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Dan Schwartz is an electrical engineer specializing in hearing aids, cochlear implants, and assistive devices. He also launched The Deplorables group on September 10, 2016, which, by the Glorious Election Day of November 9, grew to almost a half-million members, and is today the largest independent political group on social media. He resides in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, six miles due east of the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall.

Donald Trump Announced His Candidacy 30 Years Ago Today

Wednesday morning, September 2, 1987. It started out with news item on a Philadelphia area morning drive-time show featuring Atlantic City casino owner Donald Trump spending almost $100,000 ($207,000 in today’s dollars) of his own money to take out full-page newspaper ads attacking Japan and Saudi Arabia—and indirectly, President Reagan—for allowing the United

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Jeff Flake’s ‘Conservative Appropriation’ of Barry Goldwater

Insufferable Republican establishmentarian Sen. Jeff Flake, hawking his new Conscience of a Conservative book, has been channeling Jeb Bush on amnesty, unlimited free trade, and “civility” (read: “spineless appeasement of progressives and the media”) on the cable news shows these past couple of days. It’s certainly the junior senator’s right to make a fool

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