Study: Almost 400,000 ‘Transgenders’ Have no ID with Which to Vote

A recent study claims that approximately 378,000 “transgender” Americans who are eligible to vote in the 2020 election will be unable to do so due to lacking proper photo identification, according to The Hill.

The study was conducted by the UCLA School of Law’s Williams Institute, which determined that out of the 965,000 “transgenders” eligible to vote, nearly 40 percent of them are unable to vote due to their current forms of identification stating incorrect genders. This happens as a result of said people changing their IDs to reflect the gender of their choice, rather than the correct gender that they actually are, which creates problems with officially casting a vote.

Of these 378,000 who will have trouble casting a vote, the study claims that around 81,000 will be barred from voting altogether.

Currently, eight states are identified by the study as having proper voter identification laws: Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Virginia, and Wisconsin. In all eight states, voters are required by law to show either a “driver’s license, passport, or military ID” in order to vote.