A Massacre of Innocence

Here in my cozy Dallas suburb, families celebrate all 12 days of Christmas. We welcome the birth of Christ with door-busting church attendance, trees sparkle in front windows, there is an abundance of eggnog and peppermint bark, letters to the North Pole were mailed in a special mailbox at city hall, and now children enjoy what Santa delivered a few days ago. It’s almost a Hallmark Christmas movie.

As in those sugar-coated movies, anything unsavory or painful is swept from view, temporarily hidden in closets, and locked within the privacy of hearts and minds. But when the fourth day of Christmas arrives on December 28, there will be no movie to commemorate this dark day known as the Feast of the Holy Innocents. As told in the Gospel according to Matthew:

Then Herod, when he saw that he had been tricked by the wise men, was in a furious rage, and he sent and killed all the male children in Bethlehem and in all that region who were two years old or under, according to the time which he had ascertained from the wise men.”

History repeatedly is rocked by the Herods among us, and innocent children are always their victims. We are shaken by stories of child sacrifice, child labor, Mengele’s experiments on twins, and the child sex trade from Kenya to Thailand. Modern-day massacres of innocents include the Nazi Holocaust, the genocide in Rwanda, and the ISIS slaughter of Christian children in Syria. Though Americans know surprisingly little about such things these days, it seems less because of active suppression than because of passive disinterest.

Yet the liberal media does suppress facts about illegal immigration and child trafficking, the MS-13 sex trade, and the 14,000 unaccompanied minors in protective custody at the border. They prefer to dramatize the story of children caught in a tear gas response to border violence, or mask the fact that dehydration and illness not properly attended by their guardians, not border control, caused the tragic deaths of two migrant children. The Left thinks they are purveyors of mercy and social justice, and any story portraying child victims serves their “hot commodity,” which is, of course, political narrative. They want to be known as the party of inclusivity and tolerance. Stories of child abuse that serve this purpose are spread far and wide. Those that don’t? Not so much.

Contemporary massacres of innocent children to the gods of the social justice warriors are completely ignored or, worse, celebrated. And I’m not only talking about the annual 56 million abortions worldwide. I’m talking about the many ways SJWs today use children to advance their anti-Judeo-Christian, anti-traditional family agenda; an agenda that glorifies and normalizes adult sexual deviance and experimentation.

Right now in my twinkling Texas town  an ongoing tragedy haunts a pair of 6-year-old twin boys. One brother likely mailed two wish lists at Santa’s mailbox, because he lives two lives. At Dad’s house, James is a little boy who loves superheroes and sword fights. But back home with Mom, James has spent three years living as a little girl who wears dresses and is called Luna.

His fraternal twin has to switch gears to remember that his brother is a boy at Dad’s house, but a girl at Mom’s house and at school. Our stellar school district is complicit in the matter with the mother, who is suing to sever the father’s parental rights so that she can move forward with James’s “transition” to a girl, including hormonally blocking the onset of puberty.

His school hides that “Luna” is biologically a boy, siding with the mother in court that the father is abusive—having committed the “crime” of taking James for a haircut and being unwilling to “affirm” that James is a girl. This is not the first time that school children have been required to see a little girl with a penis, and it’s not the only district in the country to “affirm” elementary school children as transgender.

Unbelievably, James’s mother is a pediatrician. She is affiliated with the Children’s Medical Center of Dallas, which boasts the only pediatric transgender clinic in the Southwest. Not so cleverly named GENECIS, the convoluted acronym is an intentional smack-down of the biblical Genesis. Mom takes James to Rainbow Counseling, which is affiliated with GENECIS. Though the counselor and a judge agree that James doesn’t fit the characteristic “consistent, insistent, persistent” characteristics of transgender, the father is under court order to comply with the mother’s choice to “transition” James into a girl, and to provide child support that is used to help pay for the “transition” process.

Herod the king, in his raging,
Chargèd he hath this day
His men of might in his own sight
All young children to slay.

It’s beyond tragic when an adult makes such a decision for such a young child, but even the American Academy of Pediatrics states it’s acceptable to “socially transition” children as young as 3-years-old. This is outrageous. These are children so innocent that they don’t yet know how babies are made, so naïve that they believe they can grow up to be Spiderman, so young they are still learning to write their names.

Today it’s trendy and far too easy for parents to make these decisions. Some states offer a third gender on birth certificates, so parents can choose “X” for gender neutral. Celine Dion has gone off the rails with her gender-neutral line of New Order children’s clothing. Though Dr. Seuss’s “stars on thars” have nothing to do with the star of Bethlehem, Dion’s stars, all too fittingly, match designs with skulls.

The Left crows that this is inclusive, progressive, and “woke.” Newsflash: gender dysphoria is painful, not progressive. It’s not something a parent should decide for a child. A child is not a pawn to be used to “virtue signal” to your hip friends that you are “woke” to those who suffer gender dysphoria; a child is not proof used to normalize disordered adult or “alternative” behaviors; a child is not an experiment in “gender fluidity;” a child is not a living symbol of “progressive” politics. If you believe any of this, you condone a depraved type of child abuse.

Talk to a parent of a teen or young adult who actually suffers the pain of gender dysphoria, as I have done. They will attest it is nothing a parent should or would ever choose for their child. In a recent letter, parents of transgender youth voiced opposition to the American Academy of Pediatrics’ approval of hormone therapy, but this news is buried as the Left pushes an uncompromising agenda. And while the number of transgender children are on the rise, the Left silences anyone who wants to discuss the dangers of trans-ideology.

Among those complicit in a contemporary massacre of innocence, public libraries offer Drag Queen Story Hour, a favorite venue for “woke” parents to bring their little children, believing it will teach them how to be inclusive of differences. Truth is, drag queens are usually associated with gay culture; your littles are still figuring out their favorite colors or what they want in their lunch box, and don’t need to discern sexual preferences. Moreover, drag queens aren’t child-friendly entertainment like Mr. Rogers; they admit they groom children and even recruit them into the LGBTQ agenda.

Watch Desmond, an 11-year-old drag queen on “Good Morning America,” applauded and praised after he struts on a runway through the audience, then lands on his back in a seductive pose. His parents are proud that their son has “found his calling” at such a young age. Really? Tell me how your child “discovered” drag queens, and convince me that you had nothing to do with him learning how to wear wigs and false eyelashes, or how to strut with the kind of sex appeal only a pedophile could find exciting. Turns out his mom had him watching “RuPaul’s Drag Race” at age 2.

Liberal media portrays this child as a “cooler than you” superstar, and the happy product of wonderful parenting, ignoring that Desmond has worked gay bars to raise money for his family. This is depravity, exploitation of a child, and child abuse.

As we celebrate all 12 days of Christmas some of us will pay special attention to the Feast of Holy Innocents that is today, but few will connect this horror to the tragic slaughter of innocence in our own neighborhoods. James, Desmond, and countless other little children live this tragedy they aren’t yet old enough to describe.

It’s beyond irony that there are people who celebrate the birth of Jesus but are actually in Herod’s league. They are complicit in destroying children, both in utero and living in their homes. They pretend compassion by arguing for migrant children’s rights, while 20 percent of American children live in poverty. News sources that glorify the exploitation of James and Desmond simultaneously decry the disturbing reality of child sex trafficking.

Liberals claim they’ll create a better world, a more inclusive world, a world populated only by those who are “wanted.” This is the Left encapsulated. Once considered the party of social justice, Democrats think they are the party of inclusion but actually are the party of destruction. They’ve proven they will go to any extreme to stay in power—through lies and deceit, with harassment and riots. Is it any wonder that the Left’s agenda doesn’t stop at the slaughter of unborn children? They are willing to massacre the innocence of children in their midst.

That woe is me, poor child, for thee
And ever mourn and may
For thy parting neither say nor sing,
“Bye bye, lully, lullay.”

Photo Credit: Peter Paul Rubens, Massacre of the Innocents, 1611–12

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About Michele Bregande

Michele Bregande has a bachelor's degree in philosophy from the University of Dallas and did graduate studies in art history and museum education at the College of William and Mary. She is a former arts and museum educator and exhibit designer. She is currently a stay-at-home mom, wife, and artist.