NeverTrump’s Creepy Infatuation with Stormy Daniels

If NeverTrump was a class full of adolescent boys, none of them could go up to the front of the class to work on the blackboard right now, if you know what I mean.

Since this is a family publication (more or less), I will leave it to our sharp-witted American Greatness readers to figure out why.

NeverTrumpers have a juvenile—if not downright creepy—obsession with Stormy Daniels (real name: Stephanie Clifford), the “adult film” “actress” who claims she had a one-night fling with Donald Trump in 2006. Since news surfaced in January that Trump’s lawyer allegedly paid Daniels $130,000 in hush money to keep their sexual encounter a secret, voyeuristic NeverTrumpers such as Jonah Goldberg and Bill Kristol have been fixated on her. If I were Mrs. NeverTrump, I might want to check around the computer for used tissues and old tube socks. I mean, I understand these nerds didn’t get to hook up with the homecoming queen in high school, but sheesh: Give it a rest already.

Now that it is increasingly unlikely Special Counsel Robert Mueller will deliver the goods to ruin the president, NeverTrump has replaced a prosecutor with a porn star as its new mascot. Daniels is their latest cudgel to blast evangelicals (Roy Moore is happy to surrender that role), preen about their moral superiority, and tsk-tsk about how they’ve been right all along that Trump doesn’t have the moral character to be president of the United States. Kristol fantasizes how Trump “could be taken down by Stormy Daniels” and insists Daniels and the Mueller investigation will somehow intersect.

Don’t Believe the Hype
In the warped mind of a NeverTrumper, a man who deputized federal bureaucrats to crack down on his political foes and besiege an incoming presidency is A-OK because he was a swell husband and father. That might explain why Goldberg and company continue overlooking what might be the biggest political scandal ever in order to slobber about an alleged one-night stand between Trump and a woman who has sex on camera for money a decade before he ran for president. That kind of intellectual dishonesty propels you to write things like: “Obama is a decent man who did what his voters asked him to do, even when it was wrong.”

When you’re done rolling on the floor laughing, I will explain where that preposterous line came from: It was written by Death of Expertise author Tom Nichols, who, like Goldberg and Kristol, is completely losing his mind that Trump is still standing 14 months after his inauguration. Nichols wrote that pathetic defense of Obama’s failed presidency in a USA Today op-ed last week. “From Stormy Daniels to John Bolton,” he declared, “the United States of America will not recover from the presidency of Donald Trump.”

Nichols, a bit of a drama queen, doesn’t provide any explicit reason for why this great nation won’t recover from the opportunistic machinations of an “actress” whose 15 minutes of sex with a 60-year-old man in 2006 has earned her waaay more than the 15 minutes of fame she deserves. But hey, if Nichols is deluded enough to believe that Barack Obama was a stooge of his sycophantic supporters, he’ll believe pretty much anything.

Jonah Goldberg’s Role-Playing Fantasy
But no one seems to have a case of the Stormys as bad as 
National Review’s Jonah Goldberg. You’d think a guy who regularly gets his lunch handed to him on Fox News by Mollie Hemingway would spend more time researching the substantive issues of the day than cranking out piece after piece about a sketchy adult entertainer. (As he stumbled over the details of the House Intelligence Committee report that found no collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians, Goldberg yelled at Hemingway on-air and claimed the collusion narrative “is not part of the Washington consensus, not even remotely part of the Washington consensus.” Say what?)

Since mid-January, Goldberg has written about Daniels several times; he has devoted three columns to her in just the past three days. In Jonah’s mind, Daniels is the hero and Trump is the villain: “But the only person who seems to have really figured out how to navigate through it all with her head held high [emphasis added] starred in such classic films as The Witches of Breastwick, Porking with Pride 2, and Trailer Trash Nurses 6.” A woman who previously insisted the tryst with Trump did not happen, and now is capitalizing on her newfound fame by selling $14.99 memberships to her website, is the noble character in Goldberg’s role-playing fantasy. And he knows her movies. Gross.

Similar to his needling Republican voters who supported Roy Moore, Goldberg is demanding a full-throated repudiation by every Trump voter for his alleged Stormy rendezvous. If you don’t condemn it, you condone it, according to Goldberg’s Rules. After Daniels’ 60 Minutes interview, Goldberg doubled-down on his faux comparisons between Trump’s dalliances and the egregious history of sexual misconduct by Democratic politicians:

“Someone needs to explain to these guys that if you made a big deal about Democratic sexual impropriety and don’t about Republican sexual impropriety, you’re just as hypocritical as the liberals who didn’t make a big deal about Democrats’ misbehavior but do about Republicans’.”

This is a classic example of false equivalence, as if the behavior of Bill Clinton or Anthony Weiner or Ted Kennedy or any number of randy Democratic politicians is similar to what Trump purportedly did as a private citizen in a hotel room during George W. Bush’s second term.. And the “big deal” is that these politicians leveraged their power and position while serving in elected office to seduce, harass, exploit, and assault women.

Goldberg didn’t give up his grind on social media Monday. He tweeted this:

The True Hypocrisy
What is the point? If every conservative who voted for Trump for a myriad of reasons said, gee, Jonah, you’re right!, Trump shouldn’t have nailed a porn star 12 years ago while he was married to his current wife—where does that get us? Does it restore conservatism’s long-ago squandered credibility and waning political appeal?
No. Does it absolve Trump voters of the unforgivable sin—in Goldberg’s eyes—of voting for Trump? No. Its only purpose is to give NeverTrumpers like Goldberg an “I-told-you-so” moment in a weak defense of a movement they helped decimate.

Here’s what’s truly hypocritical: Ignoring a real scandal with wide-ranging consequence for our country and the rule of law while spitting in the wind about something that may or may not have happened and that has zero impact on our future.

This is yet another example of how the high-minded, “conservative” anti-Trump tribe continues to misread the political temperature and misjudge the electorate. Trump didn’t kill conservatism; the NeverTrumpers did with their moralistic preening, condescension, and browbeating. Now they are looking for someone else to blame and peddling a porn star to make their point. Stormy needs to mete out a few more spankings.

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About Julie Kelly

Julie Kelly is a political commentator and senior contributor to American Greatness. She is the author of January 6: How Democrats Used the Capitol Protest to Launch a War on Terror Against the Political Right and Disloyal Opposition: How the NeverTrump Right Tried―And Failed―To Take Down the President. Her past work can be found at The Federalist and National Review. She also has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, The Hill, Chicago Tribune, Forbes, and Genetic Literacy Project. She is the co-host of the “Happy Hour Podcast with Julie and Liz.” She is a graduate of Eastern Illinois University and lives in suburban Chicago with her husband and two daughters.

Photo: POMPANO BEACH, FL - MARCH 09: The actress Stephanie Clifford, who uses the stage name Stormy Daniels, performs at the Solid Gold Fort Lauderdale strip club on March 9, 2018 in Pompano Beach, Florida. Stephanie Clifford who claims to have had an affair with President Trump has filed a suit against him in an attempt to nullify a nondisclosure deal with Trump attorney Michael Cohen days before Trump's 2016 presidential victory. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

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317 responses to “NeverTrump’s Creepy Infatuation with Stormy Daniels”

  1. This bleating stupidity has to be affecting their bottom line and professional prospects.

    • No, Never Trumpers will make more money and get more air time. The propaganda ministry will fully employ them. Just as the Goebbels used Quisling, so the ministry uses Never Trumpers.

  2. Trump’s best and true defense: ‘I’m sorry to my family for my indescretions, but I was a Democrat then’.

    • He doesn’t need a defense. He didn’t do anything wrong.

      • Cool. Check. Airforce one doesn’t think there anything wrong with sleeping with a porn star while your wife just had your baby, and then lying to the entire country while being president. And to clarify, is your wife, sister, mother, gf okay with this or is it a republican guy thing ? When you say “does not need a defense ” do you mean a “Criminal defense lawyer” ? Because, He does need one or two of those .

      • Why can’t you stop talking about Bill Clinton! We’re sick of it!

      • Ooh , I see what you did there , you took what I said and made pretend it is 1990 and I was talking about someone else. Clever. But yes, I agree, you are sick. Any other previous presidents you’d like to slander or can we get back to the current one ?

      • There are always the Kennedy men. A long history of unchecked libidos bringing death to others from time to time.

      • Nothing like a walk down memory lane with no ability to tell the difference between John F. Kennedy and Donald Trump to make things better . Wait, did you have a point there ?

      • Jde…. has a point Brian. DJT and the Kennedys were all corndogs it seems. But DJT never killed any of his conquests.

      • That is my point. I want to mention the libdos of the Clintons and the Kennedy is so high it kills people and that you voted for a corndog that sleeps with porn stars while his wife is taking care of their baby. And everyone is okay with that . Thanks, this has been great .

      • How exactly does slander work when the guy lost his law license for lying to the court to hide yet another of his sexual escapades? You trolls are getting pathetically desperate trying to attack this site every time an article chaps your ass.

      • We don’t care what a private citizen did that wasn’t against the law before that private citizen ran for office.

      • “We” as if you are all of one mind. While your wife is fine raising your kids (“we don’t care” – what a lady!) while you grab pussy, screw porn stars, and dick whatever dick sized hole you can find – the other people here are still really mad at JFK. and Bill Clinton for the SAME thing. So yeah , take that “we don’t care” and place it right next to “OBVIOUSLY” .Suggestion : either be a whore or moral , not a moral whore for tax breaks for the rich .

      • Ooh , I see what you did there , you took what I said and made pretend it is 1990 and I was talking about someone else. Clever. But yes, I agree, you are sick. Any other previous presidents you’d like to slander or can we get back to the current one ?

      • He did not do anything illegal. Consensual sex is not illegal. Ethically, its all relative, right? I mean its legally and ethically ok to abort an unborn child because according to Lefty science it is not a human being yet. So by that standard how unethically bad is have consensual sex with a person not your wife? But if you don’t follow that logic, then what about this: is it ethically ok to drunkenly run your car off a bridge and then not try to help the other person in the car to escape? That’s ok and you can then become the lion of the senate. So if all that is ethically ok, then Trump’s infidelity, should it have happened, is really nothing much. But wait. I forgot about the double standard!

      • The Left is thrilled that they might have the goods on Trump for possibly screwing some bimbo ten years ago (Wow, just think of that!), but its righteousness rings hollow when you reflect on all the truly evil things that the Left supports. In my view the Left has no standing for pontificating about Stormy Daniels or anything else. It is laughable, actually. So, what Trump does is not okay BECAUSE of abortion, It is that whatever the Left has to say on ethical matters is NOT okay because of abortion.

      • Thanks for the drunk car example and bringing abortion into this, that really clears everything up, good point. I am guessing pro-life people believe in “family values” except when it comes to the Prez , because of the Kennedys . Oh and a woman’s right to decide if she is giving birth or not should have some bearing on this too.

      • The bigger problem for the Left is that everyone knew Trump’s past, and they still found Hillary of lower moral fiber than him. Think about that for a minute. The fact the halfwits on the Left can’t figure this out and allow Trump to live rent free in their heads shows the complete lack of intellectual capacity as their entire movement has atrophied into memes, emotions, and denial of reality.

      • What we all do is OK because of abortion ,when you kill your own kids all bets are off

      • My, what an experienced and keenly observant contributor you are. Wait, is that you David Hogg?

      • No, but I understand the confusion with all we’ve covered. I am not one of the Parkland survivors. But why not bring gun control into this if we are talking about kids getting killed. So taking this all into account : How many porn stars can a married president sleep with and lie about to the American Public and wife ? – based on the Kennedy and Clinton libidos, abortion, and gun control I think the answer is “more than one.” It doesn’t sound like being faithful or honest are really important to anyone here . Ask this at church. Any mothers or sisters don’t need to be dragged, that is a caveman thing, he is their president too. I think their answer would be “less than one porn star, especially if I just had your baby”.

      • Quick, head for the fainting couch I sense a case of the vapors coming on. You are dismissed Nancy, your faux outrage over unproven claims from a porn whore are transparent troll nonsense.

      • Fainting couch and vapors ? What are you ? A dusty reanimated doctor from the 1800’s trying to understand what “lady parts” do ? Just wait for it, eventually when Trump admits the affair, you will be back to “something else, something else, I never said that, something else” = more lies. Oh and hey, when I said “Mexico” I meant “Military” will pay for Wall. My bad. Typo.

      • Oh the vapors……you must be so proud that you can virtue signal like the best the Dems have to offer.
        And before you start dragging people’s mothers and sister into things you better have a back up plan.
        Carry On

      • Couldn’t care less……as long as he runs the country, and deconstructs the Prog wreckage that was erected over the last 30 years, he can bang anyone who accepts his offer.

    • If he did actually do her, she mustn’t have been very good. She reportedly was only a 1 and done girl.

      • She’s a bit top heavy for his type. He seems to go for a more tall and willowy look.

    • I don’t know that Trump did sleep with Daniels. Who does except the two of them? What I do know is it is none of my business. And none of Goldberg’s and Kristol’s business either. So far as paying her off. I was a +60 y.o. lady who a few years back made a left turn on a yellow signal in my Jaguar when a truck that was speeding came through the yellow light, too, and clipped my rear right fender. A few weeks later the driver of the truck — a man no older than 50 who was quite buff – sued my auto insurance for $10K because the accident saying it tore his rotator cuff. I told the ins. company to fight it. That I wasn’t injured, the Jaguar only had a small dent AND he hit me with a TRUCK so couldn’t be all that injured. They said it would cost them more to pay the lawyers than to pay the truck driver $10K. So they did. We don’t know that this wasn’t the thinking here. Easier to just pay the tart $130K than to demand she prove it did happen. I’m sure Trump and every other billionaire has a lot of these nuisance suits in their background. If it did happen, that’s between him and Melania. They got away with this with Roy Moore so they think this is their ticket to getting rid of Republicans. They’ll pull it on ANY Republican and Goldberg and Kristol think they can stampede real conservatives into the Democrats’ waiting arms. Shame on them.

  3. Goldberg and the NeverTrump NRO crowd are beclowning themselves.
    BTW has anyone checked out NRO since they limited comments to their subscribers? Almost no one comments about them anymore. But they’ve succeeded in shutting down critical comments–so they can bask uncriticized in their DC/NYC bubble.

    • Their site has long been infested by trolls of all colors because they refused any moderation of the comments. When you treat your comment section like an afterthought, it becomes an eyesore at the bottom of every page.

      • True.
        But their current comments section doesn’t even amount to an eyesore, because there’s nothing to see.

    • “BTW has anyone checked out NRO since they limited comments to their subscribers? Almost no one comments about them anymore.”

      Wow you’re right! I didn’t know NRO had done that and after checking a little while ago there really are few comments. Man talk about a strategy that will DECREASE their readership!!

      • They’d rather have a small, controlled, bubble, than a big tent and free exchange.

  4. It’s not nearly as creepy as tRump’s infatuation with Ivanka…

  5. “Here’s what’s truly hypocritical: Ignoring a real scandal with wide-ranging consequence for our country and the rule of law while spitting in the wind about something that may or may not have happened and that has zero impact on our future.”

    Don’t worry…Mueller is on it.

  6. Stormy wants America to know that anyone who would have consensual sex with someone like her must be a really terrible person. She will now go on to win an honorary Academy Award for best Slut Performance, right alongside of Jane Fonda’s “Klute” and Julia Roberts for “Pretty Woman”. You see, the Left (and apparently Never-Trumpers) believes that sluts and whores are people, too. The peekers and gigglers are OK too. It’s only the Johns who are a little, um, weird.

    • I think your argument is a little odd. If she’s so disreputable, then her associates must be the same. So that means you’re saying…

  7. I don’t care about Trump’s personal life. I care that Republicans are not holding him to the same standard they held Bill Clinton to.

    • If Trump starts banging interns in the Oval Office, then you might have a point. Until then….

      • Yes. Did Trump abuse his power as PRESIDENT! Seems obvious, why can’t you get it?

      • Just checking, that abuse might apply to campaign finance laws fyi. Who is David Dennison?

      • odys: Clinton didn’t abuse his power as president. Monica approached him to have sex. If a 22 year old came on to you, would you say “no”?

      • ounceoflogic; There are no victims in consensual sex. Live up to your name and use logic.

      • I see you claim to be a lawyer of some sort. That explains your missing sense of humor, as well as why you stand up for Bill and condemn Trump.

      • uh, yes I would say no. even though I think Monica is kinda cute.

      • Have you ever said “yes” when you shouldn’t have and lied about it? A guy who hasn’t lied about his sex life isn’t worth talking to. Guys on this thread understand that.

      • Well in 1984 I cheated on my 1st wife with my current current wife whom I married in 1985 after divorce from 1st wife. July will be 33 years we’ve been married. So the answer is I have.

      • Yo brother, you ever heard the word precedent? Once it’s broke there’s no fixing it bird brain.

      • Well, Democrats didn’t even care if Bill stepped over it, so what’s your point?

      • So, in other words, you know you don’t have a point. That clarifies a lot.

        As does your 53000+ posts. Tell your boss in St Petersburg that we can see your post count on DISQUS – its kind of a dead giveaway.

      • My point is the family values platform got thrown away all for the maga. Lots of post equals being a boris? I hate radish and breadline.

      • You have no point and no one with a job, life, or brain posts that often.

      • I just told you my point. What you think of it matters not.

      • No, in order to have a point, it would have to have some bearing on the matter at hand… or at least reality.

      • Lots of trumpkins have lots of posts….whats your point homey?

      • That you are a paid troll. Use of childish terminology confirms this. 7 more posts in 20 minutes – Ivan will be so proud.

      • So its your opinion. Noted. Ill pass that along to the trumpkins.

      • RRDRRD: That’s a coward’s answer. If you thought Clinton’s behavior was bad, why don’t you condemn Trump’s behavior and demand that he be impeached?

      • Because it wasn’t his behavior that got him impeached. It was his LYING UNDER OATH. Has Trump done that?

      • A minor inconvenience when comparing the two situations. As far as regressive Democrats recollections, he was impeached for having sex in the Oval office, not for lying under oath.

      • MinnesotaConservative: See my response to your earlier post.

      • MinnesotaConservative: The impeachment count was sex. It wasn’t perjury for two reasons. The senate acquitted him. More importantly perjury requires a lie under oath about a material matter in the case. A lie about consensual sex is not material to a sexual harassment case. Now, have you lied about your sex life? I’d bet Trump has committed perjury many times in the numerous lawsuit depositions he’s undergone but he wasn’t called on it. He’s afraid of a perjury change if he talks to Mueller under oath. That’s why his lawyers don’t want him to talk to Mueller under oath.

      • He was impeached for perjury and obstruction of justice. Falsely swearing an oath is a serious matter, particularly for an attorney (and most particularly for a public official). He was also subsequently disbarred. Speculate all you wish regarding President Trump; as far as I am concerned he is innocent until proven guilty. (Just like you, right?)

      • No, it is the right answer and your’s is the idiot’s answer. Clinton used his position of power to abuse an intern, creating a hostile workplace for the other women who worked in the White House. Even then, he was only impeached over the cover up and lying under oath. Sorry, but your impeachment fantasies are simply a childish tantrum by leftists who didn’t get their way in the last election.

      • RRDRRD: Monica Lewinsky came on to Clinton and the affair was consensual. It was not sexual harassment. Even Ken Starr admitted that. Trump won’t be impeached. The Republicans in the house and senate will tell him to leave or be impeached and he’ll leave. They’ll tell him to leave when they realize that he will cost them their majorities in both houses if they don’t get rid of him. If he leaves before mid-summer, the Republicans will keep both houses. After that, they lose both houses. They’d rather have Pence anyway. That’s just nut-cutting politics.

      • Nope, you remain an embarrassing idiot. Inappropriate workplace relationships are substantially defined by the power imbalance involved – hmmm, President of the USA and unpaid intern; just what scale do you measure that by? Even if she “came on to him” (BTW, what a pathetic whine that is), he was President and she was a subordinate. SAR offenses do not require coercion or force – she was abused by her employer and it created a hostile work environment for female employees.

        It’s only about 7 months until the mid-term and the generic vote gap does not bode well for Democrats (currently at 5.8% and shrinking – “…for now my view is that Republicans have a realistic chance to survive up to around an eight-point deficit in the popular vote.” Nate Cohn NYT) and they never had a chance at even breaking even in the Senate, so, you keep dreaming those Walter Mitty dreams. You will need something to get you through the next 6-7 years.

      • RRDRRD: Read any account about the Lewinsky matter and you’ll see that she did come on to him. You know damn well that a lot of middle-aged men would accept a blow job from a 22 year old woman. Stop pretending that Bill Clinton did something unusual. If it was sexual harassment, the Republicans in congress would have impeached him for that. They never even thought about it. Yes, sexual harassment could be a high crime or misdemeanor as well as a civil cause of action. High crimes and misdemeanors are whatever the congress and the Supreme Court say they and in Clinton’s case both congress and the Court would have said sexual harassment is a high crime or misdemeanor. The congress didn’t even consider that because it wasn’t sexual harassment.

      • It was an abuse of power. Period. Going after him for lying under oath was a practical choice because it was undeniable, yet Democrats still voted against the truth for political purposes. Similar to your current position.

        BTW, lots of middle age men smoke crack and rob convenience stores too. Just not the ones with self control.

      • RRDRRD: In other words, your side picked a fight with Clinton and lost so you’re whining like a teenaged girl with PMS. Oh, and stay off the drugs.

      • You really are a halfwit. You lost the election and are projecting your whining to the other side. As for middle aged men unable to resist the wiles of fat, dumpy subordinates, I’d suspect you have some explaining to do to your spouse – except, no one would ever trust you with subordinates and any self-respecting woman would have left you long ago.

      • RRDRRD: Apparently, you’re one of those FB blowhards and your period is really bad this month. BTW, I was not surprised that Trump won. It wasn’t until 5 days before the election that I thought Hillary would win but even then I thought she might piss it away and she did. I’m partisan but I’m also objective. I have good political instincts. Example, in the spring of 1991 I bet that Bush Sr. (88% approval rating at the time) would lose in 1992 and in early 2004 I bet that Bush, Jr (approval rating in the low 30’s) would win re-election. I didn’t bet on Hillary because I knew she could piss the election away and the country was in a mood to fuck without a rubber. That’s how we got Trump.

    • Did Trump use the power of the presidency to obstruct justice? Did Trump suborn perjury? Did Trump actually commit perjury to avoid paying some poor lady under his employ to whom he whipped out his schlong and asked her to kiss it? Bubba Clinton DID all that and more. So until you have solid evidence that Trump did any of that, take a hike.

      • MartyJohnson: Clinton didn’t use the power of the presidency to do anything. He was acquitted of obstruction of justice and perjury because he did neither. If you study the law(I’m a lawyer.) you’d know why Clinton did neither.

      • He was fined $90,686 for giving false testimony, you lying fraud.

      • False testimony is not the same as perjury. The 90 grand was to cover part of Paula Jones’ legal fees.

      • Yer full of shit. He committed perjury. I practiced law for over twenty years. Annnnnd he got disbarred for perjury. He “got acquitted” by a political body, for political reasons. Too bad you are too ignorant to know that.

      • Marty Johnson: If you ever practiced law, you didn’t practice criminal law. You don’t know the legal definition of perjury. On the perjury count in the senate even 10 Republicans voted not guilty. There was another count of perjury the house didn’t even vote to impeach him on. Both of those show that there was no perjury.

      • Don’t try to weasel out of it. I know exactly what the legal definition of perjury is. The fact that 10 Republicans voted not guilty doesn’t make him not guilty, as evidenced by the state bar disbarring his arse for…wait for it! Perjury.

    • When did an alleged consensual one night stand with a whore turn into multiple accusations of rape?

      • DoctorBassMonkey: Juanita Broaderick is the only woman who accused Clinton of rape and she has signed at least one affidavit that it didn’t happen. I haven’t accused Trump of rape. However 17 woman have accused him off sexual harassment. Are you going to give Ol’ grab ’em by the pussy the benefit of the doubt on all 17 of those cases? If so, be quiet about Clinton.

      • No, she is not the only one. Clinton was “asked to leave” aka expelled from Oxford for raping a co-ed who was the daughter of a prominent person. And God knows how many of Epstien’s child sex slaves he raped on the Lolita express and on Orgy Island.

      • Miss Scarlett with a revolver: If Clinton had been expelled from Oxford the conservative mainstream media (Fox, Limbaugh, etc.) would have covered it . They didn’t That means not even they believed it. That says all you need to know.

      • If you weren’t a fraud, you’d know about Eileen Wellstone. Trump hasn’t had a single credible accuser while Clinton perjured himself and had his law license suspended trying to cover up what he did in office. Now that we’ve proven you have no clue what you’re talking about or are an outright liar, you can go back under your bridge.

      • Eileen Wellstone wasn’t covered by even the conservative mainstream media (Fox, Limbaugh, etc.) which means not even they believed it. How do you know Trump’s accusers aren’t credible. It’s reasonable to think that a guy who “grabs ’em by the pussy” has sexually harassed women. Stop whining like a teenaged girl with PMS.

  8. True, true. These two will never appreciate Trump, to the detriment of their respective careers and magazines. The left wants us to see Stormy Daniels as a Stephanie Clifford, mother, victim, woman. But the truth is she is what she looks like: a washed up porn ‘actress’, shameless self promoter, and opportunist….and these two rubes are buying into the myth, blinded by their hatred of Trump.

    • How does that change what Trump did? Which was have an extra marital affair while he had a new child? Let’s not forget the threats against her.

      • The word of a woman who administered fellatio to the well endowed for public consumption. Probably not the best witness.

      • Well, that’s most likely over 50% of Americans. Heck, a poll showed 32% said they’d vote for her over him and if she used her real name she polls better than him for the presidency. She’s absolutely more credible than him. She’s at least made an honest living in comparison to the President.

      • Even the Hill article refers to that poll as done by a far left group. It is biased and therefore meaningless.

        But thanks for the source.

      • “Even the Hill article refers to that poll as done by a far left group. It is biased and therefore meaningless.

        But thanks for the source.”

        How pathetic is that “poll” — if her real name is used? So basically when Jane Doe is matched against Trump Jane Doe wins by 1% REALLY??!

        In the last election Hillary “won” the popular vote by 2% yet this “poll” has it broken down participants’ last election vote Hillary 46%, Trump 40% and Other 14% in a year where this year most other polls show 3% generic dem lead.

        Also PPP Michigan POTUS 11/4/16 : Hillary +5%.

        You can’t make this stuff up!

      • “Heck, a poll showed 32% said they’d vote for her over him and if she
        used her real name she polls better than him for the presidency.”

        No one ever said Progs were smart…..

      • I’m not a progressive and I’d take her in that office any day over Trump.

      • How’s that? Again, she’s more credible and trustworthy. Both have made careers out of *ucking people, at least in her case it was her job so at least she made an honest living.

      • I suppose Trump derangement syndrome is a bonafide NeverTrump mental illness then….

      • To you, “credibility” is any steaming pile of excrement that fits the narrative. However, the narrative is that you and your ilk already told us that a president’s private life is just that – his private life.

      • Many conservatives have claimed for years that morals matter. At least you can now admit how hypocritical that position was/is among conservatives. I’m pretty moderate, somewhat right of center, but it’s really clear that she is more credible than he is. I feel sorry for those who can’t see that and think that Trump is more credible, trustworthy, honest, or moral than her cause he’s not.

      • As opposed to a sitting President who had an affair with a junior staffer in the Oval Office on our dime. Nope don’t see the equivalency. Melania is the only one being hurt by the non-stop hate mongers.

      • Yes, don’t forget the threats. That whole story smells like a Clintonian bimbogate setup. Look at the 60 minutes ‘story’: don’t call her a porn star, she’s a mom! Not going to film “Anal Wives 3”, but to a ‘women’s fitness class’. He didn’t simply tell her to ‘lay off Trump’ but threatened the ‘poor baby girl’. The whole thing seems perfectly contrived to separate Trump from his female voters. It’s too neat. Unfortunately, it happened ten years ago, she’s an opportunistic hag, her looks (and breasts) are fading fast, it was consensual with no professional context (except her being a porn star), and she went on tour to shamelessly self-promote her dirty little act. So, we could say it’s not nice, but neither were Bubba’s or JFK’s in-house infidelities with subordinates….but the left isn’t throwing them on the trash heap.

      • I’d like to point out that a “slut” can also be a mom. Moreover, what kind of person associates with actors in movies called “Anal Wives 3”? You see the problem here, right?

      • Ten years ago as a private civilian. Sure, that is a problem for making a mountain out of this.

    • Stormy said he ruined her reputation with her family and child by calling her a liar.
      Silly me I thought her reputation was ruined when she took the BBC up the pooper.
      But what do I know I’m just a hick from rural Ohio.

  9. Trump Organization lawyer Michael Cohen’s $130,000 payout to adult actress Stormy Daniels for her silence over an alleged affair with President Donald Trump violated election law, according to a former top U.S. election official.

    During an interview on 60 Minutes with Anderson Cooper Sunday, Republican election law expert Trevor Potter said the payout potentially represented an “illegal, in-kind contribution.” Potter served as chairman of the Federal Election Commission (FEC) under George H.W. Bush.

    • Hmm, I wonder when hiring people and providing employment will be ruled a violation of election law?

      I like the argument that since our government may become corrupt we need to surrender some of our first amendment rights to the FEC. If the government becomes more corrupt I suppose they expect us to surrender more of our first amendment rights to the FEC, and if the government becomes totally corrupt they expect that we should surrender all of our first amendment rights to the FEC.

      That, people, is the logic of the left.

      • Actually you cant hire foreigners to work on campaigns…..that brings Cambridge analytica into play on that front.

        Do you give your opinion of the logic of others a lot? Your first amendment has legal restrictions and limitations upon it fyi.

      • Hiring foreigners to work on a campaign. Would that be like subcontracting Christopher Steele to collude with the Russians in order to dig up dirt on Trump?

      • They’re already investigating it. In fact, they are most likely investigating any purported violation of election laws, no matter how far fetched. Thus the investigation into Trump as reported by NBC.

    • You do know what the word ‘potentially’ means don’t you? Or is your latest diatribe your way of forgiving yourself for having checked out “Stormys” old films (research eh).

      • Yes it takes awhile to determine that.
        Current and former FEC officials tell NBC News that it could take a year or longer for the FEC to address whether Michael Cohen’s $130,000 payment to Stormy Daniels represents an unreported in-kind, contribution to the Trump campaign

      • Tell Mueller to keep digging. There’s bound to be a pony in there somewhere.

      • Immigrants dont have ponies. What immigrant leaves a country that has ponies?

      • Oh so it’s like the long winded, no proof found, no proof coming Russia collusion fantasy eh?

      • Yes it better to wait till the game is over before calling it in the 3rd inning.

      • Well now I do recognize youth and inexperience requires some outside knowledge to correct but do you have to take baby steps?

      • Lol!!! You know it all don’t you! You’re alright guy. I was in dire need of a good laugh.

      • Lol!!! I turned that exact number last year dude. So a non answer like yours really is meaningless to me.

      • I asked a question. Ever see debbie does dallas? Thats a classic one.

      • Lol!!! So did I! You didn’t answer remember. Deb’s an old hide from way back in the halcyon days but you should check her out. Doubtless she could teach you a thing or two.

      • What was your question? Old dogs can learn new tricks no?

      • Nice try though. Had something to do with the meaning of the word potential. I guess I already have your answer lol.

    • So, you heard that from an “expert” on 60 Minutes huh? Could it be that 60 Minutes would make disingenuous points in order to push a hidden liberal agenda. Nah, not 60 Minutes, they’d never do such a thing. Just ask Hillary Clinton. She might even give you one of the delicious cookies she baked.

  10. There are many wonderful facets inherent the ascendancy of Donald Trump to the highest office in the country. One of them is the growing revelation of the irrelevance of Goldberg and those like him. The electorate have long been tired of the disconnected talking heads; elitist fools who assume to tell us what to think. That the progressives, aided by what is left of the conservative establishment have been reduced to elevating as their champion, someone who administered fellatio to the well endowed for public display is PERFECT.

  11. Anyone who walks up behind Kristol,Will, or Frum, pulls out a gun and shoots them in the back of the head is an American hero.

    • No. They are discredited and out-of-influence. Let them fade away in obscurity.

    • I think that’s called murder. It’s generally frowned on by the law enforcement community.

  12. The problem with nevertrumpers is that they are the epitome of self-righteous “conservatives.” I thought Rick Santorum would get the GOP nod because that party was stoopid enough to always give the nomination to the guy that lost last time. Romney, McCain, and Dole for example.

    The problem was that Rick Santorum was no fun. Nothing but a sourpuss who was wagging his finger at all.

    So Jonah Goldberg will never be with a gorgeous sexy woman like Trump has been with all his life. Why is he so kjealous?

  13. I noticed the same out of Goldberg that Ms. Kelly did. To check out a picture of Goldberg- any picture- is to see a man (like she said this publication is family oriented) who just took in a peep show.

  14. Lots of criticism from the right about Clinton, etc, Democrats, sexual misconduct was about the misconduct itself, not just that they were in office while doing it. To give Trump a pass *is* hypocrisy, Jules, no way around that via obscene taunting of Goldberg et al for pointing it out. ‘Hypocrisy for the greater good’, if you like. But while many Trumpkins are rough and ready degenerates like Trump, a lot of other ones still pretend to be devout ‘born again’ Protestants.
    As for conservatism’s ‘declining political appeal’ that still has little logical appeal as a call to the dog’s breakfast of Trumpism, which if you don’t like it now, wait till the master himself redefines in the next tweet or public meeting with Chuck and Nancy.
    But the bottom line is that the $130k hush money to ‘Daniels’ might have been illegal. Under convoluted campaign finance laws OK, but still a here and now problem for Trump.

    • Same advice I give my liberal friends; Trump won; Bush, Kasich, Santorum, Rubio, Cruz, Fiorina, Christie, Paul, Carson, Perry, Walker, Huckabee, Graham, Jindal and the others lost. Get over it. Play the hand your dealt. Since Trump crushed 15 of the best Republicans in the country, as well as the most formidable Democrat machine in the past 50 years, it’s not that bad a hand.

      Take Newt’s advice, any time you’re unhappy with Trump, think of the three magic words: PRESIDENT HILLARY CLINTON.

    • No, the criticism was that that kind of behavior wasn’t acceptable from an elected official in office, especially one with a lifetime history of that behavior plus allegations of rape who then lied under oath and obstructed justice. By your standard no one who has ever done anything in the past can ever change and hold any position of authority again. Good luck finding those perfect people.

  15. Wish our conservative friends like Kristol and Goldberg would spend as much energy trashing the Omnibus as they spend trashing Trump.

  16. If Trump was a Democrat, all you phony conservatives would be trashing him for his immoral behavior.
    The Republican party used to stand for family values. I didn’t vote for Trump because he is an immoral pig with no values.
    Don’t make us the problem. It’s the fake Republicans who abandoned their values at the alter of Trumpism that’s the problem.

  17. I used to be a fan of Jonah, now I have no interest in anything he writes. He’s become predictable and boring as hell

    • Writers have to be careful these days. One wrong stance on an issue and you can get black-balled for life. Years ago I was a strong supporter of The Economist and regularly bought issues and often was a subscriber. After they drank the Global Warming kool-aid, I black-balled them.

  18. Instead of blaming the untarnished Republicans for calling out the complete abandonment of both family and republican values, AG continues to sabotage the GOP by blindly following their chosen Furher to the destruction of the Party of Lincoln! Shame is all I feel when I hear Trump speak!!!

    • John McCain and Mitt Romney were untarnished Republicans of the highest caliber. I voted for both of them. I saw where that got us. I voted for Trump in 2016. He won. Unemployment is at a record low. The economy is starting to grow again. North Korea is on the ropes and the Islamic caliphate has been annihilated. Trump might be crude but he has gotten more results for the conservative agenda than any president since Reagan. If another Lincoln should come along, I’ll vote for him. Unfortunately, in 2016, my only other option was to vote for Clinton. All things considered, I think Trump was the better choice. His record seems to prove it anyway.

      • The economy had completely recovered by Obama’s last year, and anyone ho won would’ve been the president of a booming economy! Trump did NOTHING to bring down unemployment, or to make things better!! He is a nightmare as far as a role model for our young people! Do we want young Republicans growing up to think that lying and cheating is OK as long as you deny it?

    • the nic you choose to use……the real lady….supported trump…everyday with him as president is a blessing…..the alternative the never trumpers were willing to accept because of their hatred……was a deal with the devil…..

  19. Is there anyone in America who didn’t think that Trump was a sleazebag adulterer? Hasn’t that been factored in already, long before the election? I don’t care what he did before he was President. Now if he had sex with an intern in the Oval Office that would be a totally different thing. But consenting sex between two adults over 10 years ago? Who cares?

    • Yes, I didn’t vote for Trump based on his moral compass or his deportment. GW Bush always took the high road. As a result, the Democrats and their minions were able to destroy his reputation, crush his presidency and steal both the White House and Congress. The time for patrician, moralistic elitists is over. If we don’t take our gloves off and fight today, there won’t be a tomorrow.

      • Don’t you see you’re supposed to allow yourself to be manipulated to allow the rightful class to be in power?

        If a leftist commits adultery with a young intern while in office and lies about it under oath it’s OK because he’s a righteous warrior holding off the evil right-wing heathens at the gates trying to take away a woman’s right to kill her child in the womb.

        But if (and that’s a big IF) a gop POTUS commits adultery with an older consenting adult porn star (hardly a victim) 8 years before they’re in office and is not the subject of a court proceeding it’s not OK because he’s evil just based on the fact that he’s not a democrat and you as a Christian/conservative/gop should abandon him.

      • Manipulated? Or maybe I just don’t like the guy regardless of anything else. You know, maybe there’s nothing wrong with me thinking he’s not going to be good at this POTUS thing for reason that don’t jibe with how I would like to see things.

      • Yet in spite of the non-stop caterwauling of the left, he has done more to help average Americans in 14 months than Obama did in 8 years. Sort of eats at you doesn’t it?

      • Thanks acix, I’ll try to remember my rightful place and not get all uppity again. I know how much that sort of thing upsets our betters. :)

      • Yeah, what you said is everything I think is wrong with Trump as POTUS. Just gotta disagree with that attitude. I don’t think willfully lowering and compromising our morals and ethics so you “can win” is worth it. For instance, I never questioned Bush’s morality, just his judgement. But it’s certainly interesting you, and so many others, are willing and able to think this way. Reagan might not approve, FWIW.

      • Reagan’s not here. In 2016 we had two choices, elect Trump or elect Clinton. I chose to elect Trump. Losing our freedom just wasn’t worth maintaining a sense of moral entitlement. If Bush had fought, the Republicans might have kept Congress. If either McCain or Romney had pointed out the empty background of Obama, his questionable votes and his curious relationship to corrupt politicians, racist preachers and far left radicals, one of those two might have won. You keep voting for the McCain’s and Romney’s. I’ll vote for those who can best protect our nation’s people, borders and prosperity.

  20. If I pay you $100,000 because you threaten to tell the public that I did something I didn’t want my wife to find out, is that hush money,, or blackmail?
    As the porn lady wears the “Most Hated Woman” crown, her motives for blabbing about an encounter with a 60yrs old billionaire that started with them watching the Discovery channel is all about money – his money, their money, your money.
    No one wants to watch a chubby, 40 yr old former porn queen do anything – except anti-Trump people.

  21. Goldberg has you dead to rights, which is why you must pretend he’s the pervert.

    • Goldberg is the quintessential Conservative Inc pundit: a pseudo-intellectual whose career rests on nepotism. He will lie and distort anything to try to make himself appear relevant.

  22. by jonah’s standards….we should gather the stones and throw them at the glass houses….he’s going down #therickwilson rabbit hole……

  23. It’s simply hilarious that an old pornstar has more credibility than the president of the United States. You want to talk about creepy, how about that she is the second one of his affairs to claim he told her that she reminded him of Ivanka. I hope that dvd that was tweeted is a video of the act and that it gets released for the whole world to see while he’s still in office.

      • I want the whole world to see the pee tape while he’s in office.

    • Trump is such a good Christian man, right?
      Do you share the president’s values?

      • No I don’t share his values. I actually consider myself a Christian and try to live it as best I can.

  24. Beta males are always entranced by fake tits. I was half-considering checking out NR again now that Kevin Williamson is leaving, but the reminder Goldberg is still part of the circle jerk there disabused me of that impulse.

  25. It’s a culture war. It’s not about Stormy. It’s about Goldberg’s urban proclivities. He’d rather live under President Hillary than be associated with Trump. He’s embarrassed and he wants you to be also. “Conservativism” is just a beard he wears.

    Back when I used to read Jonah’s newsletter he would occasionally whine that some people would contact him and accuse him of being a squish who just wanted to be invited to cocktail parties in DC. This seemed to really get his goat and he would take it literally and go on about how this isn’t actually a thing. The bitch doth protest too much. Maybe it’s true that Jonah didn’t get invited to many cocktail parties. But he wanted to be invited and still does.

    • Good for you, you’re not “embarrassed.” I got news for you: Trump is. Otherwise, why would he be paying off one babe after another to keep quiet about his adultery? You don’t think he’s embarrassed about telling both a prostitute and a playmate that they remind him of his daughter? I’m sure that made Ivanka just glow with pride.

      • Yo. Imbecile. Were your panties this wadded over Clinton paying Paula Jones $850,000 to avoid a rape trial?

        Thought not.

      • We all know the moral preening from the left is about trying to get conservatives to constrain themselves to rules the progs have long abandoned. As Obama said – “if they bring a knife, we’ll bring a gun”. Drives them nuts when we join the fight.

      • I doubt he is embarrassed actually. The man is quite shameless. But I don’t care. I literally don’t care and you can’t make me care. All of this was priced into the vote, which frankly was, in my history of votes, definitely my all-time favorite.

  26. The NeverTrumpers do serve a useful role……to constantly remind us why the Libs and the Swamp were allowed to transform this nation into a snowflake Animal Farm in a short 30 years.

  27. Ironically, I was anti Trump from the start. But it was the arguments of the Never Trumpers, people like Jonah and the rest of the NRO, Megan McArdle when she was at Bloomberg, and several Federalist writers that changed my mind.

    Their arguments were pathetic, full of special pleading, illogical, over emotional, opportunistic (seizing on the thing of the moment even if it contradicted something they said two days ago). I mean it wasn’t as if there weren’t lots of things to attack Trump on, but they never went after those things. They sounded like Progs. So this got me to be willing to take a gamble on Trump, I wanted to see him blow up the cozy “Washington Consensus” – he has delivered.

    This got me thinking, what these people hated wasn’t that Trump was crude, but he was a nationalist. And all these alleged “conservatives” were globalists. Oh, they might disagree with their fellow travelers on abortion or national defense, but on the real solid cores- limited government, less government control, open borders, open immigration – they were with the Progs.

    Each feels the same contempt of the masses – remember these same people hated the Tea Party as well – and this is what Trump has exposed – their contempt for us. They hate America because they hate the concept of Nationalism. And this is why they are so increasingly bitter – the longer Trump remains in power, the more he rekindles America’s belief in itself, and ends their dreams of superiority.

    Oh, Jonah’s new book gives this away: Suicide of the West: How the Rebirth of Tribalism, Populism, Nationalism, and Identity Politics is Destroying American Democracy

    Notice how he mixes things that don’t belong: Populism and Nationalism do not destroy American Democracy, they are necessary requirements. Tribalism is the opposite of nationalism, and Identity politics is the opposite of populism – so these two do destroy democracy.

    My guess is that Jonah will use the Conservative hatred of IP to get them agreeing, but by the end the book will be a full fledged attack on the “alt right”, which to Jonah will be anyone who doesn’t support open border and structured trade

  28. Business coming back, lowest unemployment in decades, rising wages, tax cuts, more take home pay, ISIS nearly destroyed, protecting our borders, negotiating with little Rocket Man….. we don’t want these things, we want Obama back. LOL

    • Yes we do want these things but they have NOTHING to do with the ignoramus in the WH.

  29. All NeverTrumpers have at least one thing in common: they have built their careers on complaining nonstop.

    Hillary would have given these fake conservative losers job security for at least 8 years, complaining about her and telling everyone what great things conservatives would do instead, if only they were in power! All the while knowing damn well they would never actually do conservative things if given the chance. (SEE: Obamacare)

    Case in point; the recent travesty known as the omnibus bill. Why are these fake conservative losers focusing on Stormy Daniels when they should be railing so-called conservatives over lying down, cheeks spread for Cuck Schumer?

    The answer is simple, these fake conservative losers know there’s real money to be made doing something they’re already good at; complaining.

    • Most NeverTrumpers are just voters like myself who don’t make a dime by complaining. We have a right to express our opinions.

  30. Stormy is just another old prostitute looking to make a few $’s. Want to see her perform? This article gives a list of her Oscar winning Weinstein special movies. Just facescam them and watch. Jonah needs to go away and reconnect to his faith, if he has any faith. Americans voted for a wrecking ball to restore our rights and the rule of law, and we certainly got one. Many of us can’t wait to vote for him again. He ain’t no saint. But he loves actual Americans and we know it. He shows it every day with his actions. Pay no attention to tweets and anything he says. Just pay attention to what he does and nothing else.

    • Trump “loves actual Americans”? Actual? Oh, you mean like honkies whose grandparents didn’t come over from Italy or Ireland or Estonia or someplace? I’ve got news for you: Trump couldn’t give a flying crap about America or Americans, except as the object of his big con game. He likes Russians much more.

      • Sounds like you have a personal problem. Trump “loves” American normals. He also loves the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights, the rule of law, and our fighting men and women in uniform. He loves our history, culture, and wants to help Make America Great Again. The main problem is all you science deniers with psychotic derangement who want communism and gaystapo fascists to rule over Americans.

  31. #NTers are not conservatives, they are R party and R party donor shills

  32. Only a cultish Trump worshiper could accuse people following the hilarious Stormy Daniels/Trump saga of being “creepy.” Listen. Everything Trump does and says is creepier than the public’s wholesome interest in his absurd escapades. How’s telling the prostitute and the Playmate both, “You are just like my daughter.” That creepy enough for you? BTW, his lawyer is not “alleged” to have made the $130k payoff. He did it.

  33. I made it a point a while ago to completely ignore these neo-con nitwits. They seemed to me to be pros at false argumentation, something I see Ms. Kelly has pointed out here. There’s also no real point in my opinion to engage them anyway because they’re never going to speak the truth to Americans about what they’re really after, It’s a hallmark of their identity.

  34. Why are the Never Trump men feigning the vapors? One reason and one reason only. Ego. They think they are better than Trump and when evidence (however scant) is presented showing rather, shall we say, “uninhibited” women who make a living off of their looks crawling over themselves to get with DJT, they hate it. They really, really hate it.

    • Ho boy. First of all, nobody has to THINK they are better than Trump. Virtually everybody in the United States has more honor, is more honest, has more courage, and is more decent. As for your implication that a lot of men are jealous of Trump’s “success” with women, I don’t suppose you heard Daniels say she wasn’t in the least attracted to him? (Who could be, really?) All he has is few billion dollars and no morals. I suppose there are some women who find that irresistable, right Scarlet?

      • “Long” Tom? Wishful thinking I’m sure….

  35. For a decade now I watched 0bama with his pseudo-intellectual verbal cadence, his smug delivery, his condescending lecturing of normal working men & women. He never succeeded in reaching me as a fellow American and never failed to insult my intelligence – BUT I could live with that – it was his destructive ideology, his policies and his agenda I despised

    Trump has numerous personal, traits that I find abhorrent as well, but as long as he stays within the bounds of his constitutional powers and governs like a conservative as he has been, the only thing I’m concerned with are this administration’s results.

    And so far, they’re spectacular.

    • E. T. Bass: You’re going to find out that Trump has suckered you like a carnival; barker fleeces his marks. You fell for the boob bait.

      • How’s that Russian collusion thing workin’ for ya there, Einstein?

      • E. T. Bass: I’m not sure there was collusion. Collusion requires trust and the Russians know better than to trust Donald Trump. They used him to interfere with our elections by duping him because they knew he was dumb enough to be duped. Trump does have Russian connections and that’s why he won’t show us his tax returns or tell us what business holdings he has. I want to know if he owes money to the oligarchs. Don’t you want to know that?

      • Trump’s tax returns have been prepared by a team of accountants and lawyers for decades. The 0bama IRS went over Trump’s taxes with a fine tooth comb and we would have heard all about any serious irregularities years ago had there been any. I’m sure Muller has his returns too and also found nothing actionable. The whole thing about Trump’s tax returns is nothing more than a ploy to arouse the class envy emotions in the garden variety low information democrat base voter.

      • If what you say is true, Trump should release his tax returns. If he refuses, it’s fair to think he’s hiding something. Also, if Mueller has Trump’s tax returns you don’t know what Mueller has or hasn’t found. Mueller’s not revealing anything because he wants to ask Trump questions IF Trump has the courage to talk to Mueller. BTW, answer my question. Don’t you want to know if Trump owes money to the oligarchs?

      • All I would want to know is if Trump’s returns contain evidence of any criminal activity, which we would have heard about several years ago if there was.

      • Anyone who doesn’t want to know if Trump owes money to the oligarchs is in-American and a fool.

      • jerseymark: it will happen sometime this year. It won’t affect the country because Americans are resilient.

  36. If you hated Trump before Stormy Daniels became an issue, you still hate him. If you supported him before, you still support him. Nothing has changed.

    • except his sliding, already historically low, approval rating

      • I guess you aren’t paying any attention at all as his approval rating has been rising, up 7 point since February and his is higher than Obama’s at similar points in administration. So you are wrong on all accounts – good job.

      • You’re clearly not paying attention. It just dropped to 39% from 42%

      • Nope – Rasmussen has him at 46% – higher than Obama at the same time in his presidency.

  37. I am a Never Trumper and I dare say that my “Obsession” with Stormy Daniels is a damn less creepy than Donald Trump’s truly creepy obsession with his loathsome daughter whose ass he has been photographed grabbing on several occasions. It’s really amazing that a significant majority of Americans have more faith in the veracity of a Porn Star than they do the sexual predator in the White House

    • Funny stuff. Were your panties this wadded when Democrats put an actual rapist in the White House?

      Thought not…

      • The daughter stuff is weird even for the bible thumpers.

    • What makes Trump a sexual predator? Consensual sex with the porn star? I think you are in a time warp that think Bill Clinton is still President.

  38. Trump was a terrible person back then. If you have sex with a porn star while married, unless it was with the wife’s consent, you are an immoral man. Of course, Trump was a Democrat when it happened. Fortunately, we forgive those who have sinned and for all we can see, now that Trump is a Republican, he has been a model husband and father.

  39. ‘Since news surfaced in January that Trump’s lawyer allegedly paid Daniels $130,000 in hush money to keep their sexual encounter a secret…(edit…consensual sexual encounter…)

    Pretty damn amusing that more attention is paid to this than Clinton forking over $850,000 to avoid Paula Jones dragging him into court as a rapist…

    But then again…liberal consistency ain’t all it’s cracked up to be…

  40. The left has become insane and is waging a race war against white people. Never Trumpers are helping the left because they’re too stupid to realize what’s going on here. That’s basically the whole situation in a nutshell.

    Why would so many whites, the white leftists, be waging a race war against white people?

    Probably for the same reason Mao’s Red Guard waged war against China. I’ve read that during the Cultural Revolution ( 1966/1976 ) the Red Guard destroyed an estimated 90% of China’s priceless cultural heritage. Temples, books, art works and millions of lives were destroyed because the Red Guard felt these things were reminders of China’s evil past and were holding China back from a bright new future where all would be equal. Anyone curious about what motivates our wonderfully progressive left should read up on China’s Cultural Revolution. The Red Guard wanted to “start history afresh” as it says in the excerpt below about what our left wants. There’s nothing new about what’s happening here.

    “The Censorious Left’s Latest Mania: ‘Decolonizing Everything’ has a subtitle which says “Their obsession with destroying white, euro-centric ‘domination,’ wherever it may be, has become patronizing and authoritarian.”

    “The move to decolonize is not based on a nuanced critique of the West’s historical legacy. We cannot have a discussion that asks how and why colonialism occurred, and considers its impact then and now, because the conclusions have already been decided for us. Rather than questioning the past we must remove all trace of it from our universities, architecture, and food. We must start history afresh.”

    Anyone familiar with Mao’s Red Guard during the Cultural Revolution ( 1966/1976 ) would immediately recognize what’s going on here.

  41. Julie, you are very correct in your observation of teen aged boys. When I was in high school, I had one particular algebra class after lunch. For some reason, with the warm spring sun coming through the window — or something, often I would get one of those things you refer to in your first sentence. I would live in stark fear that the teacher might call on me to go to the board and work a problem.

  42. It’s astounding to me what’s happened to Goldberg. I used to have so much respect for the guy, even got to spend some time with him in a project I was working on. Thought he was brilliant. But my wife didn’t take to him. Thought he was cocky, and that there that just something that didn’t sit well with her about him. She was obviously a better judge of character than I was. He’s become a pathetic joke, and it’s sad to see.

  43. Evangelicals embracing porn….that maga juice is some crazy stuff.

    • Good policy trumps “bad character” every day of the week. Evangelicals understand the point of “He who is without sin can throw the first stone”. Since when do we look to elect the Pope as President. We tried electing a “saint” in Carter and saw how that turned out.

      • I guess that portion of the platform with “family values” on it is in the dumpster.

      • When you say you’re gonna vote family values and then you don’t, well. There ya go.

  44. Bottom line, what Trump did and does is indefensible as a human being from my point of view. IMO, this incident shows him to be the sleazeball he is. Confirmation bias rewarded. Thank you Trump. You’re always living down to my expectations.

    Bill Clinton: Gross
    Don Trump: Gross

    Of course, others really don’t care that he behaves this particular way and other particular ways. But I do. Maybe other people agree with me on this one. Maybe other indy voter people in the middle that sway every election… So, you know, that.

    This isn’t about the voters that are firmly in the 33% right or 33% left. We gonna do what we gonna do. But all this Trump behavior stuff is salacious and people are drawn to car crashes. Absolutely none of this is new news, it’s just louder because the dude is POTUS.

    • Bill Clinton was far, far worse preying on young interns in his position of power, even within the Oval Office itself. How you compare that favorably to a one night stand as a private citizen with a porn star 12 years ago says a whole lot about you. I am sure if you have been married for any length of time, you never strayed for even a single failure of judgment.

      • That’s the mine vs. theirs rationalization I’m talking about. Thanks for illustrating it. As mentioned, it doesn’t really matter to those set in their viewpoints.

        And regarding the the other thing, nope. BTW, don’t let your current wife read your post.

      • No it is NOT! There is an objective substantial difference in the conduct of the two men. Your critical thinking skills need sharpening if you don’t see that, or you are a closet Lib as liberals have no such skills at all.

      • Sleazy is as sleazy does.

        I’d suggest you admit that you’re forgiving bad behavior because you want to –since it’s your guy. That’s fine.

        All I’m saying is that you and I are set in our thinking about Trump. Others are not and this kind of stuff moves the needle for some voters.

        And just kuz I disagree with you doesn’t mean I need to be insulted…or does it?

      • Trump had his affair 10 years before taking office. Clinton got BJ’s or more in the Oval Office. Try to keep up.

  45. The great thing about the devolution of the Anti-Trumpers like Goldberg and Kristol into the pompous whiners is that they have essentially rendered themselves irrelevant to the future of American conservatism. They have exposed themselves in a manner which will render any attempt at rehabilitation impossible. They are peeing into the wind and do not recognize their soaked shoes and pant legs. The future of American conservatism is being fashioned day by day by President Trump and those who understand the importance of “America First” nationalism to our survival. President Trump has added a little known concept of “what works pragmatism” to the theory based ideological straight-jacket the Ant-Trumpers desire. It is more important to them to prove the theory of conservatism as defined by them correct than doing what is simply best for the American people. Donald Trump believes we focus on dong what is best for the people and then give it a catchy name if need be. To loosely borrow a phrase from the Bill Clinton campaigns, “It is the results stupid”.

    • If you believe that the “theory” of conservatism is wrong, then it logically follows that you are a liberal. So don’t lecture me about the “future” of an ideology in which you do not believe.

  46. a long with goldberg and simple minded kristol , slime ball stephen hayes .

  47. Note to self, Never never never get on the bad side of Julie. Terrific article and great smack down of Goldberg.

  48. Not only is America terminally ill, but it seems the whole world is rapidly heading for war. This excerpt below from a National Interest article ( on Real Clear Politics ) called “The World Should Take China’s War Threats Seriously” by Gordon Chang is about how extremely deadly this situation has become.

    The article concludes by saying “Chinese leaders could be approaching the stage where they too believe they can do what they want.” Considering how obvious it that America is disintegrating, why wouldn’t they feel that way?

    “In recent days, Beijing has repeatedly threatened war. The People’s Republic of China is not the Third Reich, but the world is nonetheless approaching a 1939 moment in East Asia.

    Xi Jinping, newly armed with a second term as China’s president, is now full of fire and fury. During his address at the close of the annual session of the National People’s Congress on Tuesday, he promised “full unification of the motherland.” That’s code for annexation of Taiwan, large portions of India, dozens of Japanese islands, a speck of South Korea, Philippine rocks and reefs, and almost all the waters of the South China Sea.”

  49. Goldberg, Kristol, Hayes, Schmidt, Jeb!, Rove, etc- all I can think of when I hear them continue to prattle on 1 year into trump’s presidency is that great Andy DuFresne line from Shawshank. “Are you obtuse?” Trump understood something they didn’t no matter how many times they say “constitution”or “conservative.” The GOPe has policies that have limited appeal and can no longer put together a winning electoral majority. None of the other 16 could have gone into the rust belt and won.
    What I find most egregious and hypocritical is that everyone knows that George HW Bush had a mistress he kept in an apartment WHILE he was president. She would come to the White House when Babs was out of town. He also had an affair with someone he gave an ambassadorship to. No one cares about Bush or Stormy. We care about what the Bush/Ryan/McConnell GOPe did to the budget. An ex dem

  50. This is BUNK.

    This lady seems to think the revulsion to an immoral ‘man’ is worse that the immoral man himself.

    Only a trumper sycophant could come up with that.

  51. I would say that it is far more immoral to ruin the health insurance market, jacking up the price of actual health care, letting in tens of thousands of un-vetted illegal immigrants. These things have far more negative and damaging effect on far more people than Trump nailing a porn star 12 years ago.

    • You left out auditing political opponents ,and enriching the Russians by hamstringing our energy sector, and empowering the Russians by losing Syria and Iraq and Crimea and and Libya You left out trying hard to destroy the economy with countless stupid regulations and 10 trillion dollars in added debt . And how about uni-lateral disarming while gently whispering in the Russians ears that he could even do more for them after “I am reelected ” .

      • Hear hear! And probably a lot more than that. Who’s to ever know how many people died in Iran when Zero failed to support the protesters last time.

  52. Now we know why Jism Jonah is so fixated upon The Donald’s lively life between the sheets: not only did the Homecoming Queen laugh at him, the cafeteria lady STILL laughs at him.

  53. We never elected Trump as a paragon of virtue. How bizarre to witness the mainstream media interview a hooker on TV to describe a one night stand from 10 years ago as being newsworthy.

  54. I am happy, in the post manly- man country of our’s , to read that a man , any man , is having sex with a sexy women . He is not chasing boys or cutting off his johnson or wondering which restroom he will use today . God Bless The Donald and the County of Queens ,NY where men are still men , mainly because our huge immigrant population does not in any sense buy into this nonsense about sexual identities . One damm good argument for open borders.

    • The expression Monsters from the Id springs to mind. Trump is the exact opposite of a manly man, or any kind of man worthy of the designation. He’s an ignoramus, a sexual deviant, a braggart, a bully, a liar, a cheat, and a thief.

  55. It is interesting that Liberals who were quite ready to defend all of Bill Clinton’s affairs and sexual misconduct (some of it while he was the President), are now so consumed about an affair that Trump may have had 12 years ago when he was a private citizen.

    • The campaign finance parts are interesting. Did you care in the 90s?

    • It’s the hypocrisy of so called Christians thats amusing. That, and Trump telling both porn star and playmate they remind him of his daughter. Adultery is one thing, perversion is another. I’m sure Ivanka was pleased.

  56. The elitist crew insists on believing that Trump supporters don’t know who they voted for or why:
    “Surely they confused him for an evangelical choir boy — we must correct their poor inferior minds and they will do as we want.”

  57. Why all the attention? It’s called the law. He may have “nailed” her, as you so crudely put it, years ago, but she was paid for her silence, possibly illegally, right before the election. And then there are the threats of intimidation. I understand that under Trump the right has become the party of criminality, but those Never Trumpers you hate so much remember what it means to uphold law and order. Oh yeah, and that’s what Mueller is doing. You have no idea what he has got on Trump. Nor do I. But one day we will find out.

  58. People say that we’re in denial when we tell them that President Trump is the Family Values president! They laugh, and say that we’ve lost our mind! They say that if Trump were a democrat, we’d wanna burn him at the stake!
    That’s what people say! Even some Republicans!

  59. There’s absolutely no point whatsoever in fixating on “Stormy Daniels”, except to note that fact — and it is a fact — that evangelicals mercilessly battered the cr@p out of Bill Clinton for serial sexual misconduct but turn a blind eye to the serial sexual misconduct of Donald Trump.

    It seems if you’re a Democrat cheating on your wife is bad, but if you’re a Republican (don’t forget Gingrich, among many others) cheating on your wife is fine and dandy.

    • As long as people are stupid, you can run with what you wrote. But when they learn that Trump had an affair while a businessman 12 years ago and Clinton used the power of elected office to get laid, people see things differently. The latter is an abuse of power, while Trump was just another adulterer.

  60. Trump was a private citizen at the time and the sex was consensual. I don’t see how this broke any laws. But there must be something in there we can impeach him for, right?

    • I stopped reading almost everything about Stormy. But I have picked up that I think the left and its useful idiots like Goldberg and Kristol are lashing a line to her comments about thugs threatening her. This gives them the excuse to wallow in all this based on the idea that the threats (made up!) are felonies.

  61. There is one thing to do with Jonah Goldberg, Bill Kristol and Kevin Williamson – IGNORE THEM! They have no power, they just think they do.

  62. I’m convinced “never trumpers” were never conservative or republican. They are controlled opposition for the DNC that are butthurt we didn’t follow their advice and nominate someone that would lose to the moderator.

  63. I used to like Kystol and Goldberg and other NeverTrumpers. But for some time, they have turned my stomach. I despise them. They’re really Democrats, thinking that it helps the left more if they assert that they’re principled conservatives. No one is buying that lie.

  64. The biggest political scandal?

    NOT the one lurking in the underbrush for historians of the far future to “unearth”?

    That Not / Never Trumpers like Paul Ryan elected spokesman by members of Congress as successor to the Pelosi / Boehner duo treated as “not their department”?

    Before, during and after the accession to “The Office of President” of Barack Hussein Obama.

    Selected in 2008 by the “Democratic” PARTY DNC of the lawyers Nancy Pelosi and Hillary CIinton as their PARTY candidate.. Reported “Because it was TIME for an Afro – American”. Whatever that is.

    The “legal eligibility” of THIS candidate, in compliance with the FUNDAMENTAL Law FOR “The Office of President”, ALONE of all the nation’s elective offices, questioned by discerning citizens.

    BECAUSE of HIS UNCERTAIN, unknown, even to date, except as metaphor. provenance.

    Reservations compounded by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act / Law of 1964.

    Which makes selection of a candidate, ANY candidate for a job, ANY job, on the basis of race, ANY race, and or sex etc. Unequivocally UNLAWFUL.

    Added to which his reported FIRST Executive Act on succeeding as President / FOREMOST Officer OF THE Law.

    His SEALING FROM the citizens UNSPECIFIED documents containing UNSPECIFIED information. Behind the firewall of Executive Privilege no less.

    NO questions OR curiosity to date from citizens, their “representatives” in Congress, Judiciary OR the Justice Department.

    And or ambitious for fame and fortune “investigative reporters” urged by their editors to “investigate”.

    About WHAT documents, IF they exist now or have ever existed, WHAT information contained, AND OR, curiously, Obama’s DESIRE or NEED for SUCH Secrecy.

  65. None of the women accusing Trump have produced any proof.

    It’s all she said, she said, she said….

    Ms. Daniels abnormally dilated pupils could be a sign of drugs and/or a mental or physical disorder.

    • Who pays someone 130k? Are you someone who determines drug use for a living?

  66. Daniel’s attorney touted a photo of Stormy hooked up to a polygraph machine and said that the test showed a less than 1% chance that she was deceptive. Really? Then why did neither Daniels, her attorney, nor Anderson Cooper mention it during the interview? Fake News, maybe?

    • Adult film actress Stormy Daniels underwent a polygraph exam in 2011 about her relationship with Donald Trump, and the examiner found there was a more than 99 percent probability she told the truth when she said they had unprotected sex in 2006, according to a copy of the report obtained by NBC News Tuesday.

      • You’ve pretty much repeated what I wrote but my question remains… why didn’t Daniels or her attorney make sure that polygraph results showing a 99% probability that she was telling the truth mentioned during her interview? Seems to me to be an important issue relating to her credibility, doesn’t it?

      • I dont think they showed all the interview on 60 minutes. Maybe they did and 60 minutes cut it out.

  67. Goldberg and Kristol are amusing jokes — hysterical prima donnas who have made a LOT of money on Democrats in office so they could write books and columns, all the while hoping more Democrats get into office so they can write MORE books and make MORE money deceiving people into thinking they are conservatives. Trump didn’t rip of anyone’s mask — they ripped off their own masks. We know who the Bushes are now — George W. couldn’t be bothered to criticize Obama but he sure can rip into Trump. Ed Gillespie (VA establishment) couldn’t have Trump campaign for him but he could have Bush campaign in Northern VA where the Democrats are ensconced like mold on wet wood. Ryan, McConnell run on opposing Democrats even though they cave to everything Democrats want. McCain ran on repealing and replacing ObamaCare when he thought Hillary would win, then cast the deciding vote against repealing and replacing ObamaCare. News Flash: These people are NOT conservatives. They are Democrat MOLES.

  68. Jonah Goldberg should read this and take stock. He’s not in the Bill Kristol Trump-hysteria zone yet, but he’s getting uncomfortably close. Kelly is 100% correct in her evaluation of those tweets.

    That said, Goldberg’s comment about Stormy’s head held high was almost certainly meant ironically, as Kelly should have realized. And no, as someone who is still anti-Trump in the basic sense of being ready to vote for an alternative in the 2020 primary, I don’t appreciate this continued use of the dismissive stock line about “moral sanctimony.” Insisting on basic principles is not arrogance, but long-term prudence, and humility before God’s and nature’s laws. The lesser-evil arguments for supporting Trump in early 2016 and in November 2016 can only be taken seriously when they come with a candid admission that in almost any other set of circumstances, true conservatives, and good citizens simply, would have regarded Trump’s low personal character and his shamelessness about it, as a disqualifier for high office.