Jeff Flake’s ‘Conservative Appropriation’ of Barry Goldwater

Insufferable Republican establishmentarian Sen. Jeff Flake, hawking his new Conscience of a Conservative book, has been channeling Jeb Bush on amnesty, unlimited free trade, and “civility” (read: “spineless appeasement of progressives and the media”) on the cable news shows these past couple of days. It’s certainly the junior senator’s right to make a fool of himself on TV. However, there’s something offensive about this Romney-Ryan-Wall Street Republican’s “conservative appropriation” of Barry Goldwater’s 1960 book of the same title.

Goldwater, along with Phyllis Schlafly, and, of course, Ronald Reagan were actually fighting the establishment George Romney-Nelson Rockefeller wing of the party, which reached the zenith on the dais of the 1964 Republican National Convention at Cow Palace in San Francisco. It was there that Governors Rockefeller of New York, Romney of Michigan, and Bill Scranton of Pennsylvania mounted a challenge to Goldwater, savaging him so brutally that Lyndon Johnson’s campaign used the footage in this commercial:

If that 1964 spot looks familiar, you’re right: Former “Goldwater Girl” Hillary Clinton last year used a similar actor portrayal of an elderly GOP #NeverTrumper savaging Donald Trump.

Flake represents everything Goldwater, Reagan, and Schlafly fought against. Now President Trump fights valiantly against every establishment trope Flake, his colleagues John McCain and Lindsey Graham, and the Bush clan stands for—from the early 1960s through today. However Flake’s odious appropriation of Goldwater’s book title is a bridge too far.

Jeff Flake, you represent no more than this actor did 53 years ago. You may be a lot of things, but you are no Barry Goldwater.


About Dan Schwartz

Dan Schwartz is an electrical engineer specializing in hearing aids, cochlear implants, and assistive devices. He also launched The Deplorables group on September 10, 2016, which, by the Glorious Election Day of November 9, grew to almost a half-million members, and is today the largest independent political group on social media. He resides in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, six miles due east of the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall.

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12 responses to “Jeff Flake’s ‘Conservative Appropriation’ of Barry Goldwater”

  1. History rhymes, repeats, whatever. There is a significant difference between Flake and Rockefeller, Scranton and Romney. The latter three were intelligent albeit disloyal men, and Flake reputedly is the second most stupid person in the United States after Patti Murray. I look forward to helping his primary opponent excise this disgrace from public life.

    Trump is laughing at these people, and he has every reason to do so. They are jokes.

    • @jackdobson:disqus Fast forward a decade to 1974: The reason why Ford chose Rockefeller was because he was easily confirmable in the Senate. But, two years later, he knew he didn’t have a prayer being nominated at the 1976 RNC at Kemper Arena in Kansas City, by many of the same people he screwed in 1964.

      On The Other Hand, both former VP Nixon and California Gov. Reagan remained loyal to the GOP and supported AuH₂O — And were rewarded for their loyalty.
      During the primaries I supported both Trump & Cruz equally, but for different reasons, which is why I was so disappointed in the Texas senator at the RNC.

  2. Free trade, Open Borders, neocon interventionism and ‘bipartisanship’ managed by corporate media? A more accurate title would be ‘Lack of Conscience of a Neoliberal Globalist’.

  3. Goldwate would have thrown up at the thought of the p-grabbing phony in the oval office

    • Then you didn’t know Barry Goldwater. He may have been a fiscal and social conservative, but he was just as big a philanderer at LBJ, the Kennedy brothers and the Arkansas Peckerwood.

      I know his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren and they are just as immature as he was when it came to the opposite sex.

  4. This Mormon opposition to Trump is not going unnoticed.

  5. LBJ’s Confession of a Republican campaign commercial and Crooked Old Hillary’s Confession of a Republican campaign commercial are virtually identical, almost word for word, except that Crooked Old Hillary’s stooge actor doesn’t light up a smoke half way through the commercial.! I guess all the Democrats ever do is re-cycle the same old same old crap.

  6. Labeling Jeff Flake as an Insufferable RINO fits him perfectly. To be honest, I have No Idea what Political Philosophy / Persuasion Jeff Flake associates himself with. My best guess would be Neo-Conservative with a Weekly Standard type political philosophy / policy. Definitely a Never-Trumper. Or he could just be a standard issue type politician who is willing to sell his vote to the highest bidder?

    • He’s a Mormon – that’s his political philosophy, which for some reason involves opposing Trump at every turn. He’s toast in 2018.

  7. Just because Flake doesn’t suck Trump’s balls like Sean Hannity, doesn’t mean he’s not a conservative