Feminists in Wonderland

Twinkle, twinkle, pussyhat!
How I wonder what you’re at!
Up above the world you fly,
Like a tea tray in the sky.
(With apologies to Lewis Carroll)

The Women’s March and the Pussyhat Project—its sea of pink pussy hats tipped to Donald Trump—has reached its first birthday! But wait . . . instead of wearing party hats to a celebration, this weekend’s events were more like the Mad Hatter’s un-birthday: the Feminist Wonderland has begun to unravel.

After only one year, pussyhats are old hat. Along with the founders of the Pussyhat Project, the organizers of the Women’s March are peddling new wares and new reasons for women to come together in “support and solidarity for women’s rights and political resistance.”

What happened to the pussyhats? The question reminds me of when the Mad Hatter riddles “Why is a raven like a writing desk?” and then we, like the March Hare and Alice, are swallowed whole into the confusion that ensues, with no way to rationally answer a nonsensical question.

The riddle we might ask the Pussy Hatters is “Why are the pussyhats ‘all hat and no cattle?’” It’s difficult to imagine how this weekend’s march in Washington, D.C. could have been anything near last year’s spectacle. Besides, how could it possibly be as inclusive if the women aren’t all wearing their matchy-matchy vulva headgear?

Pussy Hatters must have gotten a real bee in their bonnets when they began to contemplate some of last year’s ridicule: As I said a year ago, “it seems they forgot the lesson of the infamously retired ‘flesh’-colored crayon.” And now, though they still assert that their choice of Barbie-pink represents femininity, their skewed sensibilities tell them the color is not very inclusive of female anatomical diversity.

The Women’s March chapter in Pensacola, Florida posted to its Facebook page that “the Pink Pussy Hat is white-focused and Eurocentric in that it assumes that all vaginas are pink.” Madly enough, not only do they worry that their hats might be mistaken to represent only white women’s vulvas, they state that since “not all women have pussies,” they don’t want to appear they are promoting “Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminism”: you know, the feminist crime of excluding men who identify as women.

Now hold onto your own hats here, because then they literally instruct that women tuck in those vulvic corners, and wear any kind of hat that doesn’t look like a pussy!

This year’s main event is called “Power to the Polls.” The idea is to “register more women to vote, and to elect women and progressive candidates to office.” A myriad of other progressive themes popped up among the rallies being held across the states, including topics such as reproductive rights, LGBTQIA rights, immigrant rights, and environmental justice. Sounds like someone should win an un-birthday award! I suggest a pink-frosted treat with a cherry on top.

Trans-Actional Politics
Even in their zealous attempt to wear many hats, these women have yet to realize they simply cannot hang their hats on their own convictions: though they claim otherwise, they have no intention of becoming inclusive of all women.

Truth would be better served if the name of this movement were changed to “The Leftist Women’s March,” since their supposedly all-inclusive efforts deliberately exclude women who do not adhere to radical feminism or leftist doctrine. Though one lead organizer emphasizes the importance of “the idea of intersectionality . . . which is the belief that all identities within womanhood should be welcomed and fought for,” it would appear that women who object to leftist causes are not allowed to identify as actual women. The marchers showed they are in their own Wonderland, acting more like the March Hare and the Mad Hatter who yell “No room! No room!” when Alice tries to sit at the table. When she thinks she finds a place, they tell her, “it wasn’t very civil of you to sit down without being invited.”

It’s laughable to hear these marchers’ many apologies for their regrettable transgressions of exclusivity when they have absolutely no intention of including all women in those apologies.

“There’s things that you do and you just don’t know they may be wrong and they’re hurting other people,” said Women’s March Michigan President Phoebe Hopps. The delightfully named Jasmine Knitmore, who hosts a knitting podcast, explained that “Just making a hat and sitting at home doesn’t make you a hero, and it certainly doesn’t make you an ally when people say, ‘This makes me feel excluded; this doesn’t represent me,” adding, “We can all do better to be more inclusive of others.” Another marcher, Kay Holt, said: “When we err, even in spite of our best intentions… it’s important that we correct our mistakes and do the best work we can to repair the damage we cause.”

“Have you guessed the riddle yet?” the Mad Hatter asks, turning to Alice. “No, I give up,” Alice replied. “What’s the answer?”

“I haven’t the slightest idea!” said the Hatter.

These Pussy Hatters truly are as mad as Alice’s Hatter and the March Hare. Not only have they sown confusion within their own ranks, they haven’t the slightest idea how to resolve any of it. This year we still saw quite a few of the infamous pussyhats; some of those who wore them had them tucked in or knitted in colors other than pink; some women wore different hats entirely. Who can make sense of the gendered politics of head covering? If they don’t figure out a way to put a halt to all this disorientation and the predictable ridicule that comes with it, next year they may need to wear hard-hats.

Marches that Actually Save Women
Meanwhile, another march took place this weekend, a march joyfully celebrating its 45th anniversary, a march with the theme “Love Saves Lives.”

Of course, given the leftist leanings of the media and the miasma of fake news, the March for Life has never received the publicity and media attention that the so-called Women’s March has received in its year-old infancy. While the Pussy Hatters quibble over properly representing the color of one’s vulva, few realize that black women are 3.5 times more likely to have an abortion and that abortion (not racist police) is the largest killer of African-Americans. As they protest the real horrors of sexual violence, do they realize that victims of rape constitute less than one half of 1 percent of all abortions?

In their mission to protect what they allude to as “women’s health,” how many of the women who march for “intersectional equality” warn their pro-choice sisters that abortion increases certain health risks, including breast cancer? Is there any compassionate discussion among them regarding the emotional consequences that many women suffer after their abortions? How many female fetuses lose lives that would actually increase the numbers of registered women voters, women who hold public office, and women who excel in their chosen careers?

When radical feminists ignore or suppress the facts, how can they claim to be fully “pro-women”?

“Really, now that you ask me,” said Alice, very much confused, “I don’t think…”

“Then you shouldn’t talk,” said the Hatter.

And this precisely sums up the radical feminist movement of today: it is not really about “all women.” It is a sorority for left-wing women—and any woman who dares have an opinion other than what these lefties dictate is excluded and silenced.

Despite the pressure to ascribe to this non-inclusive sisterhood of women who hijacked and radicalized feminism, more women should say to them: “Here’s your hat, what’s the hurry?” Perhaps more women will be unimpressed and unmoved by this year’s un-birthday in Feminist Wonderland, will notice how these women are simply talking through their hats, and will help put an end to this madly confusing party of Hatters and March Hares.

Women should walk off in great disgust and, like Alice, vow, “At any rate, I’ll never go there again! … It’s the stupidest tea-party I ever was at in all my life!”

About Michele Bregande

Michele Bregande has a bachelor's degree in philosophy from the University of Dallas and did graduate studies in art history and museum education at the College of William and Mary. She is a former arts and museum educator and exhibit designer. She is currently a stay-at-home mom, wife, and artist.

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77 responses to “Feminists in Wonderland”

  1. As a woman, I’m disgusted with another mass hissy fit which delivers ZERO tangible results — other than self-righteous, meaningless virtue-signaling of course.

    • What are you talking about? They got tangible results in Richmond on Nov 7 2017, they got Doug Jones elected, and won some other specials. Their big test is in 2018, though.

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      • Unfortunately Doug Jones just voted with Republicans to keep the Government open.

  2. When reality is funnier than any joke a comic can devise, it kills comedy. These whatever they are in their woven pussies are the stuff of a Swift satire. Not since Swift wrote “A Modest Proposal For preventing the Children of Poor People From being a Burthen to Their Parents or Country, and For making them Beneficial to the Publick” has there been a more a satirical response. That they are serious makes it even funnier, but no one dares laugh.

      • Which reminds me that in 1960 in my all male Freshman English class me and one other guy got that Swift’s Modest Proposal, was not literal. Sorry to disappoint all the young folks here but even way back then the vast majority were utterly impervious to irony. Some of those guys were symbolic logic wonks and excitedly announced that Swift’s argument parsed perfectly. Indeed it did and now we are all living with the consequences.

      • Lol, yes, irony too often sails above the head of those toward whom it is aimed.

      • “As to our city of Dublin, shambles may be appointed for this purpose in the most convenient parts of it, and butchers we may be assured will not be wanting; although I rather recommend buying the children alive, and dressing them hot from the knife, as we do roasting pigs.”

      • Be thankful – when they start to wise up, irony will be labeled the next “hate crime.”

      • “I have been assured by a very knowing American of my acquaintance in London, that a young healthy child well nursed is at a year old a most delicious, nourishing, and wholesome food, whether stewed, roasted, baked, or boiled …”

    • I think these bitter half wits would make the world a happier place if they would have stayed home, pleasured their men and then made him a sandwich

  3. Remember the good old days, when feminists complained that men had “reduced women to a collection of body parts?”
    What a joke of a movement.

    • At least in those days we knew what the parts actually were . . .

      My mother, a career woman before marrying, in her late 30s, in the 1950s, who experienced real, upfront discrimination – training young men fresh from college who were paid thousands more per year than she “because they’re men,” would not recognize today’s “feminism.”

      She and my father taught their daughters that judging anyone on the basis of anything other than their own actions was stupid, and ill-bred. Two things we did not want to be in our family. I have yet to hear a convincing argument against that principle.

  4. The funny thing is that women are their own biggest enemies, and women know it. Just watch the way the left attacks the women in the Trump administration, for example. The left uses both sexist and homophobic slurs to attack other women.

    • Constantly. Leftie females deserve no respect whatsoever. As a group this is a gaggle of bigoted femifascist c()nts.

      Really, those pussyhats should be bleeding and have the end of a tampon sticking out.

    • Since the sexual revolution the women have given men “free sex” without anything in return. They don’t even insist that the men who are getting the sex, buy the contraceptives, which most men would gladly do, just to get sex. Women instead expect taxpayers to pay for their contraceptives. Great deal for the men. If they become pregnant the women sacrifice their bodies and mental health to have an abortion again at the expense of government. Once again great deal for men. If the woman keeps the baby, she mostly raises it herself. Superb deal for men. So yes I agree women are their own worst enemies.

      • You do understand that wining and dining a woman is not illegal? Or are you trying to be too smart by half. Epic fail

      • Well thank you for agreeing with my point. Yes women are definitely stupid enough to say let me wine and dine you so you will agree to have sex with me. Of course when you get to know some of these women it becomes quite clear why they have to do that.

  5. Lewis Carroll does have much to say about today’s progressive movement, not limited to the feminists. But so does George Orwell. Not to mention Franz Kafka. Or Friedrich Nietzsche.

  6. The pussyhat crowd did have some successes in 2017. They nearly took over the VA legislature, and they won some other special elections. However, the big tests come in 2018. There is a preview in March with a special House election in PA, a big and very consequential Primary in CA in June, and the big enchilada on November 6.

    • Shutting down our government over criminal illegal invaders and the memo waiting in the wings will make things interesting

  7. This piece is hilarious and very insightful. More please from Michele Bregande.

  8. I find it increasingly difficult to practice chivalry. I try not to be absolutely disgusted with our women, but it is truly challenging. Witnessing the March for Life does give me a sliver of hope.

    • Don’t ever give up on chivalry. First of all, never give reason for women to believe the leftist-feminist trash that says masculinity is toxic. It’s BS. Be chivalrous, model it to other men. But most importantly, those of us women who treasure a chivalrous man will forever remember your actions, while the feminists who don’t value your chivalry will be so offended that their day will be ruined. Win-win situation — you won’t get tired of winning.

  9. Women dressed as vaginas and wearing Pussy Hats are entirely devoid of self-awareness or a sense of irony.

    • They are hilarious! Irony? Hell, they are funnier than a road runner cartoon. Trump goes Beep, Beep, the anvil falls on them and they are so unaware they don’t even know it.

      • Some people are so impervious to reality that if a brick wall falls on them they may not even wonder if it was a raindrop.

  10. And the Progs wonder why the sex robot industry is taking off.

    • If I were younger ( I’m 73 ) I would invest heavily in that industry, by the late 2030s, men will be seeking to purchase them rather than deal with the approaching insanity that is coming towards our society. The only rescuers have to come from the ranks of the non-gender feminists. The late justice Robert Bork once said about feminism, “in the end, our girls may have to fight their girls.”

      • I’m not the first to write this, but can’t find the original author I’m paraphrasing; “Our girls have 8 trillion rounds of ammunition; their girls are confused about which bathroom to use”.

  11. These are the folks that are offended by President saying sh**hole in a closed door meeting. “Lil” Dickie Durban runs wheeping to the press all afire that the President speaks so naughty. Good thing Ol’ Dick wasn’t around for LBJ. He’d have folks in the restroom while he took a dump.

    I’m offended by grown women wearing “pussy” hats…and a few wander around dressed as vaginas…I’m insulted. I’m offended by kinky men going into women’s restrooms while 12 year old girls are there…..that’s OK?

    I’m offended by hate filled people disrespecting my National Flag and I’m angry that Illegal Invaders are given my tax money.

    I’m offended that Hillary Clinton is treated differently than the regular citizen and I can’t wait till she and a truckload of Obama’s Administration…Lynch, Holder, Rice, Val Jar, Harris, Podesta and on and on and on get the grilling and the punishment they so very well deserve.

    Ya…I’m Pissed!

  12. Five percent of the population is crazy at any moment in time.

    It is time for these ladies.

    Your time will come.

  13. Feminist – a naive, ignorant woman duped into supporting socialism

    • except for the opportunistic leaders….they are perfectly aware of what they’re doing.

  14. What are we mad about?? I’ve been promoted over men, I make more money than a lot of men…..what is it I’m mad about? My work doesn’t involve removing my clothing and rolling around naked with my colleagues. Sorry Scarlett Johanssen. I do something valuable for a living.

  15. Modern feminism has become nothing more than leftist politics with vaginas.

  16. Ladies, close your legs, leave dinner in the freezer, and tell his redneck asss to sleep with the dog! You know how to take your country back from red neck right-wingers!

    • What about the gay male population that doesn’t depend on a woman to “open her legs”, “cook dinner”? Are these women powerless to inflict their political views on them? Three percent more of that group votes GOP every election cycle, with 33% voting GOP last cycle.

      Would that leave us arguing politics on the merits of the issues? GASP!

  17. For all this idiocy, they – left wing nut groups Leftist Woman’s March, #Resist are actually starting to have effects motivating the left wing base. They are starting to win elections. I think more conservative types need to be wary and not just laugh this stuff off. We need to motivate our own base to come out and vote again, and not assume, with Trump at top, the problem is solved.

    • True. There is an element of seriousness here, but the optics are hilarious.

    • So true– in Arkansas, Moore lost to Jones because: (a) Democrats threw
      money at Jones, and he was able to outspend Moore 20:1, and (b) Arkansas
      Republicans didn’t turn out to vote, and the Democrats did.

      Trump by himself cannot pull this wagon out of the ditch. We’ve got to join
      in and help him by pushing.

  18. Basically just begging men for jobs they apparently can’t produce themselves. Or to put it more accurately, begging government goons with guns to rob more creative men on their behalf. Women hold the majority of personal wealth in this country, they have the majority of college degrees. The mountain has labored and brought forth . . . what, exactly?

  19. Their feminist champion, HilLIARy, achieved her success the old fashioned way: riding the coattails of a man. Priceless!

  20. When I saw black lives matter signs in this so-called “women’s rally”, I realized the march had nothing to do with women at all. Anti-Trump signs were ubiquitous as well, but strangely absent, any signs protesting abusers of women like:
    Harvey Weinstein
    Charlie Rose
    Jeffery Epstein
    Bill Clinton
    Mark Halprin
    Al Franken
    John Conyers
    Louis CK

    How does a “Women’s march” exclude the who’s who of famous rapists/Democrats/Democrat Party funders?

  21. It took a while to get to the punchline: “this precisely sums up the radical feminist movement of today: it is not really about “all women.” It is a sorority for left-wing women—and any woman who dares have an opinion other than what these lefties dictate is excluded and silenced.”

    So it is not a “women’s march”.. It is a “left-wing women’s march”. It is not inclusive. It excludes women who do not share the organizers’ political and social views.

    The organizers are entitled to their agenda. The problem is the labelling. Don’t infer that every woman agrees with them, or vice versa.

    • As with all Leftist labeling, it’s usually the exact opposite of the label.

      • You just won the Orwell Prize for noting one of the central leftist tenets.

    • Worse, it is for left-wingers of both sexes who dress in women’s clothing.

  22. Gosh, I hope that the Power to the Polls project succeeds—at least in getting more women registered to vote. Funny how these Pussy Hatters don’t realize that many women would NOT register as a Democrat. Signed, an Independent

  23. These women dress as vagina’s, scream at the sky…..and Trump is the crazy one?

  24. Ignorant, vacuous, hate-filled, soulless liberals on parade.
    The same “quality”-women the likes of Meryl Streep who gave standing ovations to liberal predators Harvey Weinstein, Roman Polanski and Bill Clinton, and who excluded the true victims of Weinstein’s perversions and blacklists from the Golden Globes Awards.
    The same “quality”-women who sport “Black lives matter”-placards but support liberal abortion policies that have led to the murder of MILLIONS of those Black lives.

    Yes, wear your imbecilic “pussy-hats” with pride.

  25. I’d like to see a video of an “On the Street” interview of these people. I’m not a betting man but I’m willing to wager 90+ percent have no clue concerning facts in government, what POTUS has actually been accomplishing and his overall record on all subjects they claim to protest. Similar to those spoof interviews where people are unable to answer simple questions correctly.

  26. Pink pussy hat: Trans-exclusionary- possibly white supremacist.

    Hijab: Feminist.

    Got it.

  27. If my wife attended one of these marches I would divorce her and have her committed.

  28. You had me up until you started whinging about abortion. Now I need to get an abortion just to ruffle your feathers.

    • Doesn’t ruffle my feathers at all. Just makes me sad for you, to think killing is an acceptable way to ruffle one’s feathers.

    • Doesn’t ruffle my feathers at all. It’s simply a disgusting idea, that you think killing is an acceptable way to ruffle someone’s feathers. It’s how terrorists’ minds work too, planning a killing. But instead of having “ruffled feathers” we take action and a firmer stand against that type of evil. Sad you don’t see the similarity.

      • Ah the old “you’re a terrorist” schtick has escaped 2003, I see. Good to see you, old meme.

  29. they go around puzzy hat this, puzzy hat that, hat hat hat, I have a job, if I was to utter those words in my place of business, YOUR FIRED, see how that works, twirling my finger in a clockwise motion around my ear

  30. Gee. I figured out the “feminist” movement didn’t represent me, as a conservative woman, back in the ’70’s. It was clear even back then the whole movement had been hijacked by the lesbians.