‘Mean-Spirited’ Partisan Extremists

The Left, and the mainstream media are highly adept at poisoning the well of public opinion. For years they have used labels to malign, disparage and frame the narrative of the day along the lines of Republicans are racist, xenophobic, sexist, hateful, evil, and my personal favorite, “mean-spirited.”

The “mean-spirited” label was used liberally (pardon the pun) and, though vacuous, was used to good effect by the Left—all without the bother of having to support their “counter-arguments” with facts. Not enough resources for health care for all, that’s “mean-spirited.” Denying DC statehood? That’s “mean-spirited.” Failing to end the government shutdown? That’s “mean-spirited.”

Actually, in the real world, it is the Democrats who are “mean-spirited” in their approach to the shutdown. Not that the mainstream or legacy media is likely ever to say so. They are refusing to end the shutdown solely because they refuse to let Trump “win” on the wall or border security. They get a huge boost from the media in never seriously being challenged and being sure that every attack they make is amplified while Republican responses are framed to be, well “mean-spirited.”

Yet the people out of work, mostly Democrats according to many, are suffering. Where is the compassion for them from Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) or Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.)? Is the pain of their own constituents resonating with them? Where are the adults? If giving Trump nearly $6 billion ends their pain why is it not worth it?

The Left seems blissfully unconcerned about the costs, the drugs, and the crime allowed to drain the nation through inaction. The millions of illegal aliens already here (Democrats just see them as unregistered Democratic voters) and the diversion of money intended for citizens are all supported by very questionable federal consent decrees. Those decisions share a common thread where illegal aliens’ rights always prevail over mere citizens of the United States. Citizens appear, in their view, to have only the right to be taxed. How dare they demand voter ID or secure borders? That’s… “mean-spirited.”

Why this is not a daily outrage is due solely to the media relentlessly refusing to cover the story, they are much happier “covering up” than telling the truth. How awful if the public would learn that Trump is correct and that this is a crisis. Democrats have seen this as a crisis in the past but now it’s just more of President Trump being out of touch, racist and “mean-spirited.”

Ending this charade of the Left partying on the beach in Puerto Rico while the shutdown continues is going to be difficult. Why were they partying? With the media as an ally, shutdowns have always been pretty much a “winning” tactic for Democrats. It is disgusting to see so-called champions of the people ignoring people in pain and exploiting them for every sound bite they can find. That to me is the very definition of what is a partisan extremist.

Photo Credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images

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