Trumping the Narrative

The Narrative is partly like quicksand. If you fall into it, struggling will hasten your envelopment and death. Best to relax, take some deep breaths, and half float, half swim out of danger.

I know there are some people whispering that advice into Donald Trump’s ear. Don’t struggle! Stay calm. And above all, do not tweet.

There is something to that.

The problem is, the Narrative is not only like quicksand. It is also like the hydra that Hercules encountered in his labors for Eurystheus: a multi-headed, self-regenerating, venomous beast. CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post, MSNBC, Vox, Salon, The Huffington Post, The Daily News, the whole fetid midden of festering mendacity. Lop off a head by refuting a particular lie and another lie blossoms forth in toxic profusion. The only way to deal with the beast is to follow refutation immediately with cauterization. The question is, how to do this?

There is no single answer.  In the case of really egregious, around-the-bend malefactors like CNN, the Gawker Media Expedient might be the best solution. You remember Gawker. That was the disgusting purveyor of malicious gossip that finally got sued out of existence. Whenever it is challenged, CNN, like Gawker, wraps itself in its “public’s-right-to-know” flag: news, a free press, honest journalism, etc. It would be funny were it not so transparently cynical and self serving.  Nothing-new-under-the-sun bulletin, courtesy Stanley Baldwin, 1931: “The newspapers attacking me are not newspapers in the ordinary sense,” Baldwin said in response to scurrilous attacks on him on the run-up to an election (which he won).

They are engines of propaganda for the constantly changing policies, desires, personal vices, personal likes and dislikes of [hostile press barons Rothermere and Beaverbrook]. What are their methods? Their methods are direct falsehoods, misrepresentation, half-truths, the alteration of the speaker’s meaning by publishing a sentence apart from the context. . . . What the proprietorship of these papers is aiming at is power, and power without responsibility—the prerogative of the harlot throughout the ages.

In this new production of Julius Caesar, the character of Caesar, who is assassinated brutally on stage, is clearly supposed to resemble President Trump.

Whores like CNN run to the famous 1964 case The New York Times Co. v. Sullivan when attacked: if you’re a public figure, I can say anything I want about you.  Go suck eggs.

Well, not quite.  That decision (mistaken in my view) does have a threshold beyond which one may not legally trespass: “actual malice.” It’s difficult to prove, to be sure, but I’d like to see an enterprising attorney step up to the plate and try.  He might start with the current production of Julius Caesar, funded by CNN’s parent company Time Warner, which portrays Caesar as Trump and delights in the sanguinary spectacle (“brutally realistic”) of his murder on stage. Evidence of “actual malice”? Someone should ask John Nolte, who wrote about the rodeo clown whom CNN got fired for wearing an Obama mask in one of his performances.

Anyway, I think it would be a good thing were CNN humiliated and sued out of existence. It performs no journalistic function, merely a destructively partisan one.  

But lawsuits are only one expedient available to a modern-day Hercules charged with dispatching the hydra that is the malignant anti-Trump Narrative. I happen to have been chatting with a well-placed and politically astute friend last night who outlined a procedure that Ronald Reagan’s aides employed with considerable success.  In essence, it boils down to the advice given the world by Johnny Mercer in 1944: “Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive.”

  • Every day, someone in Trump’s cabinet should go public with some positive initiative the administration is pursuing: the regulations that have been eased, the unemployment that has been cut, the jobs that have been added, the judges that have been appointed, the deals that have been made.
  • Every day, Trump’s team should call attention to his association with some aspect of traditional American life: the Boy Scouts, various sports teams, a small town that just became home to a new Ford plant, and so on.  
  • Your Latin teacher was right: repetitio mater memoriae: repetition is the mother of memory. The Left understands this. They repeat the same falsehoods over and over and over.  The President’s friends need to respond by relentlessly broadcasting his achievements: every day, the news emanating from the White House should revolve around a different accomplishment. Do not be shy about repeating yourself. Do not worry about boring your audience.   

In his Discourses on the first 10 books of Livy’s history of Rome, Machiavelli distinguishes between public “accusation” (la accuse), which he thinks is a healthy thing for a free republic, and “calumny” (la calunnie), which he castigates in the harshest terms.

The difference between the two turns on the above-board and public nature of the former, in contrast to the rumored-filled innuendo and envy that fuel the latter. “Accusation,” that is to to say, is based on witnesses and publicly available evidence, “calumny” on lies, half truths, and gossip. “[C]alumnies,” Machiavelli wrote, “have need neither of witnesses nor of any other specific corroboration to prove them, so that everyone can be calumniated by everyone.”

“Accusation” in Machiavelli’s sense is healthy because it acts as a check against corruption in a republic. It helps keep public officials honest. “Smith pilfered money from the public fisc. Jones and Sterling saw him do it.”

Calumny is destructive partly because it operates behind the backs of those it attacks, partly because it has in mind not the good of the republic but the advancement of those fomenting the attacks.  Hence calumniators should be “punished harshly.”  “How detestable calumnies are in free cities,” Machiavelli wrote: “to repress them one should not spare any order that may suit the purpose.”

James Comey is sworn in to testify before the Senate on June 8.

The extraordinary performance of James Comey before the U.S. Senate last week reminded me how pertinent Machiavelli’s schema is to our contemporary political consternations.  

As is becoming increasingly, almost embarrassingly clear, a large portion of the anti-Trump brigade is engaged in what Machiavelli called “calumny,”  essentially baseless attacks against his character and behavior whose end is not the good of the republic but the destruction of Donald Trump, on the one hand, and the advancement of his attackers, on the other. The good of the republic, though sometimes appealed to as a pretext, is actually nowhere in sight.

One frequent sign that the attacks against Trump are not public “accusations” in Machiavelli’s sense but rather “calumny” is the locution “Sources say . . .” Sometimes this is emended to “Sources in the White House” [or State Department, Department of Justice, etc.], but the source is never named.

The entire “Trump-has-ties-to-Russia” meme was a fabrication of this sort.  As has been endlessly rehearsed by critics of the anti-Trump phalanx, the whole story was built around anonymously sourced leaks that have been shown to be nothing but a tissue of desperate fantasy. Just one example: back on March 3, Democratic Senator Chris Coons excitedly announced that there were “transcripts” suggesting that “Russian intelligence and Senior Russian leaders, including Vladimir Putin . . . were colluding with the Trump campaign at the highest levels to influence our election.” “Collusion at the highest levels,” Kemo Sabe! Two days later, Coons was walking that back: “I have no hard evidence of collusion,” he admitted. “No hard evidence”: that is wretched weenie speak for “I have no evidence at all, I just repeated a salacious rumor because it was damaging to someone I loathe and because it might help me in my grubby effort to  clamber up the political ladder.”

You saw the same pattern everywhere on the Left. Screaming mendacity followed by half-hearted, mumbling semi-correction. The vertiginous nature of the exercise was partly amusing, partly disorienting. In February, The New York Times helped stir the “Trump-has-ties-to-Russia” pot by publishing a story that began:

Phone records and intercepted calls show that members of Donald J. Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and other Trump associates had repeated contacts with senior Russian intelligence officials in the year before the election, according to four current and former American officials.

“Phone records and intercepted calls,” eh?  How’d they come by those?

Then Donald Trump tweeted to complain that the Obama administration had “wiretapped” Trump Tower. Horrors! Unsubstantiated rumor!

But didn’t the Times just acknowledge that there were “intercepted calls”?

Go figure.

This is where James Comey’s June 8 testimony comes in. I know it’s been endlessly picked over, but here are what I think are the chief take-aways:

  • The New York Times reporting on the Trump/Russia wheeze was “almost entirely wrong.”
  • Donald Trump was not under criminal investigation.
  • Trump told Comey that “if some of my satellites did something wrong, it’d be good to find that out.”
  • When asked point blank whether Donald Trump or anyone from his administration had asked him to stop the Russia investigation, Comey responded “No.”
  • Loretta Lynch, Attorney General under Barack Obama, ordered Comey to refer to the ongoing criminal investigation in Hillary Clinton’s homebrew email server as a “matter” not an “investigation.”
  • Comey himself, who had made memoranda of his conversations with President Trump because he was “honestly concerned he [Trump] might lie” about their conversations, decided to leak a memo to a friend who would in turn leak it to the press in order to “prompt the appointment of a special counsel.”

You might be wondering how it is that Loretta Lynch gets away with her interference in an on-going FBI investigation or why it is that James Comey can leak FBI property with (as it seems now) impunity. After all, on Comey’s leak, as the legal commentator Jonathan Turley points out, “the standard FBI employment agreement bars the unauthorized disclosure of information ‘contained in the files, electronic or paper, of the FBI’” without written permission of the FBI. But then, how is it that Hillary Clinton committed multiple felonies and is still staggering around Chappaqua, Chardonnay in tow?

How is it that Hillary Clinton committed multiple felonies and is still staggering around Chappaqua, Chardonnay in tow?

But what about Trump’s Henry II moment? Not “who will rid me of this turbulent priest?” but Mike Flynn is a “good guy” and  “I hope” you can let the investigation into his alleged ties with Russia go. What about that?

The Democratic legal scholar Alan Dershowitz had the last word on that episode. In our system of government, the Justice Department and the FBI work for the President and “he may order them to do what he wishes,” including  to investigate a particular individual or group or to stop investigating a particular individual or group. “[O]ur history shows,” Dershowitz notes, “that many presidents—from Adams to Jefferson, to Lincoln, to Roosevelt, to Kennedy, to Bush 1, and to Obama—have directed the Justice Department with regard to ongoing investigations.”

The history is clear, the precedents are clear, the constitutional structure is clear, and common sense is clear.

Yet virtually every Democratic pundit, in their haste to “get” President Trump, has willfully ignored these realities.  In doing so they have endangered our civil liberties and constitutional rights.

Indeed. Which is another reason it is so important for the President to Trump the Narrative. The wholesale disregard of what this unremitting attack on Trump might do to the country is breathtaking. Trump’s enemies—including his former Democratic opponent—fancy themselves part of a “resistance.” Leave aside the nauseating presumption of that rubric, as if they were freedom fighters struggling against a totalitarian threat.  In truth, what they are “resisting” is the result of a free and open democratic election and the rule of law—what Dershowitz rightly calls “our civil liberties and constitutional rights.”

I thought that James Comey’s performance on June 8 was mostly pathetic: a whiney, grandstanding effort at self-exoneration. For most people listening, I suspect, the effort failed. Comey stood exposed as a coward for not standing up to Loretta Lynch and a selfish careerist by leaning on a friend to leak possibly classified information to the press in order to burnish his own image. Donald Trump bruised his amour propre, so he lashed out at him. The net result of his performance was twofold: it diminished James Comey in the public eye and served to exonerate Donald Trump. As Machiavelli noted elsewhere in his Discourses, “However Deceived in Generalities, Men Are Not Deceived in Particulars.”


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178 responses to “Trumping the Narrative”

    • What about them ??
      Are they, this item in particular, printing lies and un-sourced accusations ? Yours is an obfuscation, which is really a lie at heart, the second to the last ditch effort of the guilty.

      • I got to this Article via link on Real Clear Politics (this is about the 8th article I’ve read on this site and am really enjoying it but I digress). Also linked on RCP is a PJ Media article entitled “Corruption and Collusion: Obama, Comey, and the Press.” Very informative – you should take a look!!!

    • Do you have an actual example you care to share, or do you simply not like their take on things?

    • To equate the influence of PJ Media with CNN, WaPo, Huff Po, et al, is really, really, a stretch. (really.)

    • I got to this Article through a link on Real Clear Politics (this is about the 8th article I’ve read on this site and am really enjoying it but I digress). Also linked on RCP is a PJ Media article entitled “Corruption and Collusion: Obama, Comey, and the Press.” Very informative – you should take a look!!!

  1. Well, we can share the positive developments that the Trump administration has brought us. We must be a “fifth column” in the country and repeat over and over all the benefits the Trump administration has provided us.

    For example, on May 23rd oil started running through DAPL. It was a cause celebre by the envirowackies just a year ago, where they threatened to toss their bodies into the machine, and even Obama halted it. But 5 months into his administration and DAPL is up and running. Trump on May 25th opened up all the coasts to oil drilling and all of Alaska including ANWAR, and the Dems are so busy with their goose chase and cat roundup they seem to have not noticed.

    The House has repealed Obamacare and the Senate will produce a bill soon as well. The House gutted Dodd-Frank also, so we are continuing to uninstall Obama. So my friends, write about the benefits you have noticed that the Trump administration has given us. There are lots more, and repeating them over and over on every board is t he best way to stymie the “resistance.”

    • Coal companies are hiring in PA, even opening a new mine south of Pittsburgh.

      • Sometimes I think Trump’s agents stir the lefties up as a distraction. Everyone was listening to Comey’s crap when the mines opened in PA. If you look closely, behind every crapstorm something good has happened.

  2. This would all be a much different scenario IF the gop had the stones to act on behalf of its voters and make these wrongs right.
    They don’t, and no one should hold their breath waiting still for the first testicle to descend.

  3. No one should doubt that sans Trump there would be zero movement by the republican majorities away from obama era policies.
    The gop could do one single thing to help Trump more than everything else unless they as robustly acted to move the country away from the boosh/clinotn/boosh/obama doctrine of America last as long as it benefits the few maggots feeding off of the corps, and that is open and forceful, public investigations of hillary, lynch, jarrett, holder, billclinton, rice and obama himself.
    What these traitors to the America we were always meant to be is worthy of such investigations, real crimes we know are proven, such as hillary’s emailing of classified information which we know she is guilty of and the unmasking of Americans by American intel for political purposes.

    I ask you few loyal republican voters out there reading these words, not as a democrat or an anti-American leftist but as a former republican myself, why do you support a party that allows these crimes to go unpunished while witnessing a total fraud like the Russian “investigation” ?

    How and why would you support such as worthless entity that has made obvious its own terminal illness of reusing to act on your behalf while they lie to you about what they say they are as they act so much differently ?

    I had the guts to dump the booshes, limball, romney and mccain prior to the 2004 election because not being democrats was no longer a good enough, or even good reason to support such otherwise wholly worthless politicians.

    The simple truth is that anyone wish to tout a single substantial truly conservative result of any republican “accomplishment” over the last 25 years, or more, cannot do so with the slightest veracity.

  4. This is the problem with America today – My accusations are correct and serve the good of America, your accusations are wrong and do disservice to America. Both sides do this. Both sides seem intent on dividing America to the point of breaking it. And the sad thing is that both sides seem to show no interest in finding the real truth, but only accepting their sides version of the truth.

    • “Both Sides” is different than “Both Sides in an equivalent manner.” The influence/exposure of the outlets listed in the article (CNN, NYT, etc.) surely must cover at minimum 75% of all news consumed.

  5. The media is acting like undisciplined children in church:
    Doing anything that will draw attention to them.
    Classic recalcitrant, juvenile, malicious, brats.
    All PRESIDENT TRUMP has to do, is tweet out what he has been involved in FOR the People he has sworn an oath to, and the media throws a temper tantrum!
    What could be more entertaining?

  6. I saw my mother tipsy once, at a wedding. It was horrifying. The photograph of Hillary Clinton reminds me of that day. The fact that it has not been widely published before now is testament to the assembled press corps’ collusion in promoting and sanitizing her candidacy.

    • Sorry, but that photo was mainstreamed. Or are you talking about the press not reporting your mother’s experience?

  7. What happened to CNN?
    It use to have “news”, variety of topics.
    Now, its ant-Trump, 24/7. That’s it. All day, all night; Trump is bad.
    Yellow journalism at its best.

  8. Just keep feeding the base a bunch of lies is how to fight the “real media.” The base never bothers to do any research or consider the fact that they have been fed doo-doo. That is why this country is stuck with a POTUS who is dumber than dirt and cabinet that is the richest in history, but, of course, the base believes that Trump and his billionaire cabinet are working for them. They see what they want to see, no matter what. Trump is a con man and he has read his marks. He knows them; they are the people who think they will become millionaires if they go to Trump University; they are those that Trump so unflatteringly described as followers who would watch me shoot someone in the street and still vote for me. This is out POTUS, no matter how hard you try not to see it: Jeff Greenfield: “Everything we have seen in these first 140 days—the splintering of the Western alliance, the grifter’s ethics he and his family embody, the breathtaking ignorance of history, geopolitics and government, the jaw-dropping egomania, the sheer incompetence and contempt for democratic norms—was on full display from the moment his campaign began. And that’s not just what Democrats think—it’s what many prominent Republicans have said all along.”

    • And yet he smacked you, the main stream media and both the Dumocrats and Republican parties right in the puss. We get it, you hate Trump. You hate rich and successful. You’re for a mommy state to take care of you from womb to tomb. You certainly didn’t do any research over the last eight years. You, Hillary and Obozo lost, Trump won. Get over it. Bigly. MAGA

    • And he beat your greatest hero……lying, thieving Hillary.

  9. The corruption of the liberal media is maybe the single most disgrace in America these days. 98% of everything we read, hear or see is corrupted liberal propaganda…even the evening news which use to be trusted is now also liberal corrupt. These outlets spread their propaganda and even known lies and fake news under the guise of legitimate journalism then hide behind the 1st amendment and the free press. This kind of “yellow Journalism” is exactly what is being done in 3rd world and communist countries where what is being reported is what they want you to think…and what is being blacked out could fill volumes. This is more then just a disgrace this is an attack on the American way….and the truth, and it must end.

    • The disgrace are the people who support a mentally ill wanna be tyrant who is shredding our constitution, democratic norms, and civil discourse.

      • Not really. The American public puked that constitution-shredding authoritarian ideology out of its system when it rejected Hillary/Obama and elected Trump.

        Can we get some muscle over here….to usher bilahn back to his safe space? He seems to be jonesing for his Play-Doh.

      • LOL! You’re just upset because he’s not your mentally ill wanna be tyrant. What nonshredder did you vote for this past November?

      • Don’t talk about Mrs. Clinton that way. Shame on you!!!

      • How has he done this? Go find a safe space and turn CNN up a little louder on your basement TV. You missed some of their talking points. People will believe anything these days.

      • Of course, you’re going to list examples of his constitution shredding, right? Cause I have a list of Obama’s ready. Now, how many people has Trump’s policies killed, and how many has Obama’s? Can you say, “Fast and Furious,” little boy?

  10. The calls were intercepted because Russia was being monitored. Monitoring Russian spy : whoever talks with him is found out. If trumps satellite (like Flynn or anyone ) talked to Russian spies FBI will know because they are listening. So Flynn talking to Russia spy would be known even if Flynn is NOT himself monitored. You can’t talk to known spies (or it’s hard) without our e cells to intel knowing / finding out. There is no evidence trump tower was monitored. That seems to be a paranoid lie. It’s not just liberals who say that. It’s everyone reasonable. Trump makes mistakes and doesn’t own them.

    • The only known crime so far was the unmasking of Flynn and leaking it to the media. But why isn’t anyone looking into this crime? Hopefully, Mueller will and not be partisan.

    • And who was that spy, Comrade? You are so sure, you must know.

    • From where were these monitored, now unmasked, conversations taking place???

  11. Where have you been last week?
    In the rest of the world, #GropinDonnie and his KKK-Republicans are a laughingstock! No one believes these guys, come on. You think we’re stupid?

    20+ years of Dem oppo research and the entire sorry saga of the ‘eleven hour Trey Gowdy hearing’ never produced anything substantial.
    Anything! Think about that.
    Or do you think Republicans wouldn’t have pounced if there had been any there there?

    Sessions, Flynn, Kushner, they all LIED and LIED about their Russian contacts. What are they hiding?

    Paul Ryan and Kevin McCarthy also LIED about a conversation taking place in which they mentioned #GropinDonnie on Putins’ payroll.
    They LIED and LIED until the TAPE surfaced and then they tried to spin the LIES like f#ckin Idiots.
    Think about that.

    By his political unreliability and unworthy behaviour, #GropinDonnie has already done immense damage to the Presidency.

    The world is watching.
    They can’t fool all the people all the time.

    • Behold! A useful idiot for the Communist Party masking itself as the Democratic Party.

      Do we think you’re stupid? Yes, yes we do. And dangerous. That’s why your ideology is being wiped out in American elections.

      The Democratic Party of JFK is dead. Expect greater losses in 2018.

      • Not so fast. Remember Hillary won the popular vote by, like, 3 million votes? The GOP is in serious risk of being creamed during midterms.
        Like, if they will be stupid enough to yank away affordable healthcare insurance from millions of Americans, they will reap the whirlwind.

        These days Republicans also openly fret about this incompetent so-called President #GropinDonnie and his KKK-Republicans ruining the GOP agenda.

        Since for you guys hating Hillary, Obama and all Dems has gone before electing a competent President, I have no sympathy for the fact that cartoonish #GropinDonnie and his KKK-Republicans are such a laughingstock all over the world.
        No one trusts these liars!

        Because these guys are all under some sort of investigation, nothing gets done anymore.

        The world is watching.
        They can’t fool all the people all the time.

      • “The GOP is in serious risk of being creamed during midterms.”

        History suggests the opposition often gains ground in midterm elections. If the Democrats can find a better campaign strategy than “Vote for us because we’re not Trump and if you don’t you’re a racist sexist fascist misogynist xenophobic transphobic homophobic deplorable. Oh, by the way, RUSSIA!!!” they may pick up House and Senate seats in 2018. If they double down on the strategy that snatched defeat out of the jaws of victory in 2016 they’ll squander that momentum and guarantee a two-term Trump Presidency. Guilt-tripping and scaremongering only works up to a point: sooner or later you have to serve some steak with the sizzle. As of right now the DNC appears to have learned nothing at all from Hillary’s come-from-ahead loss.

      • Exactly. The current democrat is a parasite and/or an extremely rich traitor.

    • “Sessions, Flynn, Kushner, they all LIED and LIED about their Russian contacts. What are they hiding?”

      LOLOLMAO!! You earn the dunce cap.

      Enjoy your stay in the political desert. You aren’t going anywhere.

      • So you are telling me you DON’T KNOW that Attorney General Sessions and General Flynn LIED during their confirmation hearings?
        Where have you been?
        Attorny General Jeff Sessions will have to testify again this week to try clear that up, and Robert Mueller has hardly begun his investigation at all, so you must realize your remarks were a bit premature.

        However, ignorance is no excuse.
        Paul Ryan tried the pathetic ‘inexperience’ excuse to explain #GropinDonnie’s incompetence: the guy’s just a big mouth, you know.
        The irony is rich here, and justice is sweet after a campaign filled with loud boasts and chest-beating about how ‘smart’ and ‘Presidential’ your guy would be.
        Yeah, right.

        Because Republican hating of Hillary, Obama and all Dems has gone before electing a competent President, I have no sympathy for KKK-Republicans now that the #GropinDonnie administration is beginning to implode.
        Because when they’re all under investigation, nothing gets done anymore.

        Hell, they couln’t even find a single Trump-surrogate anymore to go on the weekend Republican-friendly TV shows anymore to defend #GropinDonnie! They’d all gone into hiding!
        Go figure.

        And most recently the Republican trainwreck continues:
        Your guy is being sued again!

        By his political unreliability and unworthy behaviour, #GropinDonnie has already done immense damage to the Presidency and the standing of the US in the world.
        Think about that.

        The world is watching.
        They can’t fool all the people all the time.

      • To me all signs are that #GropinDonnie is the one struggling not to drown,
        considering the desperate attempts to shut down any investigations into his murky self-dealing and the Russia connection.
        Firing the FBI guy who wouldn’t kowtow to the boss, you know, that sort of thing.

        And already the so-called Presidents’ buddies like Newt have crawled from behind the woodworks and are trying to besmirch Robert Muellers’ reputation. A man they praised only last month!
        Again, #GropinDonnie’s lackeys demonstrate they are bumbling idiots.
        Yelling at the BBC, come on!

        They can see the looming disaster for #GropinDonnie but can’t attack him on the merits of the case, so what’s left is cowardly picking on the referee.
        The world knows what Republicans are doing; they are not fooling anyone with this.

        By his political unreliability and unworthy behaviour, #GropinDonnie has already done immense damage to the Presidency and to US’ standing in the world.

        The world is watching.
        They can’t fool all the people all the time.

      • “murky self-dealing and the Russia connection.”

        Russia? HOLY SHIT! RUSSIA!!

  12. The top 10 in “Fake News”
    1. CNN
    2. Washington Post
    3. New York Times
    4. NBC
    5. MSNBC
    6. ABC
    7. CBS
    8. Politico
    9. Huffington Post
    10. The Hill

    Notice that the top 3 produce 90% of the “Fake News” from anonymous sources.

    • add NPR, and even C-Span, with Conde Nast providing the Lies against the First Family.

    • We can return the favor to the Washington Post, by boycotting Amazon.

    • I understand you’d prefer the likes of Infowars as a ‘news source’?
      Infowars, which declared the Sandy Hook massacre was a ‘false flag’ operation.

      The parents of the murdered children somehow took issue with that.
      Infowars is filth, your favorite flavour.

      Remember #GropinDonnie’s favorite crackpots Alex Jones and Roger Stone?
      Of course you’d prefer the fawning alt-right media bunker to cover the LIES and the crimes.

      Just today, after only a few months on the job, #GropinDonnie is already being sued for self-dealing.
      That’s your boy!

      The world is watching.
      They can’t fool all the people all the time.

  13. The Mainstream Media, MSM, has failed at it’s job of protecting the American people from the corruption and abuse by our government. The MSM was given special privileges under the Constitution to hold our government accountable. Instead, the MSM has aligned itself with one side of the political equation and only holds the other side accountable.

    • “he MSM was given special privileges under the Constitution to hold our government accountable”

      I take exception to this statement. No, the MSM was not given any special privileges under the Constitution. The first amendment, namely freedom of speech and the press, were acknowledged as rights of the people to use their voices and their written words to communicate freely without abridgment by the government. There is no such thing as “The Press”, as the MSM likes to call itself, in the Constitution. Corporations who identify as news outlets receive no more Constitutional dispensation for their written words than does John Grisham, Edgar Allan Poe, or the gal working behind the counter at McDonalds.

      • Thus the finding in the Citizens United case. Where it was found unconstitutional that only certain corporations (“the press”) had the right to promote candidates and policies immediately before an election. The decision removed the distinction between “the press” and any other person, corporate or human. That’s what all the new “dark money” the Dems wail about is: money that does not come from their media pets.

  14. First of all, close the press room. It serves no function. Identify a core group of friendly or non-partisan press outlets and set up a structure to work with them every day. disseminating the important news of the day along with the positive accomplishments and policies described above.
    Then, on a weekly basis, have a “press conference” for the MSM at the MCI center and fill the 19,000 seats there with supporters who scream “Fake News” and “Fu*k You” at the media scumbags for 2 hours straight.
    Release the home addresses and phone numbers of every member of the MSM. Encourage Americans to contact these scum to discuss their “work” Create a web site on which every little personal detail and unpublicized secret of the scumbags is exposed. In every interaction with them, repeatedly remind them of their incompetence and failures.
    Bannon’s viewpoint — that the press is the enemy, the PR firm for the Democrats, and a profoundly anti-American institution — is becoming more truthful and evident every day.
    They chose war. Give them war.

    • In case you don’t know, that’s exactly how Putin operates. Добро пожаловать, товарищ.

      • So what? Like we’d have no journalism if the press room were closed?
        And Vlad also takes vitamins, exercises, and eats healthy foods. Doing the opposite of a ‘rival’ doesn’t make you righteous.

      • We’re not talking about nutrition but Putin who has tried and will try to undermine democracy at every opportunity. The recent Cabinet meeting in which every member right in front of the cameras praised Trump like dogs lapping their master was disgusting. Whether you like it or not but only the media will expose the depth of the corruption of this administration.

      • What we’re talking about is whether doing the opposite of Putin makes you righteous (and whether doing the same as Putin makes you polluted). As the song goes: “It ain’t necessarily so”. And you know it. Use the capacity for logic you were given at birth.

      • Your logic is worthless if you don’t examine thoroughly the premises of your philosophical position. A Putin administration would not tolerate your freedom of expression: you and I and many posting here would end up in jail merely for expressing our opinions. Bringing a Putin analogy ( or A Hitler analogy) defeats your argument. It’s called Godwin’s law.

      • Your original argument was that doing something that Putin -or a despot by any other name- does is automatically wrong, bad (you can choose the word). I disagreed with that. Closing the press room wouldn’t leave journalists toothless in this country. If that were true, then journalists here are counting on just one fang. They have many many tools in their kit.

      • I agree that journalist have more than one fang but what is a good reason to close down the press room? To shut down criticisms of the Trump Administration? That’s not a good reason as the criticism will continue. The more Trump pushes back on the media, the more counter-reactions he will get from the media. Trump wants adulation, but the role of the media is NOT to give him, or any other president, that kind of flattery. The media is a watchdog, not a lapping dog. And if Trump has nothing to hide, then why is he acting as if he IS hiding something? After the firing of Comey, his surrogates are now attacking Mueller. WHY? WHY? WHY?

      • The presser seems to be a waste of time.

        And yes, one role of the media is to be a watchdog; they are no longer fulfilling the role.
        If he has nothing to hide…? Come on, let’s be honest. We all know innocent people have been convicted of crimes, imprisoned, even executed. THE primary reason your lawyer and mine will tell you to NEVER NEVER EVER speak to the authorities without your attorney present. Claim your right to counsel. One shouldn’t delude himself that there’s nothing to fear if innocent.

        I presume all to be innocent unless proven guilty, An old-fashioned idea anymore, I know. Call me old-fashioned. The burden of proof of guilt is on the STATE; we are not obligated to prove our innocence.

      • Innocent until proven guilty, fine, but if there is smoke it’s the duty of the State/police to investigate if there’s a fire underneath that smoke. Problem with Trump is that he created a lot of smoke with his tweets, and then his firing of Comey created a huge cloud of smoke. Big miscalculation on his part, and now Mueller is looking into not only obstruction of justice but money laundering that Trump has allegedly been doing for more than a decade. The GOP isn’t worrying as they have Mike Pence waiting in the wings. It’s just a matter of time that GOP congressmen will make the calculation that is better to drop Trump than supporting him. They are scrutinizing the polls day by day, and when Trump falls underneath 30%, watch out, the knives will be coming out.

      • No one in the public knows what Mueller is looking into, Joseph. That watchdog press claims knowledge via ‘sources’ but of course we know Mueller’s team hasn’t anonymously revealed anything to the press. That would be unprofessional. And unjust.

        Out of curiosity, did you consider yourself GOPe, or DEM?

      • Independent.
        The “sources” are not leaks. Mueller has widened his investigation and so is talking to more and more people, and consequently these people will talk. The kind of questions asked from Mueller to these people reveals in which direction the investigation is moving.

      • sigh
        Okay, I will wait for charges, and then a trial, and then a conviction before I say “Guilty!”
        It’s just so American to do so, rather than a show trial via the press with innuendo as the evidence, and WaPo, NYT, and Huff Post reporters serving on the jury.
        Thank you though for your respectful back-and-forth with me; it’s appreciated. Times are tough!

      • I find no pleasure in seeing a presidency destroys itself. Perhaps, there is only smoke, and when that clears up, we’re all going to go about our usual life.

        It was a pleasure here too for this exchange. Cheers, and good luck in your life.

      • There are more reliable journalists and reporters from the blogs, comments and you tube than most press rooms found in Western Europe, Canada and the US.

      • I doubt it. Most people go to blogs and internet outlets that re-inforce their biases, they are not looking for open discussion. Just look at this article, where is the discussion? What I read is mostly trolling. Very little is offered as facts or relevant counter-arguments.

      • So do the so called professional media where the reporters, opinion makers, guests and anchors are themselves doing the trolling, reinforcing their biases and not looking for open discussion.

      • It all depends. If the opinion is based on facts, it has more power than an opinion in spite of the facts. Secondly, painting the media with a broad brush is childish. Just like there are bad cops, bad teachers, bad doctors, it doesn’t mean all cops, all teachers, and all doctors are bad. It’s a logical error that is often repeated. And it cannot be stressed enough that you should judge these (reporters, opinion makers, guests and anchors) on an individual basis.

      • You’re asking the media to bat 1000. Nobody does. Do they have a bias? Of course. No one is neutral and 100% impartial. It’s an imperfect world. But are they trying to do the best? Do they apologize when they recognize they’ve blundered? That to me, is more important, not that they might present a point of view contrary to my beliefs. I want to be challenged, not get confirmation of my own biases.

      • Actually, they never apologize for their blunders voluntarily. They have to be forced to apologized. This is NYT’s op-ed after yesterday’s shooting.

        This was their correction

        This Washington Post take
        This is political media stupidity at its finest. Either the media learns to report events honestly, we will get these types of dangerous and dishonest op-ed that will make the political divide even worse.

      • Some will never be satisfied with apologies, but at least there was one. Alex Jones never apologized for calling the massacre of 6-year old children in Newton a hoax. He still has millions who follow him. This kind of disparaging and demeaning occurs on both sides of the aisle.

      • How would apologies help if your refutation is ruined by the media?

      • There will always be some outlet media that will take a cause, no matter how desperate it is. That’s why a democracy is better than any other political regime – it allows this diversity. What’s troubling is when the attacks become personal. It’s dangerous as it opens the doors to the crazy crowd to act on their insane impulses. We should recognize that politics is a sport event: both sides will cheer for their team, and boo the other team. But that rivalry should be conducted with respect, that the other side is made up of humans you disagree with on policies but they are not the enemy. Lately, there has been too much personal attacks, the temperature has climbed way too high, and I hope cooler heads will prevail.

      • Unfortunately, these are mainstream media like the NYT, Boston Globe, LA Times, Chicago Tribune, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC and NBC. There are not some outlet media. A corrupt media undermines Democracy , a corrupt media destroys the social fabric of a country. A corrupt media that hides behind the First Amendment often use the First Amendment to destroy, to slander, to libel and to lie. They know what they are doing and they are proud of what they are doing. Sooner or later, somebody will go after them with bullets and bombs and no amount of mea culpa will save them.

      • It seems to me that you choose to demonize the other side by painting the media with such a broad brush. They happen not to agree with your point of view, therefore you conclude, they are evil. Perhaps one day you will realize that such rhetoric leaves no room for open discussion, which is the bedrock of a democracy. You’re not the only one. We live in a time in which both sides demonize the other side. And the result is no compromise – how can you compromise with someone you believe to be evil? And I fear things will get very ugly – to wit: Germany 1930’s. Unless, people are willing to bring down the temperature, the violence that happened recently at a baseball practice will accelerate.

      • Pal, I could not even stand watching Fox even when they had O’Reilly, Megyn Kelly and others or even read Breitbart for long and I don’t listen to talk radio. I tend to ignore most of Gateway Pundit’s posts. What now?

        You see, I don’t give a damn what your damn newspaper or media position is. I expect them to tell me what the hell is going on in an impartial matter professionally. If the press is going to tell me what to fracking think, who to associate with and who to despise and who to vote for.
        Guess what, I going to check out what the opposing side is saying and I will attempt to square the circle by observing what is going on in the real world and I will form my opinions then. Right now, most of the media is batshit crazy as well as cowardly. As for reading Leftist blogs, tried that and censorship is the name of the game when one began to question the Narrative and debate the natives residing there.

        Don’t tell me about history. I can beat your ass in that subject. I grew up under Marcos. I know how how the damn game is played. I know how the media is used to demonize opponents or to cover up their political allies. I know how the media can be used to subvert an elected government, to push a narrative at the expense of truth for political means and to present news to an unsuspecting public to rouse their feelings about a subject and push for laws that in the end will be against their interests. Been there, done that.

        Until the professional media is persuaded and made to understand that that the First Amendment does not give them the license to break laws, slander people and cover up facts to fit their worldview without any pushback. Then you and the media does not understand the First Amendment very well. An honest press who is not afraid to tell the truth that will offend both sides keeps this nation and its citizens free by making the government , politicians, activists and bureaucrats in check. The US and the West does not have an honest press. What they have are media companies and news organizations with political bylines.

      • Your post begs quite a few questions: how do you investigate yourself any event reported in the news? Do you travel to be on site of the event? Do you have a budget to cover those costs? Who do you interview when on site and how do you know they are telling you the truth? How do you arrive at the truth?

      • Read initial news, all sites, preferably local and international news sites. Then TV news, twitter and such. Then wait for additional details. Do the same routine again. Very surprising what is usually left out in US media when the suspect is of color or Islam. Same thing in Europe. Sad to say when local newspapers and Twitter can provide a much more accurate reporting than national and international news media.

      • And on what basis can you make the call that “local newspapers and Twitter can provide a much more accurate reporting than national and international news media”? You’re still at the mercy of people who are reporting with a bias. You can’t escape that. The reality is that politics has become a tribal thing. If your guy is in the oval office, you will defend his every move, no matter what. If the guy in the oval office is from the other team, you will tend to take every move he makes in a negative way. Take for example FOXNEWS. With Obama, the network would belittle, demean or mock everything he did or attempted to do. Remember “leading from behind”. That wasn’t meant to be a compliment as I recall. With Trump, FOXNEWS goes to great lengths in defending him, even if his latest moves – telling Comey to drop the investigation – verges on obstructing justice. Just the other night, they featured Gingrich who went on to say that Trump as POTUS cannot obstruct justice, yet in 1998, he accused President Bill Clinton of obstructing justice and feverously worked to get Clinton impeached. No matter where you turn, you will get biased reporting, including from your local newspaper and especially the internet, which is the new Wild West as anything goes.

      • Easy. Trust value. People who report their observations knew that if they lie or improve what happened , they will get hammered not only by their followers and non- followers, but also by the national media. What is the trust value of the national media in just straight up reporting, less than Congress. That is damn bad. If blogs, Twitter and other social media sites and new media can get the story accurately than the national or international media. Then there is something wrong with the professional press .

        When the whole media apparatus, national or international begins to figure out that the best way to get people to read the newspapers again or watch cable news is to be truthful in reporting the news without mixing their damn opinion or whatever biases they have to the story, then maybe, many of us will take them seriously again. Right now, they are a damn joke. I have to go to several sources just to get an accurate take on the story.
        Trust, my boy, is extremely important. If your newspaper or your cable news only caters to a similarly minded audience. That means the press media fails spectacularly not only in trust value but also in integrity issue.

        Did I just tell you I can’t stand Fox either. Seriously, when most of the media voted for Hillary , there is something wrong with the press.

      • I don’t recall the media voting for Hillary. What they did is reporting the polls, which favored Hillary for most of the election campaign by a few percentage. It turned out that she did win the popular vote by 2.8 million votes, so the polls weren’t really that far off. In any other country, Hillary would be president. In the US, because of an archaic Electoral Vote system, Trump ended up winning the WH. You keep harboring that there is something wrong with the press. Yet I still have to see you making that case. Bias exists because all human beings are biased, and the press, being conducted by humans, will be biased. That’s a given. And there’s no reason to believe that Twitters and social media sites are doing a better job. What many people do is go to those websites that confirm their biases. That’s not getting better info, quite the contrary.

      • Yeah, that damned pesky Constitution again.
        We’d be better off without it ?
        Now you know why Conservatives dislike liberals …


        Funny thing is, last year. I did not even watch any of the debates especially the presidential ones because I don’t trust the media will give hard questions to Hillary. Remember Donna Brazile
        Remember she leaked questions to Hillary.

        This is all about Trust issues and the Press have damning problems resolving trust issues with half of the American public. You are trying to protect the Press even when they are found wanting.

        Sorry, you showed no reason why the press in general and the American press in general should be trusted in reporting any news in a professional manner. In fact, you cannot even defend the press from their own stupidity .

        Sorry. Last I checked, New York and California does not composed the whole United States. The archaic Electoral College makes everything equal.

        Just because the human bias is inherent in human nature, it does not give a pass for members of the press to deliberately alter stories that fit their biases. In the Social media age, every story, every headline can be fact checked very easily by ordinary people. You may not like it, but sooner or later, the Press will be forced to report the news with little to no bias at all. The Opinion page will be just that and even the opinions can be reinforced or destroyed by ordinary citizens in the comment column or at Twitter or Facebook.

        Welcome to the new age of Freedom of the Press. Where the professional media is forced to cede their role as gatekeeper of the news by the public. You hate it, I know. But them are the breaks when the Press decide that they know better than everyone else on how to report the news , what facts can be hidden or erase or memory holed or what facts can be exaggerated, improved upon or worse, invent new facts to fit a particular narrative.

      • My disagreement with you is that you paint the press with a broad brush. Not all cops are bad, not all teachers are bad, and not all doctors are bad. There are bad apples everywhere, including the press. But to believe that the press in the US is bad all over to be completely distrusted is silly. I’m not defending the press, I look at it with realistic eyes. I know that reporters are biased, like you and I are both biased. But many of them try to do their best. But if you examine everything they do with the notion they all conspired, sorry, but conspiracy theories are for the lunatics. People make mistakes. In the case of Donna Brazile, she was fired after it was found out what she did. You no longer see her at CNN. As for the Electoral College, Trump condemned it in 2012 ( Now he embraces it because he won it. Talk about hypocrisy!

      • I paint the press with the broad brush because none from ABC to FOX , from New York Times to whatever newspaper you chose here in the US have given us real honest to goodness , non partisan news that corresponds to the actual events. Seriously, are you this blind or are you in denial. The modern activist press is not working.The modern cable press is fracking failing, the Print press is damn dying . As long as the press think they are the unelected watchdog of the people and untouchable . The arrogance the modern reporters that they can do no wrong and they pretend to speak for all of us are some of the reasons why many people on both sides of the aisle have ignore them and the numbers are increasing.
        I’ll make this simple for you. The job of the press is to inform us of who what, why and when, period. It is our job as readers to then understand both the events and the issues and raised them to our elected officials. The citizens and not the press should be the watchdog of our elected officials. We elected them and therefore we are responsible for them. Surrendering that obligation to the press means that the press can be corrupted.
        Guess what, at the end, the people who is whining about the electoral college are people who supported Hillary. Talk about hypocrisy as well.

      • There’s hypocrisy on both sides of the aisle. Had Hillary won, the Republicans would have gone after her, blocking her agenda in every which way and most likely tried to impeach her. Now, the Democrats are blocking Trump, blocking his agenda, and trying to impeach him. There’s nothing new here. It’s tit-for-tat.
        Personally, I watch CNN, FOXNEWS, MSNBC along with the CBC and BBC. I know exactly when I watch any of them what their biases are and take that into consideration in their reporting. I also go to different websites from Drudge Report to the Huffington Post. I see the arguments formulated on both sides. Mainly, I see the hypocrisy from both the Left and the Right. But I don’t whine about the media is rigged or the media is the enemy. As I’ve mentioned before and repeating, we’re all biased, we’re all flawed. What you are asking – “????ℎ???? ???????????? ???????? ????ℎ???? ???????????????????? ???????? ???????? ???????????????????????? ???????? ???????? ????ℎ???? ????ℎ????????, ????ℎ???? ???????????? ????ℎ????????, ????????????????????????” is idealistic. Nobody is unbiased, neutral and impartial. Reporters are human. That’s reality. Deal with it.

      • “Telling Comey to drop the investigation”
        “Verges on obstructing justice.”
        What the hell does that mean ?
        You either “obstruct” or you don’t “Obstruct” !
        Does one “verge” on becoming pregnant ?

      • verge: “approach (something) closely”. Firing the cop that investigate your case can be construed as obstructing justice. Now, is it obstruction or not in the case of Trump firing Comey will be determined by the investigation. It remains to be seen if Trump tried to convince others – for instance, Admiral Michael Rogers and Dan Coats, to name a few – in stopping the investigation.

      • Again, a president may fire an FBI Director for any cause or for no cause.
        I’m surprised that you didn’t know that.

        No “construing” allowed.
        You either Obstruct or don’t Obstruct.
        You’re either “pregnant” or “Not Pregnant”.
        You’re either a “Conservative” or you’re “Wrong”.
        Not “construed” to be wrong–Just flat out undesirably , ill-advised · ill-considered, impolitic and injudiciously WRONG.

      • ????????????????????, ???? ???????????????????????????????????? ???????????? ???????????????? ???????? ???????????? ???????????????????????????????? ???????????? ???????????? ???????????????????? ???????? ???????????? ???????? ????????????????????.

        That’s not the point but rather did he fire the FBI director because Trump wanted to shut down the Russia-Trump investigation.

        ????????????’???????? ????????????ℎ???????? ???? “????????????????????????????????????????????????” ???????? ????????????’???????? “????????????????????”.

        Conservatives can be as wrong as liberals. Left and Right have their own flaws. I’m sorry to see you have been taken by one side. And there are too many like you, both on the Right and on the Left. It’s the basic reason why Congress doesn’t work. The fathers of the constitution envisaged a Congress that would collaborate and be a check-and-balance to the president. In today’s world, collaboration/compromise is a dirty word and Congress has become dysfunctional.

      • No, it is the point.
        “????????????????????, ???? ???????????????????????????????????? ???????????? ???????????????? ???????? ???????????? ???????????????????????????????? ???????????? ???????????? ???????????????????? ???????? ???????????? ???????? ????????????????????.( or for wanting to shut down the non-existent charge of Russia/Trump collusion. )

        “????????????’???????? ????????????ℎ???????? ???? “????????????????????????????????????????????????” ???????? ????????????’???????? “????????????????????”.
        My obvious unsuccessful attempt at humor.
        Among my liberal friends, one of them agrees with me that the MSM bashing of Trump is unprecedented in recent history and when I address this to the other liberal buddies, they disagree even after being made aware of the Harvard Study which proves it, overwhelmingly.

        I admire your avatar with your lovely wife.
        I lost my “darling’ a few months ago (after 55 wonderful years together) and miss her desperately every day.
        Count your blessings every day and if I might offer a word or two of advice ?
        Go first.
        I honestly believe that women are better equipped to handle the loss of a loved one, but then, I’m an old conservative who’s often been wrong.

      • Well we know what happened when Nixon fired special counselor Cox. OTOH, Trump doesn’t seem to know much about history. But politically it would be a huge mistake for him to fire Mueller.
        Sorry to hear about your loss. I’ve always told my wife of 45 years (on July 8th) that I want to go first. But that’s not up to me, isn’t it. Anyway, it was a nice exchange of opinions. Stay safe and good luck.

      • Unfortunately, Nixon was a crook and Billy Clinton was a disgrace.
        (I’m an equal opportunity hater !).

        Agreed that it would be a BIG mistake for Trump to fire Mueller, but IMO, the whole collusion charge will turn out to be red herring.

        Congratulations to the two of you for 45 years together and NO, it isn’t up to you as to who passes first.
        My best to both of you “young” lovebirds.

      • Hey Joe, it’s time to catch up.
        According to USA Today, CNN and NBC have the most negative coverage on Trump (93 percent negative, each). Of the newspapers, The New York Times has the highest negative Trump coverage (at 87 percent), while, the Washington Post has 83 percent negative coverage. Even the Wall Street Journal and Fox have more negative than positive Trump coverage.
        Why ?
        Because He reversed about 30 of President Obama’s wide ranging Executive Orders, orders, cut illegal immigration by almost three-quarters, established rapport with numerous chiefs-of-state, repealed and replaced the health care bill in the House of Representatives, and installed the Supreme Court Associate Justice.
        Pretty impressive ?
        His actions have the economy growing at the fastest rate in almost 10 years, the stock market reaching historical highs, and the Americans feeling most optimistic. Globally, he is reestablishing America’s leadership all over, but especially in the difficult areas of the Syrian conflict, containment of North Korea, radical Islamist terrorism, and the dream of Israeli-Palestinian peace.
        Then, why such an uproar in the media as if the White House is in a great turmoil? The Trump presidency is ready to collapse? And, while nothing has been “leaked” out to show any linkage of Trump with Russia, then why is the media casting a long dark shadow on Trump? Why is it portraying an unreal image of the American stability?
        Did you hear about the Shorenstein Center of the Kennedy School at Harvard University study showing Trump’s news coverage during the First 100 Days by the media is the most negative of the last four Presidents. It is DOUBLE that of Obama’s, and 33% more than that of Bill Clinton’s, who had cheated, raped and openly perjured himself.
        I submit that the MSM is 100% partial to the destruction of Trump.

      • Nice analysis, however, you should have included that Trump declared the media as the ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE – not a good way to make friends – compared the intelligence community to NAZIS, mocked a paraplegic, insulted a gold-star family, cried a river because his crowd was not as big as Obama on inauguration day, claimed without evidence that 3-4 million illegals voted for Clinton, claimed recklessly that Obama wiretapped his tower, has constantly undermined his WH staff by contradicting them in different TV interviews, etc. Note that most of that is self-inflicting, but he keeps blaming the FAKE media, go figure.

      • If the media,as shown in my post, portrays Trump overwhelmingly in a negative manner, they are indeed The Enemy of the People..
        I suspect that Comey would have fit in with the Nazi Doctrines.
        Jury is still out on Obama’s surveillance of the Trump tower.
        You’ve got to let go of some of that hate, Joe.

      • I bear no hate. I’m just a witness. I’m realistic to expect very little from Trump’s supporters in the sense that politics is a sport event: Republican supporters cheer for their side and boo the other team; the Democrats do likewise. If Hillary had won, the GOP would attack her relentlessly and obstruct her agenda in every which way, exactly what the Dems are doing to Trump. Anyone who believes that his team is holier-than-thou is mistaken.

      • I actually agree with your analysis !
        However, shouldn’t we take a look at the agendas of each of them ?
        Trump made no bones about what he wanted to do for the American economy, absurd regulations, ILLEGAL immigration, sanctuary cities , Welfare reform, etc. etc.
        Likewise, HRC promised more of the same socialistic policies of a failed presidency headed by BHO.
        You’d never know it, if you depended on the MSM, but things are actually improving in this country. (IMO)
        The left is engaged in a farce dialogue that is hurting this country and don’t seem to realize the possible irreparable damage they’re doing.
        Forget the personalities—-Focus on what is good or bad for the USA !

      • Yes we can forget personalities, it still remains that on policies, there is a widening gulf. One side wants bigger government, the other side, less. As an independent, I believe the answer is somewhere in between. Same with regulations: when is it too much? when too less? There are no easy answers, why bipartisan solutions must be encouraged, not discouraged. It seems that the word “compromise” has been for quite a while a dirty word. Sad.

  15. CNN is run by socialists and communists. They seek each other and help each other.
    Let’s not pretend they are just “journalists”.

  16. More anti-media fanaticism from dopey Trump follower Roger Kimball.
    Instead of “suing CNN out of existence”, I got a better idea.
    How about Trump getting his head out his ass and start conducting himself like a president or even an adult.
    If he did that, and stopped shoveling ammo to his enemies, maybe things would be different.

  17. I don’t recall the last time I saw Stanley Balwin cited favorably. He was, after all, the original “wet” Tory. IIRC, Chesterton did once praise something he said. But he was the prime target of Churchill’s warnings in the 30s. And Orwell once said he “wasn’t even a stuffed shirt; just a hole in the air.”

    Still, it’s a good quote.

  18. I’ve been saying for weeks that the media has not been engaged in actual journalism. If there is any sort of ethical guidelines to the profession (don’t laugh) the very first one must be “the reader must be able to independently verify all reports of fact.”

  19. Another testimony takeaway: Comey, not Trump, asked for that first after-dinner one-on-one meeting, and at that meeting Comey volunteered that Trump was not under investigation, without being asked.

    This is important context in understanding why Trump raised the issue twice again:
    1. Comey set the one-on-one meeting precedent that Trump then pursued.
    2. Comey’s refusal to publicly disclose that Trump was not under scrutiny became an irritation between the two men, easily accounting for his firing without resort to obstruction of justice fantasies.

    • And then Comey wrote (allegedly) contemporaneous memos to make DJT appear inappropriate

  20. “Every day, Trump’s team should call attention to his association with some aspect of traditional American life: the Boy Scouts, various sports teams, a small town that just became home to a new Ford plant, and so on…..”

    He doesn’t have any. What new Ford plants? The administration doesn’t exist because no-one’s been nominated to appointments, so nothing’s getting done. Trump doesn’t go anywhere, except Mar a Lago and the golf course….

    Blame the Dems, media, etc, all you want. This is a non-functional admin, paralysed by leaderlessness. If it cant get any runs on the board by 2018, it’s the electorate who will judge it, and media storms will be irrelevant

  21. Venomous bunch. The liberal media has sold their souls. The decline of the objective American media. Gumby Scarborough and his hag new wife Mika of the same ilk. TRUMP 2020!!!!. Bet on it.

  22. The NYT and WAPO both eliminated the ombudsman or public editor positions recently. If the CEO’s of media organizations permit the public to be shut out from complaining about inaccuracies and keeping records of their effectiveness or lace of effectiveness, maybe it is time to federally certify a national ombudsman office.

  23. Why not? It all ended so well for 16th-century Florence.

  24. you want to put the guy who claims he saw thousands of muslims dancing in New Jersey on 9/11 against the tallest lawman in DC?
    turmp can’t shine comey’s shoes

  25. “Anyway, I think it would be a good thing were CNN humiliated and sued out of existence. It performs no journalistic function, merely a destructively partisan one.”

    And yet, Fox News does the EXACT same thing and doesn’t make your list?? I seem to remember Sean Hannity obliterating then-President Obama for the type of mustard he put on his sandwich…where’s the journalistic function there?

    • Now that Fox has been taken over by the Murdoch sons, I am sure it will come to resemble the other cable news channels in their left-of-center outlook. They have been shedding conservatives one after the other. If you are 82 and still angry, you are storing up the wrong treasure. Cheers!

  26. “Who steals my purse steals trash…But he who filches from me my good name, takes that which enriches him not, but leaves me very poor indeed.”

    With these words, Shakespeare demonstrated that Reputation is the greatest treasure of those who live in the public eye. NYT v. Sullivan is an affront to these words. Under the Rule of Law there should only be one standard for all. A public person should not have to go the extra step of having to prove malice. That the accused “Knew or Should Have Known” what he said was false” should be the only test for slander and libel.

    To go one step further, maybe it’s time for Reporters and Editors have to sign a statement guaranteeing that their reporting is True and their sources genuine in the same way that CEOs have to attest that their financial statements are true under penalty of perjury. We don’t accept defective products from Business or Industry, which should the media be different?

  27. So, isn’t it time to look at Fox News… partisan of & for the “trump tantrum party”?

    “Fair & Balanced” is now a joke at Fox News, and the country is much the worse for that.

  28. The lack of understanding running through this article is best exemplified by the section admiring Mercer’s advice from 1944, the repetition of good news.

    Won’t work. Has no chance of working.

    Partisans (both left and right wing) like to tell themselves that the other side is making up fake news, but that is not what is happening at all. Partisan media — and this goes equally for both partisan wings — simply pick different (true) stories to cover. And to emphasize and refer back to for weeks or even years.

    It makes sense. If I believe that female Methodists are the source of all earthly evil, I will give enormous play to every incident in the country — even the world — where a woman of the Methodist faith says or does something awful. Given the vast population, I can keep up a pretty steady stream of these stories. If you believe that it is not female Methodists, but male soccer players who bring all the troubles, the stories in your media outlet will have little in common with the stories in my media outlet… and that involves no lying at all.

    We’ll both be “biased” but that is not really a bad thing. With the myriad things happening every week, we each need some basis for selecting significant news stories, and we are choosing them according to our own lights.

    I know, I know, network TV news brainwashed everyone, even the conservatives it victimized, into thinking that one wise know-it-all could tell everyone everything they need to know in an unbiased way. But that is up there with Santa Claus, a story for children. If you want to be informed in the internet era, you consume media with a variety of biases; if you don’t, you end up one of the sheep.

    Do the media outlets ever lie? It’s difficult to find solid examples — both right and left wing media walk back stories when they prove to be false. However, they do allow politicians to speak unanswered, even if the media outlet has a pretty good idea that the politician is being untruthful. And that’s just another reason to spend some time consuming some of the media with competing viewpoints.

    As to Mercer’s advice… Back in President Reagan’s time, it would have worked because the TV networks would all have simply gone with whatever the president offered each day. These days, all these internet sources find thousands of alternatives daily, and they pick what fits their narrative, not what some political leader’s narrative.

    • It every easy to find solid examples of media outlets lying. Follow someone like notlenc on twitter and you can see that massive list almost every week. The MSM has gone insane, as has the “deep state” the civil service, the dems, papers etc. they’ve all lost it.

      • I think if you look more closely you will find that the notlenc list is made up of a) things emphasized or left out (including parts of speeches), b) stories that quote politicians’ lies without contradiction, and c) opinion type statements that the other side has decided are untrue.

        I’m neither a liberal partisan nor a conservative partisan, and I have often run into stories from each camp that my first reaction was “What a whopper.” In almost every case, after doing some research, I found the basic facts to be true, even if I felt that the emphasis and spin seemed unfair.

        But to be clear, this does not apply to politicians themselves. Very successful politicians on both sides frequently say things they know perfectly well to be factually untrue… And, it goes without saying, opinion pieces in the media are just opinions.

  29. Amazing article – I just wish some Nevertrumpers and some centerist jounro’s would read this.

  30. There IS a single answer. GET Their Attention.

    With a “General Strike to STOP fueling their engines. Without which they would be crying in the wilderness.

    STOP providing the Money that arms their weapons of mass destruction.

    By refusing to buy their “information”, their Ideas, and the products of the manufacturers who pay the costs, advertise, on their instruments of “Fake News”.

    WE The People are no longer, with the new boy on the block, the Internet, dependent on the legacy Media and their satellites in education, entertainment and government for anything..

    They’ve LOST their monopoly. They’ve LOST the tollgates that controlled “information” they chose or refused to propagate. The individuals and groups they chose to celebrate as models of their aims.

    Of their Long Game, engineered over the past half century. And FINALLY asserted in words only the three wise monkeys could have failed to understand.

    By the Spokesman SPECIALLY SELECTED as beyond personal and political criticism, question or reservation FOR the assertion.

    As their “Intent” to FUNDAMENTALLY transform the nation.

  31. “I’d like to see an enterprising attorney step up to the plate and try.”

    Um, you do know that Barry Goldwater won a libel suit under the Sullivan standard, don’t you?

    Law is hard. Let’s go shopping!

  32. The truth is irrelevant…it is designed to hamstring Trump. One innuendo after another and another.

  33. CNN already has lost credibility with retractions and the hair-on-fire chicken little predictions foretelling the end of democracy which never happen. The more they report, the more credibility they lose. Basically Trump doesn’t have to do anything, because they are doing it to themselves.

  34. The author sounds as if he’s bragging about the scheme he and others have created, and how effectively they’re harassing Trump with false claims and accusations. A little too self-congratulatory?

    • Not sure how you came away from this article with this

  35. When federal agents show up at the news desk, arresting on site, one smug, colluding bastard – spreading news-manure and drag him out to a squad-car, and when a judge orders to temporally halt the broadcast of a channel, the whole problem with fake-news will self disappear. I’ll guarantee you that!

  36. Up here in Boston, the NPR “Beat the Press” gang discussed Comey’s testimony and self-serving leaks. They agreed –
    he’s a grandstander alright. So maybe President Trump is not far off in his ability to assess people.

  37. The MSM doesn’t adhere to journalistic standards and should be ashamed of themselves, but their vitriolic hatred of Trump and worship of Obama and the Clintons will live on and they will suffer the mistrust of Americans for generations to come.
    For the so called enlightened liberals to ignore real Americans is to doom themselves to being looked upon as petulant children who couldn’t play first base so they took their ball and went home.

  38. The presstitutes and Leftists keep doubling down on their lies and innuendo. It’s nearly impossible to get even a smidgen of truth out of anything they do or say.

    • It’s simple really… Does anyone know anyone that believes what the media says ?

  39. Chuck Schumer can be sued for actual malice – and MSNBC. He went on the Rachel Maddow show on March 24 saying Trump was under CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION by the FBI when he knew clearly the president was not. Comey had told Schumer that Trump was not under ANY FBI investigation.

  40. The dissolution of the American Republic will not be a good thing, but it may be necessary when half the country does not care about the Constitution or the rule of law.

  41. In no small part, we the people elected President Trump to be a disrupter, to shake apart the ingrained structure of the Federal Government that we knew had come to despise us. The attitude of arrogant entitlement came to be exemplified by Hillary Clinton, but it does in fact permeate the entire Washington insider universe. Barack Obama ridiculed us for clinging to our guns and our religion; then his architect for his horrible namesake healthcare disaster told us that the whole Obamacare fraud was made possible by our stupidity. When we went to the polls and voted in enough Republicans to deprive the Obama Administration of a majority in Congress, the Republicans dithered and played the same idiotic Washington insider games that their opponents excelled at. So no thank-you Jeb Bush and all of you other business as usual Republicans. This time we choose a candidate who, like us, doesn’t give a damn about all of the politically correct baloney – someone who is a disruptive force in national politics – someone who isn’t going to lecture us on the necessity of transgender bathrooms. So don’t change anything that you are doing, President Trump. Tweet all you want. Because we know that we’ll hear more truth, more straight talk, in just one of your little tweets than we would hear in four years of CNN. That is, if we are dumb enough to pay attention to any thing CNN broadcasts.

    • You know you’re preaching to the choir but I’ll give you an “Amen!” just the same!!!

  42. wow loved the article. It ptut it all together…..Please get this out by sharing because more need to know the truth.

  43. Excellent article. Lies, Lies, and more lies. They are not media. They are traitors to this country.

  44. There’s a world of difference between obstructing a President’s policies because of legitimate political differences and attempting to destroy an elected President and his gov’t because of visceral, unreasoning hatred. One is a legitimate political exercise which may be rewarded by victory at the next election… the other is insurrection, a felony punishable by death.

  45. “The Narrative is partly like quicksand. If you fall into it, struggling will hasten your envelopment and death. Best to relax, take some deep breaths, and half float, half swim out of danger.”

    President Trump’s greatest accomplishment to-date:

    Democrats and Entitlement Monkeys – in utter disarray and wee-wee’ing themselves daily!

    or, in a language specifically for the aforementioned groups:

    President Trump’s greatest accomplishment to-date:

    Democrats and Entitlement Monkeys – in utter disarray and covfefe’ing themselves daily!

  46. I believe Big Media is reducing itself to the status of reinforcing what the bosses & workers of The Swamp already believe. People with plain common sense are no longer taken in by the kabuki of Big Government, Big Labor & Big Media people who are polling themselves, giving themselves awards & congratulating themselves on how peachy they are. Here is an excellent summary of the situation as it stands today:

    P.S. Mr. Kimball, I am glad you decided not to join the Never Trump camp. I enjoy what you write & the way you write it and I always learn something while reading what you’ve written. I don’t mean to distract from your article here by posting the link. I did so because the linked article tells the unvarnished truth about how fed-up with corrupt government millions (and millions more every day) people are. This clam-bake is just getting warmed up…

  47. Mr. Kimball, I believe the strategy to humiliate and sue out of existence has already been co-opted by the Left against Fox News.

  48. This was the best laugh in the article: “The anti-Trump brigade is engaged in […] essentially baseless attacks against his character.”

    The sequins are blinding Roger.