PBS Teams up with Chinese Media to Produce Propaganda Film

PBS, the television network that is primarily funded through taxpayer dollars, is working with a media outlet that is owned by the Chinese government in order to release a propaganda film that portrays China in a positive light, as reported by the Daily Caller.

Numerous PBS affiliates across the country, which in total receive millions of dollars of federal funding, are working with CGTN, the Chinese-owned outlet, on  a nationwide premiere of the film “Voices from the Frontline: China’s War on Poverty.” The film is produced by Robert Kuhn, who has ties to officials at the Chinese State Council Information Office.

PBS’s affiliate in southern California, KOCE, worked on the production of the film, which highlights Chinese president Xi Jinping’s alleged efforts to curb poverty in his country. At least one KOCE employee is listed in the film’s credits as an executive producer. The film does not disclose the fact that it was produced by the Chinese government.

The controversial decision comes as China has been facing worldwide criticism for its handling of the coronavirus pandemic, from pressuring the World Health Organization to not issue warnings, to arresting and persecuting Chinese citizens who speak out about the government’s misconduct. Among other wrongdoings, China has been frequently spreading propaganda and false statements about their handling of the situation, including distortion of the numbers and falsely claiming that the virus originated in the United States.