Nevada Approves Mail-In Voting, Will Send Ballots to All Registered Voters

The state of Nevada has approved a plan to implement sweeping vote-by-mail procedures for the November election, including sending ballots to the homes of every single registered voter in the state, as reported by CNN.

The legislation was passed through the state legislature, which is controlled by Democrats, along party lines. Governor Steve Sisolak (D-Nev.) signed the bill into law, thus making Nevada the eighth state overall to approve some level of vote-by-mail.

President Donald Trump criticized the new law on Twitter, pointing out that the law was passed “in an illegal late night coup,” in which “Nevada’s Clubhouse governor made it impossible for Republicans to win the state.” The president also pointed out that the “Post Office could never handle the traffic of mail-in votes without preparation,” and threatened a lawsuit to overturn the law.

Vote-by-mail has become the last major initiative by the Democratic Party, who ostensibly claim that the system will make it “safer” for Americans to vote in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, even as the disease is dying down and cases, as well as the death rate, continue to decline. But vote-by-mail can also lead to widespread voter fraud, especially when done in conjunction with legalized ballot-harvesting like what California has done.