One of These Genocides Is Not Like the Others

The story of America as told by the American Left is one of unremitting exploitation, enslavement, and genocide. A country founded on the backs of African slaves and steeped in the blood of Native Americans is, according to this view, illegitimate at best. This is what they mean when they say “America was never great.”

No people or nation is without sin or shame. Yet we can acknowledge the evils of slavery and the harsh treatment of natives without abandoning the entire project of American nationhood. We can acknowledge the great shortcomings of the past without obliterating great accomplishments in the process.

As it is with past injustice, so it should be with present injustices. What could be greater than the mass slaughter of the unborn?

The Democratic Party continues championing this barbaric practice with wanton abandon. Recently, One World Trade Center was lit a vibrant pink color, not to honor breast cancer awareness but to celebrate “women’s rights.” But New York Governor Andrew Cuomo had a very specific right in mind. The choice to color pink the skyscraper that stands in the place of the Twin Towers taken down by al Qaeda on 9/11 was to laud the passage of a despicable bill that enshrines late-term abortions in law.

The practice of late-term abortion allows for a baby to be killed up until its due date “if the mother’s health is at risk.” Of course, this caveat is entirely subjective and often abused. After all, an unborn child isn’t the hope for our future to a leftist. It is an inconvenience to the mother. For many, abortion is used as a form of contraception. What’s more, since abortion was legalized in 1973, nearly 60 million children have been killed in the womb.

Pro-life advocates routinely are asked to believe that those 60 million murdered children aren’t children at all and that abortion is not murder. Whereas early abortion activists vowed that they would support measures to ensure abortion would remain a rarity in American life, today’s Left makes the case for abortion as a positive good. They’ve created catchy slogans; rewritten national education programs defending abortion as a “women’s right”—they even have a taxpayer-funded organization that conducts abortions on an industrial scale.

Meanwhile, the Left continues haranguing Americans about their collective guilt for the mistreatment of Native Americans and the enslavement of African-Americans. But consider this: according to most estimates, more than 10 million Native Americans were killed by European colonists since the Americas were discovered in 1492. None other than Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. of Harvard estimates that 3.9 million African-Americans were in chains when slavery ended during the U.S. Civil War.

These two incidents were truly tragic and a blight on our national heritage. But the numbers also pale in comparison to the number of children killed in the course of 46 years.

It’s strange, then, that the Democratic Party has made it their mission to humiliate Americans over their ancestors’ shabby treatment of both Native and African-Americans on the basis of innocent lives lost while they celebrate and march in defense of the mass slaughter of unborn children. Democrats are fighting to ensure that abortion not only remains the law of the land but also to ensure those laws are interpreted as loosely as possible.

The Left’s endless celebration of abortion is as offensive as celebrating the injustices visited upon Native Americans or African-Americans would be. Why must we hate our country in the name of 10 million Native Americans killed by our ancestors or 3.9 million African-Americans enslaved, but think so little of the deaths of some 60 million children? 

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