To My Old Friend Who Abandoned Me Over Politics

Dear X,

You and I had a sweet friendship: we raised children and discussed husbands together; we traded perennials and casseroles in times of need; we visited one another in funeral homes, hospitals and churches; we met one another’s families; we babysat and cleaned and laughed and cried together. I was the reason you homeschooled; you were the reason my dad got proper health assistance when he needed it.

You unfriended me. When you unfriended me from Facebook, I cared not. But you also unfriended me from your life. That hurt deeply and it still does. Even though I never supported him until it came time to vote, you unfriended me because I spoke in Donald Trump’s defense one too many times―while you campaigned relentlessly for HRC and insisted she was the hope of the future. That was it, nothing more. We never even exchanged volleys of words or ideas, until it was time for you to tell me why I was gone.

Why am I writing this so many months after the event itself? I will not even send this to you. You will probably never see it. But I feel it necessary to put the words on paper in light of yesterday’s shooting at the baseball field.

You say you support the Democratic Party. You support their ideals and politics. You are a respected woman in the community—a woman with elite degrees that few attain, a wife of a successful man. And yet you support a party of fools. The party you support is associated with pink vagina hats; congressmen flipping the bird toward our president while leading chants of “F*** Trump!”; women demonstrating naked to make some sort of mysterious point; lies spewed constantly and regurgitated ad nauseum; a candidate who lied and cheated and stole and violated the laws of our hallowed land; a comedienne holding a faux severed, bloody head of our sitting president; and, today, a marksman searching out members of the opposite party and successfully gaining purchase. Your party instigates hatred and violence and judgment.

What does this have to do with you, you ask? You would never do any of those things, so why am I so angry and tying these malevolent acts to you? Because you, my old friend, are one and the same. It all begins personally, it all begins at home.

If you cannot even abide a difference with an old, loved friend, you are fomenting the very intolerance that your party seethes over. You are raising children to be as short-sighted and critical as you, who will not be able to think critically to discover the truth for themselves. You are insulating yourself from differences that might expand your worldview, preferring instead your insular existence built on half-truths.

That is the reason for this letter. Truth must reside within us, as must respect for our fellow man. Without those, we are lost, and lost forever. It is only when we can shake hands across the proverbial aisle with open eyes and a care for one another that supersedes differences that true change can be evinced.

May God bless us all.


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113 responses to “To My Old Friend Who Abandoned Me Over Politics”

      • If we’d stuck to federalism, we wouldn’t have had a civil war. Moreover, slavery would have been abolished peacefully through legislation, as it was in Mexico (1829), Britain (1833), France (1848), Portugal (1858), and Holland (1863). All that bloodshed and destruction could have been have been avoided.

  1. So sorry about your friend. My childhood friend and I have not unfriended each other from Facebook (horror!), but e-mails, which were confined to the trivial and simply “keeping in touch” type, have died out. We were on a cruise together (with her daughter, I might add) a year ago May, when she blew up publicly about politics and declared the subject off limits. The cruise was out of Southampton, and it wasn’t until the Brexit vote that I understood why people were asking about Donald Trump. They really wanted to discuss Brexit. In any case, the 60-yr friendship is over. Sad but true.

    • It’s sad. Liberals prefer to vent their spleen than agree to disagree and talk about something else.

    • Who? Me? Why thank you. I’m sure I’m very glad to have you as a friend too (who are you?). ;)

  2. Very good article. I’ve had people un-friend me b/c of politics. Unfortunate, but it’s their loss. Their priorities are reversed, as are their brains.

  3. I know of a number of stories like this one in which long-standing friendships did not survive our current political divide.
    Curiously, in every instance it was the person on the left who ended the relationship.

    • Just another thing the orange orangutan fucked up. Way to go Donnie Manchild what’s next? Nuking Bolivia?

      • Yep, it’s the Donald’s fault that these relationships end. Victims abound! ROFL
        As Bugs would say … “What a Maroon”

      • Never, never, never pass up the opportunity to make a total arse of your bigoted self.
        You do it sooo well !!!

      • Very nicely done. You emphasized the point of the letter beautifully. I wonder if you are a 10th grade drop-out, or the product of the Ivy League. It could go either way these days, since the presumptive “intelligentsia” think that grotesque caricatures and gutter language are the marks of sophistication. At least the drop-outs make no pretense.

    • Agree completely.
      But perhaps, sadly, not so curious that the shunning emanates so consistently from those on the Left.

      This is the group which stands for Diversity (well, only certain kinds of demographic diversity) but violently shouts down the voices of those who are more than cosmetically diverse. This is the group which demands Inclusion (well, only with regard to officially targeted “under-represented minorities) but excludes Conservatives at the drop of a hat. This is the group with trumpets Social Justice, but pushes quite avidly the destruction of Due Process & Fair Representation when it comes to Title IX.

      This is the group of the new goose step.

      This is, as Marcuse would say, the party of Liberating Tolerance — meaning, without irony, “intolerance against movements from the Right and toleration (only) of movements from the Left.” For to tolerate what is called Conservatism is to “impede, if not destroy, the chances of creating an existence without fear and misery. This sort of tolerance strengthens the tyranny of the majority against which authentic liberals protested… ” And so friendships are dissolved and what was whole is torn apart.

      This is the work of the New Oppression, policed by the New Red Guard.

    • I may be biased, but the only instances of unfriending that I am familiar with are from the left to the right. Even had a fracture in our family from it.

      • Do you know I think we are experiencing the separating the sheep from the goats or the wheat from the tares. Sad but exciting time to live. At least we have the truth of who are our faithful friends and family members. Most of us have lost loved ones this political climate. God is faithful and we know the break was not of our doing. We can heal by sticking together.

      • Yes, there is separation. Are you with the racists and misogynists are you with the Democrats?

      • From your question, I have no doubt you are a goat like your evil father of lies and destroyer of lives. You have an unexamined life and beliefs if you think Democrats are the sheep.

      • Go back, read, and try to comprehend my post. I am very much a Democrat and your pathetic ass goat comment labels you as a jesus freak and you can shove that BS up your skank azz.

      • A false dichotomy. One can be with neither. There are more than two options, (sadly, not when it comes to voting, but there are certainly more than two options when it comes to one’s beliefs).

      • And what points of commonality, then, are left to form the values and beliefs that are the basis of a nation – the reason men and women of different races, creeds and status but one country can come together, for example, to fight a common foe or praise a common good? I think that is now all lost. The idea that there is an American identity that can be defined (and protected) is already a dated anachronism among a very large percentage of the population. Your experience will, I fear, be duplicated on a national scale as states enthrall to the left seek control and decide to try and secede from the Union. DJT will find himself cast as a latter day Lincoln confronting armed conflict regardless of what position he takes. Perhaps a disintegration of the union if the only way to avoid war.

      • I believe the American identity was enforced by the need to become a part of the great American melting pot. That no longer exists. Instead, our intellectuals insist on the value of actual diversity. But I don’t know anywhere where that has actually worked for any length of time. It doesn’t seem that long ago that Lebanon was admired for its peaceful diversity of religions; and then it was Sarajevo, the modern day answer to the traditional Balkan problem. I even have old books that describe that ancient Mayan as peaceful and inclusive. It seems our need for a utopia far outpaces our ability to create one! Places like Switzerland, where different people speaking different languages have coexisted for centuries are not nearly as integrated as one would expect. Pretty much, the Germans stick with the Germans, and the French with the French. This suits them and they’re fine with it. They are happy to remain Swiss, and so in charge of their lives and government, regardless of their language or culture. I envy them in their mountain enclave.

    • Studies show liberal women are the most likely to unfriend people on FB based on politics, followed by liberal men. The least likely to unfriend are conservative men followed by conservative women.

      • Thanks, Sean, for your comment. I was not aware of the studies you mention.
        These finding certainly do sound plausible. They also line up with my own experience.

    • I’ve lost a number of friendships this way, too. I’m not even that far right-wing, either. But I guess when the “centre” moves to the left, everyone else becomes an extremist neo-Nazi, right? :P

      But yeah, funny how those tolerant guys who are always going on about love and human rights are the first to ditch you if you say the “wrong” thing….

      • By George, I think you’ve got it!!
        You make an important point.
        Political correctness is simply the American Left’s term for what the Soviets called “the Party line.” The Left requires every member to enforce the party line–which includes shunning friends who don’t get with the program.

      • Very good point! It is a lot like these other movements we’ve seen in history, where the government gets too involved in enforcing a certain view in society, right down to the everyday lives of individuals. Just off the top of my head… Nazi Germany, USSR, China, North Korea, McCarthyism in the US during the cold war, and back in the day when people were leaving the UK & Ireland so they could practice non-official types of Christianity in peace. Funny how these things are recognized as bad now, but they still can’t see that they’re in it themselves today.

      • “can’t see that they’re in it themselves”
        You’ve hit the bull’s eye again, Firefly!
        You’ve got common sense! By the way, that means you might be interested in the book “Common Sense Nation.” Might be right for you.
        Best wishes

      • You lost friends because you’re a filthy racist. Liberals aren’t tolerant of racists.

  4. Friends are usually illusory. The illusion becomes apparent under duress. Better that these friends reveal themselves as worthless under such benign circumstances as political disagreement than in more trying times.

    • The odd thing is that “more trying times” had already occurred: deaths, illnesses, divorce, moves. This was the only time we exchanged words in almost 20 years, and this was apparently the straw that broke the camel’s back.

    • Sad but true. It was a shock in November to see how false those relationships were. I didn’t proclaim anything, but any attempt to explain my conservative views was met with disbelief and mocking and anger. I don’t even try now.

      • Conservative beliefs = racism, religious bigotry, misogyny, homophobia and zenophobia. All repulsive traits. Nothing to bring about.

  5. Don’t bet for a minute she would never do those things. It’s unfortunate it had to come about this way, but one of the benefits of discord is that the masks have dropped so that we now see who our true friends and enemies are.

  6. I’ve only unfriend one former close friend on Facebook. It was when he posted an article about censorship that was fake news about Trump but somehow didn’t understand the hypocrisy in blocking me from seeing a separate posting that he had made thereby committing the same censorship he was accusing.

  7. It’s terrible to lose a friend over politics. It’s a tragedy to lose a daughter. My intelligent, educated, successful kind daughter has morphed into an angry, judgemental Bernie partisan. Her Facebook postings reflect a restricted, ill-informed ideology. I refrain from posting corrections to her flatly wrong assertions because it would only throw fuel on the fire. We used to speak frequently but she no longer calls me or returns my calls. She knows I’m a conservative Republican, which in her narrow world means I must be a racist, bigoted homophobe, although she knows I’m none of those. I keep reaching out in love and kindness and hope she resolves her anger and gains some perspective.

      • Soooo, tell us, whom did you support:
        The Coattail Queen, Felonia de la Pantsuit , or The Original Worthless Twit ???

      • You don’t seem to recognize the pain in Sotto Voce’s entry. I take it that you are very young. Either that or you are developing a personality disorder. The inability to feel empathy for another person’s suffering is a tragic loss of your own humanity.

    • I am so sorry for your tragic loss. That is a pain most keen. I pray with you that your kindness will soften her.

  8. She was never your “friend”, not in the way you think of the word, and you were never hers. To her, you were a useful person to know because she could get things she wanted from you – attention, mainly. The instant it looked like the relationship might have to be more two-sided – in other words, that she would have to start thinking about what YOU wanted and what YOU thought – the so-called “relationship” was over.

    How do I know this so certainly? Because she was a leftist. This is how all leftists think, this is how all leftists act. All must be subordinate to them and their wishes, and any who do not subordinate themselves to their wishes are cast away and attacked. This is how ALL leftists think, this is how ALL leftists act.

    If they didn’t think and act this way, they wouldn’t be leftists. They would be normal, reasonable people like the rest of us.


  9. My immediate family of Canadian socialist weenies have excommunicated me over voting for Trump. They also preach tolerance, inclusiveness and America hatred.

    • All too common. You’re in good company, though. We practice tolerance and inclusiveness and will always love our country. We are also grateful for our cousins in Canada even if they don’t reciprocate. As those hypocrites say but we practice, love trumps hate.

    • Canadians — at least 98% of them — automatically assume Trump is everything the Destroy Trump media (including the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) say. There is virtually no conservative media voice in Canada, and I have lived here for nearly sixty years and worked in the media for 25 years.

  10. You’re better off. Politics IS personal these days. I wouldn’t want to be a friend of someone who approves of and supports a criminal enterprise. That would be the democrat party.

  11. Jennifer Polk,
    Truer words were never spoken.
    A party bubbling over with vileness, perpetuated by those who support it.

  12. I could turn this around and post the exact same thing about republicans.

    And yet you support a party of fools. The party you support is associated with “Trump the Bitch” t-shirts; congressmen calling our former president ‘evil’ and a harbinger of the antichrist, and referring to his wife as an “ape”, while leading chants of “LOCK HER UP!”; “patriots” marching armed through black neighborhoods just for the sake of intimidation; lies spewed constantly and regurgitated ad nauseum by the lying-est president in our nation’s history; a candidate who lied and cheated and quite likely worked with a foreign power to change the outcome of our national election; an artist creating a poster of our sitting president that shows him with a hangman’s noose around his neck and the word “ROPE” across the bottom; and, a “musician” raising a gun into the air in front of thousands of fans and shouting “Obama, he’s a piece of shit. I told him to suck on my machine gun. Hey Hillary, you might want to ride one of these into the sunset, you worthless bitch.”

    No, it’s not the dems. It’s YOUR party that instigates hatred and violence and judgment.

    • … you forgot the link to the story about a Republican opening fire on Democrat baseball players. How about posting that for us so we can spread the word.

      • How about a right-wing racist nazi wannabee saying “You’ve raped our women and you are taking over the country. I have to do what I have to do,” and then murdering 9 people in a church basement — Will that work?

    • There is no doubt that we can find raging a**holes on all sides of the political debate. A**holes are not, party specific. Nor are they race or gender or height or weight restrictive. It’s a club whose only requirement is raging a**holishness. and there is no shortage of members.

      But that is not really the question, here. The question, here, is one of toleration. And what is very clearly demonstrated by the Left despite their incessant cries for Social Justice, Inclusion, Equality, and Diversity is an absolute intolerance — an inability (a stark refusal, in fact) to deal with any perspective, any thought, any voice which is not an echo of their own. Thus the calls to end Free Speech; the calls to chase the Conservative voice from public forums; the destruction of Due Process; the tar & feathering of those who dissent. We find it endlessly repeated across this nation’s colleges and universities: Pomona, Evergreen, Berkeley, Missouri, Oberlin, Claremont-McKenna, Dartmouth, Princeton, Yale, the list is endless.

      Given voice by Harvard’s Sandra Korn in her 2014 essay on Academic Freedom, she explains: “When (we) observe (anything) promoting or justifying oppression, (we) should ensure that this … does not continue.” She was specifically addressing research, but the sentiment is constant: if thy eye offend thee, pluck it out (or at least unfriend it, chase it off campus, pelt it with rocks, and call for its death). I’d recommend today’s posting in the HuffPo as a prime example, the author specifically speaking of Trump: “They must be convicted (there is little room to doubt their guilt). And then — upon receiving guilty verdicts — they must all be executed under the law.” You can find it (now deleted) here:

      • That was posted on a blog operated by HuffPo:
        This post is hosted on the Huffington Post’s Contributor platform.
        Contributors control their own work and post freely to our site. If you
        need to flag this entry as abusive, send us an email.

        So basically you have some idiot who no one knows (WTF is Jason Fuller?) who posted something stupid, and then when it was seen it was taken down.

        On the other hand, I’ll bet you know who Rick Wiles is, right? He’s a major religious leader, much admired and embraced by the right. Here’s what he said yesterday:
        “This must be what Abraham Lincoln felt and heard as the Civil War started. It’s about power. The people took it away from them and they’re willing to kill to get the power back. Quite frankly, the Democratic Party should be disbanded as a violent, seditious political movement, agitators in the news media should be rounded up. Rachel Maddow ought to be taken off the air right now. MSNBC should be shut down. The Democratic Party should be disbanded as a violent, socialist seditious organization.”

        So yeah. “raging a**holes on all sides of the political debate”

      • No idea who Rick Wiles is… based on your quote, though, easily a step or two or three or four less insanely violent and intolerant than WTF Fuller and his Op-Ed calling for the execution of the President. But let us ignore them both as loonies and simply focus on what Korn said….or what is said at Pomona, or Evergreen, Middlebury, Claremont, etc. Or what he hear howled from podiums and copy pasted in the media.

        Not so much the irrational rants of the students (and I use that word advisedly) but the mea culpa milquetoast responses issued by the Leadership (and I also use that term advisedly) who bless the irrationality, the hatred, and racism of the students and finally & perhaps even worse the ringing endorsements issued by the faculty (in the case of Evergreen, eviscerating one of their own who had the temerity to suggest that ‘forcing’ White students to leave campus for a day was itself a form of racist oppression) endorsing such hatred.

        What we see in the continued response of the Left to issues of Free Speech, or Due Process, or Racist Discrimination & Exclusion is nothing less than sheer intolerance; intolerance of any viewpoint contrary to their own. They have adopted, more often than not the philosophy (as I noted earlier) espoused by Marcuse of what he called “Liberating Tolerance” defined (non-ironically) as “intolerance against movements from the Right and toleration of movements from the Left.” This is insane, of course, but squarely part of the new normal.

        Raging a**holes on all sides of the debate, certainly, but what we see from the Left is New Red Guard stuff.

      • Fuller’s post was not an Op-Ed — that’s my point. He’s just some nobody who posted his rant on an open forum. It might as well have been a Reddit rant. Rick Wiles OTOH is very well known and well-respected among evangelicals and conservatives.

        But ok, we’ll ignore the batsh$t crazies…

        I don’t know what you’re referring to with “what Korn said” — I assume you mean David Korn? — but each and every one of those college incidents that you cite has been roundly condemned by the left.

        Look here –

        Or here –
        (Watch that Atlantic link — My browser freezes every time)

        Branding everyone on the left as “New Red Guard” because of the actions of a bunch of hyper college kids is like branding all on the right because Nazis show up at Trump rallies.

      • I have no idea… I never saw the original posting — only the cached copy of the posting which was described in the accompanying article as an “op-ed”.

        As for the rest… a matter of degree, my friend. The reaction from the Left to the hyper-intolerance displayed across the country at our Universities is far from ’round condemnation’, ranging in fact from consistent support to apologetic support to the occasional “they went too far…but it was for a good cause”….to the much, much rarer: “they were absolutely wrong”. Kristof & Friedersdorf tend to play in that middle ground, as in Kristof’s closing thought, “maybe we progressives could take a brief break from attacking the other side and more broadly incorporate values that we supposedly cherish — like diversity — in our own dominions.” I would emphasize the word, “maybe” (which actually sounds far from “roundly condemning”).

        Conor is marginally better (meaning marginally more critical), but even he skates carefully across that thin ice of disagreement (as in:, making sure he presents his liberal ‘bonafides’ (as in “I believe that Heather Mac Donald’s views on policing are widespread, wrongheaded, and unlikely to survive intellectual scrutiny.”) before noting, “The trouble is, you cannot begin to advance that project when you suppress the airing of the view that one must understand to persuade millions of people to abandon.”

        He’s absolutely right, of course… but still far from “roundly condemning”. You hear that same echo most recently here (also from the Atlantic):, … in which the author notes, “much of the social pushback that critics complain about on campus and in public life—indeed, the entire phenomenon of political correctness—can plausibly be described as counter-speech”, as in airhorns, demands for firing and/or economic sanctions, shouting-down, accusations of racism & hatred, etc.

        I’d like to think that we could place the rabid intolerance of the campuses in a little box called “just another “batsh$t crazy!” that everyone recognizes and dismisses… but to me, it seems, dangerously, just another stop closer to the same kind of Red Guard hatred & intolerance we’ve seen before. I hope I’m wrong.

    • You’re gonna be surprised by the ambient scene and recent history when you become fully awake, Rip Van Winkle.

  13. It’s perfectly reasonable, that after dehumanizing someone and ascribing every abominable trait imaginable to him, that it would be difficult pal out with a friend of the fiend. You have come out of this exchange ahead, you friend is chocking on her own bile and you are well rid of her.

  14. I had a friend since high school. He rented a room from me when he had to work in my town for a few months. We helped each other move, he flew across the country for a wedding. He was a good guy, I thought. We had different opinions on some things, but I let them pass.

    As the years went by, the calls came less often–but we still kept in touch. Then one day, sounding 1/2 drunk, he called me up. This was during the Bush term. Out of nowhere he stated, “You know Tom, I am a big liberal”. I just said, uh huh as he started to become provocative. I never thought of him as a liberal, we were too busy doing things with cars, music, etc to get into politics. So I was a bit surprised, but not judgmental. He then started ripping me about my choices in politics, and my beliefs. He went on and on and on, the equivalent of a high school bully not letting you go by and continuing to provoke you with a fight. I ended the call by making an excuse that I had to get going, and the sign off was fine, but then he never called me again. I would leave a message here and there, and he never returned. I got through to him years later when a friend of ours had died, and not only was he not particularly saddened by that, I asked him point blank what happened to our relationship, and he just made excuses about “family” and “being busy”.

    Then I thought back. He had major cocaine problems twice in his life. He had DUIs before. I calculated that he lost about 10 years of his career track. I remember him saying little put downs about the material things that I acquired, that he didn’t have. I remember him mimicking me when I would set the security devices on my home–as if I was being a precautionary geek.

    Real friends don’t do what he did. I have one best friend, and some good acquaintances now, which frankly, is enough. I don’t need any more Mitch’s in my life, phony jealous people that are only friends when convenient.

    My mom was right, years ago when she said, “people forgot how to have relationships with people”. She is right. Look at the divorce rate. The substitution of the stimulation of drugs for the stimulation of friendship and doing things. Playing computer games by yourself in isolation, reaching out only to the other dregs as you play some “group” game virtually. Sad.

    Think about it. When was the last time someone brought over a dish to someone who just moved in? Or you had a block party? Or a dinner party? “Party” now means drug party.

    We were losing the art of friendship and being a good neighbor…now it is accelerating due to politics and the progressive a-holery.

    • If a man or a woman makes 5 genuine friends in a lifetime they are beating the average by a lot.

  15. So many people like this friend she lost. So many people who have cut family and friends off and refuse to either listen to the other side or leave politics out of a friendship. It is a terrible things I blame the media. They are insane with hate 24/7 and they have brainwashed people. It is so sad.

  16. To quote Camilla Pagalia: The Dem party the party has spun out of control in a nationwide o-rgy of r-age and spite.

  17. This is moral vs amoral values. These people on the left BELIEVE that they are superior in every way to all others. Their propaganda uses phrases like “people will DIE because of Republican bills passed”. They do this to gin up their base to raise money because so much was wasted on Bernie and Hillary. But some people BELIEVE that by any means justifies any means. They are shameless in the same way a religious zealot is regarding their faith. We have had these tough times in the past and we need to be clear the left has a long history of pogroms globally and are quick to use them.

    • Interesting viewpoint and one I hadn’t considered. I agree.

  18. Send her a dozen dead roses and a note asking her to kiss your butt.

    • Nah; better to send her nothing. There’s no point in prolonging contact.

  19. Hope you feel better soon. Losing a friend stinks. I still remember how much it hurt to lose a friend I loved very much – because I opted to keep my out of wedlock child instead of having an abortion. Because “feminism”.

    It makes you wonder if you were ever really friends at all. It makes you wonder what friendship means to this person – if you ever meant anything at all, and, if so, how could they throw it away over something so stupid?

    • Reminiscent of “friends” choosing sides in a divorce. You tilt your head and ask “really?” and once the pain subsides, you realize in hindsight that the connection was more superficial for them than you.

  20. Similar thing happened to me. Liberals would rather stoke their rage than just agree to disagree and talk about something else.

  21. I have been told that political views and discussions are ‘negative’ and nobody wants to hear about it. It’s always people on the left that say that though, because they don’t want any argument. I love being in a very liberal room and finding that conservative Trump voter, a stranger, so that we can share our wonder that he won and our shared sadness over who left our lives over it. But we never ever regret our vote, never. We giggle in our own little group and stop talking when others come up. It’s a bond I cherish.

  22. That’s how crazy people in the Democrat Party have become since the American People have stripped them of all government power. You think this is bad, if they ever get back into power they will unleash their anger on our country the likes of which we cant even imagine. That’s how petty, hateful, and DANGEROUS, they are NOW.

  23. Jennifer, I am sorry your friend decided to end her relationship with you based on your vote. I am sorry for all those who have lost friends, family members over this issue. A long time friend unfriended me, and I didn’t even vote for Trump, I just didn’t jump on the hate bandwagon, and I have defended him.

    It is sad when discourse dissolves into nothing more than angry tirades.

    While I agree with you regarding the response by the democratic party, that wasn’t your friend. She cannot be held responsible for all the actions of those in the Democratic Party.

    We need to stop seeing each other as the enemy, stop attacking people, save for those who actually commit atrocities, and attack the issues or actions.

    The United States is falling apart, at least that is what appears to be happening from my perch here in Israel.

    Unless the issues can be discussed rationally, and logically, I can see no real movement to strengthen the nature. Some people will be happy with that, destroying any agenda on the part of Trump in order to destroy Trump, in the classic “cut off their nose to spite their face.”

    Is that the future of the US? Don’t tell me that a Democrat will fix things. The same results will ensue unless it is stopped now. Rage must give way to reason, and loathing to logic.

    Hugs to you, because of the loss of your friend. I’m sorry. Perhaps sometimes in the future she will reach out to you and it will be at a time when you can accept her return.

    • The Operating Philosophy of Barack Obama’s ‘Fundamentally Transformed’ Democratic Party is….

      “In achieving our political goals and punishing our opponents, the ENDS will always justify the MEANS!!”

    • The Left, the whole Left and nothing but the Left do not want to discuss anything. They want to impose their rules, regulations, attitudes, opinions & beliefs whether You or I like it or not.

  24. I pushed to dissolve a 10 year business partnership over this election cycle.
    “It is far better to be alone, than to be in bad company.”
    George Washington

  25. I have both liberal and conservative friends on facebook.I consider facebook a way to keep up with what’s going on in life, not to badger others with my political beliefs. Because of that, I don’t discuss politics in the public forum on facebook.

    However! Many others choose to put their opinions out their. Much of what is passed by both sides around borders on goofy, but I will listen to those on the left when they are respectful. I will listen to those on the right pretty much always – but frequently see people going over the edge.

    When those on the left show hate, I quietly zap them. I have only had one liberal zap me and that was for me calling out the hate he was exhibiting

    • I stayed on Facebook for 3 years. When I decided to bail out, the process took another two years. Facebook ain’t what it’s cracked up to be…

  26. No surprise here. It is what infantile, lib fascist do. Your better off.

  27. “Growing apart doesn’t change the fact that for a long time we grew side
    by side; our roots will always be tangled. I’m glad for that.”

    – Ally Condie

  28. Unfortunately Jennifer, your lost friend will only be able to read your heartfelt words if…..
    They’re re-posted at Mother Jones or The Huffington Post!!

  29. She wasn’t a “friend”, just an “aquaintance”, and you’re better off without her. YOU lost nothing, she lost everything.

  30. The strange and fascinating feature of so many people on the Left, especially the highly educated ones who have passed for civilized in time gone by, is how irrational they are.

    I can understand someone saying ‘All things taken into account and pondered deeply, it is better (I think) to vote for Hillary Clinton than Donald Trump’. And indeed probably only a few people voted for President Trump on the grounds of his personality. Most of his support arose on account of his message and program; rightly in my view.

    What seems INSANE is the inability of people on the Left to perceive how enormously disqualified Mrs Clinton was by her long record of crime, corruption, compulsive lying (mendacity even when she had nothing to gain from it!), her odious sense of entitlement, and her failure to articulate (indeed to possess) a commanding theme in her election-bids (2008 and 2016). What did she offer except the supposititious wonderfulness of herself (“I am with HER”)?

    For any human being allegedly capable of thought to arrive at the position ‘Not voting for Hillary Clinton means you are a very bad person’ has to signify that no rational evaluation of evidence, no real thinking, is going on at all inside their cranium.

    Being all-in for Leftism must be a substitute religion, and not about a political philosophy.

  31. The whole Left-thing believes evil is good, death is life, light is darkness & darkness is light. Their minds are darkened. Here is a video-account of what Bill & Hillary got up to in Arkansas. Victims, investigators & cronies on-the-record asking, “Why are the Clintons still at-large?”

  32. Very, very well written – heartfelt. I would recommend that the author go out of her way to ensure her (ex) friend saw it!!! Having a similar situation in our family.

  33. Your friend not talking to you is exactly what the Dems want. Well played, Hillary, Anderson Cooper, etc.

  34. I’ve always been amazed how almost every person who de-friended or blocked me on Facebook is a liberal. To make it even more peculiar I do nothing overtly political on the site! Lost 3 friends after the Obergefell decision for little more than my failure to overlay a rainbow flag on my profile picture.

      • My point is liberals are evil pieces of shit.

  35. There is much hypocrisy in this article- it foregoes the mention that there are some differences over which a friendship cannot be countenanced. If someone I know was perfectly fine, and even cheered, the violence of Antifa, or rejoiced in Gianforte’s attacking a journalist, they’d be gone from my life. That level of barbarism is an effrontery to civility.

    If this woman still supports Trump after he has refused to condemn Gianforte’s attack and all he said was ‘great win in Montana’ – then the friend who is the recipient of this passive-aggressive letter did well in dropping this passive-aggressive writer.

    Principle is a greater value than friendship, especially when those ‘friends’ are unprincipled. “May god bless us all” indeed, especially those who condemn the violence of Antifa and then rejoice like howler monkeys when an elected official pummels a member of the press with naught a single condemnation from their party.

    “For ye are like unto whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within…”

  36. Apparently your friend has no interest in remaining friends with a bigot.

  37. You complain about pussy hats when you supported the guy who said “grab em by the pussy?” You’re offended by someone who said “F#%@ Trump” but not by Trump saying of a sitting Senator and former POW “He’s not a war hero … I like people who weren’t captured.” You’re OK with Trump calling a black NFL player a “son of a bitch” and demanding he be fired because he dared to exercise his right of peaceful protest? I could go on, but there’s no point. No decent person wants to be friends with a someone who supports a racist, sexist bully. This is way more than liberals versus conservatives. Trump is neither of those. He’s just an evil, dangerous, narcissist.

  38. Your friend clearly doesn’t support bigots or condone the people who do. The people in the wrong are the ones who are couching racism, misogyny and religious bigotry as ‘political disagreements’ or ‘differences of opinion’ when it’s much more than that. People who voted for Trump and then claim that they aren’t racists themselves are guilty of depraved indifference. The pink vagina hats BTW are to protest sexual harassment and sexual assault, something you apparently don’t care about if your snide comments in your little article can be used to judge.