Giuliani: Hunter Biden’s Attorney Contacted Computer Repairman After NY Post Story Broke, Wanted Hard Drive Back

After the New York Post broke the bombshell report detailing evidence found on a computer hard drive of the Biden family’s influence peddling, Hunter Biden’s attorney contacted the computer repairman who found the incriminating material, and asked for the computer hard drive back, President Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani revealed on Steven Crowder’s podcast, Thursday.

In addition to that, the former New York mayor divulged that there are dozens of “disturbing” photos of Hunter Biden “doing an imitation of Anthony Weiner,” and many more indicating that he had “a very massive drug addition.”

“He’s like a zombie,” Giuliani told Crowder.

He also said there are texts describing a transaction between Hunter and Joe Biden and “a Communist Chinese intelligence operative”—which appeared to have been a set up for extortion.

The former New York mayor summed up the NY Post bombshell for Crowder:  “Hunter Biden and Joe Biden are involved in a bribery scheme in Ukraine and Hunter Biden and Joe for years have said that Joe knew nothing about Burisma, the company that paid the bribe,” he explained.

“And what there is, is a cold, clear group of text messages in which Hunter Biden sets up a meeting with the number two person in that company and Joe Biden, who then texts Hunter back and thanks him. So it makes Joe a complete liar for the last seven years. It show that he met with Burisma,” Giuliani said.

The former mayor told Crowder that another message shows that Hunter was snuck into the State Department for a meeting with the then-Deputy Sec. of State Tony Blinken and that the meeting was not recorded because it “violated the Foreign Agents Registration Act” (FARA).

When asked how he could prove that the damning texts and emails came from Hunter Biden’s computer, Giuliani revealed that Biden’s lawyer contacted John Paul Mac Isaac, the Delaware computer repair shop owner who had discovered the material, as soon as the story broke.

“I’ll give you something that really verifies it,” Giuliani said. “The very morning this came out, Hunter Biden’s lawyer called the merchant, and asked him if he could have the hard drive back,” he said. “We have email evidence of that. So if the lawyer is asking for the hard drive back—it must be the hard drive.”

“He actually did it by telephone and email and we have the email,” Giuliani added.

Crowder was stunned.

“It’s almost as if it makes it worse on them, Mr. Giuliani!” he exclaimed.

“Oh yeah, it’s the dumbest thing a lawyer can do,” Giuliani agreed. “”I mean, Joe Biden was the dumbest kid in law school.”

Giuliani told Crowder that the hard drive makes clear that Hunter suffered from a “very massive drug addiction.”

“It’s hard to get through a line of photographs without seeing one of him with a crack pipe,” he said. “I’m serious—sitting in a closet going bonkers. He’s like a zombie.”

When asked if he’s seen the photos of Hunter Biden and the crack pipe himself, Giuliani replied, “you’re darn right I have!”

He held up his laptop for Crowder to see, and said they were on that hard drive.

Giuliani said that when Isaac first saw the damning emails, “he almost fainted” because “he’d never seen anything like this before.”

“It’s got him [Hunter Biden] there with crack pipes, it’s got him there doing an imitation of Anthony Weiner about 50 times,” the attorney revealed, as Crowder burst out laughing.

“You know what I’m talking about,” Giuliani added.

Anthony Weiner is the disgraced former Democrat congressman from New York who resigned from Congress in 2011 amid a sexting scandal that involved underage girls.

In 2017, Weiner pleaded guilty to separate sexting charge of transferring obscene material to a minor, and was sentenced to 21 months in prison.

Giuliani went on to soberly note that the hard drive has “some disturbing things on it that I shouldn’t joke about.”

When asked what the next shoe to drop would be, the lawyer said it would have to do with a transaction between Hunter Biden and a “Chinese communist intelligence operative.”

“And it’s quite obvious that he setting him up. He’s setting Hunter Biden up and he’s setting Joe up for extortion,” Giuliani explained. “I think there will be more emails and text messages that make that clear.”

He went on to say that there would be more communications that would describe how Joe Biden was being compensated.

“In fact, he was getting a large portion of this money,” Giuliani said, adding that the information would explain how Joe Biden, who has never made that much money as a politician, “has two or three luxurious homes.”

“Because he didn’t pay for anything, Hunter did,” he explained.

“This is a long term bribery scheme that started low level in Delaware with his brother James—selling his office,” Giuliani told Crowder.

“When they got to the big time, they shook down Iraq for … I think about 500 million, Ukraine for about 20 [million], China—I don’t know—30, 40 million?” he said.

Giuliani added that he almost forgot Russia. “The 3.5 million from the mayor’s wife,” who he noted is a good friend of Russian President Vladimir Putin. “That woman is a close ally of Putin,” Giuliani said, pointing out the irony of the president being accused of colluding with Russia, when “Biden actually got paid by Russia!”

Crowder noted that the same Facebook and Twitter that is “throttling” this story because it is “unverified,” was happy to help push the Russia collusion hoax for years, including the ludicrous “pee tape” story, that alleged Trump watched prostitutes urinate on furniture in a Russian hotel room.

“None of that was throttled,” Crowder pointed out.

“And he’s a germaphobe to boot!” Giuliani exclaimed. “He wouldn’t get within ten miles of something like that!”





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27 responses to “Giuliani: Hunter Biden’s Attorney Contacted Computer Repairman After NY Post Story Broke, Wanted Hard Drive Back”

  1. So if the DOJ and FBI were legitimate institutions the Biden Crime Family would be perp walked within the week.

    • So true and so sad for our country. Sure looks like Barr, Wray and Durham are all “deep state”. I’m particularly disappointed in Barr and originally thought he was a “good guy” when he said “Spying did occur.”

      • I thought so too, but Where is Barr, why is Wray still there? God help us if the Biden/Harris crime family cones to power!!

      • i think there’s a good chance that they won’t start arresting these folks immediately— they’ve broken the story, and now it’s prudent to wait and see who offers more information, or what else they can find in the investigation. It sounds like the corrupt emails are just the tip of the iceberg; they may be planning to prosecute for something like child porn or arms trading etc, but they need more evidence before a conviction is a sure thing. Also, when they finally start making arrests, i think it will be en mass so that the criminals don’t have as much time to move their assets and cover their tracks.

      • You mean Trump’s own appointed AG Barr who has acted like his personal lawyer ever since he was appointed, rather than represent the American people and who got in early to misrepresent Mueller’s report to benefit Trump, is part of the fictional Deep State?

        Are you available to book for stand up, as you really could not make this stuff up?

  2. So aG Barr has the “BEW”Biden Epstein Weiner laptops and still won’t prosecute or they turn on him

  3. That stench you’re smelling, isn’t dog crap on your shoe. It’s the Biden family values.

  4. i must be missing something here. i’m sure the post story said the laptop/hard-drive were handed over to the fbi by the repairman at least as far back as dec 2019 and that he kept nothing more than a copy of the hd?

    so how does the hd end up back in the repairman’s possession?

    • Copies of the hard drive versus the original laptop.

      Don’t let hard drive, storage drive, thumb drive, etc., confuse, there are now multiple copies of the hard drive.

  5. I do know If i do not see a perp walk after the 4th i am going to be pretty upset.

  6. Our President Trump initials are D.J.T. and they
    mean Divine Judgement Time. The time is here.
    Of course nobody forgets, even in a hurry, late
    McCain turned “that document” to authority , and
    it was made “authentic”. Nobody stops Karma!

    “God’s judgement no appeal”. By His grace crippled U.S.A. that has started to walk shall soon
    run in 2021. Amen.

  7. Hopefully the repair shop owner doesn’t have he hard drive anymore! Hopefully these sick peeps will not off this man!

  8. So if the FBI has the laptop since October 2019, what is going on with the case?

  9. Of course they want the hard drive back. But it won’t make any difference. Barr has NOT moved on Hillary, Comey, Clapper Brennan or any of the other Democrat criminals. What makes you think he will move on Hunter.
    Face it. The government bureaucrats and politicians will not move to save the nation and destroy these traitors. It will take GOD INTERVENING or A REVOLUTION. And I am not sure that the elite ONE WORLD ORDER do not have plans to prevent any successful revolution.

  10. Who took Hunter’s PC to the repair shop? If Hunter knew that evidence of corruption was on the hard drive, why didn’t he retrieve it from the repair shop? Has the Ukrainian Pozharskyi verified he sent the email? Without corroboration, this all smacks of a set-up either by the Republicans to benefit Trump or by the Dems to benefit Harris.

  11. So many people here so desperate to believe a nutjob like Rudy?

    Leaving aside that anyone can make a phone call claiming to be Hunter Biden’s lawyer, what would be the point in Hunter Biden/his lawyer asking for the data/hard drive/laptop back when not only do the FBI have the laptop/hard drive and the computer shop owner has apparently copied the data too, but the nonsense claims of the story and Photoshopped images are already in the public domain anyway, via the Rupert Murdoch owned Faux News and New York Post?

    That would be a bit like asking for your police mugshot photo so that nobody knows you were arrested despite if it was shown in newspapers, online and on TV, making your request totally pointless.

    And relying on false claims from the same source to back up what are already false claims is embarrassing.

    • They contacted a person with whom Hunter had corresponded to verify. They also were able to match the dates and destinations on emailed itineraries with Secret service assigned to Hunter.

  12. If Biden wins the Democrats will use this to get rid of Biden….and bring in Bernie Sanders as VP. That’s why the mob has been so quite.

  13. The pornographic images of Hunter on this hard drive should all be posted in the media to differentiate the Biden family values from the Trump family. If the Left had such photos of any Trump family member, they would already be posted. Obviously the Trump children were raised with high values, not so the Biden’s. Enough is enough, fight fire with fire. Republicans need to win this election at all costs.

  14. Now they have 60 000 emails from a former partner they also have devin archers perhaps durham’s delay over new evidence is involved hunter and Kerry’s sons as well as Pelosi have been bagmen for years that’s why we need term limits

  15. So what’s up with the pic of Hunter BIden in the oval office with “Bat Ears” Obama in 4-2016 on Lude Media on youtube? Shouldn’t it be Joe instead? Anyone curious about this? What the hell would Hunter even be doing there talking to him. Don’t let your eyes deceive you. It’s right there. Obama is a big crook too right in there with the Bidens and I have heard this for so long and never paid attention ’cause I didn’t believe it . BUT the last 4 yrs should open everyone’s eyes. They did mine. What a bunch of crap. Trump gonna kick a$$ in 2020 and I can’t wait.