Articles by Angela Kelley

The Magnificent William Barr

an we all agree just how magnificent Attorney General William Barr is? The man is impressive. If you watched him at these recent hearings, you couldn’t help but notice how exceptional his authority is. He’s a man of honor, integrity—and wow, is he brilliant! With the patience of a saint, he sat for hours listening […]

The Left’s Absurd Tribute

n overwhelming majority of Americans looked on in horror as they watched George Floyd die under the knee of a police officer in Minneapolis. There was a moment of heartbreak and unification across the country as we collectively tried to process what we saw and demanded justice for Floyd. Four police officers were at the […]

The Only Way to Punish the Left

eftists are trying to destroy America, her Constitution, her honor, and the patriots who love her. The corrupt leftists are on the streets of blue cities and are Democrats in positions of leadership in the United States government. The chaos you’ve seen on television every night for nearly two months (or not seen lately if […]

Joe the Imposter

e say it every election year: It’s more important than ever to vote this November! This year it truly means the life or death of American freedom. It might sound melodramatic, but I believe we only have a little over three months to save our Republic from the Marxist Left that wants to destroy it. […]

Guess What? I’m a Liberal

o, I haven’t had a change of heart. I’m just taking back the word “liberal.” The Left can’t have it anymore. They have hijacked the word. They aren’t liberal, and we all need to realize that and stop calling the very illiberal left “liberal.” You can call them leftist. You can call them progressives, fascists, […]