Andrew Cuomo Begs Wealthy New Yorkers to Not Flee New York City

Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-N.Y.) has turned to begging wealthy New York City residents to come back after many of them have fled the city due to the coronavirus lockdowns and the Black Lives Matter riots, as reported by Fox News.

The wealthiest New Yorkers have fled over the course of the last five months, heading either upstate, the Hamptons on the northeast side of Long Island, or to the neighboring state of Connecticut. At a press conference, Cuomo recounted how he has talked to many of his wealthy friends who have since left the city, and are now “in their Hampton house…or in their Hudson Valley house or in their Connecticut weekend house, and I say, ‘You gotta come back, when are you coming back?’”

Cuomo even said that he went as far as to offer such individuals to “go to dinner,” or to “buy them a drink,” but apparently to no avail. “They’re not coming back right now,” Cuomo explained, “and you know what else they’re thinking? ‘If I stay there, I pay a lower income tax,’ because they don’t pay the New York City surcharge.”

The trend in New York is reflected in many other big cities across the country, which have faced the worst coronavirus lockdown restrictions and the worst of the violence from far-left domestic terrorists since the end of May.