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Jennifer Polk is a business owner living in South Carolina.

What a Father Is

The skies opened up and wept with the young girl. The day, long, grey, drizzling, matched her mood. She stared at the tiny cardboard box-turned-casket in the freshly spaded earth. She had lost her most precious pet the night before. A whiskery hamster, so well-trained he ran into her hand when she placed

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Activists Stand on the Dead to Reach Young Voters

Google “National School Walkout” and peruse the results. You will find a variety of sympathy-inspiring headlines and pictures: students weeping, holding impassioned signs, begging anyone to listen, to place “children first,” to wake up and become reasonable about gun control. What could be more compelling than our nation’s children asking for—in some instances,

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Can This Generation Be Saved?

Ask my Millennial children what they think of their Gen X mother on a bad day, and they will inform you, plentifully and in painful detail, exactly what is wrong with me (and therefore, my generation). They will tell you I am fussy about word usage, that I lack a sense of humor

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No, You Can’t Have My Country

You can’t have my country. You cannot take away anything that makes her her. She has stood proudly head and shoulders above others ever since her brilliant, bombastic founding. She has withstood fire and assault and wars and ravages. Her people have shed blood for her. America is under a dreadful assault. The

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