Democrats Will Regret Not Walking Away When They Could

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One can imagine a future in which Democrats, reflecting on our present, are shouting to their past selves, “Walk away!” As I will show below, the Democrat’s continued obsession with opening the pandora’s box of the Mueller report will only make things worse for the get-Trump crowd as the hoax chickens increasingly come home to roost.

Politico recently reported how Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office rapidly wound down operations after delivering the report to Attorney General Barr. It took most of a weekend for Barr to wade through the report before issuing a summary. Calls for a full, unredacted release of the report could not be accommodated immediately because virtually everything in the report remained a tangled mess of grand jury information, classified information, and innuendo that the Justice Department could not ethically release in the absence of an indictment.

In contrast with Kenneth Starr’s report on President Bill Clinton, which was drafted in a form ready for public release, the Mueller report inexplicably requires additional work to get the lion’s share into the public domain. Why, Byron York asked, would the Mueller team not prepare the report for public release? Why force the attorney general to spend the time to comb through the materials to redact and excerpt the materials which must not be released. Didn’t the attorney with oversight, Rod Rosenstein, publicly warn Americans that uncharged conduct could not be released into the public domain? Isn’t that exactly one of the reasons that Rosenstein supported the dismissal of James Comey? The answer portends disaster for the Trump-Russia hoaxers.

Mueller’s team has played dirty from the start. Contrary to the public narrative that the team was “leak-proof,” the opposite is actually true. As I recently wrote, “It has been three years of innuendo and leaks, leaks, leaks, leaks, and uncountable more examples of leaks dripping poison into the poison-addicted pens of the partisan media. The Mueller team has never had to prove anything involving Trump-Russian collusion to anyone because the special counsel needs no proof to function as a potent political weapon.”

To name two awful examples: the leak of the Cohen/Trump audio recording that appears to have been seized by the feds and the leak of the written questions to the president. Add to that list a new leak reported by the New York Times, “Some of Robert S. Mueller III’s investigators have told associates that Attorney General William P. Barr failed to adequately portray the findings of their inquiry and that they were more troubling for President Trump than Mr. Barr indicated, according to government officials and others familiar with their simmering frustrations.”

Did you get that? Anonymous sources claiming to be familiar with other anonymous sources on the Mueller team are the source for the New York Times article. Double secret hearsay. My editor would laugh in my face if I tried to publish an article with such flimsy of sourcing. But no standard is too low in the pursuit of getting Trump.

I asked a friend of mine what she thought would be in the Mueller report. “Only one of two things: lies or nothing.” We have reason to think exactly that based upon a little-noticed release of a letter from Senator Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) to Mueller in which he chastised the special counsel for misleading Americans in the public indictment of George Papadopolous. As reported by Fox News, Mueller’s public filings strongly implied that the Trump campaign was looking for opportunities to meet and coordinate with the Russians when the actual emails spelled out the exact opposite.

“In the full context, the emails in question actually show that the Trump Campaign wanted someone ‘low level’ to decline these types of invitations,” Grassley and his colleague, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), wrote to Barr.

The special counsel team has fled the stage, one hopes under a cloud of embarrassment. The failure to segregate the report to make it ready for public release leaves a smokescreen to cover their exit without accountability. But when this smoke eventually clears, the Democrats will get their hands on something resembling the entire report. And then what?

Then the Democrats will have one of two things: Lies or nothing. If the report contains uncharged smears against the president, the Democrats will be forced to use their majority in the House to impeach leading to an inevitable disastrous trial in the Senate. A band of bloggers, writers, and select members of Congress have for two years waged a successful counter-resistance against the hoax and we’re ready for the last battle. If the final report contains nothing, then President Trump receives a full-throated exoneration. There’s no scenario in which the release of the full report helps the hoax boosters. I’ll say it again, bring it on.

Photo Credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images

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