McKibben Stirs the Mob on Climate Change

According to CNN hosts, no one should use the “mob.” Therefore, I intend to use it as much as possible just to see Don Lemon lose his mind.

Anyhoo, the Left is in a frenzy this week following the release of the latest doomsday report on anthropogenic global warming, also known as climate change. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change now warns that we must limit the rise of global temperatures to less than 1.5 degrees Celsius; if not, floods, fires and other bad stuff will start wiping people off the world map as early as 2040. (Read more about this in my piece posting tomorrow on American Greatness.)

One of the daddies of the modern-day climate change movement, Bill McKibben, doesn’t need much to nudge him into a rhetorical rubber room. In 2016, McKibben insisted that we need to “declare war” on carbon and mobilize the world against fossil fuels just like we did against the Nazis in the 20th Century: “You can’t give aid and comfort to carbon; it has no morale to boost. So we can be totally honest. We’ve waited so long to fight back in this war that total victory is impossible, and total defeat can’t be ruled out.”

McKibben then repeated a widely-debunked study that claimed the United States can operate on a 100 percent renewable energy grid by 2050.

There is not a severe weather event or a disease or a terrorist organization that McKibben can’t link to climate change. Also, he’s eager to use fossil-fuel powered transportation to travel the world to bellow about the dangers of fossil fuels.

McKibben now is encouraging mob-like tactics to fight the villains of climate change. Comparing environmental activism to the civil rights movement, McKibben wrote in the Los Angeles Times on Tuesday that, “civil disobedience has helped shift the zeitgeist away from the idea that coal, oil, and gas are the natural and obvious sources of power for our societies. Protest helps overcome the inertia that is slowing our transition to cheaper solar and wind power. If normal politics ever does work on the issue of climate change, it will be in part because it’s been prodded by the unconventional kind.” This includes vandalizing gas pipelines, intimidating oil rig operators off the coasts, and demanding that pension funds divest from fossil fuels companies.

It’s just another variation of the same kind of bullying and intimidation the country witnessed over the weekend when Judge Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed. Don Lemon and his CNN colleagues can protest all they want; the Left is a mob.

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Julie Kelly is a political commentator and senior contributor to American Greatness. She is the author of Disloyal Opposition: How the NeverTrump Right Tried―And Failed―To Take Down the President Her past work can be found at The Federalist and National Review. She also has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, The Hill, Chicago Tribune, Forbes, and Genetic Literacy Project. After college graduation, she served as a policy and communications consultant for several Republican candidates and elected officials in suburban Chicago. She also volunteered for her local GOP organization. After staying home for more than 10 years to raise her two daughters, Julie began teaching cooking classes out of her home. She then started writing about food policy, agriculture, and biotechnology, as well as climate change and other scientific issues. She graduated from Eastern Illinois University in 1990 with a degree in communications and minor degrees in political science and journalism. Julie lives in suburban Chicago with her husband, two daughters, and (unfortunately) three dogs.

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