Trump Has Democrats Running in Circles

Earlier this week, President Trump made waves when he announced there would be no deal with the Democrats in the forthcoming budget battle. He increased the swells when he also insisted there would be no tax increases, contrary to Democrats’ wishes. On December 8, the government faces yet another partial shutdown unless the president and Congress can agree on a mechanism to fund it through the end of the year.

In response, Senator Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and the handful of other Leftist holdovers in Congress took to the airwaves—yet again—to portray Trump as an irrational leader. Schumer publicly ruminated how it would be better for congressional Democratic leaders to iron out deals with congressional Republicans over both the pending budget battle and the tax reform legislation.

Can you blame them? Trump is running circles around Schumer and the Democrats—to say nothing of congressional Republicans.

What Schumer and the Democrats don’t understand is that Trump has already outmaneuvered them. Schumer has no desire to work with Trump because he doesn’t know what he’s getting. Trump’s unpredictability has left the entire political class cowed. The Democrats can only behave as the party of “No!” and the Republicans have no choice but to limp along after Trump, lest they suffer at the polls.

This is good for Trump and even better for America.

How Do You Spell “Deal”?
With a vital midterm election next November, the Democrats will need to hobble the Republicans any way they can. Democratic leaders like Schumer are not open to a deal that concedes any significant ground to the Republicans. They need talking points for 2018. This is why the Democrats continue behaving as though they still have the majority. Trump understands this, which is why he is prodding the Democrats publicly.

In response, Democratic leaders can only argue that the Democrats were really close to making a deal with the Republicans until that nasty man in the White House waded into the discussion (no, they really weren’t). Purported “conservative” Democrats promise that a deal can be had—and soon!—so long as Trump and the Republicans meet the Democrats’ demands. Democrats think “deal” is spelled s-u-r-r-e-n-d-e-r. And until recently, they were confident that they’d find sufficient numbers of Republicans willing to overlook their novel sort of spelling.

The Democrats are lost. They have no viable candidates going into the 2020 presidential election and as long as the economy continues its astounding GDP growth rates, Trump’s supposed low favorability ratings will mean little in either 2018 or 2020. All the Democrats can do is behave as obstructionists—which is what they’re doing.

Trump’s Non-Ideology
To complicate the Left’s narrative, Trump clearly has a set of principles he’s following. They just aren’t ideological.

Trump’s aim is to boost the economy quickly to secure as much economic prosperity for as many Americans as possible. This is not a goal shared by most Democrats. It’s not a goal of most Republican leaders, either (unless it’s accomplished according to their stated “principles”).

Neither Democrats nor Republicans are used to thinking in terms of the common good anymore. Both factions are more concerned with the interests of their masters; identity groups in the case of Democrats and ideological purists and donors when it comes to the Republicans.

The Democrats should understand that Trump will hold his ground—and even advocate things that most Democrats would favor (such as preventing Republicans from slashing people’s 401(k)s to “pay for” their proposed tax cut). Every Democrat should be applauding Trump for bucking his own party’s orthodoxy and protecting the little guy, since a 401(k) is still the best middle-class savings program available. Where were the Democrats when Trump stood up to U.S. Rep. Kevin Brady (R-Texas) by refusing to support any tax bill that diminished 401(k)s?

Defying Republican Stereotypes
When Donald Trump ran for president, he defied all standards of conventional political logic. Here was a billionaire real estate mogul from Manhattan who had been a nominal Democrat most of his adult life. Yet, Trump ran as a Republican and campaigned against their globalist, free-trade orthodoxy. Trump broke the mold of the classic American political archetype. Republicans were meant to be buttoned-up, detached elites. Democrats were supposed to be hip men and women of the people. Yet, the reverse was true in 2016. As president, Trump continues defying the stereotype of a Republican president.

When Schumer publicly pleads to do a deal with Mitch McConnell and the usual conservative suspects, it’s because Schumer knows that he can run roughshod over them. The Democrats understand how to frighten Republican leaders in Washington, D.C.—even when the Republicans have control over the levers of power. With Trump, Schumer and the Democrats don’t know who they’re dealing with. What they do know is that Trump is going to run roughshod over them.

Trump will not allow the Democrats to set the narrative and box him in (which is why they hate his use of Twitter so much). President Trump will go to the left of Senator Schumer when it suits him, as he did with the 401(k) argument; he will run to the right when he must—always fighting to secure the best deal for the ailing middle-class.

Meanwhile, Trump’s moves are confounding the political class, which is why the elites are ratcheting up their personal attacks on Trump, his advisers, and his family—it’s all they’ve got.

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About Brandon J. Weichert

Brandon J. Weichert is a geopolitical analyst who manages The Weichert Report. He is a contributing editor at American Greatness and a contributor at Asia Times . He is the author of Winning Space: How America Remains a Superpower (Republic Book Publishers). His second book, The Shadow War: Iran's Quest for Supremacy (Republic Book Publishers) is due in Fall of 2022. Weichert is an educator who travels the country speaking to military and business audiences about space, geopolitics, technology, and the future of war. He can be followed via Twitter: @WeTheBrandon.

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187 responses to “Trump Has Democrats Running in Circles”

  1. Actually democrats have themselves running in circles. To his credit President Trump merely clubs them as they come by. Packs a pretty good wallop too.

    • Yes aptly put. It all makes for great entertainment, even over here in the UK where every day we hear about the imminent demise of the Trump presidency only to wake up the very next day and discover he’s just delivered another batch of clubbings.

      • For you Brits, here is a good clue. When they don’t let Trump get on the really hansom blue and white airplane, and the Marines at the staircase of the airplane stop saluting him, Trump is no longer President.

        Having to move out of the nice house at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, DC would be a second clue!

  2. This is the part I like about President Trump he isn’t party ideological which is like most mainstream Americans who are center left or center right depending on the issue.

  3. Great article. Establishment Republica rarely offer any real opposition to the Democrats because they agree with the Democrats on major issues like supporting an ever larger government and deeding it the increasing taxes it always needs. As the article points out, neither party thinks in terms of the common good anymore. They’re too busy doing the bidding of the donor class that pumps money into their campaigns in return for political favors. Trump confuses all of them, and he has no fear. Not only does he not shrink from the possibility of a government shutdown, if one occurs he will probably find a way to pin it on the Democrats.The economy is already responding with more than 3% GDP growth and that does not bode well for Trumps opponents in both parties. I’m enjoying this immensely.

    • Even more importantly, Trump may find a way to show the American people that a government shutdown affects absolutely no one except professional DC bureaucrats. A miserable bunch of sub humans who deserve no sympathy whatsoever.

      • that’s their biggest fear is President Trump will shutdown the government and leave it shut down

      • A Trump believes you only get paid if you work. I don’t think out Federal employees see this coming. No free three week vacation this time. I don’t think they see this coming. No work no pay!

      • You stole my line. I agree completely. Obama tried to make a shutdown as painful as possible. Trump will show that the average American can live happily and will prosper with a shrunken government.

      • Trump has not filled about 30% of the Administration appointment positions. He is showing us the government can be streamlined and run much more efficiently.

      • His campaign was bare bones and spent a fraction of the money. Pretty efficient.

      • The problem is Government workers end up just getting a vacation because they still get payed. If a shutdown comes, which I hope for, love when the Government is shut down, I hope this time they will be shut out without pay including Congress people.

      • I am pretty sure that is what will happen. We have a real businessman running this show, not your typical politician!

      • That has been the past precedent. But it doesn’t have to be the future.

      • He should fire the first shot by saying there will be no pay for days not worked.

  4. Trump is perhaps the most sane politician in Washington. He is also smart like a fox. He appears to be able to tie Democrats up in a knot with a single tweet. Perhaps the greatest President since Reagan. I can’t imagine how wonderful this country will be after 7 more years of Trump’s leadership.

  5. All Trump has to do is just say “Boo” and all the Swamp Rats start piddling themselves and whipping themselves into a self righteous lather. Meanwhile Trump out maneuvers them again and gets things done, with or without them.

  6. Good article but one note- Kevin Brady is one of us. I know him personally, and he has told me some hilarious stories about Trump spoofing democrats to their face in meetings. Wish I could repeat but swore to him silence.

  7. Trump all by himself turned the entire power structure of the last 100 years up side down. And the power holders don’t know how to deal with Trump

    • And he ended Obamacare and he built the wall and he got the largest tax cut in history and ended the DREAMER amnesty program and he ended the crooked ethanol subsidies and he ended our involvement in the many wasteful foreign wars and he put Hillary in jail along with Lois Lerner and he made certain there were no Goldman Sachs globalists in his administration.

      • Only been 10 months!

        You’ll be eating your words not long from now.

        Like sour grapes much?

      • I hope I will be. But the current tax plan is not good on the individual tax side, where it increases taxes for those who already pay the most. The first year is the most important for a President. And this one has wasted much of it on stupid stuff while failing to lead on repealing Obamacare and real tax reform.

      • Patience!
        it’s a good start.

        Vote for a filibuster proof Senate.

      • You mean by voting in people like Luther Strange, McConnell’s stooge who Trump endorsed?

      • Strange is going!
        We can make the choice, hopefully more Trump types will primary the few RINOs and replace at least 12 Dems.

      • More Cruz type principled conservatives would be best.

      • Wall prototype is built. That’s a positive step at least. Obamacare you can thank john McCain for. The tax bill is great, some of the house provisions are a little iffy like the teacher deduction. But on the whole its a very good bill. Don’t buy that shit the left slings about pass through income. That cut squarely benefits small business owners who have taken it on the chin for decades

      • I can blame Trump for doing zero to lead Republicans and use Presidential power to get the repeal done. Trump backed the fake repeals of Ryan and McConnell from the beginning and attacked the Freedom Caucus for trying to get repeal.

      • Yeah can’t argue there. He could be doing more w congress to get stuff done. OTOH McDonnell is a deep state dick.

      • We agree on that. Trump ripped Cruz during the primary for not getting along with McConnell and doing as McConnell told him to do.

      • Still though, he’s tied with obama on major legislation at the same point in his Presidency and given all the EO’s hes rolled back from obama, including getting Keystone Pipeline going and killing TPP, I can say for for certain that I am still on the Trump Train.

      • And don’t forget: He doesn’t waste all his time out on the golf course, LOL!

      • As America is prospering first and is rolling to greatness. It’s too easy, he has lots of time on his hands. SFW?

  8. Trump apparently has Republicans, and this author, running in circles. The current tax bill Trump wants to sign includes tax increases. This author is just too lazy to know that there is a new bracket that will raise taxes on the highest earners and the highest current taxpayers.

    • Check and see, Trump promised a tax cut for the middle class. I’m not sure if ever talked about very high earners. It would certainly pull the teeth of the “tax cut for the rich” perpetual leftist slogan.

      • He promised the hugest tax cut ever. But you may be right too. In which case, his tax cut is just what a Democrat class warfare type would promise.

      • He did promise the biggest tax cut ever but was only specific about the middle class. For those who don’t know, those rate increases are on marginal income. Suppose they raise current rates by 1%. That increase only affects income over some gigantic amount. However, the individual will still likely be seeing an overall decrease because the submarginal income was taxed at a lower rate. This will be a great accomplishment.

      • What is the “middle class”? Tell me exactly so we can know who gets this cut. I am pretty sure the middle class pays a pretty low percentage already. Roughly 50% of Americans pay no income tax.

      • Here’s a dictionary definition:

        “the social group between the upper and working classes, including professional and business workers and their families.”

        It is that class of people who have productive lives, are raising families, own homes and automobiles, are responsible and mature in their lives. You have a good point about the nebulous definition. I’ve seen it described as between 67 and 200% of median income. It is this class that drives the economy. Growth has been slow and wages have been flat for years, The thriving economy and keeping more of what they earn resonate with this class.

      • that doesn’t work. For the tax bill we need income parameters. So, what is the middle class? You are the one who brought it up. What income earners are you referring to?

      • And brilliantly so! The very wealthy will make up for any bracket with a booming market, and the possible elimination of the estate tax which on a $500M estate is worth a quarter billion dollars.

    • Just one more election away from being able to change that and make it better!

      • Putin isn’t anywhere near right, he is a Socialist that happens to run a country that is our foe.
        Putin is being used as a pawn.

        Or should the US interfere in Russian elections?

      • You should explain that to the cartoonist, who thinks that Putin is an ally.

      • Putin thinks he’s all that, he is actually a useful idiot, at the moment.

    • Don’t mind the trolls. They’re with us always, like bad weather. I like the cut of your jib. ????????????????????????✌????

    • LOL!
      Love that seen!

      “Come back, I’ll bite your bloody leg off”

  9. Trump has everyone running in circles. Why just focus on Democrats?

  10. Pentagon got their money screw the working stiff…

    And they believe every dollar they steal in taxes belongs to them…

    Soon enough Trump get a friendly Congress….. Vote 2018!

  11. The dem party is in serious trouble. They are going nose to nose with a guy who just doesn’t give a damn what crap is printed in the NY Times. He is winning. He is the first president since Reagan who has the American people covering his back. Schumer and Pelosi are over matched. Having all these Congressional and Media Molesters kicked out on their butts is the iceing on the cake.

    • Trump is not Reagan and the American people for the most part despise him. We do NOT have his back.

      • Which exactly is the reason Trump got elected!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      • For the most part?

        BS! Only a small loud bully class, the supporters aren’t doing the polls.

      • You are exactly correct. Hem may well be much more of a revolutionary, and even better than Reagen was!

      • Nobody said that he was, but you said “either” which means that you agree with me about Reagan and Trump.

      • he doesn’t have to be Reagan, which is no problem at all. we elected him and like him as is!

      • You obviously are brainwashed by the establishment media. Haha. Are you in for a surprise.

      • We will see. Trump is coarse and crude without doubt but the far left dems are traitors. Bring on your Antifa A-Holes, were ready. In the meantime see that Pelosi is gently cared for, she has a detached brain and thinks she is a Catholic theologian.

      • But he is still President???? I think? He kind of looked like the President today. He was flying on a white and blue USAF plane called Air Force 1. Or do you need some “approval” level to hold the office.

        By the way, Have you ever thought that these “polls” might be designed to give the MSM reporting points?

      • 38% in polls counting “Adults,” which are not an indication of electoral support since it’s a man on the street poll. MotS polls often uinclude non-voters including ineligibles.

        Look at the Likely Voter polls and he’s in the mid-40% range, which is where Obama was before 2012.

      • And imagine if President Trump had gotten the tame lovey dovey kneepad wearing reporting that obama got.

      • That’s got to be the most accurate description of MSM reporting on Obama I’ve ever seen that wasn’t disturbingly graphic.

      • The polls show Hillary’s up by 12 and Trump has no path to 270 through the Dems’ Blue Wall.
        What was the percentage they gave her? 96% that she’d win?

      • The dem party controls the press and visa versa. Good luck with big city politics. What is your plan when they all kill each other or abort those not born yet. The polls said HRC was a shoo in. Who took the polls CPUSA?

  12. “Meanwhile, Trump’s moves are confounding the political class, which is why the elites are ratcheting up their personal attacks on Trump, his advisers, and his family—it’s all they’ve got…”

    Democrats, and Leftists in general, are such liars, hypocrites and thugs.

    • I’ve heard a giant sucking sound since the election.

      The swamp is draining!

      • Don’t kid yourself. This is only the merest trickle. Call it a good start but, as Steve Bannon says, we’ve gotta be in this for the long haul. It’s gonna take 5, 10, 15 years to really muck out Washington’s Augean Stables, assuming we’re not significantly sidetracked in the interim.

        Nevertheless and always remember: it’s the job that’s never started that takes longest to finish. ????????????????????✌????????????????????


      • Perfect saying!

        I thought 10 to 15 at the very first but now I think 5, it’s excellerated because the establishment, left, deep state are in self distruct mode.
        But I’m still patient and recommend it. People have short attention spans.


  13. “When Donald Trump ran for president, he defied all standards of conventional political logic. Here was a billionaire real estate mogul from Manhattan who had been a nominal Democrat most of his adult life. Yet, Trump ran as a Republican and campaigned against their globalist, free-trade orthodoxy.”

    Here is an earlier version of this:

    When Ronald Reagan ran for president, he defied all standards of conventional political logic. Here was a millionaire actor from California who had been a main stream Democrat most of his adult life. Yet, Reagan ran as a Republican and campaigned against their globalist, free-trade orthodoxy.

    • Liar! Reagan was also governor of California, and he became a Republican DECADES before he ran for president, so he was clearly NOT a mainstream Democrat for most of his adult life.

      Also, he was strongly in FAVOR of free market capitalism, and he ran in FAVOR of Republican free trade orthodoxy. In fact he practically invented it. NAFTA was Reagan’s idea.

      Trump is not Reagan.

      • Did I say it was a complete analogy??????? NO,NO, NO.

        I am simply pointing out that both me found sever flaws with the Democratic party, and chose to run for office as Pepublicans

        I have no idea how old you are. I am 57. My first Presidential vote was for Reagan. This moment today feels just the same and it feels great. Please enjoy the moment. These things don’t happen very often. We all have a chance to be part of history, and celebrate our great Nation!

  14. Now look. I know the whole point of this website is to pimp for Trump, but there ought to be some slight recognition of reality even so. The idiot Trump has a 38 percent approval rating, get it? The on,y question is whether you’ll figure out what this means before next November’s bloodbath, or whether you’ll need to see the actual carnage before the light bulb switches on.

    • Still waking up in tears every morning when you realize that Trump is still your president, prog? How sad.

      • No, Duncio, quite the opposite. After next November’s bloodbath, the Trump so-called Administration will be found among the walking dead, and then the whole sorry mess will be liquidated in 2020. The reaction will go pretty far in the opposite direction. Just think of Trump as Jimmy Carter with colors reversed and you’ll see what I mean. By the time this is over you’ll wish he’d lost.

      • Funny… that’s exactly what progs said in 2010, 2014 and 2016! You guys totally suck at the prediction business, know that?

        Richard Nixon didn’t even succeed at destroying the GOP, though L-rd knows he gave it the old college try. Too bad for you guys that The One and Only Stuttering Fustercluck of a Miserable Failure in Chief appears to have been far more effective at damaging the DemokkkratFascist Party. Sucks to be you, pal!

      • How come you left out 2006, 2008 and 2012? There must be some reason for that. What could it be?

      • 2012? Seeing Mitt Romney was gaining on him, OBama evolved his position on gay marriage, and just in time to win the election. That and his DACA amnesty which he had repeatedly claimed he didn’t have the power to do.
        Not to mention the way he altered the Affordable Care Act atwill to stave off it’s negative consequences until after the election.

    • When will people realize that President Trump doesn’t give a d**n about approval ratings? (That is something the typical Politician agonizes over…..because they have to “Poll” to find out what they believe) Trump knows what he stands for, what he plans to accomplish for Americans and how he will accomplish his goals for America…..AND he doesn’t worry about what the clueless class has to say about it!

      • Sure, he doesn’t care. That’s why he sets off a tweet storm whenever anyone criticizes him even in the slightest. Because he doesn’t care.

      • Folks here keep harping on approval ratings. I remember that HilLIARy was supposed to win in a landslide. Those polls were wrong & so are all the false approval ratings. Get a grip.

  15. .Be careful. Be VERY careful about believing it’s over before the fat lady sings.

    Remember and keep it Up Front and Personal that the “democrats” and troupes in and out of government are adepts, practiced over decades if not longer, in ways and means of achieving and maintaining virtually unaccountable power over “The Lives of Others”.

    Known and warned of long ago by one of the movers and shakers of the endangered Roman Republic.

    Insinuating their troupes / troops, the “self governing through representation Citizens” bribed and gulled with promises of the best in this best of all possible worlds, into ALL civil institutions.

    Notably the government. As moles, sleepers “to work secretly and unknown in the night to UNDERMINE the pillars of the City / Nation.

    The creatures of the “swamp, the Deep State, the erstwhile Fifth Column”.

    For their finally in 2008 acknowledged “intent” to FUNDAMENTALLY transform the Representational REPUBLIC of these United States. Into “something completely different”.

    That in order to return the nation to its birthright need to be at the very least dislodged.

    By encouraging them to “move on” by curtailing their powers over “The Lives of Others”. Those “Others” once known as proud independent Americans, “Self goveriing through representation Citizens”…

      • We already did that on January 20. Why do progs have such difficulty keeping up?

  16. LOL, “running in circles” indeed! So much so that the Democrats destroyed the GOP in elections that took place not even a month ago. But by all means, keep on spinning your losses as wins if it soothes the sting.

    • Yup, Dems wining in Blue states is celebrated by you guys and you still think you are not running in circles. What next mayoral victories in DC and Chicago? You guys are on a roll! The GOP better beware. Hahahahahahahaha!

      • You sound just like General Custer on his way to the Little Big Horn to clear up a ‘minor’ indian matter.

      • Here in Virginia, the legislature has been solidly red for decades. Now they’re on the verge of a Democrat majority, and have just elected a second consecutive Democrat governor. All this from a state that voted almost exclusively for Republican presidents from 1952 to 2008! The tide is turning, and the hour is later than you think. See you in 2018, cupcake!

    • The American people fired 1,000 elected DemokkkratsFascists at the polls over the past seven years. Congratulations! You’ve only got 980 offices to go!

      • And thank the Republicans for the new pooch of a tax bill that will ensure that is going to happen over the next few years. See you in 2018, half-wits!

      • No, it won’t, UltraFascist. Your nightmare will continue as long as you and yours keep indulging in your permanent Trumper Tantrum.

      • LMAO! Guys like you have been trying to sell that weak story for almost a year now: “Support Trump and behave, or you’ll be punished!” Last month’s election proved how pathetic a threat that really was. Prepare for this trend to continue.

      • So! Thinking remains above your pay grade, eh, proggie? Sad.

      • I see that you are unable to refute that your threat turned out to be a whole lot of nothing.

      • So I see you’re unable to refute the fact that your empty threat has turned out to be empty.

  17. Gorgar is concerned about the photo used for this article. Singling out Schumer for visual representation is implicitly antiSemitic.

    Jews make up about 10% of all Senators and 20% of all Congressfolk.

    Given that they only make up 2% of the general population, focusing on Schumer is drawing dangerous attention to a minority population.

    • Isn’t he the mouthpiece and Democrat leader of the Senate?

  18. Wait Trump is hip? This writer needs to stop blowing trump. He has really done anything of note and appears to make himself and his party look awful. No worries populism isn’t new just new to the historical illiterate trump voter.

      • Lol you sir are a dope. I would chalk some of those accomplishments to the last president. It’s ok that you’re a political novice and don’t understand economics very well.

      • No, Sir it’s you who is the dope. Trump is unleashing the economy from the shackles imposed upon it by the failed administration of Barack Obama. There is a reason why Obama never achieved growth above 2%. Killing regulations and clearing the obstacles and headwinds of bad policy has ignited the animal spirits of our business entrepreneurs, excited the consumer leading to the most positive outlook in over 10 years. I’d say you have no clue about economics nor what good policy looks like.

      • Moron man. Just a two terrible replies that have nothing to do with anything.

      • Quarterly GDP growth was over 3% eight times under Obama. We’ll see what Trump’s full year figures look like.

      • The economy is the ONLY thing that matters.

        The growth we have seen in the GDP has been attributed by pretty much every expert to the cutting of the regulations and the expectation of the tax cuts.

        Since Obama was piling on regulations and increasing taxes, this growth has absolutely nothing to do with his criminal administration.

      • Lol ok man keep thinking whatever you want. You too are a political novice and do not understand how little the president has to do with an economy. Hate regulation all you want but history will look back and see this as the second gilded era.

      • If you believe Obama had anything to do with the current state of the economy you are a fool.

        You are probably right in saying that NORMALLY a president has little to do with the economy. But this is not NORMAL. We haver NEVER had a non-politician as POTUS before and normal is not an adjective we can apply here.

        Sour grapes don’t cut it.

      • What I’m saying is, if you give Trump credit for the economy then you have to give Obama credit for the economy.

        Are generals considered politicians? I wouldn’t consider them politicians.

        No sour grapes here, just appears to me many in the Trump camp are unaware that his populism is nothing new.

      • No we don’t, Obama was clueless on the economy. And while you can certainly argue about generals there is no question about real estate entrepreneurs/businessmen. There’s never been one of those before.

        So yes, we can give credit to Obama for Q1 – 1+% growth (his usual). The rest of the year (3+%) you can lay directly on Trump.

      • Whatever you say. I just recall 2008 being very bad economically. Then somehow we came out of it. I recall the unemployment rate continuing to drop as republicans continued to say they were cooking the books or the real unemployment is x%. You fools only believe one can do anything. It’s so backwards and counterproductive. Trump is a lousy president and his low approval numbers with a good economy show he will be remembered as one of the worst presidents in history. He’s also a lousy businessman who has the thinnest skin of anybody I have ever seen in public life. These are the facts and you and your ilk are partisanally blind to them.

    • Whenever dopes like you smear those you disagree with and hate as stupid or illiterate your simply make it known to others how truly dumb and hyper-partisan you are. Trump is doing what he said he would and that is level the playing field for more Americans who have been abused by bad policies of the previous administration and to make the American people the priority of this country. A growing economy heals and a real leader leads. Thank you President Trump!

      • Lol illiterate, your response is the writing of a high school freshman. Sorry you failed at life.

      • Argumentum ad hominem is the device of the truly ignorant who project their own intellectual in adequecies onto others and call it a counter-argument. You played the idiots hand.

      • Lol you mean what you did before me? You think you’re impressive with your Latin and logical fallicies? You make me geek child. Your counter arguments to begin with were awful and therefore were not responded to. Intellectual inadequacies is what the right stands for now. Look at your “great minds” they’re all fools who just spout buzzwords that morons like you lap up. The right loves old morons with Alzheimer’s/ dimentia, st. regan poop pants toward the end and trump now.

      • In other words my argument contained information you did not like or understand and it contradicted your low intellect and fact free talking points. By continuing to attack me personally with hate and infantile smears rather than engage with facts and reality your opinions become like noxious gasses emanating from your nethereye and most foul and stupid.

      • No fool you just don’t get it. I completely understand your stupidity.

      • Yes, I am absolutely correct about you. Nothing but slurs and infantile smears out your nethereye where your intelligence resides. The politics of your paranoid hatred is the crutch of a mental cripple where you protect the source of your dysfunction by projecting it onto phantom enemies. If your commentary wasn’t so sad it would be incredibly humorous.

      • It’s not what I say, it’s what you say and therein lies the crux of your problem.

      • Ok man, I gotcha you don’t understand history and I talk out my buns. Calm down, or perhaps you didn’t listen at your faggy church this morning.

  19. IMHO, rather than “running in circles” I think they are having self-induced SEIZURES

  20. Since Trump the neophyte politican is pummeling the professionals. The mundane amateur professionals are flabbergasted and clueless. Great entertainment.

    • :Pummeling the professionals”? Donald has been pummeling himself into an investigaion of his campaign by firing Comey, tweeting himself out of his pet ‘travel’ ban directed at Muslims, and just today all but admitting that he knew Flynn was lying to the FBI when he fired Comey and is now liable to obstruction of justice, as well as’pummeling’ the UK by retweeting fake anti Muslim videos.If he keeps up all this ‘pummeling’ he will end up as a doorman in Trump Tower, if he can stay out of prison. If fact the whole world is flabbergasted & clueless by his bizarre & childish pummeling!

      • And yet the economy hums along at 3% GDP growth, shortly to be supercharged to 4, 5 or even 6% with the passage of the tax bill. All else is simply unimportant. If the economy is booming Trump picks up 5 or 6 Senate seats and holds the House in 2018.

        And all you can do is whine about his tweets. Reality hurts, yes?

      • sYou see Trump has aggravated your TDS symptoms. The tax cut has passed. You become destroyed ted buy the meaningless tweets and provocative statements while Trumps minions do the real work in relative obscurity. It’s unfortunate that most people would rather read the “National Inquisition press” cause they do it understand policy due to lack of a good education.
        Let’s put. Things in perspective. Trump has always had $$ and lawyers. When he was young his lawyers beat into his brain how to behave so as not to get sued. He has been sued and probably lost some and vice virsa. He had to be cautious with the media in NYC.
        The amateur fake professional political hacks in Obama’s administration thought HRC would win. So they engaged in a campaign to undermineTrump. They have been caught. Ever wonder why we have not heard anything about the unmasking of Trump campaign members and the leaking. This info will be released at once so the MSM and other stories cannot dilute the implication that the democrats attempted a coup after the election.

  21. In 2020 Trump will LOOSE and Clinton will win by a lanslide and become the first women president of the Untied States. Yule see! PERSIST & RESIST!

    • You are as obvious as your leader is unfit for office. Try again, this time a little more subtle, if you can. So far, irony & satire is not your strong suit.

  22. Just heard through my local news that President Trump will be donating his salary for the past quarter to an opium drug awareness/prevention program. Anyone hear this on MSM?

    • Wow. How generous of him.

      Quick: give him the nobel prize, academy awards, and ask the Pope to make him a Saint.


      • He does not qualify for a Nobel prize because he actually is accomplishing things. Only loser presidents with no other accomplishments get that participation trophy.

      • A loser presidents with only 9 months on the job at that when he got it….

    • How old are you???? Have you been alive when the US economy was expanding at better than 3%,

      Would you like a good paying job with a company with growing profits????????

      I have seen the US economy rolling at 3-4 percent, and I have seen then US economy at about 1%. 3-4 percent is a lot better!

  23. We’re talking shutdown and I think we’re all looking forward to a Trump gov’t shutdown. Two ways I think he makes it work for him.

    1. The President can declare essential services and keep it open. All of the bureaucracy is under the Executive Branch umbrella so anything he declares essential will remain open and operating.

    2. When a gov’t shutdown occurs, all fed employees stay home and enjoy their free vacation time. Scared Republican presidents always assure them they will be paid regardless. Trump will inform gov’t employees that since there is a shutdown, he can’t pay them AT THIS TIME, but if they show up to work they will get their back pay after the gov’t reopens…BUT…if they don’t show up, they will NOT get paid for time missed.

    • One thing is certain, he will not be so stupid as to permit the Park Service to lock up the National Mall in Washington, D.C.

  24. So far we have a fantastic President. All the CNN rants in the world will not save Dems from Trump’s shoe-in re-election. The country senses great things are happening. The economy that has been sluggish for so long is waking from its 10 year slumber. Schumer could have been part of this success, instead he sounds like a nasal Elizabeth Warren…

  25. I guess the only question then is, if trump is as great as you say he is, and a super champion of the middle class, why do his ratings continue to hit the mid to high 30s consistently??…kind of hard to figure no?

    • Take NY and CA out of the polls and then see the results. We know that NY and CA voted heavily against him and it did not help Hillary, so again actually try to figure out what is happening rather than running the same ole same ole polls and then again being wrong in 2020 when he wins re-election. It is only you who are being fooled.

      • And will you be willing to say those same pollsters are bogus when and if they begin reporting very favorable things about trump?

    • Same pollsters who claimed DJT would lose badly in November ’16 are still using the same skewed data and biased methods as they did then. They are in very real danger of becoming completely irrelevant – outright false “results” for years and months only to correct in the last days and hours before each election is becoming an easily observed pattern.

      • “They are in very real danger of becoming completely irrelevant”

        They are irrelevant.

      • I think you are right…as long as you agree that when those same polls come out with results favorable to all things trump related you discount them as being wrong as well..

      • I allow they may be right on occasion, despite their best efforts. The best analog: Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn from time to time.

    • Easy. Find 100 people who detest Trump and poll them, 100% disapproval rate.

      You need to ask the question of who runs the poll, and what is the outcome are they looking for. If the polls were accurate Clinton would be President.

      • Actually I believe you are correct…the polling industry took such a disastrous hit as a result of being so far off in the last election, its possible that folks wont believe them for decades or more to come…but lets be consistent, when polls come out that are favorable to trump, lets discount them as being wrong as well…I think that is only fair…

      • So exactly when or where, other than election night, was there a poll that favored Trump. I have really never seen one.

      • I’m not 100% certain, but I believe Rasmussen may have had trump winning, in its final poll, just prior to the election..

  26. Despite the concerted shrieking of virtually the entire American Elite ruling class, Donald Trump won the election. Some 60 million people voted for a man for whom Roger Cohen emptied his dictionary trying to insult. Only one major newspaper endorsed Donald Trump. Only one. And this is a man whom the American people chose as their president. What better proof could we have of the stark difference between printed opinion, polls and public opinion; between what Americans think and what our “rulers” want us to think? Donald Trump has ripped away whatever was left of the pretense of media objectivity.

  27. “…as much economic prosperity for as many Americans as possible.”
    “This is not a goal shared by most Democrats. It’s not a goal of most Republican leaders, either”
    That’s pretty much Washington in a nutshell. The Democrats want Americans poor and needy and the Republican elite just want to go along due to lack of…testicular fortitude.

  28. Financial independence for American families is anathema to Democratic Party politicians who rely soul-stealing, enervating messages that people need government and must be dependent on it (and reelect them to keep the benefits flowing).

  29. Amen: “Neither Democrats nor Republicans are used to thinking in terms of the common good anymore.” Why Trump is reviled by both sides of the aisle. He has broken through that barrier and wow, what a price to pay. I marvel every day that he is still standing and still seem to look forward to the mountain of challenges. At when he plays golf he has a reason to relax!