of this fully operational anti-Trump Death Star on view. 

The media, in lockstep behind the anti-Trump narrative. Big Tech, eager to suppress, censor, skew, and dissemble to poison the well of public sentiment against the president. Recent efforts by Twitter and Facebook to “slow the spread” of revelations about Hunter Biden’s excellent Ukrainian adventure in influence peddling and self-dealing have been breathtaking and pointless. 

They are breathtaking because they illustrate the desperate-measures-for-desperate-straits mentality that has gripped the anti-Trump community. It’s not just that Mark Zuckerberg and his Chinese-American wife have poured $250 million into defeating Trump; he also used Facebook to limit any pro-Trump messaging. Twitter locked the account of the New York Post, America’s oldest newspaper and still the fifth-largest, because the paper had the temerity to publish news damaging to Joe Biden. The company has also intervened against the president’s own Twitter account and that of his press secretary, limiting their reach. 

In brief, the assault against Donald Trump, involving deceit and the dissemination of disinformation on an industrial scale, has shed its reflexive complacency and evolved into a monolithic, caterwauling tsunami of by-any-means-necessary hatred. 

A man who was beneath contempt and who moreover posed an existential threat to their political sinecures and the security of their tribe had been catapulted into the actual seat of power. Adding injury to the insult, he had also determined to wield that power, rolling back the regulatory state that was responsible for so many of their perquisites and sources of patronage. 

Trump also had, mirabile maledictu, used his constitutional powers to intervene in such cherished Petri dishes as academia. Imagine! Trump’s secretary of education actually going after institutions like Princeton and Yale for fostering the woke racialist policies of politically correct discrimination even as his foreign policy ended wars and remade the Middle East, an achievement that stands in such embarrassing contrast to their own legacy of failure. 

It was simply not to be borne. 

Donald Trump is socially and aesthetically impossible. That is reason enough to despise him. But he has also been assiduous about keeping his promises. He said he would move our embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. But presidents have been saying that since at least Bill Clinton. The Senate even passed a resolution demanding it. No one dared because, it was said, it would set the Middle East ablaze. “The Arab Street” would explode. But Trump did it and what happened? It turned out to be the prelude not to war, but to peace. A year or so later, Trump brokered the world-historical deal between the United Arab Emirates and Israel, itself the prelude to burgeoning comity among nations in the Middle East.

Trump’s economic policies crushed unemployment, especially among blacks and Hispanics; in the era B.C.—before coronavirus—both groups saw their unemployment numbers at historic lows while wages at the lower end were rising. The stock market—and the peoples’ retirement plans—also soared to historic heights even as taxes for the vast majority—something like 85 percent—of taxpayers went down because of Trump’s tax cuts. 

Trump promised to nominate judges in the mold of Antonin Scalia—that is to say, judges who would interpret the law, not use the bench to promulgate social policy; he has seen some 300 confirmed, not to mention two, soon to be three, Supreme Court justices. 

He promised to rebuild the military: he has spent a few trillion dollars doing just that, not only upgrading the nation’s arsenal but also investing heavily in increased wages for our military personnel. 

Donald Trump, like George Washington, and like every president until Woodrow Wilson, put America first. That meant trade policies that sought the best deal for American workers—free trade where possible, fair trade as an irreducible demand. 

And of course “America First” is about more than trade policy. At its core it is about saying “yes” to what used to be called the American creed, the conviction, spelled out in the Declaration of Independence, that, as a matter of moral prerogative, all men are created equal and should be treated as individuals. This conviction has an historical as well as an educational component, as was signaled both by Trump’s executive order banning the teaching of “critical race theory” (i.e., Marxist dogma) in federal agencies and his establishment of the 1776 Commission to celebrate America’s founding vision.

The irrefragable truth is that Donald Trump has kept more campaign promises than any president in memory. It is possible, of course, that you do not want what he promised: peace through strength, prosperity, less burdensome government, pride in America, an impartial judiciary. But, I submit, if you approve of those things then the irresistible conclusion is that Donald Trump has presided over the most successful first term in recent history—maybe ever. 

So, given all this, what does the hysterical and monolithic opposition to Donald Trump signify? What does the extensive and unremitting erasure of his achievements, of the public record of his words and deeds, mean? 

Partly, it is a matter of power politics. Trump was elected without the permission and over the strenuous objections of the left-wing commissariat and their adjutants in the rancid levies of the GOP and throughout the world of culture and the media. 

But the challenge to the president involves something in addition to the Hobbesian or Machiavellian calculus of political advantage. It also involves the presumption of an existential election. Indeed, that presumption seems to me to undergird the grubby jockeying for advantage that is always part of the political process. 

Hillary Clinton famously or infamously spoke of a large swath of the American populace as an “irredeemable” “basket of deplorables.” Armed with that conviction, her political heirs think it merely business as usual, simply the working out of public virtue, to do “whatever it takes” to dispose of so tainted an opponent, even if doing so requires their complicity in the destruction of everything that underwrites American strength, freedom, and prosperity. 

The good news is that we deplorables have noticed their machinations and are prepared to challenge their assault not only at the ballot box but also on their preferred theater of operation. I am confident that Donald Trump will win handily on November 3. If I am correct, but the Democrats refuse to acknowledge defeat, do not expect their opponents to go gently into that good night. 

About Roger Kimball

Roger Kimball is editor and publisher of The New Criterion and the president and publisher of Encounter Books. He is the author and editor of many books, including The Fortunes of Permanence: Culture and Anarchy in an Age of Amnesia (St. Augustine's Press), The Rape of the Masters (Encounter), Lives of the Mind: The Use and Abuse of Intelligence from Hegel to Wodehouse (Ivan R. Dee), and Art's Prospect: The Challenge of Tradition in an Age of Celebrity (Ivan R. Dee).

Photo: Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

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93 responses to “They Are Ready This Time—But So Are We”

  1. “critical race theory” (i.e., Marxist dogma)

    You know, I’ve actually encountered simon-pure diehard keepers of the Old Time Marxist Religion who despise that as heresy. It replaces economics as the sole motor of history, and class as the central factor. I suppose that, strictly speaking, they have a point.

  2. No they wont go peacefully, but they will go. That is why we have a 2nd ammendment.

    • The Democrats accepted the result of the 00 and 16 elections even though they won the popular vote.
      Given the pandemic people are using mail in (like the president) so there’s a strong chance the result will be contested, particularly with the president’s defunding of the postal service.
      You’re threatening violence.
      And you think they’re the bad guys? You deserve Trump.
      PS I’m not American so I don’t have a horse in this race.

      • If you aren’t American, then kindly STFU. I wonder how many other countries would welcome an American on their nightly news or comedy shows, railing with partisan bias, on a daily basis,, against one side of their political spectrum.

      • The Democrats did ‘not, except either election. In 2000, 2016 they cheated , and lost.
        In 2018 they really cheated and won back the house. Check Orange county in California.
        Your use of defunding the Post Office is laughable. If you look a little deeper, the cheaters ‘are’ Americans mostly. There do seem to be a large group of Muslim immigrants getting caught lately.
        They are also American citizens.
        The Middle class of the US is the most power single group of human beings in the world. You are in the world, correct? At full employment we consume 45% of commerce in the world, and we are armed.
        Here is where the rubber meets the road, we have no desire to countrol anybody but our selves as individuals. We were born within a set of laws. Laws that created the most civilized way of life in history.
        The wealthiest people of African descent are Americans, the only Muslim people, free to worship their faith with security, is the US. I could go on. My point is the middle class of America is fine with all of these virtues our country offers, until you want to take away ours. This has been going on for 5 decades. Those 50 years a man named Donald Trump, watched this happen. He’s been complaining about for 50 years. You’re right we deserve him. He will quit sending our sons to die, halfway around the world, just to die. He will fight for our health and safety, and those laws that have worked so well for 200 years.
        Where ever you live in the free world, a healthy fully employed middle class in America will bring you good fortune. We want that for you.

      • maybe the author of this article doesn’t understand, the Demorats aren’t in the White House. They can demonstrate as they did after Trump won the last election which is their constitutional right [you remember that don’t you] but there ain’t much they could do. Now if as many think is possible Trump cheats or sends his minions to intimidate voters , they can use the courts but they have been stacked by Trump cronies, The more real possibility is Trump sits in the Oval office and refuses to accept the decision of the individual states whow are tasked with counting the ballots and appointing the electors. He may try and take that to the courts\’s and with justices as corrupt as Thomas and Alito who knows. I doubt if that would happen but there is nothing that wouldn’t surprise me about this grossly corrupt man and the current Republican party

      • Here in Seattle a policeman was nearly burned alive when I touch was thrown into his squad car. In Portland the anti-Trump forces have attacked everyone who dares to wear a trump hat, 14 policemen we barricaded in a police building, the doors blocked and fires set in an effort to kill them all. We see violence perpetrated daily, not by Republicans, not by Trump supporters, but by Democrats and anti-‘Trumpers. Eventually decent people get fed up and arm themselves. The next step is to fight back. To do otherwise is to deny basic human nature.

      • The left has already perpetrated violence and promises more . We are drawing throwing down the gauntlet and simply saying enough ! And thank you for beleiving we are worthy of Trump , its a compliment . You have no idea of what is actually going on behind all the censorship and propaganda unless you do and then piss off !

      • Guido said…: I’m not American so I don’t have a horse in this race..”
        So with respect SHUT UP and BUD OUT! Let Americans! decide American elections and American (not your) leaders.
        You don’t pay American taxes, you don’t know American history, you have no idea what the USA’s flag means it’s colors, its stars and stripes, the # of stars, the # of stripes, you have never been moved to tears by seeing an American flag raised, your don’t know our history, our Civil War, our country’s culture (yes we have a distinct one), and you have never been moved to tears by experiencing the horror of 9/11, and the heroes of United Flight 93, not the sadness of seeing a fallen American soldier come home from battle with that flag draper over his/her coffin. So again silence ‘Guido’, your opinions are out of line and not needed or wanted by any American.
        Just like I wouldn’t even comment on Italian or whatever foreign land you are from and your elections and rotating band of prime ministers and ‘coalition’ governments – nor should you comment on American elections. THAT IS FOR AMERICANS MYSELF INCLUDED TO DECIDE.

      • That you are not American was highly evident even before you said so, since your starting points for your points is leftist dogma. There is no such thing as a “popular vote” for the Presidency any more than there is one for the Senate. This is a media invention. Presidents are elected by the several states, not by the people; in fact states are under no obligation to even hold an election, the legislature can simply vote to award their electoral votes as they see fit (and historically some done precisely this).

        Voting by mail has several serious anti-democratic elements and should not be supported by the President of his budgetary priorities. Chief among these is that it becomes impossible to ensure the secret nature of a ballot, and thus does not protect against coercion or vote purchasing. While some tiny risk was entertained by absentee ballotting, this was limited by need and therefore too small to attract significant efforts to de-base voting along those lines.

        As for the alleged threat of violence, to the extent it exists, it is conditional. This is one of the reasons why a second amendment exists; in the event democratic and consitutional process are subverted to the point of no longer functioning and the natural rights of man are threatened, the people are not obliged to peacefully acccept tyrrany just because they got out-lawyered.

        Yes, they are the bad guys, and yes the good guys do deserve Trump.

      • The democrats accepted the results of the 2016 election? Seriously, where have you been?

      • America has never elected a president based on popular vote. Not once, ever. We are a Constitutional Republic, not a “rule by the mob” Democracy. What you or others think of this is immaterial to the fact.

      • PS I’m not American so I don’t have a horse in this race.

        Well then you should go quietly into the night bc with no horse in this race your personal comments are nothing short of irrelevant.


    • I will never submit, I was born for this battle.

      Have faith; the God of Sinai can end all existence with a word and change all human understanding in just five seconds…two weeks is a virtual eternity.

      • The God of Sinai is extremely unhappy with Satan’s Pawn, Trump. Do you think that upon entering Heaven, that a Christian is shown all the sins he was unaware that he committed? Is there any sort of reckoning for those? Does it go something like this? “Welcome to heaven, my faithful servant, let me explain to you now how voting for those aligned with The Devil harmed the world”.

    • I got news for you. The second amendment protects us too.

    • No, that’s not why the 2nd amendment is there. It’s there for well regulated militias. That doesn’t mean you and your beer guzzling moronic friends going wild when you imagine you have a reason. Trump is the only one who has questioned if he will accept the outcome. He’s been convincing his ignorant base that if he doesn’t win it was a setup. Another lie from the con man in chief. He is the most unpopular President in recent history and his base has not expanded. He will lose the popular vote by a higher number than last time and he will lose the electoral college.

      • Hillary recommended, publically, that Biden never concede.

      • LOL Tom Anderson – You are nothing but another arrogant intolerant lib contending that you are smarter than Trump supporters. Hey pal, I have 2 degrees an MBA and Bachelor’s of engineering degrees and I’m working on my 3rd million in assets – that’s makes me more educated and worth more than 98% of your so-called ‘intelligent’ Democrats. And I’d crawl over shards of glass to vote for Trump AGAIN. He’s been a fantastic success economically, in foreign affairs, the stock market, job growth, home ownership, middle east peace, peace through strength, respect from Iran and NoKo and China – respect LOST via Biden-Obama bumbling and appeasement and flying over billions of pallets of cash as ransom, and now Operation Warp Speed via Trump will deliver COVID-19 vaccines inside of a few months. All the while you support and vote for a merry band of globalist sell American workers out to China, Ukraine covid hysteria lockdown tyrants moving from 1 lie (Russia hoax) to another to another. The #1 lunatic idea of many of democrats is that THEY are smarter than conservatives and populists – only in their pea brains and government dependency does that idea ring true.

      • That is materially false. The second amendment establishes an individual right to bear arms indepentent and irrespective of a militia.

        This was the explicit finding of SCOTUS (Supreme Court of The United States) based on the explicit language of the amendment, and the context in which it was written and approved.

        Specifically, the court found……..

        1) The Second Amendment protects an individual right to possess a firearm unconnected with service in a militia

        2) The Amendment’s prefatory clause announces a purpose, but does not limit or expand the scope of the second part, the operative clause. The operative clause’s text and history demonstrate that it connotes an individual right to keep and bear arms.

        3) The prefatory clause comports with the Court’s interpretation of the operative clause. The “militia” comprised all males physically capable of acting in concert for the common defense. The Antifederalists feared that the Federal Government would disarm the people in order to disable this citizens’ militia, enabling a politicized standing army or a select militia to rule. The response was to deny Congress power to abridge the ancient right of individuals to keep and bear arms, so that the ideal of a citizens’ militia would be preserved.

      • “No, that’s not why the 2nd amendment is there. It’s there for well regulated militias. ”

        These first two garbage sentences expose why reading the rest of your post is a complete waste of time.

      • Tom… if this is such a certainty among Biden supporters, or should I say “Trump haters”, perhaps you have some insight on why your Party would intentionally add a factor into the election that guarantees a dispute about the validity of the vote in multiple states? It isn’t logical for a winning candidate to ask for such headaches.
        I think your confidence comes from a media that the rest of us ignore. You are going to lose, refuse to accept it, and then all hell is going to break loose. This writer is correct… we will not leave quietly. We’ve had such a lovely 4-year preceptorship from our friends on the Left.

      • you’re in for a YUUUUGE disappointment in a few weeks, Tommy boy.

    • Here’s the difference. If Biden wins, there will be no “public unrest.” If Trump pulls this out, you can bet your life the cities will go up in flames (again). So, yes, the Democrats may accept defeat. However, their surrogates in the cities will not.

      • The Kids in the cities don’t have resources to oppose unless funded and equipped. So the question arises, by Who?
        We know the Globalist elites are funding the subversives, so no , you don’t get to claim you accepted the elections and it’s the Kids that are upset.

  3. “The good news is that we deplorables have noticed their machinations and are prepared to challenge their assault not only at the ballot box but also on their preferred theater of operation. ”

    Drawing a blank What is their preferred theater of operation? The media? We have no chance there.

    • You can’t hear the dog whistle? He’s talking about murderous mobs – the ones he’s in favor of. He’ll hide out, throwing gasoline on the fire from his gated neighborhood. What a patriot.

  4. We have had a House Speaker that has been crippling the administration with impeachment exercises as well as stopping the Covid 1984 relief to Americans. We must get the House back as these children will continue to poison our government, slow down Trump’s policies and stand in the way of American prosperity.

    We need to fight ballot harvesting and vote fraud. It’s all over the country right now. We must get back our country forever, not just this election.

    • Please explain to me how the Speaker of the house stopped an COVID relief to the states. Seeing as there were TWO house bills passed in the House. specifically ment to provide extended COVID relief to all Americans. Those two bills are still sitting on Mitch McConnell’s desk.

      • She stopped it by adding $3.5 Trillion in pork to failed Democrat Utopias like Illinois.
        Lets do some now racist math.
        3 Trillion (her latest ask) is $10,000 per person. You get $1200 of that. Where does the other 88% go?

        $0.5 T (the Senate bill) is $1500 per person. How about that …

      • Bailing out the states for their in-your-face theft had everything to do with McConnell not moving the House bills forward.

      • You mean the 2 House Bills that were chocked full of pork spending (aka poison pills)? San Fran Nan hasn’t been serious about COVID19 relief, kinda like she isn’t serious about her responsibilities as Speaker Of The House.

      • Amusing. I always laugh when you all use these sort of stupid lines. You know full well that those two bills are stuffed full of pork that has nothing to do with Covid.

        What does banking access for the weed industry have to do with Covid?

      • Both of those bills are pork laden wish lists stuffed full of democrat agenda.
        Most of the funding has nothing to do with helping people survive the economic downturn.
        It’s all about funding the left and advancing their agenda.

        That stopped the bills. That is Pelosi’s fault.

        Some examples:
        Proposed fuel emissions standards for Airlines
        Pay off student loans
        Changes to voting laws
        Increase union collective bargaining power
        Wind and Solar tax credits
        Federal and corporate racial and gender data gathering requirements
        Post Office bail out
        More non-immigrant visas
        Goodies for illegal aliens
        Money for Planned Parenthood
        and on and on and on …


      Great video someone sent to me earlier today. It principally concerns Biden, but I got to thinking about Pelosi as well. Uncle Joe has always been a tool, and I think faith has always been for show. Although she wasn’t mentioned in the video, I think Pelosi is a different case. While it’s true that she’s happy to talk up her Catholic faith, I actually believe her when she says she prays. After watching her over the last couple of years, I think the contradictions at work between her religious and political commitments may be eating away at her on the inside. She doesn’t look well, and since she caved to the squad a year or so back I think she has sounded less and less reasonable. She is not well.

      So pray for Nancy Pelosi. She needs it. Pray for Biden, too, I guess, because it’s wrong to despair of someone’s salvation entirely. The man is the very definition of useful idiot, but Pelosi seems about ready to crack, which would actually be the best thing for her.

  5. “Indeed, that presumption seems to me to undergird the grubby jockeying for advantage that is always part of the political process. ”

    Better put, never.

  6. “They Are Ready This Time—But So Are We”
    I wish that I shared your confidence. Even if Biden is forced to concede electoral defeat, the financiers, virtue signalers and foot soldiers behind the current insurrection will not. What is, today, a low grade dump fire will erupt across the nation in ways that no one has anticipated. Frankly, I don’t think anyone is prepared for what is to come. Think of 2016-2020 as an extended “spring training” session for the overthrow of America as we once knew it.

    • The odds are not overwhelmingly good. But a Trump win would indeed be a truly exceptionally positive wake up call for half the nation. Their “everyone is a racist” worldview is like a pimple. It has festered long enough and desperately needs to get popped.

    • Trump has long overthrown the America as was once known at least the America that has seen fits and starts of progress since 1932

  7. 1619 Project?
    490 BC Project?
    If Biden wins I’m thinking 1789 Project.

    • Robespierre once believer 1789 was a good year for France. But then the Revolution starting devouring its own, including him. Liberals take not

  8. The Far Left ought to win this election handily.
    Consider all the shrieking shrews on Twitter and other media platforms spitting venomous abuse at anyone who fails to endorse warmly their every Far Left theme and policy-position.
    What else do the overwhelming majority of human beings ever yearn for but to be harangued by howling harridans?
    The contest must be in the bag for them.

  9. Get yourselves together. Stack it in neat little piles. No one is coming to save you. Everything is your own responsibility. Save who needs saving. Don’t save who shouldn’t be saved. ( interpret that one as you should). Always be planning, working, teaching, training, preparing. Whatever the aggrieved do after/because of the election may indeed be the wrong thing, so be ready for anything, and think local, local, local. Whatever happens on the national stage is important, but what happens in your neck of the woods is lethal. Be sure of your targets before you pull that trigger, and what is beyond them, or don’t pull it. If (When) you hear gunfire in your neighborhood, or not far away, harden your heart, and prepare to defend yourself. If you see people wandering in your neighborhood and hear gunfire, they’re not out collecting for the Red Cross. Find out and employ the differences between Cover and Concealment. Don’t fire unless you actually have a target to shoot at. Running out of ammo will be your last bad decision. Having some food to eat that doesn’t come from the generosity (!) of local govt. makes you independent. Don’t lose heart. It always looks worse than it is.

  10. Excellent article. The US voter will have the last say and I have faith that the majority are smart enough to vote for the one who will do best for everyone in this country. I am a Independent Voter and have voted for both parties in the past. I have already voted and voted straight Republican and did write ins for local elections where only a Democrat was running . I will never vote for a Democrat again. They have shown their true colors after the last election. Four long years of harassment of an eclectic President is enough.

    • I don’t have that kind of faith.
      I live in MA and talk to the people who vote Dem no matter what.
      Their indoctrination is pure, and their hate of me and you is quite palpable.
      Team Blue and Team Red. Logic and common sense doesn’t seem to factor in these days.

  11. Will they go peacefully? Ha! That is why guns and ammo are so hard to get right now. We KNOW they won’t go quietly. If Trump wins, as I expect he will, watch the cities burn, baby! The BLM riots will look like a picnic. in comparison.

    • The ONLY people threatening violence if their candidate doesn’t win is your right wing nut jobs who can’t accept the REALITY that you are a minority. The majority of the nation has seen that Trump is an awful President, an awful person and a con man. He is not likely to win, but he is likely to sue and cheat, just like he has done on ALL of his wives.

      • Trump’s a moron who says stupid things and shoots himself in the foot every time – you all, you’re way worse in every way possible. You’re starkly authoritarian (demanding everyone bow to your ideological purity else face punishment) and completely drowned in poisonously divisive identity politics nuttery that demonizes an entire portion of the population (I guess we’re back to the old sins of ‘fathers’ type of behavior, eh?).

        You’re just worse. I’ll vote Trump only to keep you all out of power.

      • Are you “Progressives” really as downright moronic and delusional and deceitful (or self-deceiving) as you sound, or are you simply so pre-programmed by the Narrative that has been relentlessly shoved into your cranial cavity since you were defecating in your diapers that you cannot see beyond the brain-dead matrix you have been imprisoned in for your entire life. Your comment is so rote, so devoid of content… the usual sophomoric Talking Points (“right wing nut jobs”, Orange Man Bad, Trump will cheat… because he has cheated on his wives)… the mewing of a low-IQ imbecile. Have you looked at Biden’s record? His corruption and incompetence? His family’s graft and greed? His constant lies about his academic records? His incessant and humuliating plagiarism? His crack-addicted son’s grifting? His rape of Tara Reid? His cheating on his wife? His 47 years of nothing but shameless opportunism? Are you living in such a self-inflicted cocoon of imbecility that you cannot see that this senile old fraud is but a Hologram… an empty, broken vessel for the neo-Marxists now running you party? What a pathetic cretin you must be. Go study your history, your Bill of Rights, your Constitution… and fill that mediocre, polluted cranium of yours with the clean waters of Liberty . You (and your feckless ilk) are an embarrassment.

      • “The ONLY people threatening violence if their candidate doesn’t win is your right wing nut jobs who can’t accept the REALITY that you are a minority. ”

        This is laughably, demonstrably, false.
        Mods, is there a reason why you approve silly posts from trolls such as this?

      • He’s almost done… wiping the floor with Crooked Joe.

  12. “When, by some drastic failure of the electorate, Trump did win, the complacency was only partially modified by the ensuing shock, followed soon after by rage.”

    But it wasn’t by the electorate, Roger. You know that but can’t bring yourself to say it. It was by the Electors, or states, or Electoral College – most definitely NOT, however, by the electorate.

    Which is the true reason why there’s such a “monolithic swell of opposition” to Donald Trump. Because there are simply a very large number of people who were and remain opposed to him – not members of the “commissariat” or the liberal elite, but rather ordinary “little” people who disagree with him and his party’s ideas.

    Bottom line, you wish these people didn’t exist. You don’t agree with their view of the world, you don’t want to speak to them, you don’t want to listen to them. Your party doesn’t represent them. At some level or other, you don’t know what to do about them. So you try to ignore them.

    • I agree in my simple middle middle class neighborhood with middle range homes and people driving Kias and Hondas and Fords, almost 3/4s of the people are for Biden or at least sick of Trump. They don’t see Biden as a savior except as a vehicle to get rid of the lying, the self dealing, the narcisism , the constant crisis, and especially get a coherent policy on the pandemic. These aren’t elites, they aren’t socialists, they are mainly moderates, who want health care and a calm sane country. They bitch and pay their taxes and have not seen any real lowering of taxes and frankly they don’t care so much , accepting taxes as a stubborn necissity. If this neighborhood which still elects mostly Republicans to local office in the town [it’s a tradition since the 50’s] is any indication it won’t be the Dems who need to fight the results of a duly constituted election.

    • How did those Electors decide to vote for PRESIDENT TRUMP?? Based on the election results from…….. THE ELECTORATE!!!!

  13. Yes—America as founded is in a battle for this nations survival either way—-Patrick Henry has long since ridden across this land trying to awaken us but for the most we have not yet awakened—-I do believe that there is hope and that now is the time—-so wake up America—but on your armor of truth and fight the good fight and keep America safe and respected for our children and throughout the world—

  14. Have faith…the God of Sinai is not sitting this one out.

  15. The left should be paying close attention to the Arabs, they’ve always been good at picking the strong horse..

  16. Trump will win and serve 12 more years for the country. Love to see how he will destroy any common sense in the US. Antifa California will seek sovereignty as well as the racist South and Midwest. Thanks to NRA Amazon will be enabled to sell Guns to all those who want safety and security; and a vaccine to the rich only. QAnon will spread to the media and provide a second McCarthy era. I grab my coke and Fritos.

  17. I don’t actually believe Trump will win, until and unless I see SOME movement his way in the polls. I know the polls are rigged, I know the left owns the media, they own public opinion, they own everything. But there MUST be some concrete evidence somewhere for the hope that I see on many posts. I do hope Trump wins, I already voted for him, here in California where i live.
    (Shhh, don’t tell anybody)

    • It is probably 50/50 at the moment.
      But the Dems are going to cheat big time.
      No mistakes, like in 2020.
      “Power at any cost” is the Dem motto, after all.

  18. They will riot…..start building the jails now and arrest them all when they break the law…..corrections jobs for all… unemployment….problem solved….

  19. That’s exactly right. It’s all about the left’s privilege: to control The People and feed off the government trough while they’re performing this needed public service. If leftists had any capacity for shame they would have taken stock of themselves by now. But they lack the ingrity to even try.

    Trump will win a second term. If enough of the citizenry is wise enough we will also be spared the continuing sociopathic tantrums of the left by denying them control of the House.

    Trump has a sloppy style, but I’ll take that over the incompetence that was a feature of his four well-spoken and not so well-spoken predecessors.

    • I hope people will use this meme to send to friends and family.

      I think it is the best summation of what this election is about.

    • Amen. As Exhibit A in the Left’s ramping up the vileness, I submit the following quote:
      “The task is two-fold: the terrorist Trump must be defeated, must be destroyed, must be devoured at the ballot box, and then he, and his enablers, and his supporters, and his collaborators, and the Mike Lees and the William Barrs, and Sean Hannitys, and the Mike Pences, and the Rudy Gullianis and the Kyle Rittenhouses and the Amy Coney Barretts must be prosecuted and convicted and removed from our society while we try to rebuild it and to rebuild the world Trump has destroyed by turning it over to a virus.”
      –Keith Olbermann (10/09/20)

  20. And, since Biden’s corruption has already hit the news [but, being savagely repressed by the Leftist Cult Media], this meme has good information about Biden’s sons activities. This story has been known in the conservative press for well over a year.
    ‘Lunch Bucket’ Joe Biden, Sold Out the American People’s Interests for Huge $$$ from China to his son, when he was vice president under Obama……

    One Picture Equals 1000 Words….

  21. The big, beautiful wall paid for by Mexico was THE central campaign promise…as central to his campaign as “read my lips, no new taxes,” or, “end welfare as we know it.”

    That promise wasn’t just broken, it was shattered. No mention of that here, though. Positively Orwellian.

  22. More than 65 million people voted for Hillary Clinton. These people are you neighbors. They serve patriotically in the military, they save lives in hospitals, they fight fires, deliver your mail, serve you food, drive ambulances, and do a million other things that makes society function….just as Republicans do.

    When given the chance during this past year, an overwhelming majority of Democrats rejected socialism by NOT voting for Bernie Sanders, but by voting for Biden, who is as mainstream a politician as there is. And yet, you all seem so frightened and threatened, but by what?

    Are you afraid BLM marchers are going to burn down your house or your town? Do you honestly think that may happen? I was around during the 1960s — go look up those riots; they were WAY worse than anything we’ve seen recently. Also, it seems to me that since the anger about the murder of George Floyd has died down, so have the protests, which makes sense. I think arsonists and looters should all be prosecuted and jailed, but I certainly am not afraid that any of them are coming for me.

    Are you afraid of your guns being taken away? Really? That’s what they said about Clinton. Didn’t happen. That’s what they said about Obama. Didn’t happen. And do you know why it didn’t happen? Because a vast majority of Americans don’t want it to happen. Period. Oh, many people would like to get assault rifles off the streets, and surely you must be able to see why well-meaning people might feel this way. But, do you really believe federal agents will come to your house to disarm you? Do you really think that’s a possibility?

    Are you afraid of your religion being outlawed? Do you believe Christianity is under attack? Really? If you do, does it make you feel better knowing that the overwhelming number of everyone in government is Christian? Does it make you feel better knowing that the overwhelming majority of the military and police officers are Christian? Or that 75% of the American public is Christian? Do you really believe that limiting the size of church services during the pandemic is a concerted attack on faith? Really?

    I honestly, sincerely don’t know what’s driving your fear. Obviously, you believe 65 million of your neighbors are either evil or fools. No doubt you’ll say I’m naive or something much worse. Be my guest. But, the truth is, the country would be so much better off if you accept that the overwhelming majority of your Democratic neighbors are hardworking, decent, caring Americans, just as are the overwhelming number of Republicans.


  23. The only reason this article was written is because of trump’s refusal to say he would accept the outcome.

  24. Oh, woe to us, they are all conspiring against us! The liberal media (as if that is one entity), The never Trumpers, Big Tech, 54% of Americans, All of our allies (except the Russians, wait, are they our friends?) , 12 former senior members of Trump’s staff, The Lincoln project, all the scientists, most of the military, they are all just fringe fanatic liberals trying to get us! Sounds like the Nazi’s as the Russians surrounded Berlin.

  25. Oh, woe to us, they are all conspiring against us! The liberal media (as if that is one entity), The never Trumpers, Big Tech, 54% of Americans, All of our allies (except the Russians, wait, are they our friends?) , 12 former senior members of Trump’s staff, The Lincoln project, all the scientists, most of the military, they are all just fringe fanatic liberals trying to get us! Sounds like the Nazi’s as the Russians surrounded Berlin.

  26. Shame on Trump for casting doubt on the validity of our election. He is a traitor. I hope he loses in a landslide so his ensuing lawsuits look like the joke that he is.

  27. If Trump becomes the first two-term president to lose the popular vote twice, the unrest that will erupt across the country will make the 1992 LA riots look like a picnic.

  28. The entertainment industry is lumped in with the media and academia and Big Tech as being opppsed to Trump. The museums, too. And probably the art galleries.

    But Trump was the one who can, and has, spoken up publicly for the great entertainers/artists of America’s past by, for instance, naming some of them in his speech at Mount Rushmore. From Elvis, Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald to Mark Twain, Frank Sinatra, to name a few of the most famous. He could have mentioned a host of others (like Rodgers and Hammerstein).
    Was it a mistake to rattle off these dusty old names? No. I imagine a host of Elvis impersonators still to emerge from the benighted lands of Asia Minor. where they still want their chance. America (currently) offers them hope. And listing a few formerly household names puts a thing or two about the kind of society people truly want, in perspective.
    The Dems as far as I know cannot make that simple very public appeal to whom helped make America great — and gave cheer to the world (the world that is receptive to a little fun and music and dance). You see, the Dems, the Left must avoid at all costs hinting at the mere existence of Elvis and the like, of the song and dance men and ladies of the past, because the narrative that America was really a nasty, horrible, horrible place all along must be maintained.
    And the ‘entertainment industry’ abjectly goes along with this indifference!
    If the Dems truly believe that America has talent, that Americans have talent, are capable of great artistic endeavours, then you would think that a little reference to past pedigree of their own could be made. But none has been made. The Dems, the Left are too angry, and therefore not good for the spirit of America.

  29. lol fear mongering article.

    A.) Biden has this in the bag
    B.) Trump is the one who woul dbe more likely to not conceed.

  30. As evil, criminal and sociopathic as Trump is, he is nothing compared to the sheer evil of his enablers. We are not “Marxists” we are moderate run of the mill liberals and yes, CONSERVATIVES – and we have put our differences aside to save America and indeed the world. We will CRUSH you.

  31. Thank you Adler. I agree, RGB thought she could wait to die after the election, God stepped in and said it’s not up to you. She is gone. The FBI thought they could hide Hunters emails but they still got out.
    I appreciate the all knowing Mr. Cosby telling us what God is happy or unhappy with. I am sure God is angry at pro-life Trump who at every turn honors things like the National Day of Prayer as well as every Christian policy as well as being surrounded by Christian advisors. That judgmental God that can forgive all but Trump. I am sure Mr. Cosby is without sin so he wont have any problem. As a sinner saved by grace I am grateful for the cross. Christ took the “reckoning” on my behalf. At some point you will get your way sir, and like every other deceived person you will rue the day. Imagine wanting a senile dementia riddled corrupt man as your leader. We all know he will be removed and unelected evil will rule. Any student of history and person with common sense can see this. Thank you for showing us your true faith.