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Michele Bregande has a bachelor's degree in philosophy from the University of Dallas and did graduate studies in art history and museum education at the College of William and Mary. She is a former arts and museum educator and exhibit designer. She is currently a stay-at-home mom, wife, and artist.

Cut Off Those Baby Factories

An outlandish video of a New Age mother-daughter duo went viral on social media, and by now most everyone has heard their “cut off the baby factories” message. Calling themselves the Angelic Initiative, LynnLife and Jamie BodyMind believe they are channels created to receive other-dimensional instruction for our humanoid purpose on Ground Zero

By | 2019-03-30T17:06:15-07:00 March 30th, 2019|

A Massacre of Innocence

Here in my cozy Dallas suburb, families celebrate all 12 days of Christmas. We welcome the birth of Christ with door-busting church attendance, trees sparkle in front windows, there is an abundance of eggnog and peppermint bark, letters to the North Pole were mailed in a special mailbox at city hall, and now

By | 2019-04-20T11:17:00-07:00 December 27th, 2018|

Snowflakes or Mistletoe?

Baby, it’s cold everywhere these days, outside and inside. The #MeToo movement has put flirting and romance into a deep freeze. Men across the country fear the ramifications of holding a door open for a woman, let alone pouring her a Christmas cocktail. There’s ice, ice baby in feminists’ veins. What’s a man

By | 2018-12-25T23:44:52-07:00 December 24th, 2018|

Real Men Don’t ‘Shut Up’—But They Do ‘Step Up’

I am a woman who is beyond sickened by the current radical feminist platform. "I am woman, hear me roar" has mutated into screeching, man-hating, eternal victimhood. The Democrats that support, condone, and feed this frenzy need to be stopped at the voting booth this November. Because I am a woman who believes

By | 2018-10-09T06:51:57-07:00 October 9th, 2018|

Once Again, A House Divided

And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand. —Mark 3:25 (King James Version) In the wake of the horrific shootings in Parkland, Florida, shouldn’t the people of this country be united in grief? Apparently not. Innocent victims are not yet buried, but rather than allowing us to mourn together

By | 2018-02-20T14:52:11-07:00 February 20th, 2018|

A Grammy for the Granny

A Grammy for the Granny: A Read-Aloud Story by Hillary Clinton Time’s Up! It’s true—I’m here for you! We’re sisters all together; And to the victims who’ve said MeToo, You can count on me forever . . . Unless, of course, you bring to light My crimes, my lies, my sins I’ll use

By | 2018-01-30T13:40:11-07:00 January 30th, 2018|

Nasty Specter of the Golden Toilet

The chief curator and so-called artistic director of the Guggenheim Museum in New York City crapped all over America last week. What should be one of the most esteemed cultural institutions in the world has been flushed into the sewer by this woman, a troll unworthy of the company of the late, great Peggy

By | 2018-01-28T14:43:55-07:00 January 28th, 2018|

Feminists in Wonderland

Twinkle, twinkle, pussyhat! How I wonder what you're at! Up above the world you fly, Like a tea tray in the sky. (With apologies to Lewis Carroll) The Women’s March and the Pussyhat Project—its sea of pink pussy hats tipped to Donald Trump—has reached its first birthday! But wait . . . instead

By | 2018-01-21T23:35:35-07:00 January 20th, 2018|

French Manifesto Exposes Feminist Folly

In keeping with the spirit of our times, radical feminists began 2018 with some “big bangs,” and though these bangs were entirely consensual, someone snuck out before breakfast, thereby ensuring controversy, confusion, and prodigious amounts of virtue signaling and wailing. The sexual abuse allegations (and expected convictions) against a long list of powerful

By | 2018-01-20T13:31:36-07:00 January 20th, 2018|

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