Great Again

Everyone who follows American affairs should understand that the country is now in what amounts to a second, but non-violent civil war. There are still serious commentators who sagely counsel a return to bipartisanship, “reaching across the aisle,” as if anything of the kind were remotely possible. The Democrats and some of the Republicans smell blood and wish to see the Trump presidency destroyed and believe that to be possible. Some have been spooked by the malicious media carpet-bombing of the president; some actually think that there has been some impeachable offense committed, despite the absence of any evidence of one. But most have never seen such an immediate and no holds-barred battle between the Washington power structure and a new administration, because there has never been one, and want to see which way it moves before getting aboard one battle wagon or the other.

Because Donald Trump took control of the Republican Party by running against all factions of both parties, and the Washington media and lobbyists, Hollywood, Wall Street and the campaign financing system (and financed his own campaign for the nomination), and pitched his appeal to those dissatisfied with the system, he won an astonishing series of victories even unto the White House, and banished the Bush-Clinton-Obama triumvirate that had ruled post-Reagan America. But all the other elements of the political class he assaulted remain in place and are swarming Washington like assassins in the most unstable days of the Roman Republic and Empire. Every day, nonviolently, is the Ides of March.

Certainly, the opportunities for Trump’s opponents have been enhanced by some of the president’s inconsistencies and indiscretions, but almost all of these would have been overlooked or thought amiable in a normal presidential honeymoon, in which everyone settles in comfortably, a halcyon fairness is accorded by the media, and public curiosity about the new residents of the White House is benignly informed. None of it happened here, and even if the nature of the changeover: a righteous, raucous storming of Babylon by someone representing nearly half the people of a very dissatisfied and anxious country, assures the continuation of the war through Inauguration Day, the antics of Trump’s enemies have exceeded all modern American standards of systematic dishonesty. Jeff Sessions was the only Republican senator who supported him in the campaign. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) would not appear in public with Trump, and then party chairman Reince Priebus ran for the tall grass several times. Neither of them expected him to win.

A Stumble and a Recovery
Trump has made a respectable effort to conciliate Republicans and place himself fairly gently at the head of that party. But it has been a delicate and incomplete act of union, and the congressional timetable has overtaken it.

The president failed to get right on top of the complicated health care issue, and was late to grasp how far Obama had succeeded in addicting many states and their congressional representatives to expanded aid for the low-income groups, Medicaid. Former president Obama incited a widespread desire for universal state-run health care, but which exposed the inherent corruption of many of the cross-arrangements of the large drug companies and private medical providers and hospital companies with influential members of the Congress. Paul Ryan’s biggest donor is Anthem, for example.

The president saved Ryan in getting the bill out of the House to the Senate, where senators who had shrieked for seven years they would repeal Obamacare and voted many times to do so, waffled and crumbled in a cowardly, shameful manner. They let the president down badly. It remains to be seen if anything of healthcare reform can be salvaged anytime soon, and Trump is not helping by oscillating between “letting Obamacare fail” and trying to pass something through a Senate with 48 disciplined Democrats, about 46 fairly purposeful Republicans, and five or six Republican hypocrites hiding under their desks and sheltering behind the anti-Trump media. The president’s efforts to shame and muscle his ostensible partisans into some consistency has some virtue, whatever happens.

The Republicans perhaps will make a better and successful effort at tax reform, already being denounced by the Democrats in Congress and the media, sight unseen, as the usual giveaway to the rich (who generally support the Democrats anyway with their odious fund-raising exactions in their splendid homes). Tax reform is also complicated and makes for better politics than health care; a bill is presumably being designed that would be difficult for the tin soldiers of Democratic Senate obstructionism to become too demonstrative about. This time, the president should be on top of the subject and lead from the front.

Crisis Leadership
The arrival of Anthony Scaramucci as White House communications director is a sharp upward ratchet in the Trump game, and demonstrates a couple of his more impressive traits. The president does seek high-quality collaborators, as he did when his business was in crisis, and in forming his cabinet. He is highly determined and almost impossible to discourage. It has been a fierce battle these six months and both sides are escalating, which makes talk of bipartisanship especially absurd.

I was one of those who thought that in engaging Robert Mueller as special counsel to take over an investigation in progress and run it within the designated parameters of subjects “relevant” to Russian intervention in the 2016 election, the administration would benefit from a man of integrity who would run a fair inquiry limited to its defined scope. The stupidity of Mueller in packing his staff with notorious Democrats, the scandalous leaks out of his operation, his charge into subjects far removed from his ostensible field, and his insolent tweet last week contradicting the president, do permit the inference that he is trying to run an assassination squad reminiscent of the worst days of Archibald Cox, Lawrence Walsh, and Kenneth Starr.   

The problem is compounded by Attorney General Jeff Sessions probably having to recuse over his meetings with the Russians, innocuous though they were, and Deputy Attorney General Ron Rosenstein showing no disposition to give Mueller reasonable and impartial guidance. The solution here is not to fire anyone. There is still no evidence of anything. (It would be instantly leaked and deafeningly hyped if there was.) Scaramucci presumably will run a comprehensive debriefing operation and the president’s legal team would consider legal challenges to an open-ended search and destroy mission through the entire lives of the president and his family if that is what Mueller is trying to conduct.

There will never be any evidence of Trump-Kremlin collusion, and the whole concept is just self-serving Clintonian myth-making, that has flourished in the hothouse of Democrats unable to accept the election result, echoed by a partisan press that is a prop of the failed ancien regime Trump assaulted. This episode should disabuse the entire political class of the temptation to criminalize policy differences, a cancerous constitutional deformation ignited by Watergate, and nurtured by Iran-Contra and the nonsense of President Clinton’s peccadilloes.

If Trump Fails. . . 
Apart from the fact that this is war, what seems to escape notice is that if Trump fails, and however he fails, it will not bring a return to something good. It would be the return of those who gave America the initial under-reaction to terrorism, the housing bubble and world financial crisis, the elevation of Iran to preeminent influence in Iraq and much of the Middle East, then the North Korean crisis, the migrant humanitarian disaster, a flat-lined American economy hobbled with a back-breaking and under-funded welfare system, and the enthronement of political correctness to the point of official inability to utter the words “Islamist extremism.”

Not only should Trump win, he must win, to prevent the profound decline of America, and the rise to world leadership, as if on the other end of a teeter-totter, of China. That is what is at stake, not the president’s hairstyle, syntax, or tweeting habits.

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About Conrad Black

Conrad Black has been one of Canada’s most prominent financiers for 40 years, and was one of the leading newspaper publishers in the world as owner of the British telegraph newspapers, the Fairfax newspapers in Australia, the Jerusalem Post, Chicago Sun-Times and scores of smaller newspapers in the U.S., and most of the daily newspapers in Canada. He is the author of authoritative biographies of Franklin D. Roosevelt and Richard Nixon, one-volume histories of the United States and Canada, and most recently of Donald J. Trump: A President Like No Other. He is a member of the British House of Lords as Lord Black of Crossharbour.

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317 responses to “Great Again”

  1. Extremely well written and insightful. But I’m afraid that Ft. Sumpter is still ahead of us.

    • If that is what is necessary to rid our Christian Constitutional Republic ——-which was handed to us by our Founding Fathers —— of the left wing vermin, then so be it. I only hope that Conservatives succeed in a thorough political cleansing of those who would destroy our country with their one world order communistic ideology.

      • The hypocrisy of calling oneself “Christian” (as in love thy neighbor) while denouncing people you disagree with as vermin and supporting the most hateful, narcissistic, prejudiced president ever … that hypocrisy is truly breathtaking.

      • The most “hateful, narcissistic,prejudiced” president trump is not. Trump has helped people he had never met, flying them across country in his own jet for medical help. Obama would not even help his own brother or aunt, let alone a stranger. Every chance he got, obama made an incident about race, even though it was proved to be otherwise —– starting with the Trayvon Martin incident. He created the greatest racial divide our country has seen in many decades. Trump loves our constitutional republic which was created by mostly devote Christians. Obama hates it — and so wanted to fundamentally change it. What have you been smoking sir?

  2. DemocRATs and the never Trump republicans are hell bent on destroying the Trump presidency. By any means necessary.
    They will stop at nothing in their quest to make sure that never again will any outsider attempt a run for the presidency. DC and the federal government is their playground and they are not going to share with any outsider.

    • Actually, it is starting to look like Trump is hell bent on destroying his presidency.

    • Trump is destroying his own presidency, hopefully not taking down the entire world with it.

  3. “…non-violent…” “non-violently…”

    Rep. Scalise disagrees. Those assaulted at Trump rallies disagree. Persons attacked by ironically named Antifa thugs disagree. The “cold” civil war already is very warm, and will get bloody hot soon if this coup and “non-violence” continues to escalate.

    • +1, but must disagree that “Antifa” is misnamed. Antifa = communists. Communists were always against the fascists. They don’t like the competition.

      • True, but the people being attacked aren’t fascists.

      • From the communist perspective, everyone to their right is a fascist.

        Communists can’t say “We’re commies!” like conservatives say “we’re conservative!” because it would turn people off. So they must lie and say “We’re antifa!”

        So spread the meme: antifa = communist. The more antifa is associated with communist, the better for us.

      • fascist is way over used when goon would seem more appropriate.

      • My way of stating it is.
        AntiFa today is Westboro Baptist Church of yesterday. Hate motivates.
        It seems to have the desired effect on the conversation. Calling someone a communist isn’t a big deal. After all, these guys are using the same name calling to shut other people down. The other people are fascists. When you use Westboro, everyone understands how blind and stupid the hate is.

      • But if they’re against the fascists why do the communist antifas hate Donald Trump so bad?

      • Because Trump is destroying the communists in America. The Democrat party can’t win without immigration from the third world and Trump is shutting it down.

      • Wow some real drama in your pathetic life eh? Do you know any communists? Are democrats communists? Is anyone who doesn’t fear and hate Muslims and Mexicans a communist? Does the battle against good and evil give some kind of narrative structure to the disjointed series of events you call a life?

        This is the problem with the Trumpist right. You guys pick up these moronic stories over at infowars or the stormer or someplace and then run with it.

    • Boo hoo! How many people got assaulted at Trump rallies? Anyone get killed?

      There’s little kids around the world tougher than you or me, living in war zones and crappy places. Lots of them killed by American bombs, whether by the government or bought.

      I bet those kids could offer a deeper understanding of what war really means. You’re talking about war. Picture some little white kids in a godforsaken war zone called America. Nice future guy!

      • Oh. Then it’s ok to assault other people for thier views? I mean, it’s not you being assaulted, right? So it’s ok then.

      • Well depending on the views and the way they are expressed it might be justified but frankly I’m not the assaulting kind. The context is important. The post to which I originally responded, like several others I have read, proposes civil war as a response to violent (but not fatal, as far as I know) protests. Seems a bit disproportionate. But then my mind isn’t twisted with hate and paranoia so my opinion is clearly worthless.

      • Preemptive strike eh? More Trumpist cowardice. Why not focus on real issues like jobs and debt rather than making boogeymen to focus your impotent anger and hate?

      • Oh, my anger, and that of others like me, isn’t remotely impotent. It got me Trump as President and well over a thousand less Democrat officeholders than at the time of Obama’s election. If you want to see impotent anger, look in the mirror.

        As to the idiocy of calling preemptive self defense measures a “strike” or “cowardice”, that’s as stupid as your initial post, and I’ll leave it at that for now.

      • Good to know anger is your prime motivator. Nice way to live your life. Fear and anger.

      • Obviously you just pulled that “prime motivator” business out of your butt. Did it hurt?

      • I think assaulting fake named troll aranby willikers is very justified in this context. Anyone wanna car pool with me? (more fun with a pal)

      • Haha sounds like you might need a couple buddies there chum! A typical right-wing Trumpist coward.

        Is your real name ing_r, you brave soul?

    • Most of the people assaulted at Trump rallies were there to protest them.

      • You don’t read the news much, do you? There have been quite a few arrests and there are several lawsuits pending.

      • “Most of the people assaulted at Trump rallies were there to protest them” is a lie. You are a liar.

  4. Wow, this article expresses everything I’ve been feeling but much better than I could. Thanks.

      • No, luckily none of us are telepaths with access to your sick imagination.

    • Yes Black has an eloquent style of sophisticated lying. Did you watch his criminal trial?

      • What criminal activity was he tried for? Turns out they had nothing, but scraped up mail fraud for mailing his own papers from his own office to himself. lord Black was tried and convicted for the “crime” of being a very influential conservative.

      • Read the real story in today’s N.Y. Times. Stop fantasizing.

      • Let me guess. It’s all Trump’s fault and the 30 or so Democrat Senators and Congressmen who hired these creeps are blameless. I love the part where the Dems tried to get clearance for the Paki “IT” guys to access secret stuff. One can only imagine (and relish) the closet skeletons that caused the Dems to adopt these clowns. The car dealership story is priceless.

      • Is the car dealership story as good as Pizzagate?

      • Google search “dealership imran awan wasserman schultz” turns up nothing relevant. Link?

    • Am I the only one who has noticed the length they’ve gone to protect him? Well known Clinton attorney has been retained. He knows something they want hidden. This screams corruption. The media is of course silent. That’s because the media is in on the corruption.

      • That dude is “dead man walking.” There is no way they are going to let him spill the truth. I have no doubt that if we knew the entire truth about the horror of the Clinton’s and the Dems, there would be a crowd with pitchforks and boiling tar outside their Chappaqua home.

        Don’t forget the feathers.

      • I thought the same thing. I am sure that this guy is now very depressed and suicide won’t be questioned by most of the press.

      • Not bothering with the feathers, considering their involvement with: pedophile Jeffrey Epstein; Dyncorp; Comet Ping Pong pizza(gate) parlor owner James Alefantis (who posted along with his workers creepy photos of kids with duct tape on them and a naked dude with pizza covering their crotch on the company Instagram account); Haiti child kidnapper Laura Silsby and her convicted sex trafficker attorney Jorge Puello (who worked with Bill Clinton- who personally lobbied the Haitian government to get Laura’s kidnapping charge dropped); and occultist spirit cooking weird kid painting artist Marina Abramovic, whose creepy works are on Tony Podesta’s DC mansion walls.

      • The media is of course silent. That’s because the media is a co-conspirator in the corruption.


      • Several have ended up dead suddenly recently, including the process server of a Florida attorney involved in a lawsuit vs the DNC. If it is indeed true that Seth Rich the software guy and Sanders voter became aware of the DNC efforts to replace Bernie Sanders votes with those for Hillary at the polling places, both real and temporarily-fabricated as alleged, his irate leaks to Julian Assange via Craig Murray were his undoing. Contrary to fake news reports, the seized hard drives recently were in good condition when the FBI got them, but how did they end up smashed while in the custody of the Capital Police? Could Heather Podesta being a bigwig there have something to do with it? Betcha Awan knows where ALL the bodies are buried (no metaphor intended).

    • Michael , that may be the most delicious scandal of all. The Fusion GPS stuff appears to be making the dems back away from the Russia thing. One has to wonder about McCain’s relationship to them , the scumbag (did you know he was a war hero)

    • of course because some nameless DNC IT worker embezzling out ranks the president’s son actively seeking to collude with a enemy state trying to influence the american election..

      • Yes, real crimes do outrank made up fake “crimes.”

      • Crimes so fake we’ve been hearing Liberal hysteria about Russia for nearly 9 months, and it’s all come to nothing.

        Meanwhile, your “nameless” IT worker is directly tied to the former Chair of the DNC, gets arrested in an airport trying to flee the country after a felony bank fraud, and has in his possession evidence in a federal investigation, which DWS tried to intimidate Capitol police into surrendering. I wonder why? This all happens the same week that the Democrats’ beloved “Trump dossier” is exposed as a fiction created by Fusion GPS… the same company William Browder testified to the Senate Judiciary Committee under oath as being paid by Russia.

        Sounds like the Democrats are guilty of everything they accuse Trump of, and more.


      • you wanna talk about hysteria lasting a long time…how many YEARS did republicans slobber over benghazi? how many YEARS did they drool over emails?? Lock her up! lock her up! remember that?

        Chump can’t get out of his own way theres a scandal and shake up dang near every week now…even W wasn’t this sloppy..LMAO

      • A fake scandal invented by sore losers every week. Yawn. Wake me up for the re-election party in 2020.

      • its a better place today thats for sure…

        First they came for the muslims
        Then they came for the gays
        They keep trying to get the poor
        whose next on herr trumps ban list ??

        make amerikkka great again indeed.

      • Four men were left to die in Benghazi. Neither. Clinton nor obama sent help. That’s right, I’ll never forget that. Maybe if they were your sons you would think differently. Course, your kind murders babies in the womb.

      • Reagan allowed over 250 marines to die in beirut without any support or real retaliation and your kind consider him a saint in the republican party to this day. try again hypocrite

      • They weren’t being attacked without sending available help for most of a day because the decision had been made ahead of time not to send support, Mr. False Equivalence.

      • no the marines were just sent into a war zone and and had lax security and no real support. the last time that many marines were killed all at the same time was iwo jima… face it reagan screwed up big time.

      • Fake argument, Mr. False Equivalence. Obviously the security at Kobar Towers was inadequate, but blaming that on Reagan is absurd. Arranging adequate security was way below his pay grade, and once the explosion occurred there is not the slightest indication he did less than the maximum possible. On the other hand the decision not to send any help at all in the event of trouble in Libya was made ahead of time and evidently not reassessed during the crisis. Since it affected both Defense and State, it was clearly made by Obama.

      • Yep the commander in chief made direct orders and takes direct responsibility over security of an embassy but not the marines.

        a suicide bomber drove a truck laden with the equivalent of twenty-one thousand pounds of TNT into the heart of a U.S. Marine compound, killing two hundred and forty-one servicemen. The U.S. military command, which regarded the Marines’ presence as a non-combative, “peace-keeping mission,” had left a vehicle gate wide open, and ordered the sentries to keep their weapons unloaded. The only real resistance the suicide bomber had encountered was a scrim of concertina wire. Thirteen more American servicemen later died from injuries, making it the single deadliest attack on American Marines since the Battle of Iwo Jima.

        Six months earlier, militants had bombed the U.S. embassy in Beirut, too, killing sixty-three more people, including seventeen Americans. Among the dead were seven C.I.A. officers, including the agency’s top analyst in the Middle East, an immensely valuable intelligence asset, and the Beirut station chief.

        There were more than enough opportunities to lay blame for the horrific losses at high U.S. officials’ feet. But unlike today’s Congress, congressmen did not talk of impeaching Ronald Reagan, who was then President, nor were any subpoenas sent to cabinet members.

        false equivalency my butt…. dang near 300 americans got killed in beirut alone under saint reagan and you guys STILL consider him a great president. NOTHING on that scale has ever happened under Obama or Hillary but you guys wanna hang them from the highest tree.

        admit it you guys are hypocrites.

      • You just can’t help yourself when it comes to deliberately missing the point, can you, Mr. False Equivalence?

        I of course never said that Obama “made direct orders and [took] direct responsibility over security” at the “embassy”. Of course Clinton or her immediate minions turned down requests for additional security resources in Benghazi or classifying it as a permanent facility which would have required upgrades, but I didn’t go down that route at all. You apparently want to blame the President for leaving a gate wide open, which is just bizarre, whereas I am blaming Obama for making a policy decision ahead of time not to send help in case of trouble and for, in the event, not authorizing the military to send forces that they had identified and were “spinning up” in readiness for the authorization to go. You don’t think this is the same thing — you are just engaged in a dishonest exercise in false equivalence.

      • and youre overlooking that the american embassy in beirut was hit as well…what policy decisions led that debacle and would you say the buck stops with reagan if not why not?

      • We recruit soldiers to hold ground and kill the enemy, but when they do that we’re going to suffer casualties too. And, yes, Reagan was ultimately responsible for the decision to send soldiers to Beirut just as Obama was for sending personnel to Benghazi. But Obama also decided to not send help and LEAVE them out on a limb. Reagan did, as I keep pointing out, nothing equivalent to that, Mr. False Equivalence.

      • The U.S. military command, which regarded the Marines’ presence as a non-combative, “peace-keeping mission,” had left a vehicle gate wide open, and ordered the sentries to keep their weapons unloaded. The only real resistance the suicide bomber had encountered was a scrim of concertina wire.

        Are you serious?? who signed off on keeping soldiers basically unarmed in a warzone??

        in the end the ONLY thing you said that was relevant was this…
        Reagan was ultimately responsible..
        thats it.

      • Help was “spinning up” and Clinton never sent the go-ahead.

      • The only scandal is the way the NeverTrumpers support the Dims when they set their hair on fire over the latest nothingburger. Keep this up until Nov 2018, please.

    • Debbie wasserman Shultz brother is an attorney for the doj.

  5. If they are successful in disenfranchising the voters and removing Trump things are not going to go back to the way it was. That’s a dangerous illusion of the establishment. Trump is our last chance to resolve our grievances peacefully.

    • Spot on.

      If they succeed in removing Trump it will be by a coup and proof the citizens have lost control of our government. If given the chance, the establishment will turn this country into a politically correct prison like THX 1198 or 1984 watching our every word and educating us on our white or male or whatever flavor it is at the moment privilege to keep us in line for our betterment.

      Our only choice will be outright civil war. I don’t wish for it, but I’m ready to fight them.

      • You’re going to very much be on the receiving end of it.
        Leftist wh0re.

      • We won we won we won we won we won – the ACA will be here forever…!

      • I know it’s you, “Leftist Tw@t “. And I just wanted to say to you….

        We win we win we win we win we win win.
        You’ll be de@d soon.


      • You’re de@d you’re de@d you’re de@d you’re de@d you’re de@d you’re de@d you’re de@d you’re de@d you’re de@d!!!!!!!

      • And….

        you’re a tw@t you’re a tw@t you’re a tw@t you’re a tw@t you’re a tw@t you’re a tw@t you’re a tw@t you’re a tw@t you’re a tw@t you’re a tw@t you’re a tw@t you’re a tw@t you’re a tw@t you’re a tw@t you’re a tw@t you’re a tw@t!!!!!

      • I see you know the correct definition of gun control, carry on.

      • The correct definition of gun control is a steady hand while aiming at the target.
        You, for instance.

      • Mr. Troll Slayer, Sir,

        I was obliquely complementing your comment. My definition is hitting what I am aiming at. We can forego the discussion of preferred caliber. The good news there is a great diversity ! Carry on, Sir.


      • Beautiful sentiment. Clearly a decent human being. But don’t kid yourself, you aren’t the only ones with bullets.

      • Democrats: First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

      • Hey, give the left some credit. Purses can be very effective weapons.

      • Trump is the last chance for our political class. If they overthrow him on ‘style’ points, the next political revolt will be violent, if only because peaceful legal means have failed.
        They are effing with an armed and desperate political faction who will not retreat further.
        Beware, and try not to get caught in the splatter.

      • Only the 30% of the citizens will have lost control, those who believed the snake oil salesman and who now refuse to admit that they’ve been conned by a narcissistic bullying lout.

      • I’m with you. I will not stand for the removal of trump.

    • Right. Forcing a 100% partisan health care bill onto the country that less than 20% of the public approves of will definitely further the goal of helping Americans to resolve their grievances peacefully.

      You guys weren’t the majority when you won the November election and you’re even less in the majority now when it comes to actual legislating. At least half of the GOP legislators in Congress were put in there by voters precisely BECAUSE they’re RINOs – the public wants to fix things like the ACA, not abandon them and revert to what we had before. A majority of voters are way more moderate than you and happen to think the President and his cabal of small-government advisers and legislators are incompetent and misguided in many of their policy choices.

      • Forcing a 100% partisan health care bill onto the country…”

        You’re one of the more stunningly ignorant tw@ts in the history of the internet. The original passed without a single Republican vote and all the Leftist political chicanery needed to drag it over the finish line.
        Plus, you’re projecting again, kkkunt.

        You guys weren’t the majority when you won the November election…”

        You tw@ts lost that election, so what does that make all of you?

      • So you like the way things were. How’s that working out for you? Let me rephrase it. Trump isn’t our last chance, he’s theirs.

      • Mabele – that is an astonishing statement “forcing 100% partisan health bill” when thats EXCATLY what the Dems did with their 2 minute supermajority. This is one case where the Dems deserve to have the other party ram Obamacare right back down their throats. You can say Trump did not have a majority of voters but Republicans hold a majority in both houses of Congress – the voters have given them the power to destroy Obamacare.

      • Except that Democrats made quite an effort to solicit input from the GOP in 2009. The GOP, in contrast, crafted their replacement bill entirely behind closed doors and never once asked for input from the other side. Astonishing that you’ve forgotten this.

        As for Republicans having a majority in Congress, it appears that a combination of Democrats and RINOs – put there by voters, I remind you – hold the actual majority in the Senate.

      • Put us all out of your misery.
        Off yourself this afternoon.

      • Pure fiction. Democrats created and massaged Obamacare behind closed doors with ZERO Republican input and ZERO Republican votes. I was alive and well during the Obamacare process and you writing pure fiction doesn’t change any of that. Astonishing that you’ve forgotten this.

      • What you’re peddling is pure fiction. Republicans were asked to participate, the news reports confirming that from just a few years ago have not been deleted from the historical record. The fact that Republicans ultimately decided on their own not to participate was their own choice. The point is, they were asked.

      • Your retard offspring caught it from you.
        Child abusing tw@t.

      • Like most Americans at this point – I don’t believe “news reports” or polls. Republicans were asked to “participate” if they wanted to vote for something that conservatives hated. I guess that is exactly the same as Democrats choices now. It makes sense that when the original sin of passing Obamacare was done on a pure partisan, no Republican basis that the repeal of Obamacare can be done on a pure partisan, no Democrat basis.

      • The last poll I bothered to look at sampled 12% more Democrats than Republicans, and they “found” a boatload of Independents as well.

      • Mabele, Read 1984 if you haven’t, and you’ll understand why we don’t care so much about old news reports. Some of us have these things called memories, and on certain things they are quite clear, this, I believe for me, is one of those things. The Dems. did invite the Reps. into the meeting, however, they were told at the very first meeting, by Obama, the ‘we won, you lost, get over it’. It was made very clear very publicly that the reps. would have no say and that they should sit there quietly and bask in his highness’ glory. They made the decision to not participate in those games only designed to make them look bad. Then, to make it all better, the Dems. pulled a literally last minute vote, knowing the Reps. had gone home to get their final bill, that had never been made public, through the house with some noteworthy person exclaiming ‘we have to pass it first to find out what’s in it’. Denying anything I just described as what happened is denying the truth.

      • Republicans excluded THEMSELVES from participating in Obamacare. Their line was “no no no no no no no no no no hey why are you bypassing us?”

        In fact, ACA had an historic number of hours of debate and amendments during Committee development of the legislation. The House process spanned three committees – Energy and Commerce, Ways and means, and Education and Labor, with 79 bipartisan hearings and markups on the health reform bill over the period of an entire year. House members spent nearly 100 hours in hearings, heard from 181 witnesses from both sides of the aisle, considered 239 amendments (both Democratic and Republican), and accepted 121 amendments. The Senate held dozens of public meetings and hearings in both the Finance Committee and the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee, and the HELP Committee considered nearly 300 amendments and accepted more than 160 Republican amendments. The Finance Committee held a seven-day markup of the bill, the longest Finance Committee markup in 22 years, resulting in a bipartisan 14-to-9 vote to approve the bill. The Finance Committee markup resulted in 41 amendments to revise the bill, including 18 by unanimous consent or without objection. When the bill came to the floor, the Senate spent 25 consecutive days in session on health reform, the second longest consecutive session in history. In total, the Senate spent more than 160 hours considering the health reform legislation.

      • Pure BS. Why did we have to pass it to find out what was inside of it? Why did nobody outside of Reid, Pelosi (maybe) and Obama actually know what was inside of it.

      • The line “we have to pass it to find out what is in it” meant: it’s very difficult to predict in advance exactly what the RESULTS will be. You are taking an off-the-cuff remark out of context and pretending that it meant something other than what it really meant. You guys do this all the time. (Especially with Margaret Sanger, but that’s a different debate.)

        Everyone had access to the text of the bill long before the votes on it. UNLIKE this recent thing the Republicans just failed to pass.

      • “Everyone had access to the text of the bill long before the votes on it.” Absolute 100% BS lie. Peddle it to somebody else. Libs trying to change actual history.

      • Sorry, my friend, but you are the one trying to change history.

        ACA had an historic number of hours of debate and amendments during Committee development of the legislation. The House process spanned three committees – Energy and Commerce, Ways and means, and Education and Labor, with 79 bipartisan hearings and markups on the health reform bill over the period of an entire year. House members spent nearly 100 hours in hearings, heard from 181 witnesses from both sides of the aisle, considered 239 amendments (both Democratic and Republican), and accepted 121 amendments. The Senate held dozens of public meetings and hearings in both the Finance Committee and the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee, and the HELP Committee considered nearly 300 amendments and accepted more than 160 Republican amendments. The Finance Committee held a seven-day markup of the bill, the longest Finance Committee markup in 22 years, resulting in a bipartisan 14-to-9 vote to approve the bill. The Finance Committee markup resulted in 41 amendments to revise the bill, including 18 by unanimous consent or without objection. When the bill came to the floor, the Senate spent 25 consecutive days in session on health reform, the second longest consecutive session in history. In total, the Senate spent more than 160 hours considering the health reform legislation.

        The line “we have to pass it to find out what’s in it” referred to finding out what EFFECTS it would have, how well it would WORK.

      • Wow. If the majority of Americans believe that, our country is truly fuked.

      • Why? It is absolutely true, and I think you know it. Why else would you not even try to refute a single word?

      • It’s all very well-documented, you can probably look up the Congressional hearings your own self.

      • Mabelle: You and I are in alternative universes as to our memory of how much the Democrats solicited input from Republicans. If you recall, Obama set the tone in the first major meeting over the direction when he stupidly said. “you lost, I won”. That set the tone. period. Here was a very junior Senator, now President, sticking very senior members of the Congress’s noses in it. Great start to his outreach.

      • “Quite an effort.” Like locking the doors to the House of Representatives? That effort?

      • Stop trying to reason with them mabele, they’ll never get it.

      • “This is one case where the Dems deserve to have the other party ram Obamacare out- right back down their throats.” Agree. But I would choose a different body orifice. Perhaps you were thinking this, but were too polite to phrase it thus!

      •  Unfortunately for you Trump is President and you are NOT. And he lives in the WH and Mar-a-Lago and NYC Trump Tower and you do NOT. And he flies on Air Force One and you fly “steerage”. But I see that you need some HAPPINESS in your life, so please carry on with your posts. We are all given ……life, liberty and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. I guarantee that you will get some much needed happiness with your posts. Please carry on. I absolutely guarantee it.

      • If it comes to us vs you, you will see the magnitude of the numbers of people who will come out to pound you lefties into history. It will be hilarious.

      • We’re giving them one last chance, and it’s name is President Trump.

    • Ant Trump is the only person protecting the Left from the effects of Civil War. Sad that they are so tuned out that they cannot see it.

    • Peacefully?? Every word, every tweet, every proclamation from Trump is bullying, causes rage and hatred and incites violence … and that’s when he’s going after his own (or adopted) party. Really, do you actually believe Trump can win and peace will rule?

  6. And if Trump loses, the country will get…Mike Pence. Is this what the liberals really want?

  7. Thee is a greater than zero chance that if they succeed in their coup that the end result will have more resemblance to Kurt Schlichter’s “Indian Country” than some global ChiComm dictatorship.

  8. The answer, ultimately, is to defund Prog (1984) Ed; replacing the anti-republic and anti-brain pedagogy with Western (1776) Enlightenment and its love of Natural Law, Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness. Defund, defund, defund. It fixes all.

    • Easier said then done with these bozos in republican senate. McCain doesn’t want a penny shaved from federal budget. Just more spending. The contest between Dems and GOP isn’t whether to increase spending, but by how much to increase it.

  9. You might benefit by reading up over at theconservativetreehouse blog. You are still viewing politics like it is 1999. But thanks for the good article nevertheless.

  10. This article is a pretty typical effort to portray our politics as 2-dimensional civil war with Trump on the side of everything that’s good. It s not only wrong in suggesting there are only 2 sides, with the Trump side aligned with the “voters”-even though Trump won the election with a minority of the vote, has had record-low approval ratings since, and many of his Republican Congressional critics did better with the voters than he did. But also, Trump fails the test of fitness for the presidency even when he is not clearly wrong on an issue. Trump’s treatment of, and complaints about others show him not only to be a horrible boss with a one-sided idea of loyalty, but a president with hardly any regard for the Constitution, the rule of law, and the separation of powers. People are now realizing that a president can be “right” on a particular issue, but still damage the country because he executes in the wrong way.

    • As a very reluctant Trump voter, I think you are greatly overstating the negatives (you sound just like the MSM) while totally ignoring the positives that Trump has ushered in. The stock market is soaring, economic growth has doubled, wages have risen for the first time in almost a decade, illegal immigration is way down, many onerous and destructive business regulations have been slashed, we are well on our way to energy independence (and helping eastern Europe stave off the blackmail of Russia), the check and balance of SCOTUS has been retained (vs. Hillary’s promise to stack the court with leftists for the next few decades), we have put No. Korea on notice that it will NOT threaten its allies or the U.S. with its nukes w/o consequence, we are renegotiating trade deals, are promoting real school reform for the first time in 50 years and have gotten out of a disastrous climate deal that would’ve bankrupted the entire world.

      Obviously you don’t like any of those accomplishments, but to ignore them in either ignorant or hypocritical.

      • Even if your list of Trump accomplishments weren’t greatly exaggerated–economic growth doubling from nearly nothing, putting N Korea “on notice,” which we’ve been doing for decades with no observable effect, leaving a non-binding climate deal which would have “bankrupted the entire world” in a fantasy as delusional as those of the doomsday cultists–it has nothing to do with the point of the article I’m disagreeing with. The major civil war we’re in results from the maximal, unnecessary divisiveness of Donald Trump, who’s at war with everyone, including members of his own Cabinet. His brand of belligerent tribalism is something we don’t need to get used to, as someone said, like the stench in a monkey cage. Take his latest fiasco, tweeting a change in military policy on transgenders in a way that has minimum long-term effectiveness, blindsiding the DoD in a way that has the military pushing back. The question is whether Trump supporters even revognize that there is a whole different, presidential, way of dealing with an issue like this that looks toward uniting us rather than setting off another partisan, tribalistic conflict.

      • Certainly the change in military policy (back to what it was before Obama changed it a year ago) was welcome by everyone who was not either a SJW or mentally ill. The army should not be welcoming those with mental illnesses into their ranks (especially because many of them are just looking for the Army to pay their huge medical bills).

        The Army will shortly receive their orders though the proper channels – no big thing.

        Oh, and ginny forgot to mention straightening out the VA and all the lower court vacancies being filled, amongst myriad other things.

        “The major civil war we’re in results from the maximal, unnecessary divisiveness of Donald Trump”
        You really must stop watching CNN et al which have morphed into entertainment channels for the SJWs and other loons. Trump is POTUS and the Dems have been having a temper tantrum for 9 months now. Any ‘major civil war’ is entirely the fault of those who cannot accept reality and have “resisted” from the start. It’s got so bad that they are even hurting the county with their constant leaks.

      • Your simplistic view of the transgender issue is exactly the kind of mentality Trump plays into while offending everyone else, Left and Right. Thoughtful people understand that thousands of transgenders are already serving, including spec ops soldiers. You aren’t qualified to judge their mental health or their motives and goals. When the real issue for decent people is the effect on national security of whatever policy s adopted, your classifying everyone as a “SJW warrior or mentally ill” who disagrees with Trump or the way Trump handled this is a perfect example of the belligerent tribalism I’m talking about.

      • “Transgenderism” or “gender dysphoria” – check out the American Psychiatric Association definition of the CONDITION.

        This ban is just a first step at combating this perfidious nonsense that “transgenderism” is a real and ACCEPTED “thing”. It’s not, its a mental illness, and people are committing child abuse because of its ‘normalization’ in society.

        Think pedophilia is bad? This may be worse.

        Pedophilia can be a limited event. Castrating your children, or your adopted children is forever. Interestingly, in the vast majority of children, this CONDITION disappears when they become adults. But oops, you already cut your son’s penis off, so bummer.

        If this is allowed, then next thing you know, all the gays will be freed up to do what they like with THEIR children. What was the percentage of gays who preferred “young” partners again?

        Surely this can’t be allowed to remain legal? Jeff Sessions, stop with the asset forfeiture and the pot crackdown and focus on this. Laws against, please.

        In the meantime, its interesting to note that your acceptance of the transgender propaganda from the LGBT host means that you are quite OK with child abuse.

        It’s only a matter of time until NAMBLA “normalizes” child sexual abuse as well. You good with that too?

      • Your comment is doubly ironic. First, it assumes that I’m “good with” trnasgenders in the military (and God knows what else) without noticing that I said no such thing. Just the kind of divisiveness, I’m complaining about. Second your argument against transgenders in the military, at least to the extent that it sticks to that subject, is much more presidential than Trump’s peremptory tweets. Another example:

        “But he did it exactly the wrong way. Not only did he reportedly blindside members of the military (he tweeted while Secretary of Defense James Mattis was on vacation) with the timing and nature of his announcement, his typical inflammatory tweeting was guaranteed to ignite yet another round of public fury. He virtually guaranteed that the next Democratic president would immediately reverse his policy, and he made any congressional debate that much more challenging. Here’s what actual presidential leadership would look like. After permitting his respected secretary of defense to comprehensively study the issue of transgender service, he would draft a carefully written, factually supported statement describing in detail the military justifications for the policy. Then, with the full, prepared backing of the Pentagon, he’d approach a Republican-controlled Congress and write his policy into law — creating a far more permanent standard that couldn’t be quickly reversed by the next administration and wouldn’t jerk the military into a game of culture-war hot potato depending on whose party controls the White House.”

        –David French

        Read more at:

      • You keep assuming that Trump is going to adapt to the “normal” way we expect a POTUS to act.

        I admit to making the same assumption early on. How much evidence do you need to realize that ain’t never going to happen. It’s going to be chaos and confusion and Trumpism all the way. He thrives on it.

        So far, its worked, so until it doesn’t I just shake my head and go with the flow. Because even when it gets super crazy, I remind myself of the alternative.

        And as I said, the military protocol will get done by the functionaries. Meanwhile, don’t you think this was a deliberate thumb in the eye of the SJWs? Score one in the culture wars for Trump.

      • Total foolishness. What I and others are saying is not about expectations of Trump, but an understanding that there is a right way and a wrong way of doing things. Do you have such a ‘Trump can do no wrong’ mentality that you can’t even see that Trump’s tweet decree is the absolute worst way of dealing with this issue from your own standpoint? If transgenders in the military have much broader implications, Trump’s way gives his decision the narrowest and most temporary effect imaginable. Your last trivial remark about “score one” just shows you’re incapable of getting the point.

  11. If they succeed in bringing down Trump I am convinced the country will crack up. His election was many of ours non violent message to the elites that enough is enough. Our next message will not be so tempered.

    • But who will organize it? A more likely scenario is they try to remove Trump with some bogus cooked-up charge and he refuses to leave. That’s when the rubber would meet the road.

    • Another one who loves the idea of shooting up everyone who disagrees with him.

      The “Elites”, of course, are the entire 60% of fellow Americans who don’t agree with him as to the infallibility of the Orange God Emperor.

      • Still lobbying to be Ground Zero, eh?

        You’re one sick, pathetic lying tw@t.
        And you can stop pushing the fairy tale that you’re a doctor.
        There isn’t a doctor anywhere that would have as much free time to spread Leftist bu!!$hit as you do.


      • Where do you get “shooting up everyone who disagrees” from “the country will crack up”?

        Is violence always on your mind? Isn’t that pretty typical of leftists?

      • 60 percent? Lol. Ok. Love that you think it would just be Trump voters. Millions have completely given up on voting because of what we are witnessing today. An organized assault on the president the “wrong” kind of people elected.
        My favorite part is the precedent you idiots insist on setting. What do you think happens the next time another Obama is elected? Get ready for a taste of your own medicine one way or another.

  12. Wow, sad and sorry to see Black describe Mueller as a figure of probity. He is Comey’s conjoined twin which alone should have disqualified him from the position. But he is also a curious sort of Republican; one who has made a career of putting Clinton crimes into their rearview. The Democrats are not the only enemy and really they are not the proximate foe. The RINOs must be defeated first, McCain is exemplary but Comey, Mueller and plenty of others that are all for the Liberal/Globalist agenda because it rewards themselves. The open-borders crowd, those who pantomimed opposition to Obamacare when it was easy, those who agree with the Left that the military is their social experiment lab… these and many others must be restrained. If they cannot be restrained, removed. The midterms beckon. Forward.

  13. My hope is that the current Democratic and Republican parties destroy each other and something better emerges from the rubble.
    Trump is a false messiah for conservatism, and the Democrats are the worst they have ever been.
    Neither parties or Trump deserves the support of the American people right now.

  14. Agreed.

    Except that I’m starting to see the russian collusion story as a red herring seized on by clinton et al to cover what I expect will eventually be known as the Magnitsky affair – featuring Bill Browder, Natalie Veselnitskaya, and many other players including both clintons, podesta, wasserman-schultz, and barney Franks.

  15. “… if Trump fails, and however he fails, it will not bring a return to something good. It would be the return of those who gave America the initial under-reaction to terrorism, the housing bubble and world financial crisis, the elevation of Iran to preeminent influence in Iraq and much of the Middle East, then the North Korean crisis, the migrant humanitarian disaster, a flat-lined American economy hobbled with a back-breaking and under-funded welfare system, and the enthronement of political correctness to the point of official inability to utter the words “Islamist extremism.”

    This pretty much says it all. If everyone initially disilllusioned with the disastrous trajectory this country was heading in does not realize the reality Black sharply outlines, this country (with the exception of SCOTUS) is in as much trouble as if Hillary had won. We must WAKE UP, UNITE and get our act together before next year’s elections usher in new Democratic majorities and impeachment proceedings. Thanks for a great article.

    • Impeachment for what crimes precisely? Spell it out for those of us without your inside knowledge? You’ve spent a year beating the dead horse of Russia conspiracy. It’s still as dead as it was at the start, only now its really stinking.

      What else you got?

  16. I call it the unCivil war. Same cast of characters and motivations. Arrayed against Trump are the GOPe, the dems, administrative state, and their media poodles. In congress, Trump has a virtual minority with the anti-Trump GOPe blocking anything from passing.

    Here’s what I don’t understand. It seems irrefutable that the GOPe taking down Trump would lead to the demise of the repub party. The answer lies in the fact that the GOPe are globalists who support open borders, cheap labor, bad trade deals, and disastrous foreign policies. They’re not interested in putting America first. In fact they want to eliminate America as a nation state.

  17. It isn’t all that non-violent and it has already started. Just look at how easily the stupid leftist Antifa are incited to violence. These pampered sissies are ignorant and amateurish, but they can still wreck havoc. Granted, they are clumsy and their efforts are, in the big scheme of things, minimal in effect (broken windows, traffic disruption, minor injuries).

    However, if conservatives and true grit Americans take up arms, it won’t be any of these things. It will be swift and it will be deadly. These are the men and women who have served in the military, built our roads and bridges and skyscrapers. They are the Americans that fight our fires and protect our streets. They are the Americans that grow our food and move our economy across the nation.

    It will be ugly but it will be quick. These true Americans don’t want civil war, don’t want violence, so if they must do it, they will not pull their punches. They will want to be done with it so our nation can return to order and so it doesn’t happen again. They will not “half ass” it. It will be a complete annihilation of the enemy.

    • On the contrary, many Trump supporters seem to deeply want to engage in violence. I cannot at this point count the number of times I’ve been told that people who think like me, a centrist Democrat, should be “turned into lawn fertilizer”, “pushed out to sea on rafts”, or granted our “own private little Holocaust”, to cite just a few of the more colorful expressions used.

      Fascinating how you folks think you’re the only ones who work or serve in the military – as though the prosperity of the blue states principally rests on somehow magically generating welfare payments for themselves. But I’m not surprised. You folks got angry at the Beltway Elites and promptly responded by erecting yourselves into the country’s New Moral Elite after the November election; it stands to reason that in that newly acquired elitist capacity, you’re not going to see the simple truths that should be evident right under your noses.

      You may think they’re fake polls, but the bottom line is that an increasing majority of Americans think the President is incompetent and that many of the policies pushed by his administration and by the GOP-led Congress are deeply misguided. Never was this more clearly shown than in the recent healthcare debacle, during which the public indicated its desire to reform and retain Obamacare by a more than 50% margin while simultaneously opposing the GOP’s idea of “repeal and replace” by a greater than 80% margin.

      Mr. Black is obviously well educated and quite eloquent with regard to his use of the English language, but he is very much out of touch with what a majority of ordinary people in this country think. But I guess we should cut him some slack, since he’s Canadian.

      • childish insults indicates you have no rational response. But we all knew that already. Go right ahead and call me some silly name also. Sticks & stones………

      • What’s indicated is that irredeemable a$$holes like you and that other tw@t can’t be reasoned with.
        Good luck living under the rules you’ve sought to impose on everyone else.

        You’re not gonna like it.
        You’re not gonna survive it.

      • Like shooting fish in a barrel and there isn’t even any water in the barrel.Too easy. Thank you, you took the bait and didn’t even know it.

      • Take that d!ck out of your mouth, reality c0ck.
        We can’t make out what you’re trying to say.

      • Showing your lack of moral character to the world.

      • Anyone here order up a fat slob Leftist wh0re?
        Well, Blob Super-Dumphrey is here.

      • Statistically there is only ~3% chance that I actually would be. Why not go with an insult with a higher probability of being true? You, on the other hand, are demonstrably trash, and seem to advertise it for a living. Maybe your life wouldn’t suck so bad if you got a real job.

      • Maybe your life wouldn’t suck so bad if you stopped living it.
        It’d sure be a plus for the rest of the world.

      • My life is great! I’m one of those liberal coastal elites. Every election either my values win or some idiot blow hard cuts taxes for me and my wealthy buddies. I can’t lose!

      • You’ll be losing shortly, f@g.
        And there’s nothing you can do about it.

        Enjoy the tsunami, $hit stain.

      • Make sure to lay off the malt liquor long enough to blow your cars breathalyzer, trash, or your revolution of losers ain’t leaving the trailer park.

      • You make sure to take those c0cks out of your mouth and your gaping ass long enough to figure out which direction the bullets are coming from, f@g.

      • The chances of it are increasing geometrically because you and yours are cancerous ufcking parasites.
        Best of luck!

      • When you’re getting the $h!t kicked out of you, and worse, you’ll look at it for what it really is……maybe.
        Enjoy the backlash, doooosh bag!

      • The polls are just as reliable today as the ones that had Hillary winning by a landslide. There are idiots spewing hate on both ends of the political spectrum and I don’t defend any of them. However, it is the hard core leftists who are consistently putting ugly words into ugly actions, on college campuses, protest rallies, and public events.

        Many good, moderate Democrats can’t even try to find middle ground and work with Republicans without being attacked from the extreme left. This is one of the main reasons the Democrat party is floundering. The “Joe Manchin” types are either getting rare or are afraid to stand up because they will be so viciously attacked by those on the far left.

        All I am saying is that if the extreme left continues their violence against all who disagree with them (both moderate Democrats as well as conservatives), at some point, there will be a response and it won’t be pretty.

      • And the polls were actually within a couple of points of correctly predicting popular vote totals in the November election.

        Now, however, we’re supposed to believe they’re off by factors of anywhere between 15-50% when it comes to public approval of the President’s job performance and/or the GOP’s recent health care legislative proposals.

        Honestly, I don’t mind if you think they’re off. The fact that you do is what’s going to prevent you from winning anything at all on Obamacare reform, because you stubbornly can’t see that the path forward is going to entail some compromise with people who don’t think exactly like you.

        Are the majority of Americans who want some compromise found to fix rather than simply repeal the ACA “extreme leftists” or moderate Democrats / Republicans in your opinion?

      • The solution is fewer people who don’t respect, honor and abide the Constitution of the United States.

        You’re in the “fewer” category, but you’re too galactically ufcking stupid to figure that out.

        De@d tw@t walking.

      • “I cannot at this point count the number of times’

        Perhaps because they never happened? Perhaps you are delusional, or suffer from mental illness. Just like the transexuals.

    • Get your facts straight before you urge rebellion or civil war. Antifa is not a leftist organization. It is an antifascist pro anarchist organization that has no ties to any legitimate Democratic, liberal or progressive organizations. We believe in gaining power thru peaceful protests an elections. I can’t find any calls from any of these groups to take up arms against anyone. On the other hand your comments urging violence is more than commonplace on these pages. If fact, often it seems like you just can’t wait.

      • I am not urging violence or rebellion. As someone who served in the military, the last thing I want for this nation is another civil war or violent uprisings. I’m acknowledging that if it happens, it will be started by the left, but ended by conservatives. As for Antifa, they are, contrary to their name, an extremely fascist group. Fascists are leftist socialists, which is what they are, and which is what the Nazi’s were. Antifa is all for shutting down any free speech they don’t agree with…anything even moderately conservative, using any means necessary.

  18. How long has it been since a leader of a major western nation called on supporters to hurt dissenters and cops to beat suspects?

    And how long has it been since this was done by a leader who didn’t sport a toothbrush mustache?

    • A little hyperbole in support of the cops can hopefull offset the shameful treatment of them by Dems over the last 8 years.

      • When the president of the US expresses ‘a little hyperbole’, that often becomes official statements that permit exessess against established rules or conduct. Maybe that’s why many police departments immediately decried trump’s statements and asserted that current police behavior will continue no matter what ‘a little hyperbole’ is spouted from little don john

      • There is nothing President Trump can say that can change department policies in those cities. He can change motivation…

      • The only time Trumps says or tweets anything about anything is to enhance his support for his ever shrinking base. He could care less about changing policies or motivationsabout anything and has no idea what police dept policies really are. Anyone who manages to get ‘dressed down’ by the Boy Scouts, the Military and the chiefs of police in one week has had a very bad week, but who’s counting?

      • How do you explain the drops in crime under both Clinton and Obama?

      • They can’t. Except to claim ‘fake news’, the last refuge of those with no rational responses.

      • Well aren’t you so special, bloviating online about the drop in crime during Bill and Barak’s time. How can you be so racist as to completely ignore the poor suffering Black Americans who live in Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago, New York, et al. To just blabber some long gone statistics, and not show concern about those who deal with crime every day of their life is astoundingly racist.

      • Are irrational rants something you work on or do they come naturally?

      • So a racist like you would not have any answers for your racism, except to post some pejoratives. Well at least you did not DENY THAT YOU ARE A RACIST. That is a small plus on your side.

  19. I agree this is a war. The assassination attempt on the Republican Congress was a warning shot. Still to come is the Ft Sumter moment that could turn this into a real shooting war. If they try to remove Trump on bogus charges all hell will break loose. The Dems could actually end up with the despot they feared…

  20. Isn’t it interesting how the Republicans are “denounced by the Democrats in Congress and the media” for “the usual giveaway to the rich” and the right-wing media complains that the rich “generally support the Democrats”? Don’t you think there is a reason the rich support the politicians?

    Thomas Jefferson said “rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will, within the limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add “within the limits of the law”; because law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the right of an individual.”

    Rediscovering Americanism and the Tyranny of Progressivism
    by Mark R. Levin
    page 131

    It should be “rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to God’s will, within the limits of God’s law”

    (Levin, page 15: “there is one master and ruler, that is God, over us all, for he is the author of this law”).

    God’s law that applies in this case is thou shalt have no other gods before me, thou shalt not steal, thou shalt not bear false witness, thou shalt not covet.

    • Black refers to a fake Mueller Twitter acount. Unbelievable.

      • Oh, ok. I saw that account. Doesn’t take much to tell it was a fake…

    • Mueller?
      Mueller deserves America’s respect and gratitude.

      • Remains to be seen, but the author said Mueller had tweeted something contradicting Trump. I don’t remember a tweet from him. Maybe I read it wrong above?

  21. Americans do not need advice of a failed businessman living in a communist country.

  22. Trump needs to propose a massive expansion in the government’s role in funding health care for the poor and most of those with very costly pre existing conditions AND an almost total removal of the government’s role in regulating the PRIVATE health insurance industry. The government should pay for the poor and sick with a small tax on ALL Americans and there should be a totally free market in health insurance for the rest of America. Instead of paying for the poor and sick with their premiums and leaving it in the hands of greedy insurance companies, Americans should pay for it with their taxes. The private health care option will allow the majority to get what they want at an affordable rate and it will preserve a large private element in the US health care system that is crucial . It is in America’s system, messy as it is that about 80% of the world’s medical breakthroughs occur.

  23. Wouldn’t wage all my money on “non-violent”. The left keeps signallng intent to act by any means necessary. May get more than they bargained for.

      • Which Left is that?
        Would that be the Dems, who are broke and in complete disarray?
        Or would that be the Intafa who just want to bring down the whole system with violence?
        Or would that be the SJW’s who approve of drugging their own and other’s children, effectively sterilizing them, and “transitioning” them by cutting their private parts (because they think a mental illness equates to the fight for racial/womens rights)?
        Or would that be the Hollywood Left who besmear themselves in depicting how the wish to murder our great POTUS?

      • Apparently not since you have been on an infantile tantrum for over six months. I don’t see Chuck, the Huckster laughing and smiling, I don’t see Nancy smiling, and I don’t see President Mrs. Bill Clinton anywhere and for that I am laughing and smiling yugely, schmuck.

    • Please provide a couple of examples of the left signallng intent to act by any means necessary”. Thank you.

  24. Absurd.
    Had the GOP crafted a better healthcare bill, maybe the GOP would have had a chance…
    But the GOP healthcare bills were poorly written and clearly not well thought out.

    The GOP cannot remove healthcare from poor families and the elderly.
    Not now.

    Nor should they.

    • We all know one specific place where the ‘buck never stops’, never has & never will.

      • As it should.

        America can do anything…including supporting a great healthcare system for its citizens.

        America can.

      • It never stopped at Obama’s desk so, why do you have an issue now?

  25. Silliness.

    Trump is failing because he is flailing.
    Or he Trump flailing because he is failing?

    Trump has been a very incompetent President.

    And it shows.

    • Incompetent? You’ve been watching CNN again I see. Trump has accomplished more in 6 months than any POTUS in memory. But you wouldn’t get that from CNN. You actually need to use your brain (assuming you have one – a big assumption indeed).

      The Dems have done their best to harm Trump. Unfortunately, their leaking has also harmed the country. But any concern they may have over hurting the country is superseded by their wish to drive Trump out.

      The worm, however, has turned:
      Priebus & Spicer, the GOPe leakers and insiders are GONE
      Gen Kelly is IN; Scaramucci is IN
      Russia narrative has completely COLLAPSED and Mueller is having the SCREWS APPLIED
      Leakers are about to be PROSECUTED (finally!)
      Comey/Lynch are UNDER INVESTIGATION
      Brennan is UNDER INVESTIGATION for UNMASKING – perhaps more? (How in hell did a Muslim get appointed to head the CIA – see the damning evidence about him below )
      The two Susans are UNDER INVESTIGATION for UNMASKING
      Debbie Wasserman-Schulz is in deep DOO DOO. The DNC and many of the individual Dems emails were leaked to the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD (and who knows where else!)

      Here’s a possible scenario which will cause you anguish;
      Sessions to HS
      Rudy a recess appt. as AG
      Rudy fixes Mueller (either by firing or by properly restricting his terms of reference, i.e. stay out of things that don’t concern the false Russia conspiracy; wrap it up.)

      POTUS remains calm and in control – controlled chaos is his bread and butter.
      Tired of winning yet? MAGA

      • Most of the country thinks the Russia story is very much alive, and will keep it alive by demanding ongoing investigation.

        It will eventually bring Trump down given that it seems clear there’s something there he doesn’t Mueller to find out. Hopefully it will take a while, though, given that his incompetence as POTUS is helping the country’s center / left majority to win battles such as the latest health care engagement.

        I’m totally okay with you guys continuing to “win” the way you have up till now.

      • Most of the country thinks the Russia story is very much alive”

        Off your meds again, kkkunt?

        Will you be OK when our winning results in you and yours doing a whole lot of dirt napping?

      • Actually in those polls you clumsy corruptocrat-lovers tout, even they can’t hide that the Russia story is a hoax.

        What he doesn’t want ‘out’ is his privacy, and the privacy of his family. Dr. Stephen Hatfield was an innocent man when Mueller conducted his anthrax investigation – and his frame-up did not hold because the strain of anthrax wasn’t available to Dr. Hatfield. Did not stop Mueller from trying to prosecute him, though.

        I know you lefties hate the Constitution, but the whole presumed innocent is designed to prevent such witchhunts. You have to have evidence for a crime – but the only evidence that causes suspicion was provided by Fusion GPS, influenced by the Kremlin and instigated by the Clinton campaign. There is the evidence of Russian collusion right there and why the left will soon shut up with this Russian nonsense.

      • But that’s not what’s happening in the real world. Yeah, do whatever you can to get rid of Mueller. That doesn’t look suspicious or anything. You wear clown shoes.

      • Your narrative is shattered and Mueller will be blinkered. The fantasyland theory of Trump teaming up with the Russkies had collapsed into dust. Mueller will not be allowed to charge Trump with jaywalking in 1986, or anything else.

        Look around you – the party’s over and all the Dems are left with is the hangover.

    • It’s a giant ‘tell’ that all of you Leftist tw@ts have the habit of upvoting your own comments.

      It’s the same voting integrity that you bring to political elections.


    • And he still beat Hillary and would again if the vote were held tomorrow. Most of his voters are unhappy with the R Congress, and will follow his lead if he primaries them out.

  26. Conrad Black – you are really out of your mind. Trump MUST lose – he is attacking the very foundation of our democracy, our checks and balances, freedom and civil society. He is an abomination – and if you think it is only “liberals” who think so you are sadly mistaken. He is cruel, ignorant, and the most dangerous man on the planet. He is a liar a cheat, and mentally unsound. He is moving the country to irrelevance, not greatness. And people like you think it’s wonderful. Really appalling.

    • Fortunately, the majority of Americans know that you are right.

      Americans can see, hear and read Trump’s tweets.

      • The ever shrinking echo chamber also knows you are right and they are getting very squeemish, as shown by several comments below threatening violence. But not to worry,they are just as cowardly as their leader, jr’s dad.

      • Those who upvote themselves can be counted upon to be as full of themselves as they are full of sh1t.

    • MSNBC/CNN are entertainment channels. The narrative you spout is deranged. See a psychiatrist, and take your ‘transgenger’ friend with you.

  27. What happened to the GOP who claimed America was a Can Do nation and we could accomplish anything?

    What happened to American ingenuity, GOP?

    The GOP has to quit hating America…and fellow Americans.
    Even if they disagree.

    America can support a great healthcare system for its citizens.

    America CAN.

  28. The Right says America can’t do anything right.

    The Left says America is capable of doing everything great.

    Which party is more unAmerican, GOP?

  29. Hey you dumb twat, Mueller doesn’t have a Twitter account. You read a fake account. Ironic that the Trump dopes call everything else fake news but can’t recognize it when it’s dead obvious.

  30. Sorry, Mr Black. Your article is a non-starter in general as you choose to overlook probably 30 to 40 stupid and corrupt actions by the President and Co. to date. Pres. Trump can’t even get his own party to vote for his agenda because the President himself doesn’t know or understand the specifics of anything he’s promoting. Witness health care. The president should have had rallied across the country (which he likes to do and what Pres. Obama did) promoting the benefits and different parts of the plan. Instead, all he did was say how “great” and “beautiful” health care would be and then he’d try and bully people into voting for it. It was pitiful and the fault for the plan’s spectacular failure lies directly in the President’s lap. To quote the great living philosopher Donald Trump regarding leadership – “Leadership: Whatever happens, you’re responsible. If it doesn’t happen, you’re responsible.”

    • “probably 30 to 40 stupid and corrupt actions by the President and Co. to date”

      And yet you fail to list even one. Hyperbole, much?

      As for health care, that was supposedly under control by the Congress. Ryan & McConnell told POTUS they had the votes and he just needed to sit back. They lied. Thats on them. The GPOe are part of the swamp, but POTUS gave them their chance and they failed him AND the American people.

      • Leadership: Whatever happens, you’re responsible. If it doesn’t happen, you’re responsible,” – Donald Trump
        Explain the current President’s relationship to the above. You won’t but just asking. I don’t have all day to list the stupid and dishonest things this President has said and done. Can’t do your Google work for you. I’m sure his speech to the Boy Scouts made you proud.

      • Why don’t you make a list of all the things he’s accomplished in just 6 months – more than any POTUS in the last 50 years. That’s what will re-elect him in 2020.

        But you might not haven’t noticed that if you get your “news” from the Entertainment channels like CNN, MSNBC et al.

      • No significant legislative achievements whatsoever. A bunch of worthless executive orders that will last precisely as long as his stay in the White House. In short, nothing that cannot be removed with whiteout.

      • That would be 8 years. To be followed by another 8 years of his anointed successor. A SC with at least 6 Conservative judges.

        Will there still be a Democratic party by then?

  31. Trump doesn’t have the discipline or work ethic to win anything. He propelled himself by being unlikeable so there is no reason to think the reaction to his unlikeability will abate.
    If you don’t have the stomach for his addiction to chaos I advise you immerse yourself in a hobby for a few years and stop paying attention to the sport of Washington — which has never been for the faint of heart.

  32. Conrad can give Trump some tips about hiring a good major domo in the slammer.

  33. As Presidents Trump’s enemies wear themselves out with their slander, President Trump plans his quick violent counter offensive that will lead to a crushing victory. Have no doubt, friends and enemies, Trump is the master.

  34. Chicago Tribune
    July 28, 2017
    “Four years ago, Chicago didn’t record 400 homicides until just before Thanksgiving Day. The city has already passed that mark this year.

    Chicago is on pace to have a deadlier year than 2016, when gun violence reached levels not seen in 20 years, according to data kept by the Tribune. While fewer people have been shot this year, more of them are dying from their wounds.”

    So why are crime and shootings surging in cities like Chicago? Obviously because BLM and their white leftist democratic followers have so successfully demonized cops that they can no longer do their job so they’re naturally backing off on policing.

    How could anyone be stupid enough to vote for something as despicably destructive as the leftist Democratic Party?

  35. Don’t be pathetic, Conrad. I really can’t stand pathetic people.

    • Read Scott Adams. Calling people names means you have lost the debate…

    • My, what I well though and cogent argument. Do you ever move past juvenile?

  36. Conrad Black is a convicted felon, a non-American………who is a HARD-right Know-Nothing.

    • Actually, he was convicted of moving a few boxes out of his office, because they had nothing else on him. And he was only convicted because of his political views.

      A brilliant and highly successful man who ran a publishing empire.

      You might want to do some research next time you get a break from serving.

  37. Trump must win, yeah right, preaching police violence and wishing the law was not there to stop them. Trump must go down as must the people propping him up.

  38. This is why smart conservatives didn’t want Trump in the White House. We knew Trump was lazy, had no political convictions, and had no management skills. His presidency is nothing but one big loop of failure which will lead to liberal Democrats taking over Congress in 2019 and then the White House in 2021.

    • Trump has been hugely successful thus far in dismantling the Obama edifice. Trump has a lot of failings, but interestingly the three you chose are the exact opposites of his work so far. Lazy? Jeesh.

  39. A couple of days ago the WSJ had an article about how young Chinese now believe that the severe polarization in America means it’s terminally ill so the future belongs to China.

    I don’t know if the future belongs to China but it sure is glaringly obvious that this place is terminally ill and no foreign country needs spy satellites or spies on the ground to know that.

    All they need to do is go online and see the intense hatred we have for each other. That’s the surest sign I know of that a society is dying and I’m sure they know that as well as I do. Time will tell what fate has in store for us.

    • A lot of the posters online are international trolls and do not truly represent what people feel.

      • Aren’t you the one who just said “Trump must go down as must the people propping him up.”? Are you an international troll?

        Many of the people I work with in Chicago are Vietnamese and Assyrians from Iraq. I know them well enough to know they’re not at all different from native born Americans which means the dreadful fate which befell their countries could indeed happen here.

        We lack a common reality and without something as basic as that we quite obviously have no country. Recently a leftist online told me that we never did have a common reality in this country.

        Well we sure had vastly more than we have now which is why America used to be a highly functional society. Unfortunately for us all, those days are long gone and will never return.

  40. Please don’t fail to mention in that fat slob’s bio that he is also a felon who did Federal time.

  41. Trump is an idiot and probably has no especially strong commitment to the issues he ran on. What you see is what you get and it’s not going to get any better. Expect the Democrats to retake at least the House in 2018, and some Bernie Bro to win the presidency in 2020.
    It seems to me that right now there are three distinct political factions in the country. Liberals, who want ever expanded government, conservatives who want constitutionally limited government, and Trump personality cultists who don’t care what policies are implemented as long as Donald Trump insults someone on a regular basis.

    • I believe you are wrong on the Trump cultists. I for one voted for and support the Donald knowing full well what we have. It is not him we love it is his attempt to drain the swamp we love.
      The three parties I see are: over the top liberals, libertarians (younger voters), and a mishmash of John McCain, Lindsey Graham types as the third.

      • I don’t think Trump is really trying all that hard. Either he doesn’t really care, doesn’t really know how, or is just stupid. My opinion is that it is a combination of all three.

    • I’d say there are four political factions: 1–Socialists who vote Democrat and call themselves progressives. They want endless government and no moral standards. 2–Trump Cultists who don’t care about issues but love to complain about the media and draining the swamp (spoiler–Trump is always draining the swamp). Their mantra is, “It’s not Trump’s fault….” his campaign promises are seldom implemented. 3–Establishment Republicans who think they can manage the welfare state better than the Socialists. They are beholden to corporations and support the LGBT agenda. 3–Constitutional Conservatives who are in the wilderness as most Americans are becoming more degenerate and less self-sufficient.

  42. He must win because if he fails, the establishment will create the rules to exclude anyone that thinks independently. No one will be able to break their stranglehold on the federal government.

  43. The Trump counterattack begins as he, like Lincoln, assembles new generals. With the snowballing DNC scandal concerning computer security run by a Pakistani clan who enriched themselves off government coffers and who lacked the security clearances necessary to handle several House Intelligence member’s computer systems, the whole DNC Russian hacking scenario is collapsing. It may well be confirmed the the DNC emails published by Wikileaks were leaked by an inside leaker. Was the identity of the leaker unmasked to DNC, Clinton campaign, or Obama administration thugs?
    Then you have the Democratic Fusion group behind the dossier on Trump given to McCain that found its way to Comey. What’s Mueller to do as the pillars of his mission collapse into a Democratic inspired conspiracy against Trump?
    No wonder Obama Obama hovers outside the U.S. His administration used government agencies like the FBI, IRS, NSA, and others to surveil harass, investigate, unmask, strongarm and possibly blackmail political opponents

  44. great points. But the english language needs a word for what tgis is.

  45. Back to the Great White North, Frostback. To describe Trump’s endless series of lies, obscenities, whining, and incompetence as a few “indiscretions and inconsistencies” reveals a propagandist worthy of employ by Stalin.

  46. This is a joke, right? The only thing that will MAGA is Trump’s impending impeachment.

    • This is not Fantasyland, son. You had your chance and the narrative blew up in your face. Sessions to HS, Perry to AG and this nonsense is curtailed PDQ. Either Mueller accepts the fact that he keeps his mind solely on his tightened mandate, i.e. investigating collusion with Russia during the 2016 election, or he’ll be gone.

      But don’t worry. There’s still plenty of meat on that collusion bone on the Democratic side. (cough, Fusion GPS, Clinton Foundation, cough)

  47. We should all take advice from convicted felons. How does this caricature of wealth and greed get a podium to spew his nonsense?

  48. You forgot to mention the single biggest mis-step ever taken by the US … the invasion of Iraq and the WMD lie. Trump is not capable of leading the free World. If he is so skilled as a businessman and artistic deal maker lets see his tax returns. Would that not be proof of his credentials?

    • “You forgot to mention the single biggest mis-step ever taken by the US … the invasion of Iraq and the WMD lie.”

      The biggest misstep ever was the election of B. Hussein Obama, the best friend and Islamic terrorist state ever had. What WMD lie? Are you like stuck in 2004 or something?

  49. It’s a delusion to believe this civil war will be resolved peacefully.

  50. I stumbled on this article. What kind of sketchy site is This? Really filled with racist, sexist, uncouth morons.

  51. The failure to prosecute anyone for the Great Fraud destroyed what remained of the social contract in this country, already weakened by three decades of bi-partisan corruption, scandal and incompetence. Anyone who does not see this is either an idiot or a baby boomer.

    Now white identity politics is upon us. That genie is not going back into its bottle.

    If the Ziocons and globalists prevail and Trump is removed, there may well be open war.

  52. “…under-funded welfare system…”

    Any federal welfare system at all is, by definition, over-funded–there’s no Constitutional provision for such a thing.

  53. Read this through thinking ‘what kind of moron wrote this?’ Got to the end – Conrad Black! Canada’s most pretentious export.

    Moan and complain all you want. Trump has been the author of his own fortune (with some help from daddy and Russia) and of his own misfortune. Blame the wicked ‘MSM’ (how many newspapers did Conrad own before the fall?) for spreading ‘lies’, but it is Trump’s own mouth, social media presence and addled brain that keep getting him in trouble and keep him from advancing his far-right agenda.

    Glad you have such utter faith in Trump’s innocence re. Russia, not proven but certainly possible. If that were his only fault. The guy has issues with truth, inconsistency, human decency, judgement, communication, and conflicts of interest (among many others). I also find it surprising that Black, the ‘Lord of Crossharbour’, would not find fault with Trump’s lack of culture and social propriety.

    • “Glad you have such utter faith in Trump’s innocence re. Russia, not proven but certainly possible”

      You misunderstand the way this works. You’re supposed to PROVE him guilty (which we all know is impossible with respect to collusion). I’m sure he has a traffic violation back in the murky pass that will suit Mueller, but when Sessions moves to HS and Perry to AG, the blinkers are going on Mueller, and he’ll be wrapping up PDQ.

      Gloves are off now.

      • Is this the same way you guys PROVE Hilary runs a paedophile pizza ring or Obama is a Muslim who wasn’t born in America? I guess there are two sets of rules? Tell me, are there depths of immorality and hypocrisy the right will not stoop to?

      • I find it interesting that the source of the Russian conspiracy originated with CIA head John Brennan, a known Democratic partisan hack (and most interestingly, a 20-year MUSLIM convert from his time in Saudi Arabia), who accepted the Democratic funded Fusion GPS file as gospel.

        Brennan to the other 3 major “intelligence” agencies “Hey guys, there was hacking going on”
        Comey et al “If you say so Johnny”
        Rogers “I’m not so sure, but if everyone agrees I guess I will too”
        Other 13 minor agencies “Me too, me too”.

        Dems: All 17 “intelligence agencies agree….blah, blah, blah”

        And up to now no one from any of the “intelligence” agencies has been permitted to examine the DNC server. Apparently the Dems have the power to say no to the FBI et al.

        On the bright side, we now know that the Pakistanis and the Muslim Brotherhood were all up in that. Debbie does the Democrats. Does them GOOD!

      • So I guess there is a perfectly natural explanation for Trump sacking Flynn, borrowing massively off Russia, wanting to pull sanctions, kissing Putin’s Machiavellian butt while criticizing long-standing allies, weakening nato, firing Comey after Comey would pledge direct allegiance, threatening Sessions and telling everyone he can pardon whoever he wants, etc. Why don’t you explain it to me?

        If this guy it’s actually innocent why not just let things take their course? He sure doesn’t act innocent.

      • A year later, with 3 (or is it 4?) ongoing investigations from the finest investigators in the land, and there is nothing. Nothing.

        Give it up. Try another narrative. No one is listening except the zombies who watch CNN et al. Presumably you’re one of them. It’s like a drug, isn’t it?

      • Interesting which 13 GOP Senators voted to approve the Democratic hack and Muslim convert(!) John Brennan as CIA head back in 2013. That’s like members of the British Parliament putting a Nazi in charge of their secret service, MI6, during WWII.

        As one might expect, the usual crew are all here: McCain, Graham, Flake, Collins, Murkowski. Even Rubio is there, and he claims to be a foreign policy expert!

        Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is allowing Pakistani agents to have access to DNC and unknown numbers of the Dem Congress emails etc., who in turn are passing them on to the Muslim Brotherhood, and who knows who else.

        The Democrats and the Obama Administration welcomed the Muslim Brotherhood to their bosom and to the WH, and even gave them (temporary) control of major Muslim countries, like Egypt.

        Of course we all know the reluctance of the Obama Admin to call a spade a spade.

        Ain’t it great to have Western civilization back in charge again! And now we have yet another reason to drive the NeverTrumpers out of office come reckoning time.

  54. This website is such a fucking fantasy. Your boy is exactly the clown that was predicted. You knuckleheads wouldn’t know American greatness if it bit you in the ass.

    • It’s still light years better than more Obama/Clinton or were you one of those who got cut in on the theft of tax payer money?

  55. LOL lots of batshit crazy Trump lovers on this site. Fuck they are so comical with their trying to put their joke of president in a good light. Trump may very well be rich and may have won the election but that makes him no less of an asshole and not a particularity bright one at that.

  56. Anyone who thinks that Mr. Trump is a proponent of US world leadership hasn’t been paying attention to his nationalist agenda. In fact, Mr. Black seems to be writing from quite a unique and solitary perspective on present events. Unpersuasively.

  57. This article is specious wishful thinking.

    Even if the ’cause’ were as worthy as you suppose, it would require a mountain more discipline than this administration is capable of.

  58. ‘Jeff Sessions was the only Republican senator who supported him in the campaign’

    And now Sessions is under attack from Trump. This just shows you how muddle-headed Conrad Black is in his support of Trump.

    Trump has always been a crook, and his victims are those who trust him the most. Just ask students of Trump University.

  59. This writer, like all on the right, should sear into their brains that those that those that oppose Trump are all liars, cheaters, deceiver, rioter and just plain evil. The point is Trump has flushed them out into the light for all to see, even the kind at heart Conrad Black.

    The elections of 2018 and beyond will be a true time of choosing where we’ll find out if the 1/4th of the nation that are barking mad, baying at the moon, liberals can win again. It’s enough to make a Deplorables blood run cold even considering the liberals still have a chance.

    • Perhaps you would like those states opposed to Trump to secede and take their tax base with them?

      • Actually, that would be even better. But maybe just the cities. Imagine a United States bordergin about 12 Lagos-like cities. Let’s see– Detroit, Chicago, New York, Boston, LA,,,, That would be a good thing.

  60. The reason Trump must win is because he is the American Conrad Black, except that he hasn’t gone to jail for any of his business practices or obstructions of justice … YET!
    Black is correct, this is war and America will never be great again unless peace is brokered. But never forget it was McConnel’s GOP that said in 2009 their top priority was to ensure a failed Obama presidency. If Trump wins then bullying wins, narcissistic egomania wins, a Health Neglect bill wins, walls win, environmental destruction wins, old dirty industry wins, distespect for the rule of law wins, governance by the whim of the tweet wins, prejudice and bigotry wins, global chaos wins.
    I can see why you would want that Mr. Black, you learned a lot in prison.

  61. The Republicans need to be dismantled as a party and replaced, at least on the national level.

  62. There is evidence of conspiracy between the Trump campaign and the Russians. It’s right there in JR’s emails. He was offered “dirt” on Clinton from the Russian government. It doesn’t matter whether the information was actually provided or whether the information was significant and accurate. The intent to get and use the information is spelled out clearly in JR’s emails. And the question is not about whether a crime was committed or not. The question is about patriotism and love of country. You can’t have either of those while conspiring with a foreign adversary in order to help win your election. And it’s a shame that all those flag waving, MAGA hat wearing “patriots” can’t see that.

    • Of course you know better than the finest two legal minds on the Democratic side. If only your opinion had legal weight behind it, instead of being the musings of a deluded progressive ideologue.

      If wishes were horses….

      • gda, maybe you should actually read what I wrote before doing the name calling thing. I said –

        “And the question is not about whether a crime was committed or not. The question is about patriotism and love of country”.

        I guess since you want to argue legalities, you don’t care about patriotism and love of country. I guess you’re not one of those “real Americans” that Sarah and others refer to.

  63. President Trump will win. Being a businessman and accustomed to getting results will give him the edge over the political types who are outcome adverse. The only thing that could stop him is if another Bernie Sanders supporter takes a shot at him. If that takes place I see a civil war as an inevitable result.

  64. Black isn’t even an American. Nothing but a blubbering idiot.

    • Well thought out smear. How did you manage such an eloquent put down? /sarc

  65. “I was one of those who thought that in engaging Robert Mueller as special counsel to take over an investigation in progress and run it within the designated parameters of subjects “relevant” to Russian intervention in the 2016 election, the administration would benefit from a man of integrity who would run a fair inquiry limited to its defined scope.”

    So, Mr. Black, is this admission the limit of your mea culpa? What was the cause of your error and how do you plan to prevent its recurrence?

    “… if Trump fails, and however he fails, it will not bring a return to something good. It would be the return of those who gave America the initial under-reaction to terrorism, the housing bubble and world financial crisis, the elevation of Iran to preeminent influence in Iraq and much of the Middle East, then the North Korean crisis, the migrant humanitarian disaster, a flat-lined American economy hobbled with a back-breaking and under-funded welfare system, and the enthronement of political correctness to the point of official inability to utter the words “Islamist extremism.”

    And that’s not all, as the current flap over Trump taking the position of any normal person on transgender Marines indicates. But what’s this “migrant humanitarian disaster”? The disaster that is our history of encouraging the invasion has very little to do with a failure of humanitarianism, and much more with the failure of the GOP to do more than deceive its voters while serving its donor-masters.

  66. For some reason Conrad Black’s bio on this page is missing his years of prison time for corruption & fraud.

  67. Poor Conrad, a discredited windbag with a predictable perspective from the right wing fringe. Never uses a short word when a long one will do.