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Michele has a BA in Philosophy, University of Dallas and did graduate Studies in Art History and Museum Education, College of William and Mary. She is former Arts and Museum Educator and Exhibit Designer. She is currently a stay-home mom, wife, and artist.

Real Men Don’t ‘Shut Up’—But They Do ‘Step Up’

I am a woman who is beyond sickened by the current radical feminist platform. "I am woman, hear me roar" has mutated into screeching, man-hating, eternal victimhood. The Democrats that support, condone, and feed this frenzy need to be stopped at the voting booth this November. Because I am a woman who believes

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Once Again, A House Divided

And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand. —Mark 3:25 (King James Version) In the wake of the horrific shootings in Parkland, Florida, shouldn’t the people of this country be united in grief? Apparently not. Innocent victims are not yet buried, but rather than allowing us to mourn together

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A Grammy for the Granny

A Grammy for the Granny: A Read-Aloud Story by Hillary Clinton Time’s Up! It’s true—I’m here for you! We’re sisters all together; And to the victims who’ve said MeToo, You can count on me forever . . . Unless, of course, you bring to light My crimes, my lies, my sins I’ll use

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Feminists in Wonderland

Twinkle, twinkle, pussyhat! How I wonder what you're at! Up above the world you fly, Like a tea tray in the sky. (With apologies to Lewis Carroll) The Women’s March and the Pussyhat Project—its sea of pink pussy hats tipped to Donald Trump—has reached its first birthday! But wait . . . instead

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French Manifesto Exposes Feminist Folly

In keeping with the spirit of our times, radical feminists began 2018 with some “big bangs,” and though these bangs were entirely consensual, someone snuck out before breakfast, thereby ensuring controversy, confusion, and prodigious amounts of virtue signaling and wailing. The sexual abuse allegations (and expected convictions) against a long list of powerful

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Baby It’s Dumb Outside

Isn’t it enough that the Always Correct Left has created an environment where we, in our gender fluidity, are now constantly and carefully dodging a minefield of emotional triggers? No. In recent years, a segment of the conservative population has begun to adopt the Left’s habit of subjectively “reading into” most any situation

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‘I Tawt I Taw a PussyHat!’

Guess who’s coming to Washington? No, I’m not talking about the illustrious Mr. Smith made famous by Jimmy Stewart. In this case, it’s “Rosie and the PussyHats.” Having broken her promise to rid the country of her presence in the wake of a Trump victory, Rosie O’Donnell and her ongoing, but increasingly inchoate, hatred of

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