Democrats Don’t Want to Build a Strong America They Can’t Control

Apart from the military, the government builds nothing. Citizens and citizen’s companies build things—Obama’s infamous, “You didn’t build that,” Obama quote notwithstanding. Sure, the government, using your hard-earned money, can fund building projects directed at its preferred citizen group and friends of its political campaigns, but by itself government builds absolutely nothing. 

When the government gets out of the way, the economy flourishes and real builders build. That is what President Trump has been doing these past four years for businesses small and large—getting red tape and regulations out of their way so businesses can grow, hire more people, and pay them better wages. He understands businesses and how to make them thrive. The very opposite of what Democrats do and believe. 

Democrats love to regulate. It’s what they live for. They have never met a rule or regulation they didn’t like. They love taxes too. They would like you to believe that the more taxes they impose on working people, rich people, and businesses, the better off everyone will be. Unfortunately, that theory has been tried again and again throughout the history of the United States, and it has never worked—indeed, quite the opposite is true. Higher taxes mean more unemployment, higher prices, and overall economic downturn. 

Democrats know what high taxes and more regulation mean to the American people, and yet they promote it anyway. If you have hardships, they count on you turning to them for help. That’s a win to their way of thinking. A self-sufficient American people doesn’t need them, and those Democrat leaders would quickly find themselves out of power. An aggrieved people tends to blame someone or something for its problems, and Democrats are masters at manipulating that conversation.

With national media nearly 100 percent behind them and the hateful narrative of the kooky Left, Democrats have successfully divided the country into two very agitated groups. The group on the Left are happily burning down the very cities the group on the Right built, and the group on the Right is furious about it.

Local Democratic governments, having been tasked with deciding what is best for their citizens during this time of pandemic, have allowed multiple city blocks to devolve into violence and chaos in this “summer of love.” Arson fires flourish during “fiery but mostly peaceful protests,” and Democratic governors have killed multiple thousands of people by sending COVID-positive elderly away from the hospitals and back into their nursing homes.

Low (and heading lower with the advancement of our treatments) COVID-19 mortality rates put many of these Democratic leaders in an awkward situation. Heavy-handed lockdowns in states having some of the lowest mortality rates from the virus have left people questioning the sincerity of those leaders and whether they actually care about saving lives or if it is more important to them to win a presidential race in November.

The idea that any modern Democrat really wants to build a strong economy and a peaceful nation is one that requires you to deny your lyin’ eyes. Campaigning on “building back better” is absurdly insulting and arrogant given that the economy has been torn down by Democratic governors and mayors across the country. 

Democrats destroyed the record-shattering 2019 economy and now a Democrat thinks he is going to fix it? Hard pass.

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About Angela Kelley

Angela Kelley is the Director of Operations for American Majority. She has an extensive professional background in higher education and program management. She loves politics and genealogy and is a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Photo: Getty Images