A Rape in Bureaucracy’s Bedroom

In one of the wealthiest, most highly-educated counties in America, two illegal immigrants raped a 14 year-old girl during school hours. The crime occurred March 16 at Rockville High School, a few blocks from where I live in Montgomery County, Maryland.

The nationally reported crime cries out to have its true national significance exposed, in the supine mentality the locals have displayed. Rockville, with just under 70,000 residents, is the second largest city in Maryland and is just north of Washington, D.C.. Along with other cities and counties in Maryland and Virginia, it constitutes the bedroom community of the national bureaucracy–the administrative state. Boasting a median family income of $95,000, Montgomery (MoCo) is the 11th-wealthiest county in the U.S. The sophisticated attitudes of its politically influential denizens help shape national attitudes.

Life is pleasant in the well-regulated People’s Republic of MoCo. Its million residents enjoy highly ranked public schools, which people selective universities. Parks and novel ethnic restaurants are abundant, as are the subway delays and traffic gridlock.

Occasionally harsher realities intrude as in this month’s rape. Appropriately, the perpetrators’ illegal immigrant status and their ages (17 and 18 in the 9th grade), have drawn attention. But what’s truly remarkable is the supine reaction of the local government and many of my neighbors, who voice their opinions on the neighborhood website.

The bizarre reaction to the crime displays the mentality of the citizen-subject of the administrative state, in particular the sanctimony, unquestioned multiculturalism, and supine deference to political correctness, which lead to the worship of the Queen of Denial.

The neighbors say in their first reactions: counsel kids on consensual sex. Assume your kids could have done something that horrible too!  

They say, don’t dwell on the immigration status of the rapists. Keep politics off the neighborhood website! A resident interviewed by Tucker Carlson was disparaged for posting her interview about the crime on the website, and thereby politicizing it.  

They say, there is nothing abnormal here: An 18-year old in 9th grade. It happens all the time! At my daughter’s classes at another MoCo school, I saw girls and boys play in integrated physical education classes. In touch football she, along with most other girls, sensibly shied away from the football and the charging boys. The “game” was quite a farce, but what did the boys learn by blocking and hitting girls?  

They say, the schools are peaceful. But MS-13 killings have rocked the area, including one involving a 17-year old girl from another MoCo high school in a neighboring town. The mother of one MS-13 victim had moved from Central America to flee the gangs.

They say, this episode shouldn’t affect the current welcoming policy. This supercilious attitude comes through full-throated in the statements of the MoCo Superintendent of Education and the President of the Rockville City Council, complete with denunciations of racism. Of course some local publications have defended officials or simply failed to report dubious statements harmful to the cause of multiculturalism.

Do the local bureaucrats feel captured by hostile natives? MoCo has become a majority-minority county, reflected in its schools. “The school district in 2016-2017 is 30 percent Hispanic, 29 percent white, 22 percent black and 14 percent Asian,…”  In the County non-Hispanic whites are around 45%, with Hispanics and blacks at 19% each, and Asians at 17% (all as of 2015).

MoCo’s dependence on federal spending has produced more sanctimonious liberalism, in Christopher Caldwell’s fine phraseology.  MoCo seeks to parry Trump’s threat to withhold federal funds from sanctuary jurisdictions while continuing to preen their moral superiority.  A county spokesman contends there will be cooperation with Immigration and Customs Enforcement on “serious” cases but otherwise police will continue the policy of not checking on immigration status.

Jessica Vaughn, Research Director of the invaluable Center for Immigration Studies,  observed that “When Northern Virginia cracked down around 2005 … many illegals moved to Montgomery County, where they knew they would be treated more leniently.”

On the national level the reliable MoCo liberals are carved up to supply Democrat votes in three congressional districts, including the infamous third district that sprawls from beyond Baltimore and runs north past the immediate zip code to my east. MoCo subjects are reliable cogs for liberal planning purposes.

Unfortunately for the sanctimonious, the Rockville horror took place just as sanctuary state legislation passed the overwhelmingly Democratic Assembly. The anti-Trump Republican Governor Larry Hogan vowed to veto the bill. Some plucky Chinese immigrants have had enough and lobbied against sanctuary status, pitting them against the Chinese-American establishment.

When the lawyer for one of the rapists announced that he would argue (against the police report) that the sex was consensual, the allegation was met with outrage from the citizens and silence from the sanctimonious. But he was simply following the initial reactions on our neighborhood website about consensual sex. He also echoed local government officials that his client “is being used as an unjust scapegoat by the opponents of recent immigration practices.”

The attorney is also chair of the Maryland State Bar Association’s Immigration Law section.

The icing on the cake: MoCo is where newly anointed Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez won his only elective office, as a member of the County Council. His proposals (for unionizing domestic workers, among others) were so radical he could not have won reelection so he went on to other, appointed offices. He was also a founder of CASA de Maryland (originally known as the “Central American Solidarity Association of Maryland”), which describes itself as the State’s largest Latino and immigrant rights organization.  

With the sheepish acquiescence on display in this month’s child rape, MoCo shows itself for a flock of useful idiots for the administrative state. Bureaucracy’s bedroom gives decorum lessons to the elite that comprises the national bureaucracy.

About Ken Masugi

Ken Masugi, Ph.D., is a distinguished fellow of the Center for American Greatness and a senior fellow of the Claremont Institute. He has been a speechwriter for two cabinet members, and a special assistant for Clarence Thomas when he was chairman of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Masugi is co-author, editor, or co-editor of 10 books on American politics. He has taught at the U.S. Air Force Academy, where he was Olin Distinguished Visiting Professor; James Madison College of Michigan State University; the Ashbrook Center of Ashland University; and Princeton University.

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47 responses to “A Rape in Bureaucracy’s Bedroom”

  1. Say those two rapist were HS football players but were upper classmen, but all other remains same. Walking with her in hall, etc. The reactions would be sooooo different. ( as long as the players were not black that is ).

      • In any case people wouldn’t be afraid to talk about it. What was the joke about the endangered animal that eats only endangered plants?

    • See Dyje lax hoax and the response vs. the real rape of Dukie Katie Rouse at a black fraternity house.

  2. Looks like America is working on getting our own Rotherham. Those poor children don’t deserve it.

  3. For the love of God — stop saying “illegal immigrants.” That implies that they’re staying, and I’m not ready to concede that yet.

    • Agree. They are “illegal aliens” – like Phil Collins said!

      • Trouble is, he said it’s no fun! Being an illegal alien! And I think we need to really make it no fun at all.

        A felony like this against an American citizen while in the USA illegally ought to fast-track one to the front of the line for execution. Forget deportation. If Mexico persists on sending us human excrement, let us flush it.

    • My contention exactly. Liberals invariably disarm their opponents by changing the plain meaning of words. Under federal immigration law, “immigrant” applies only to those in the country legally. The proper term for those present without formal permission is “illegal alien” … “illegal immigrant” is an oxymoron. The Left has purposely muddied the terms, to the point where even those opposed to the border invasion incorrectly refer to the invaders as “immigrants”.

      • Please don’t take this as an attack — “illegal alien” is the term I always use.

        But a read of the very turgid 8 USC 1101 …


        … strongly suggests to me that illegal aliens fall under the definition of “immigrant.”

        You need to start reading here: “(15) The term ‘immigrant’ means every alien except an alien who is within one of the following classes of nonimmigrant aliens—”

        Have fun! (That’s not snark — I’d be delighted to be proven wrong in my assertion above.)

      • Stanley, thank you for your polite reply and the link. You’re right, the code is pretty “turgid”… enough to give brain cramp.

        The code’s definition of the word alien seems to indicate that the law uses “alien” as a neutral term that doesn’t by itself denote illegality, which leads me to think the term “illegal alien” is probably an entirely separate definition addressed elsewhere.

        I think if the law meant that illegal aliens are to be considered immmigrants, it would have said exactly that, but it only mentions “aliens” as immmigrants. As I understand Section 15, all legally present aliens are immigrants, with the exception of aliens who are legally present but fall into specific categories which do not meet the law’s definition of immigrant.

      • Oh yes, “alien” is a neutral term, simply meaning “non-citizen” — e.g I’d be an alien if I were visiting France.

        And I’d like it if you’re correct that illegal aliens don’t fall into the definition of immigrant — I used to say precisely that myself. But after struggling through 8 USC 1101, I decided that I couldn’t support the point — reading that miserable paragraph 15, one doesn’t find aliens present illegally (or “unlawfully”) included on the list of aliens who aren’t “immigrants.”

        You can find “illegal alien” in the Code a few places, e.g. here: https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/8/1365 But that doesn’t settle the question we’re debating here.

    • …and reliably Democrat voters. The Democrats have become the party of rich, coastal elites.

    • Yes. As much as I detest these filthy animals, and want this girl avenged, it’s nice when their stupidity hits home this way.

    • Yes, another major story that the Mainstream media barely covered. The fake Rolling Stone rape in Vriginia received hundreds of times more coverage that the rape of 1,400 English girls in a single small English city, all covered up by the police and the government.

  4. This couldn’t happen in a better place, to a more deserving group. I sincerely hope – and this isn’t snark – that MS13 moves in starts selling crystal meth in the schools and takes up sales points on corners just outside of every gated community in MoCo. Maryland residents should throw out the welcome mat and here in the southwest we’ll be buying bus tickets to help the illegal aliens living here get out of the heat.

    Great weather, great welfare programs, support from “the community,” and really stupid families who want their little snowflakes raped. Perfect.

    • In their minds, it’s probably, “No, pendejo! Go rape that Republican’s kid instead!”

      • Unfortunately for the rich elitist democrats in Maryland, there is a major shortage of Republicans in the state. The democrats had voted and acted in a manner that states they don’t value their children’s lives. Their children are volunteered as sacrifices to their liberal shibboleths. May God protect these children from their parents. May their parents be damned to hell.

      • But you remember Michael Moore after 9/11? ‘Why did you bomb us, we voted for you!’

    • Funnel them in through Takoma Park. They deserve the worst first hit.

  5. In touch football she, along with most other girls, sensibly shied away from the football and the charging boys. The “game” was quite a farce, but what did the boys learn by blocking and hitting girls?

    That they are soft and warm and smell good?

  6. Supine you say? Get a thesaurus and rotate a little.

  7. I’m inferring that the “asians” in the article are east asians. It is useful to note the difference between east asians (generally Chinese, Korean, Japanese–add se asians if you will) and south Asians (generally Indians, Pakis, Bagladeshi, Sri Lankins). Their cultures are very different.

    • In the U.K., immigrants or migrants from India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Indonesia are described as “South Asians” in most cases, though Poltical Correctness often dictates that when the crime is horrible enough the broader term “Asians” is used too disguise the fact that Pakistanis and their offspring are overrepresented in crime, especially rape. The lack of specifics found in the press today (unless the miscreant turns out to be white and a Republican or a Tory of course) is always used to disguise and obscure the truth. Political Correctness exists to keep us from confronting uncomfortable truths and it is only by hiding the truth that the leftist project continues.

  8. This simple facts of this case must be disguised, mis-stated or hidden or of course the public may actually rise up from their slumber and start to question the entire project of unimpeded illegal immigration, the pratice of sending grown men to regular high school with young girls rather than some sort of continuation school and the pratice of shipping unaccompanied illegal alien minors around the country at taxpayer expense.

    When you have borders that are wide open, you of course have no way of knowing who is arriving in your country. Why do we even bother checking passports and having fliers go through immigration and customs at the airport when a half million or more people simply flood over the border each year? Why bother vetting “refugees” from war-torn and Islamicized nations when the same sort of people can simply walk over the border whenever they want? Why bother theatrically deporting an illegal alien with a long rap sheet when he will simply be back in a few weeks if he wants to? One of the many illegal aliens charged with rape or murder in recent weeks had already been deported nine times. So much for the high tech method of boder control where you watch them pour across the border from a drone or blimp and then try to chase them in the desert.

    Because we have little control of the southern border, many of the people coming across it are arriving from several of the most violent places on earth, Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatamala. Now, on one hand, we can expect that a certian number of these people will be fleeing the crime and mayhem, hoping for a better life in “El Norte,” but on the other hand, many of them will logically be criminals who would of course find much more to steal and the drug business to be far superior to their homeland. And based on arrests, it is quite clear that when people come from these violent places, they bring their quaint cultural pratices with them, rape, robbery and murder.

    Because illegal aliens are smuggled, it is anything but the “Victimless Crime” that its proponents claim. First of all, the smuggling is done by the Mexican drug cartels, the very same people who have murdered hundreds of thousands of Mexicans in recent decades and “disappeared” thousands of young women, all with impunity and little notice from feminists from the United States. Some of the studies estimate that 80% of the girls and women who are smuggled into the United States are raped along the way, because again they are being smuggled by the same people who chop heads off and cook people in vats of acid, so what is a little rape to them? And mainstream “feminists” have little interest because of course the fake .77 meme is far more exciting than girls and women being abused.

  9. Like to know if this pair had been given slack in the past in order to avoid disparate discipline. And whether an adult walking past the restroom kept walking in order not to have to interrupt multiculturalism. For grins and getting sick, search for “rotherham” multiculturalism You’ll get hit after hit about the powers that be deliberately looking the other way and admitting they didn’t want to get crossways with diversity or homophobia. Fourteen hundred victims of the culture of diversity.

    • Yes, they were both caught crossing the border illegally, and in compliance with B. Hussein Obama’s directives, released into America and given Court dates on which to appear (which they promptly ignored).

      They were ALSO given bus fares – compliments of the US tapayers – to the City of their choice.

  10. Let me tell you what would happen in Bolivia with which I am familiar. The rapists would be lynched more or less along these lines: 1) Severely beaten within an inch of their soon to be extinguished lives 2) Possibly castrated 3) Set on fire

    • Happened a few times in the USA, I’m told…..

    • Andy. Try to follow. It’s about “illegal”. Got that? Next, if the guy had been deported according to law, this could not have happened on account of he’d have been two thousand miles away. Take your time. And, lastly, MoCo biggies think people are racist for objecting to the whole thing.

    • @Andy:disqus – you *cannot* be that thick and insensitive, can you ? Would you say to the parents of the rape victim and to the victim, herself, “Immigrants are less likely to commit crimes.” ? From what you wrote, you seem more likely to say to the rapists, “Here, guys, let me hold your jackets!” …

      Legal immigrants, selected as they are for useful skills and law-abiding history, are indeed less likely to commit crimes … it is even possible that illegal immigrants, when taken as a whole, may be less likely to commit crimes – although I have to wonder if the criminals seeded into the Mariel boatlift by Castro count as “legal immigrants” …

    • New York Times? CNN? Both steaming piles of bullsh!t.

      Meanwhile, even if your nonsense were true, if we had no illegal aliens in our midst these past 30 years, that’s innumerable Americans that would not have been raped, murdered, killed by drunk or uninsured drivers, and had their property stolen or vandalized.

      Just think all we could have prevented.

    • Yeah, THAT sure explains why the Bureau of Justice Statistics show that ~30% of the violent felons in prison are illegal aliens.

    • The incidence of felonies among illegal aliens is enormous, but most of these get ignored. They involve fraudulent documents (and often associated ID theft) — crimes that U.S. citizens routinely get prosecuted for: http://cis.org/mortensen/illegal-alien-crime-deniers-wall-street-journal

      Crime incidence among immigrants (as distinguished from illegal aliens) may or may not be lower than that among citizens. It partly depends upon what “citizens” are included in your comparison — the average per-citizen crime rate folds in the astronomical crime rate among the black population and the relatively high rate (compared to whites and Asians) of native-born Hispanics.

      Further, as Ann Coulter points out, any crimes committed by immigrants amount to a failure of the system — why should we “welcome” any criminals??

  11. They are all up in arms about the Campus Rape Culture. But in this instance of hierarchy of victimhood, illegal aliens outrank women, and gays and in turn are outranked by peaceful Muslims no matter their residency status. You have to use an algorithm to keep score on whether to demonstrate in the streets or not.

  12. A 14 year old is a minor, and cannot legally consent to sex.

    • “In Maryland, persons aged between 14 and 16 may consent to sex as long as the other partner is not more than 4 years older” (they were 17 and 18).
      Each state has its own laws.

  13. “A Rape in Bureaucracy’s Bedroom”

    Unfortunately, until it’s the daughters of bureaucrats being raped and sodomized by imported, illiterate, low- and no-skilled, diseased illegal aliens, political attitudes won’t change.

    Fact, not supposition.

  14. I’m not a lawyer, but isn’t sex with a minor automatically statutory rape? In a situation like this, shouldn’t the question of “consent” be irrelevant?