Trump: Not Your Old Codger’s Republican

The Washington Post last week published an op-ed by John Danforth, a former U.S. senator from Missouri. His piece—“The real reason Trump is not a Republican”—is another unwanted visit into the banal, detached mind of an anti-Trump Republican.

Danforth, an octogenarian who began his political career the year I was born (1968), mutters and sputters about how Trump is the most divisive political figure since George Wallace and that the GOP has been “corrupted by this hateful man.” (Of course, lots of people such as Andrea Mitchell, Jake Tapper and Mark Halperin—who long ago stopped caring what John Danforth had to say—eagerly tweeted out his piece.)

Danforth tries to convince us the president is not a Republican, well, because he’s no Abe Lincoln:

Many have said that President Trump isn’t a Republican. They are correct, but for a reason more fundamental than those usually given. Some focus on Trump’s differences from mainstream GOP policies . . . and Trump agrees with most Republicans on many issues. Others point to the insults he regularly directs at party members and leaders, but Trump is not the first to promote self above party. The fundamental reason Trump isn’t a Republican is far bigger than words or policies. He stands in opposition to the founding principle of our party—that of a united country.

Let’s break this down. According to Danforth, Trump is not not a Republican because of his policies. Trump is not not a Republican because he’s a self-aggrandizing, political opportunist like everyone else. Trump is not a Republican, Danforth concludes, because he’s a big meanie. He refuses to play nice with his powerful enemies, many of whom are also fierce foes of capitalism, free speech, national security, and limited government—otherwise known as stuff that matters to Republicans. Nonetheless, Danforth urges Republicans to “disassociate ourselves from Trump . . . by clearly and strongly insisting that he does not represent what it means to be a Republican.”

Time for your meds, Senator.

That same day, the Wall Street Journal published a similarly disjointed editorial about how Trump is “divorcing” the Republican Congress. Following Trump’s tweets aimed at Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), the Journal suggests Trump is splitting up with the two, then advises Congress to pursue its own agenda (LOL) and treat Trump as if he were not a Republican:

All of which means that Republicans in Congress need to think of themselves as governing with an independent President—if they don’t already. This doesn’t mean joining Democrats as “the Resistance.” But it does mean acting on their own to fulfill their legislative promises with or without the support of Mr. Trump.

The Journal urges Congress to act on the two legislative priorities that are most important to Republican voters: Funding the federal government and raising the debt ceiling (yes, that is my tongue in my cheek). The piece pooh-poohs any “conservatives [who] want to tie policy reforms to the increase” and says Republicans will get “no benefit” forcing a government shutdown over a border wall. Then the editorial weirdly ends with this:

Legislative success—especially on tax reform—is the best way Republicans can protect themselves from any Trump undertow in 2018. They need a record to change the campaign subject from whatever the President is tweeting a year from now when he might be contemplating a political affair with Nancy Pelosi.

Wall Street Journal editors, time for your meds.

These opinion pieces overlook two realities: Trump remains popular among Republicans and Americans hate everyone else more than they dislike Trump.

Someone should wake up Danforth from his nap and share the following facts with him:

  • Over a year ago, Trump won the Republican presidential nomination by beating out 16 other candidates with extensive experience in government and the private sector;
  • Republicans are 5-0 in special elections since Inauguration Day;
  • The Republican National Committee is raking in records amount of cash—including small donations—and outpacing the Democrats in fundraising by a 2-1 margin. A  Republican spokesman told CBS News the national party has raised more money in the first six months of 2017 then it has in any previous year except for 2008, and the reason is “strong grassroots support for President Trump.” The RNC has $47 million cash-on-hand, compared to the DNC’s $7 million (and $3.4 million in debt);
  • The Cook Political Report just moved four 2018 Senate races in the GOP’s direction: Democratic incumbents in North Dakota, Missouri, Indiana, and West Virginia are at risk of losing their seats to Republican challengers;
  • Even during a horrific week when the media and some top Republicans relentlessly attacked Trump for his response to the violence in Charlottesville, 80 percent of Republicans approve of his job performance. And a huge margin—88 percent—agree with Trump that references or statues honoring Thomas Jefferson and George Washington should not be removed. At the same time, nearly every poll shows a majority of Americans do not think Confederate monuments or statues should be taken down, either. Statues, in other words, simply aren’t the problem that the press, disingenuous politicians, and a handful of iconoclasts want them to be.

As far as how people view the GOP in Congress—and pretty much anyone else in national politics—everyone is worse off than Trump. Incredibly, only 16 percent of Republicans approve of the job the Republican Congress is doing.

Most congressional leaders could only hope to have Trump’s favorable ratings. A Rasmussen poll shows Mitch McConnell with a 20 percent approval rating; Paul Ryan isn’t far behind with 30 percent. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have a 36 percent job approval rating. Republicans mostly blame the GOP Congress for Trump’s inability to get much done legislatively; 56 percent of Republicans say Congress is getting in the way of Trump’s agenda and only 13 percent of Republicans say they are helping the president.

In other words, if Trump divorces the Republican Congress, he’s getting the kids.

Few would argue that Trump doesn’t need some work on his approach and even some assistance on the details. But everyone else needs a lot more. Exhuming Republicans fossils to blather about unity or taking seriously the idea that Republicans should abandon the president over a debt ceiling increase are colossal wastes of time. Meanwhile, the Washington-Manhattan bunker’s tone-deafness about Trump and his supporters goes on and on.

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30 responses to “Trump: Not Your Old Codger’s Republican”

    • Yup. Except I was saying Trump was our “chosen form for the Destructor.” Imagine the Stay Puft Marshmallow man with Trump Hair. And it was obvious, and nothing since has done anything but harden the resolve, that before attacking the Progs it would be required to destroy the Republican Party since we have long seen how they attack the rear of anyone who rallies forth to assault the enemy.

      • No need to mess with Conan’s pitch perfect. “To crush your enemies. See them driven before you. And to hear the lamentations of their women.”

        And yea I know Oliver Stone wrote the screenplay.

      • Agreed GOP equally the enemy, but where do we go? All the donations to the RNC….from Trump supporters????? RNC and GOP will use that money to elect more anti-Trump members of Congress.

      • Don’t give the RNC a dime until it is known to be “ours”, same for State level party structure. Do formally join the Republican Party at the local level and start taking it over, making donations as required. (Some won’t allow you to have voting influence without fundraising activities. Doing so is an obvious exception to ‘give them nothing.’ ) Do work to close your primaries and if possible eliminate primaries in favor of nominating conventions.

        Do give to individual primary and general election candidates. Do
        give to carefully vetted PACs who believe close enough to your own
        position -AND- have demonstrated their purpose is not simply paying a
        couple of people and more fundraising.

      • Thx. I gave up on my local GOP a few years ago when they passed over a very attractive, very articulate black immigrant woman nurse – should be poster child for GOP – in favor of liberal VietNamese immigrant male judge, who advocated gun control, complete pro -choice and, unbelievably put on his web site that he wanted to go to Congress to give the people of Viet Nam a voice!!!!! That should have been a disqualifier.

        I live in Northern Calif. There’s nothing locally I can do here. Complete waste of time. Yes, Calif is completely lost. That’s very frustrating. I grew up here when Calif educationally #1 and full of areospace and manufacturing. And movies were actually shot in L.A. Went to New York for my career. Came back decades later to Mexico del Norte. Calif’s a lost cause.

      • I too grew up when California was a great and conservative state. When I finished high school I left and by the time I considered going back, I could already smell the stench from Virginia and didn’t do it.

      • Well you have MacAullife and half the deep state. But I guess at least they speak English.

        It is mind-numbing what’s been done to Calif.

  1. The GOP trinity (fiscal, social, defense conservatives) has been a stressed coalition since Bush43. The ‘fiscal’ conservatives who believe in free trade must still have a home at the WSJ. Danforth has to go back to Lincoln to find a Republican president worthy of the mantle. How ironic: Lincoln was as skewered and disrespected for his apparent lack of gentility and formal education as President Trump is.

    Yet, both are amplifying the ‘deplorable divider’ label, dividing the GOP in Congress, and dividing the United States of America. It is unlikely that they were thinking about statues. The August 2017 Roanoke College survey of Virginia residents revealed only 5% think that Race relations/Confederate statues is the most important issue in the gubernatorial election. Stopping Donald Trump: 3%. Jobs/economy is #1 for 28%, healthcare is #2 for 14%

    Reuters/Ipsos Poll, August 23, 2017, based on polling conducted August 18 –August 22, 2017:
    Total Approve: 36%; Total Disapprove: 59%
    Page 11 breaks down President Trump’s approval by issue. Handling of:
    U.S. Economy? 43% approve, 49% disapprove, 8% don’t know.
    Employment & Jobs?: 45% approve, 46% disapprove, 9% don’t know
    Dealing with ISIS?: 45% approve, 46% disapprove, 9% don’t know
    The effort he is making to unify the country: 36% approve, 56% disapprove, 8% don’t know

    Page 6 Shows the Trump approval/disapproval %.
    46% of respondents identify as Democrats, 40% as Republicans, and 14% as Independents.
    That is why the Disapproval comes to 36%.

    But, what if the % by party identification was different?
    What if it was 33-33-34?
    Using the same approval/disapproval%, Trump would have an approval rating of 51%.

    All America needs to be united again is for one REAL national news channel to break the mass hysteria that has never given our First Family a chance.
    La Famille Trump! Yuri Grevas, for Reuters

    Published on Saturday, Aug 26, Paris Match broke through google algorithms in the USA for one day:

  2. Best column of the day. At the very least Trump has exposed the BIG LIE about there being two parties. It’s the uniparty with Globalism as their deity. The last Republican president we had, who loved this country was Ronald Reagan. Nixon warned about allowing Old Man Bush near the WH and he was right. He was the herald of the globalist push. Followed by Clinton, Bush Jr. and Obama. Funny how the Bushes and the Clintons have a love-fest going on and Moochelle just gets all warm and fuzzy over Bush baby. They are all in the same club and Trump is the bull in the china shop, the wrecking ball, the one who drove a tank through their phony facade.

  3. Thank God, Trump is not a “Republican.” Republican politicians it turns out are liars who exhibit open contempt and hostility toward their voters. They brazenly laugh at the stupidity of their base. The majority of Republican leadership are enslaved to the globalist elite establishment mafia, otherwise known as the deep state or simply the establishment. I hope Trump starts a new party that will draw Americans from both parties and independents who want freedom from the globalist mafia who control our elected officials.

    • Modern Republicans are nothing more than Global crony capitalist. In other word the other face of damnRAT coin.

  4. John Danforth is a great American of character, integrity and class. None of these qualities will ever be attached to the Great Cheeto. American Greatness has literally nothing to with legitimate conservatism, and everything to do with enabling a serial sexual predator, serial conman and swindler, pathological liar, and likely Russian stooge

    • I don’t follow this. Why do you suppose American Greatness has done anything to enable Bill and Hillary Clinton? Otherwise your description of them is spot on. Bill Clinton – serial sexual predator (tick), serial conman (tick). Hillary – swindler, pathological liar (tick, tick) and a proven Russian stooge in her years at the State Dept. when she gave Putin everything he wanted (free hand in E Europe and the Near East, 20% of the US uranium) and got nothing – for AMERICA – in return. He must have been ACHING for her to win in 2016.

      • Deluded beyond belief. Trump is a literal traitor and tool of Russian intelligence. You just lap up Fake News from Fox

      • Do you NEVER EVER study sources, follow evidence-trails? Are you still, at this time of day, unaware of the Clinton Foundation and all its disgraceful deliberate full-time corruption? Have you not noticed over the course of the past 30 years how Hillary is a compulsive inveterate liar? (She lies about things which don’t even advantage her or matter.)Can you still not believe the evidence submitted by many women that Bill Clinton harassed, groped them and in one clear case raped one of them?

        Trump has spoken very vulgar things; but there is no evidence to date that he has actually done them. Likewise there is no evidence to date that he or his campaign team were in cahoots with the Russians during the last election. That is, so far, just a load of noise and confected allegation from the Big Money/Loud Left alliance that promotes globalism – something Trump was elected to rebuff.

      • Let’s leave this debate on a positive note. We are both loyal American who will never agree, but who also will defend each other’s right to have our opinions.

      • Yours isnt opinion. Its delusion. Is it possible to deport you somewhere? We’ll take another illegal mexican in exchange for you. Whats one more?

      • How about a detention camp ? That’s probably right up your alley, you nazi piece of pig excrement

      • Nice mouth you have there, loser. We’ll be sending you a nice lace hanky to dry your eyes and get the snot out of your nose. President Trump WON! All of his challengers LOST!

  5. Yeah, Trump. He is a wonder. The President has endorsed the RAISE act which would cut the importing of Democrat supporters from 3rd world countries through chain migration. Would this be a great time to replace the ugly Immigration Act of 1965 and give our country back to us who are the rightful owners per NationSavers?

  6. “. . .he’s getting the kids.” Priceless. The media and elites didn’t make him, and they can’t break him. Only “the kids” (his base) can do that.

    • AND the house, AND both cars, AND some alimony. The corrupt GOPee shouldn’t have decided to have a long, cheap affair with the Democrats.

  7. Sen. Danforth is also Fr. Danforth, a clergyperson in the Episcopal Church. He will next be doing a piece that shows that President Trump isn’t a Christian. As an Episcopalian he has as much authority as a believing Christian as he has speaking about “real” Republicans from his long heritage as what the MSM calls “moderate.” In all things he is what we might call an “Extremist of the Center,” who is someone who by definition can do nothing because he believes nothing.

  8. “In other words, if Trump divorces the Republican Congress, he’s getting the kids.”


  9. Way to go Julie. Awesome essay. If Trump divorces the gop he gets the kids.????