Antifa Activists Are Enemies of America

Fascism is indefensible. Antifa is also indefensible. Both are antithetical to civil society and need to be put down decisively.

Street violence in Berkeley last month left several people injured, all in the name of opposing “fascism,” “white supremacy” and “hate.” Even Mayor Jesse Arreguin, who tried to excuse Antifa vandalism in the spring when black-clad rioters caused $100,000 in damages to the University of California and surrounding businesses, found it necessary to denounce the self-styled activists.

“I think we should classify them as a gang,” Arreguin told CBS San Francisco. “They come dressed in uniforms. They have weapons, almost like a militia, and I think we need to think about that in terms of our law enforcement approach.”

Democratic legislators are considering doing just that. Good for them. Militants such as the Proud Boys and the Fraternal Order of Alt-Knights would be classified similarly. That’s good, too. When law and order break down, the government has a duty to step in.

Just because they claim to oppose fascism doesn’t make Antifa activists liberals in black balaclavas. They’re communists and anarchists. No, those aren’t pejoratives in this context. It isn’t red-baiting when you’re talking about honest-to-goodness reds. Those are facts.

Read the rest at the Sacramento Bee.


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3 responses to “Antifa Activists Are Enemies of America”

  1. No worries Sacramento just passed a bill that pays thugs to not commit crimes…So now we are paying domestic terrorists instead of arresting them. Thanks Jeff Sessions…He needs to go now.

  2. >”When law and order break down, the government has a duty to step in.”

    Seems a contradiction. How did law and order break down in the first instance? The failed governance resulting in a break down in law and order demonstrates incompetence–or collusion with the miscreants causing violence and damage. Either way, such government has lost credibility. The “duty to step in” sounds like the excuse for authoritarianism. Not a good start.

  3. Antifa defines all of Western Civilization as “fascist”: History and heroes, rule of law and civil order, Christianity and faith, every bit of it. They seek only to destroy and have no other agenda. They are by definition reactionary because they represent nothing beyond destruction and ruin. And their mommas dress them funny.