Oregon High School Football Coach Fired for Also Working as a Police Officer

Oregon Live has reported that a high school football coach has been fired from his job due to also working as a sergeant in the local police department.

Ken Duilio, the football coach of Cleveland High School in Portland, Oregon, was originally hired in 2019. However, he was informed on Monday that his coaching contract would not be renewed for another academic year, and Duilio immediately realized that it was because he also serves with the Portland Police Bureau as a sergeant.

In announcing Coach Duilio’s firing, Marshall Haskins, the athletic director for Portland Public Schools, said that the decision was made in order to “go in a different direction.”

Duilio said there was a coordinated effort to get him fired by an unknown far-left group, which began putting up posters all over campus, featuring pictures of Duilio as a police officer, after he spoke at a news conference in June on behalf of besieged Portland police officers. When Duilio was fired, he said that he asked the district to at least tell him who was pushing for his firing, but they refused to tell him.

The firing of Duilio represents a shift towards anti-police sentiments in public schools as a result of the far-left “defund the police” movement. Many public schools are firing police officers who are designated to work with campus security, and Portland especially has become one of the last remaining hotbeds of mob violence by the terrorist organizations Antifa and Black Lives Matter over the last several weeks.